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Love At Last Sight by YouhadmeatHarry
Chapter 7 : It's Time
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A/N: Hi guys! I thought I would try and make up for my crappy writing (a k a only filler-posting) and making you wait for so long by posting another chapter.

And I'm also not going to write a neverending author note. Just remember that I don't own anything you recognize.

Chapter title is a song by the Imagine Dragons.


”Okay, as you all know the Quidditch World Cup will be held here in America this year. We have looked at several possible areas for it to take place, and we have found a good spot outside of Cleveland. The climate and geography is good, and it’s within apparition range to New York” Theodore said in front of the entire department. “The Department of Magical Games and Sports are doing most of the planning, but we have an important part of it: security.”

“So far there doesn’t seem to be a special threat towards the tournament, but these kinds of events are perfect targets for terror attacks. We must do our best to prevent anything from happening. The tournament is two months away, and I want two of the investigators to locate all types of threats. Have a look at the criminal gangs, and I want you to see if you can find any known Quidditch hooligans. I suggest that Tyler and Stella take care of this.”

He looked at the people he’d chosen for the assignment, and they nodded. Tyler was not only very good looking, but a great information digger. He managed to find whatever you asked him to search for, and even more. Stella was in her forties, and she was experienced in the area. There was no doubt that they would do good.

“The rest of you will go on like usual, while Allison and I prepare the rest. All of us are going to have to patrol the big games, but we will also hire security guards. Schedules and partnering will be posted later. Are there any questions?”

No one said anything, and he declared the meeting to be over. People gathered their things and started shuffling out of the conference room. I stayed behind, knowing that Theodore would like to go over some stuff with me.

Hosting the Quidditch World Cup would be really fun, and I was looking forward to it. I wasn’t a big fan of playing quidditch, but I did like watching it. Although this time I probably wouldn’t be able to watch that much. It would be a lot of work, even more than I had now, and hopefully everything would go well.

Theodore and I had been planning for two weeks straight, and the work load never seemed to cease. Luckily, we had finished the main planning and were moving onto the details now.

“So, I talked to the head of the Magical Games department, and he thought the idea of having one auror accountable for each team sounded good” I told Theodore as I sat down next to him. “They’ll probably take a few teams each too, and act as contact persons.”

“Great. I’ll make a schedule then. Are there going to be functionaries for the teams as well?” he asked.

“Well, they are probably going to have hosts instead. The functionaries will do most of the work at the games, and the hosts are responsible for the crowd and the players.”

“Sounds good. So we only have to make a schedule for our department then?” he asked and I nodded. He gathered his things and stood up. “Great, what do you say about some lunch? I need to get away from this shit for a moment.”

I laughed. “Lunch sounds great.”


Later that night I came home to my apartment, only to find that my friends had decided to crash it, again. It was Friday night, and we usually did something more fun than watching TV. Jacob usually had ‘date night’ with his girlfriend (yeah, he was so whipped), Jasper often went out with his team mates and Max was constantly invited to different events which he tried to drag us to. So we either crashed Jacob’s romantic night (which was not very appreciated by the she devil he was dating) went out with Jasper and his friends or mingled at some boring event.

Or we would buy takeout and spend the night watching TV, like this night.

Despite the fact that I was tired from work, I was glad to have someone waiting for me at home. Sam and the guys really felt like my family. They were always around, and usually they annoyed the shit out of me; but I loved them to bits.

“Hey guys” I said happily as I plopped down on the sofa next to Jacob, who slung an arm around my shoulder. I leaned my head on his shoulder, feeling myself relax.

“Aw, look at the two of you. So cute” Sam said teasingly. “I wonder what Violet would say?”

I rolled my eyes. Violet was Jake’s girlfriend, and we didn’t exactly like her much. She was constantly bossing Jake around, complaining about everything. Nothing he did seemed to be good enough; she even complained when he bought her flowers (“Ew, they smell like perfume for old people”) or took her out on a romantic date (“Italian restaurant, Jacob? Seriously? Ugh, you’re so predictable”). Frankly, she was a bitch.

Despite this, he didn’t break up with her. When we asked why (which we did often) he would just shrug and tell us that “it was a guy thing”. The other guys always nodded understandingly, though all of them claimed that they could never date a girl like Viola.

Guys… I would never understand them.

“She’d bite my head off and feed it to her cat” I said, imagining Viola coming towards me with a knife and fork in her hands. “Or she would forbid Jake to hang out with me.”

“She’s not that bad…” Jake said, sounding like he was trying to convince himself.

Sam snorted. “Yeah, right.”

