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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 25 : Almost endings
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 Because I know that you know (?) all about the battle of Hogwarts and what happened I decided not to write about how it finished because you know the story, so this is afterwards at the very end where they are all in the great hall celebrating. Oh and this is in third person rather than first.


Avada Kadavra!


The two of them shouted at one another and a brilliant golden light burst out between the two of them blinding Ginny’s eyes and ears as a great canon blast erupted.

She closed her eyes tightly shut afraid that when she opened them Voldermort would be standing over them declaring once again that Harry Potter was dead.

After seconds of shocked silence she steadily opened her eyelids and squinted between her eye lashes. Hannah and her mum was standing next to her both looking towards the middle of the circle with their mouths unhinged.

Harry was standing in the centre with a look of shock and success written on his face with the supposedly elder wand held tightly in his hand. Ginny still had no idea what the thing with the elder wand was, the only time she’d ever heard the story of the famous elder wand was from the story in Beedle and the bard and even then she thought they were only little witches and wizards fairy tales.

My throat closed up as she realised what had just happened. Was he truly gone? Did she dare believe it?

Her feet where taking her over to him, he didn’t seem to be able to understand a word anyone was saying but staring off at the distance in a daze completely unaware of his surroundings. Ginny wasn’t surprised, it wasn’t everyday you defeated the greatest wizard of all times.

“HARRY! YOU DID IT!” Many people at the same time screamed, cheering him and had determination to touch Harry, the boy who lived… twice.

Nothing seemed to be getting to him, he was being shoved about, being seized but nothing effected him and Ginny wondered desperately what was going on in his head.

“GINNY! HE DID IT” both Luna and Hannah came skipping over and suffocating her with hugs “He did it!”

Hannah had tears pouring down her face but with a dazzerling smile smothering it too.

“You knew he could do it Ginny! And he did, you-know-who’s gone”

“You know there’s no need to be afraid of that name anymore Hannah” Luna replied with the same smile mirroring Hannah’s. She was doing a little happy dance the air once again joyful and there seemed to be hope for a normal peaceful life.

“I’ve got to find Neville, I’ll see you soon!” Hannah cried out wiping a way a tear embarrassed that she had started to cry.

She ran of racing towards a boy who looked a little lost but was staring around at everything in awe.

Ginny couldn’t believe how brave he had been earlier and had declared that they would not stop fighting and even while he said it Ginny believed Harry had been dead she couldn’t help but be extremely proud of the once Gryffindor that was constantly in need of help.

“Are you alright with them?” Ginny asked a now sad looking Luna who was staring off at them jealously.

“Of course not, not of her and Neville anyway. I do however wish that I could have such a amazing relationship as they seem to be having.” Luna beamed turning away from them and turned towards dean who was now laughing with Seamus.

It was the most sense Luna who possibly ever spoken in her life.

“Go…” Ginny nudged her friend towards him. She turned bright red and shook her head too embarrassed.

“No I think I’ll go find the wrackspurts and get the to come back telling them the dangers past” She said in satisfaction with her decision on not to go to Dean.
Ginny nodded sadly looking upon her friend with sympathy.




Hours later the sun was rising. Everyone was tired but ate as much as their bellies would allow them too.

Ginny couldn’t bring herself to eat. With each passing second she remembered that there was people who died as well, including Fred and the nagging thought that there should be the twins singing some random weird sisters song with a tune that sounds like cats are dying.

But there wasn’t… only the constant laughter and cheers of everyone in the hall.

She felt angry at them all. How dare they be happy when Fred wasn’t here, half of George wasn’t here and there was now a gap in their family. It didn’t feel right.

She rested her head on her mums shoulder, desperate to let sleep take over her as her eyes felt heavy against her.

“Mum, where is Fred now?” She said childishly wanting to cry out and feel like a five year old again, it only seemed like yesterday she was picking the lock of the garden shed and opening it to find her brothers brooms stashed in there every night.

Her mum gave a little sniff but didn’t cry knowing she had to stay strong for her daughter. She softly stroked Ginny’s hair and whispered “He’s safe”

Ginny nodded, feeling a little bit better and grabbed a goblet of Pumpkin juice. It was the first drink she’d had since dinner yesterday and it felt rather good.