“She has a nice arse though” Jasper said thoughtfully, and Jacob smacked him on the head. “Hey! What was that for?”

“Stop fantasizing about my girlfriend!”

“Oh, I wasn’t fantasizing. I could never do anything with her; she’s mental” Jasper said, putting his hands behind his head. “Don’t get me wrong; I can easily ignore weird personalities if they make up in… other areas” he said, wiggling his eyebrows. "But that girl; she’s just too much!” he shuddered.

Yup, that was Jasper for you. Always saying exactly what he was thinking. A blunt pigheaded arse.

Jacob scowled. “You’re aware that it’s my girlfriend you’re talking about?” he said sourly.

Jasper shrugged. “Yep.”

Noah rolled his eyes. Sam giggled. Out of all of us, she hated Violet the most. She was probably enjoying this.

“You guys don’t know her” Jacob said defensively. “She’s… nice. Sometimes. When we’re alone.”

We all just stared at him blankly.

“Ugh” he groaned. “Just drop it; you don’t understand.”

See? That’s what I was talking about! Whenever we question his relationship, he tells us that he agrees that Violet’s crazy, but still he keeps on dating her. He’s mental.

Or maybe she’s blackmailing him? That would be more understandable.

“So, are you sure you don’t want me to come with you this weekend?” Max asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I rolled my eyes. “No Max, I’ll be fine. I know you’re just asking because you want to check the girls out.”

He opened his mouth to protest, but didn’t seem to come up with something.

I smirked. “Exactly.”

“Besides, I’m her boyfriend Max. If anyone could go with her; it would be me” Noah said, smirking too.

“That’s not fair” he whined. “I want to meet all the veela hotties too; why couldn’t you have made me your fake boyfriend Al?”

“First of all, do not call me Al. Secondly, I just said the first name I came to think of, which happened to be Noah” I explained. “Thank god for that” I added, muttering under my breath.  This caused Jacob to snort.

“What did she say?” Jasper asked.

“Nothing” I said innocently, trying not to grin.  

Noah chuckled, and when I looked at him he grinned at me and gave me thumbs up. I grinned back. We did make a pretty good fake couple. Jasper, Sam and Max hadn’t heard, so they just sat there looking confused.

“Well whatever, I’m going out with Jasper tomorrow and we’ll be surrounded by loads of hot girls” Max said childishly.

Sam rolled her eyes. “Good for you.”

It was no secret that Sam and Max were meant to be together. Both of them had porn star names: Sam’s full name was Samantha Moon (seriously, what the fuck were her parents smoking when they named her?) and Max’s last name was Schneider. When they got married (it was only a matter of time really) it was going to be fun to see which name they chose.

Jacob and I had made a bet. He thought that Sam would refuse to take Max’s german sounding last name, and I thought Max would find hers too weird. I mean, Max Moon sounds like a bloody sect leader or something.

Of course, there was still one little problem left: they weren’t together. Because, no matter how obvious we thought their soulmateness (I invented that word, yes) was, they themselves were completely oblivious. They were always jealous of each other’s hookups, but both refused to admit their feelings.

Well, it would happen one day…

Hopefully soon.

We ordered some Chinese takeout and watched an action movie while eating. My friends stayed the entire evening while I ran around the apartment, packing for the weekend.

I was going to England again, and this time my dress fitting was on the schedule. At first I had planned to just go over the day, and take a portkey back home when we were done, but Dom had managed to convince me to stay at their place. Apparently, she wanted us to go out.

So while I ran around frantically searching for the right clothes, my friends lounged on the sofa, eating candy. I tried to finish my packing fast so I could chill out with them, but I couldn’t find the bra I needed for the dress I was going to wear. I searched for twenty minutes, but it was nowhere to be seen.

“What are you looking for?” Sam asked when I searched through the living room for the third time.

“My black bra” I said while looking behind the sofa. “It’s gone; and I can’t remember where I put it. I mean, I used it the other day; it should be here somewhere.”

“Oh, you mean this?” Jasper said, holding up the bra I was looking for.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, snatching it from him. “Where did you find it?”

“Oh, I was lying on it” he said matter-of-factly.

“You were lying on it?”

He nodded. “Uh-huh.”

“And you didn’t think about removing it before lying down?”

He shrugged. “Nope, it was pretty comfortable. Besides, you could’ve just accio’ed it.”

I groaned, walking back to my bed room. I didn’t even bother arguing with Jasper; he was too dumb for it to lead somewhere anyways.

Boys, I thought as I packed the last stuff. I will never understand them.