“Ginny?” Someone mumbled next to her “Ginny? We haven’t spoken since I got back and I was… was wondering if you were still mad at me?” Percy said his eyes red from crying.

She was about to retaliate with a harsh comment but then remembered Fred and realised how short his life was, so short in fact that George would spend more of his life without him than with it. She didn’t want to live her life with a grudge and shook her head steadily without giving herself a headache.

“No I forgive you, you knucklehead” She replied weekly and forcing a grin on her face.

A smile broke out onto his face as he put his arms awkwardly around her and tried to comfort her but failing. Percy never really was good at that type of stuff.

“I’m sorry”

Ginny knew that however many times Percy would whisper the words I’m sorry it would never really make any difference. Fred would still be dead and Ginny would still deep down be mad at Percy for leaving them. She also knew that the only person that would ever be able to comfort her would be Fred and George… both together. But it never would happen and it never could. He was dead and Ginny still struggled to get her head around it all.

“It’s ok”

With that she closed her eyes and let sleep take over her.




Ginny’s eyes fluttered open and she found herself sleeping in a soft warm bed with a thick blanket pulled tightly too her.

It looked as though it was morning again, perhaps she had slept in the whole day and night but she had no desire to know but wondered why she was sleeping back in the Gryffindor girl’s dorm.

She noticed Hermione sitting in the opposite bed of hers looking down at a book in her hand.

“Hermione?” She croaked out sitting up and rubbing her eyes “what’s the time?”

“You slept in yesterday and its ten. 3rd May” Hermione replied gulping back tears that were threatening to break “You feel asleep down stairs, I offered to take you up here to get some sleep”
Ginny nodded, replaying the awful horrors of yesterday night. The war, all the fighting, the deaths and Fred.

Was he in heaven now? Was there even a heaven to go to? What if all there is, is emptiness and blackness?

“What you reading?” Ginny asked only to make conversation, not really sure of what to say to someone you haven’t seen in about a year and who you believed possibly dead.

“I wasn’t reading. It’s a picture of my family” Hermione said taking a photo out of a the book Ginny believed she had been reading and passed it to her “I’ve had it with me all year, I didn’t want the boys to know I missed them to I pretended I was reading every time I got it out”

“They aren’t moving?” Ginny said and then almost felt stupid for spluttering something out stupidly like that without even thinking to comfort Hermione “I mean… I just have never seen a muggle photo”

Hermione laughed coming over and sitting next to Ginny looking at the picture with awe “I didn’t want to charm it. I don’t know how to explain it but I preferred it like this, every time I looked at the picture I pretended that I was younger than eleven and I had no idea about the magical world and things were simple again” Hermione laughed a small tear running down her cheek “But it never worked”

“How bad was it?”

She wiped away the tears on her sleeve and sniffed before answering “it wasn’t that bad the actual travelling, of course I was expected to get all the food and found out the most” she rolled her eyes but really only laughing at the memory now “The worst part was actually going out and getting the horcrux’s under polyjuice potion and then getting tortured by Bellatrix but of course you have no idea what I’m on about!” She finished realizing her rambles would make no sense to Ginny.

“Hermione, I could you think so lowly of me!” Ginny cried out sarcastically “Of course I bloody well found out about the Horcrux’s, I’m not that stupid you know”

“How? We didn’t tell anyone”

“Bill over heard you saying something about it and thanks to Fred and George’s amazing extendable ears I-”

She stopped talking suddenly remembering Fred and the humour of the conversation vanished within a flash.

“Are you alright?”

“Uh, no I think I need some fresh air”

She got up and without even thinking to put any shoes on went out of the girls dormitories, through the portrait, down the seven floor stairs and out into the warm summer sunlight.

Hogwarts was in ruins she noted as she walked past many Gargoyles without heads and statues of amour having been blown into pieces and walls half broken down.

It broke her heart to see what she called a second home, this broken and wrecked.

The grass prickled at her feet but she hardly felt a thing. It was too unreal.

When she reached the black lake, Ginny rolled up her trouser bottoms and dipper her foot in the lake while sitting on a smooth rock by the lake edge.