So just imagine this; you’re at a dress fitting for your best friend’s wedding. Her dress is not ready yet, but all of the bridesmaids are there to see if their dresses fit them. The shop is closed, and you’re the only people there. So it’s just you, the shop owner, your best friend and six other girls. You’re drinking champagne, and you’re having a really nice girly time.

Doesn’t that sound just perfect?

Well, imagine if one of the girls actually is the girl who your ex-boyfriend cheated on you with. And if that isn’t enough; imagine that she knew you when she did it, and still showed no sign of remorse.

Imagine how fun that would be?

It was actually exactly what I was currently going through. All of the bridesmaids were gathered to try their dresses on, and that included Celine.

She was just as good looking as she had been at Hogwarts, with light blonde hair and baby blue eyes. Her hair was shorter now, but otherwise she looked pretty much the same. When she took her shirt off, I saw that she was slightly more… curvy than before. And with curvy I mean chubby. Only a little, but still.

The childish girl in me jeered.

My reunion with her had been awkward, to say the least. I didn’t want to act immature in front of her for Dom’s sake, but I didn’t exactly welcome her warmly either. I simply nodded and said hi.

I could see in her eyes that she had wanted more; and the childish part of me was happy to see her disappointment.

Did she honestly expect me to be friends with her?

Dom had told me that she had changed and matured, but I didn’t care. To me she was still a fake bitch, and if she wanted me to be her “friend”, she would have to beg for it.

I had dreaded meeting her again, but when I did I was surprised that it didn’t feel as bad as I had expected. Sure, it was awkward and I didn’t really want to talk to her, but I quickly realized that I was having the upper hand now.

All of the other bridesmaids knew what she had done to me; and they all stood on my side. Rose and Lily didn’t bother to hide their opinions of her, and while Dom tried to be diplomatic I knew that she had hated Celine from the moment she caught her with James.

Jay’s sister and cousin tried to be nice, and while they knew about our history, they hadn’t been part of it. I guess they just tried to stay out of it.

So basically, I was on top now and Celine was the one who felt insecure. Had it been anyone else I would have felt bad, but she definitely deserved it.

From the day I started seeing James she was nothing but bitchy towards me, and she clearly decided to hate me before even trying to get to know me. She constantly tried to make my life hell; flirting with James every chance she got, shooting me smug looks while doing it. Her goal was to destroy our relationship, and I can only imagine her joy when she succeeded.

Because of that, I didn’t feel sorry for her at all when she sat all alone in a corner, sipping her champagne. All of the other girls were chatting happily while we took turns trying our dresses. I couldn’t understand why she even agreed to be bridesmaid, but I didn’t care much. I would have lots of fun despite her presence: she couldn’t bring me down anymore.

“We are going to have so much fun tonight!” Dom squealed, downing her third glass of champagne.

“If you’re not careful with that you won’t even be awake tonight” I said, nodding towards her empty glass.

She laughed. “No worries, that was my last glass! Besides, I’m good at drinking.”

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever you say. Are you coming too?” I asked, turning towards Lily and Rose.

Rose nodded. “Yeah, I’ll bring Al and Scorpius with me.”

I grinned. “Good! What about you Lils?”

“I think I’ll pass. Going out with my brother sucks; he goes batshit crazy as soon as a guy looks at me” she sighed.

“He’s still that overprotective?”

“Yeah. Him and James seem to think that I’m still a baby; it’s really annoying.”

I saw Celine stiffen as she mentioned James. Served her right; the bitch was probably still obsessed with him. I didn’t even wince; talking about James was no problem for me. Cause, you know, I was over him and his stupid business.

“Well, despite the overprotectiveness I think you should be glad to have them” I told her. “They really care about you.”

She smiled. “Yeah, I know. It just gets annoying sometimes.”

Our conversation ended when the shop owner called for Lily, as it was her turn to try on the dress. I turned to Rose and talked to her for the rest of the fitting, and when we left the shop I realized that I’d actually had a good time. It surprised me, because before the fitting and at the beginning of it, I was sure it would be one of the worst things I’d gone through. But as time had gone by, I had found myself enjoying it.

Maybe I really was moving on.


“Have you seen Dom?!” I yelled to Al, trying to make myself heard.

We were in a muggle club in London, and the music was blaring. It was a really big club, and seeing how many people there were, it seemed to be a popular place. I had gone there with Dom, Jay, Jay’s teammate Gabriel, Rose, Scorpius and Al. Now it seemed like I had lost everyone, except for Al.

The last time I had seen Dom, she had been at the bar. Jay and Gabriel had been sitting at a table, and Scorpius and Rose had been on the dance floor. Albus had stayed by my side the whole night, something I was very thankful for.

Albus really was a great guy, and during the night I found myself wishing that I’d fallen for him instead of his moron brother. He was seriously the kindest guy ever; always making sure that everything was all right. He was loyal too, and seemed to think it was his responsibility to make sure that nothing happened to me. In addition to this, he was good looking, smart, mature, funny and caring.

So yeah, he was basically as close to perfect as you could get. Too bad he was the brother of my ex, and too bad I only saw him as a friend.

“No, I think she went off with Jay” he yelled back.

“Went where? Home?”

He just shrugged, and I grabbed his hand and started walking. “Let’s look again and see if we can find them!”

We walked around the place, searching for any of our friends, but we couldn’t find them. They were gone. I dragged Al out of the club, swearing as I brought up my cell phone.

“She’d better not have gone home” I muttered angrily. “This whole thing was her idea in the first place.”

I tried calling Dom, but she didn’t answer. So I called Jay. Guess what? No answer there either. Al tried to call Scorpius while I tried Rose’s phone. Rose didn’t answer, but it seemed like Scorpius did.

I tried to hear what he was saying, and judging by Al’s comments it seemed like Rose and Scorpius had gone home. When he hung up he grimaced towards me.

“Sorry, it seems like they have gone home.”

I sighed. “Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s Dom I have to reach; I’m supposed to stay at her place tonight.”

Al smiled at me sympathetically and opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off.

“Hey guys!”

Gabriel came walking towards us, smiling. “Man I’ve lost everyone; do you know where they’ve gone?” he asked.

I shook my head. “No. I’m trying to reach Dom but she’s not answering. Jay’s not answering either, have you seen them?”

“Oh, they’ve probably gone home” he said, as if it was no big deal.

“What?!” I exclaimed. “No, they must be around here somewhere.”

“No they usually disappear” Gabriel said, shrugging. “They just can’t keep their hands off each other when they’re drunk” he smirked.

I felt like slapping him. He hadn’t actually done something wrong, but his cheerfulness was not what I needed right now.

“Ugh, this is so typical” I groaned, feeling pretty damn irritated at Dom. Seriously, why force me to stay when she’s going to sneak off without telling?

“We could go over to their place and bang on the door until they open?” Albus suggested.

“Please don’t use the word bang” I shuddered. “And disturb them while they’re doing god-knows-what? No thanks” I said sourly.

So I knew I was overreacting, but I was a bit drunk and alcohol usually brought out the dramatic side of me. And besides, it was three o’clock and I just wanted to get some sleep. Really, Dom could’ve just asked me to stay at a hotel or whatever. I wouldn’t have minded.

“Sorry, I was just trying to help” Albus said quietly and I felt guilty.

“You don’t have to be god to know what they’re doing” Gabriel smirked, clearly satisfied with his own ‘witty’ comment, and once again I had to fight the urge to slap him. I settled for a glare, feeling that it was enough.

“Whatever” I said, feeling really mature. “Are there any hotels near? I’ll just check into one, hopefully there will be one with an open reception.”

“You could stay at my place, if you like” Gabriel suggested with a sly smile.

I shuddered. And here I had thought that he wasn’t a quidditch douche.

“That won’t happen” Albus said sharply, going into overprotective mode. “She’ll sleep at my place.”

Gabriel raised his eyebrows. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t know that you two were…” he trailed off. “Well, never mind then.”

“Whatever you intended to end that sentence with is wrong” I said, glaring at him. “Albus is my friend, and while I’ll sleep at his place I won’t sleep with him.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean-“

“Whatever.” This time it was Albus’ turn to be the mature one. “We just don’t want people to believe the wrong thing: you know how fast rumors spread.”

Gabriel nodded understandingly. Seeing as he was a famous quidditch player, he’d probably had a rumor or two spread about him. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all.

“Well, we’d better be off” Albus said, shaking Gabriel’s hand. “See you mate.”

Albus put his hand on my lower back and we started walking away, leaving Gabriel alone. I looked back and saw him head the other way.

“Is it just me or was that guy a bit of a jerk?” I asked Al.

He chuckled. “He’s not that bad actually. Although he has been checking you out all evening. He was probably a bit disappointed now.”

I groaned. “Ugh, well that explains the close dancing he tried to do earlier.”

“Yeah, he seemed a bit desperate there” Al said, smirking.

We turned around a corner, walking into a deserted street.

“Should we really apparate when we’ve been drinking?” I asked, not wanting to be splinched.