Even the lake seemed darker than usual.

She couldn’t breathe, the world wasn’t right. Even without Voldermort.

“Oh Fred” She whispered out to the empty lake where not even a bird was in sight.

“Uh… Hermione just told me to come down here” a voice that sounded mum like Ron’s behind her.

She turned instantly to find her brother standing their awkwardly with his hands in his pockets wondering what to do now.

Without thinking she ran over to him and squeezed him frightened that if she let go he would turn away and run off with Harry again without her.

“Whoa! I guess its nice to see you to” He grinned patting her on the back as she hugged him “You can let you now if you want to”

“Well I don’t want too!”

“Yes well I do cause otherwise your gonna kill me”

She let go instantly but was beaming up at him waiting for his explosion on lecturing her for leaving the seventh floor corridor where she was suppose to be waiting for them to come out again. But it never came.
“Harry’s been looking for you by the way” He coughed shufferling his feet and not giving her direct eye contact.

She rolled her eyes at him and looked over his shoulder to find Harry there in the distance looking down at them at the entrance of the castle.

“Iustwannaoutoknowillkillimifhehurtstyou” Ron rambled, but Ginny beyond confused asked him as nicely as possible to say it again “I just want you to know I’ll kill him if he hurts you”

She smiled glad to know her usual protective brother was back but ignored the comment and walked past Ron and up to Harry. She was dying to run to him, to jump into his arms and cry on his shoulder but forced herself to walk slowly.

“Hey” He said when she reached him.

“Hey, how are you?” Ginny asked awkwardly mentally slapping herself for asking such a stupid question, how do you think he is!

“I’m good, you?”

She nodded and a silence fell over the two of them. There was so much to say, so much to catch up on that they both felt pressured to say it all now in these moments.

“Look I’m sorry, you’re probably really angry at me and you have every right to be. I shouldn’t have kept you in the dark and if it wasn’t for me then Fred wouldn’t have died” He exclaimed.

“I’m not angry” Ginny said “I’d have thought you’d have been angry at me”

“Why would I be angry at you?”
“For leaving the seventh floor corridor when I was supposed to stay there and wait for you to come out” She admitted staring at the floor.

The first smile broke out onto Harry’s face as he laughed “Ginny I expected nothing less of you!”

They both laughed a little but it didn’t last very long.

“I am sorry though” Ginny repeated.
“And so am I”

“You have nothing to be sorry for. It was Voldermorts fault that it happened, not yours. If it wasn’t for you then this war would still be raging on and probably double the amount of people would have died by now”

“Yes but Fred’s died because of me! I feel terrible, especially for George… the two did everything together I can’t look at him anymore without feeling guilty and know its my fault”
Ginny was shocked by his sudden outburst. She hadn’t know he felt like it was his fault.

“Harry believe me, no one blames you”

“They should”

They both started walking towards the lake mindlessly where Ron had disappeared off.

“Harry Potter stop it! You are not to blame! You need to get it into your head that you saved us all”

“But what about Teddy, Tonks and Remus’s child” Harry went on still trying to persuade Ginny that all the deaths were his fault “He’s going to grow up without any parents and I know how it feels-”

She cut him off with a kiss, stopping him from speaking another word. She hadn’t meant to but the want was over riding her and she couldn’t resist it any longer.

He kissed back as enthusiastically as her, their tongues playing around with one another before they both broke the kiss off with broad grins sprouting across their faces.

“Then Teddy will have to deal with one awesome godfather!” She finished a sparkle arising back into her eyes.

“And a amazing Godmother” wrapping her in a embraces

“I’m not his Godmother!” Ginny exclaimed.

“Well he hasn’t got one yet and I’m sure Tonks and Remus would love to have you to be their sons Godmother” He persuaded.

If her smile could get any wider it did. Just the idea of being Teddy’s Godmother was amazing, let alone it actually happen.

“I missed you” She whispered as he pulled her into a hug.

“I missed you too”

Quotes from Deathly Hallows by Jk rowling (i'm hoping you know that :P )

Pages 595

there is an epoligue as well next chapter but really the story is finished now. The epoligue is set about 12 months later.


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Here without you: Almost endings


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