“It’s okay; I didn’t drink that much” Al said, and I relaxed.

Al had a way of calming people down. I don’t know how he did it, but there was something about him that made me feel safe. I knew I could trust him, and I knew he wouldn’t let me down.

He grabbed my hand and turned on the spot, and when I opened my eyes we were standing in a small alley. Al started walking, not letting go of my hand, and I found myself being dragged out onto a nice looking street full of fancy houses. We stopped in front of an old-fashioned building that was surrounded by a big iron fence. The building was giant and one of the most expensive looking on the street. I wasn’t surprised though; the Potters were loaded. Of course Al’s flat was on one of the fanciest streets.

Al walked up to the front door and opened it. “There is an anti-apparition spell on my flat. It’s one of many security charms.”

“I guess that’s part of your fame, right? Wouldn’t want reporters apparating into your flat” I smirked.

He grinned back. “Well, it also works for relatives. Before I had it, James would just pop in at the weirdest times. It drove me crazy” he said, before realizing his mistake. “Sorry, I shouldn’t be talking about him.”

“It’s fine” I said, smiling reassuringly. “James is in my past; I can deal with hearing about him.”

“Good” Al said, opening the door to his flat.

It was dark, but from what I could see it was very nice. Like Dom and Jay’s apartment, it seemed newly renovated.

“The bathroom is over there” he said, pointing down the hall. “And this is the guest room.”

The guest room had white walls and a big bed. There was also a wardrobe and a desk in there, and shelves filled with books.

“I use it as an extra office” Al explained. “I’ll go get some clothes for you to sleep in, and I’m gonna see if I have an extra toothbrush.”

He walked away and I put my handbag on the desk. Being alone with Al in his apartment this late was a bit awkward. It was way better than staying at a hotel or at Gabriel’s place though. I shuddered as I thought of it: Merlin knows what would have happened if I went home with him.

Al was a good friend, so crashing at his place wasn’t a big deal. It just felt a bit weird because we hadn’t seen each other in so many years.

I walked into the bathroom and saw that Al had put a t-shirt and a pair of shorts on the toilet. I smiled at his carefulness and changed into them, before brushing my teeth. When I walked out, Al came walking from what I assumed was the kitchen, carrying a bottle of water.

“Here” he said, giving it to me. “I think you’ll need it.”

I smiled. “Thanks, you’re so sweet” I said, hoping he would take it the right way.

Sure, he was looking good as he was standing there wearing only pajamas pants, but it was Al. The guy who I had always seen as a little brother. The guy, whose brother I had dated. He was and would always be just a friend of mine, no matter how great he was.

“I think I’m gonna go to bed” I said, yawning. “Thanks for letting me stay here.”

He smiled. “It’s no problem, Allie.”

I returned the smile and walked to the guest room. “Good night Al” I said before closing the door.

“Goodnight Allison” was the last thing I heard before the door shut.

I lay down in the bed, which I quickly realized was very comfortable, and it didn’t take long before I was out.


It took me a moment to realize where I was when I woke up. I didn’t recognize the room at first, but then it hit me: Dom leaving me, Albus offering to let me crash at his place.

I made a mental note to kill Dominique Weasley as soon as I saw her.

As I sat up, I groaned. Despite drinking the whole bottle of water Al had given me, my head still hurt. I had been through worse hangovers though, but I could still feel the heaviness from the wine. Stupid wine. Always gave me the worst headaches.

I looked over at the watch on the nightstand and saw that it was half past ten. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to sleep more, I got out of bed, tiptoeing out to the kitchen.

Al seemed to be asleep, and I didn’t want to wake him up. He’d been nice enough to let me stay at his place; I didn’t want to bother him more. I figured I could just leave him a note, before going back to Dom’s to commit homicide.

I was in the kitchen, filling up the bottle with water when I thought I heard the front door open. I froze, not sure if I had imagined it.

“Al?” A voice called. “You here? I’ve tried calling you, but you didn’t answer so I thought I’d just head over with some breakfa-“

The person stopped talking, and as I snapped my eyes towards the door I met the familiar chocolate brown eyes that once used to make my heart melt.

“Allie?” James said, standing frozen in the doorway with a shocked expression on his face.  



Oh no I didn't, right? My very first cliffhanger.

Sooo. What did you think about this one? Any favorite moment or line?

Also, I'm a bit curious about what you think about the characters. Especially the main ones. I feel like I have a clear picture of how I want them to be in my head, but I'm not sure if I manage to portray them well enough in my writing.

Anyways, thanks for reading.


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