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No Ordinary Nutter by Hedwig_Pie
Chapter 5 : Of Nutters and the Choosing of the Champions
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Chapter 5: Of Nutters and the Choosing of the Champions


Halle P.O.V

The school was in a state of extreme excitement, an electric buzz seemed to settle over the Great Hall. This was the day Beauxbatons and Durmstrang were rumoured to arrive at Hogwarts.

How fucking exciting.

That sounded sarcastic, but it wasn’t. Thinking about all those fit French guys and sturdy Bulgarian blokes just made me want to lick my lips.

Shit, curse you hormones. First James Potter, now unknown foreign dudes.

Whatever am I going to with myself?

‘You really reckon it’s going to be today?’ asked Elle, gingerly nipping at her croissant.

I nodded, ‘It’s already been a month. How much longer do they expect us to wait?’

‘So, you’re not entering? Halle Thomas has no Gryffindor courage?’

I shook my head sadly, ‘Apparently not. Potter entered though,’ I commented nonchalantly.

Elle’s eyebrows shot up so far they nearly disappeared into her fringe, ‘How do you know such things?’ she asked, a suggestive smirk playing on her lips.

I hated it when she smirked; it made her look so damn superior.

I shrugged, ‘He told me, in Potions class.’

Her smirk turned into a smile, ‘I knew it! You like James Potter!’ she practically yelled.

People in the surrounding area looked at us funny, and I gave them a dazzling smile. ‘Poor child forgot to take her medication this morning. Absolutely loony,’ I offered pathetically.

Elle was beside herself with laughter; it seems that girl is always laughing at my expense. I swatted her on the elbow, ‘Keep your ruddy mouth shut! You know the only reason I even talk to him is because he’s the only person I know in my Potions class,’ I hissed.

Her mind is pretty dirty, come to think of it. Every guy companion I have, she thinks I love them. Back in second year, she was convinced I was in love with Scorpius (which I was, but I wasn’t going to tell her that) and she set us up on a blind date.

Two little second years! We didn’t even get to go to Hogsmede’ it was this awkward little shindig in the library.

The Library!

Stupid Elle and her awkward tendencies.

Elle shrugged her shoulders dismissively, ‘whatever you say Halle. My poor, in denial Halle.’

I am not in denial!’ I shrieked.

But our banter was soon interrupted, as a little first year from Gryffindor stood on top of the benches and yelled, ‘The carriage is coming!’

As if in synchronization, the whole school rushed outside to view a giant blue carriage which was led by absolutely massive flying Pegasus’s. On the carriage doors was the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic emblem, two crossing gold wands, emitting some sparks.

Damn, they were cultured.

The school oo’d and ahh’d as the carriage approached nearer, seeming to aim for Hagrid, who was waving around two paddle-shaped pieces of cardboard in the air.

Everyone was watching intently until some other first year (this time he was Slytherin) yelled, ‘The Lake! Look at the Lake!’

Again, in a collective group, the school ran to the other side and watched as a big-ass ship rose out of the water, its size probably rivalling that of the Giant Squid. Shit, they meant business.

And then there was us, the cool Hogwarts kids, confounded by the two new schools.

This was going to be fun.


It had been a week since the new school’s arrival. The welcoming feast was pretty amazing, filled with dishes I had never even heard of.

Today was the night of the Choosing Ceremony, and it was now that the house elves brought out their top moves. Every inch of the tables were filled with dishes, and it was tonight that the two schools were to perform some impressive entry into the halls.

And then the Goblet would spew out some names and badda-bim badda-boom the Tournament would begin.

My instincts were correct, all the chosen blokes from the two schools were absolutely swoon-worthy. Elle had an absolute fairy-tale moment with a fit Beauxbatons bloke a couple of days ago, where he picked up her books for her when she dropped them and then kissed her hand.

Yeah, kissed her fucking hand.

Jordin was drumming his fingers impatiently on the wooden table, ‘When are they going to come already? I wanna eat,’ he complained.

‘Nah, you just wanna see the Beauxbaton girls shake their money-makers,’ teased Elle, and we both laughed as Jordin’s cheeks coloured a bright pink.

Silence fell across the hall as McGonagall stepped up to the podium. ‘Students!’ she called, being met immediately with everyone’s attention. ‘Please make a warm welcome for the students from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!’ she announced, and everyone turned their heads eagerly to the entrance door.

The doors opened, revealing a rag-tag group of about sixty odd students, all of which were clad in a silky blue uniform, topped off with the signature, fancy school hat. The school strutted forwards in synchronization, their voices harmonizing with each other’s to form a chorus of words, which were sung in French. It was eerily beautiful, and I guessed it was their school song or something. The first line broke out into a graceful ballet/contemporary number, which followed the slow, strong structure of the song. It ended when a stunningly beautiful ginger did a backflip into the air, landing on her feet, and bowing to the school.

We all erupted into applause. The Beauxbatons students all bowed together and beamed at the hall, although many had an air of superiority.

A beautiful girl in her early twenties, who had a head of shiny, blonde curls took the podium, ‘We thank you Hogwarts for your great show of hospitality. I am Madame Toulous, Headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, and I wish your school the very best luck in the Tournament,’ she beamed. I suspected she was part Veela, because something about her made me want to run up and hug her.

I think Jordin wanted to do something a little more than hugging.

‘Damn, they were good,’ commented Jordin, his eyes following every female he saw.

‘Player.’ I said, punching him in the arm.

‘And now, please welcome the students from the Durmstrang Institute,’ McGonagall announced.

Oh yes, it was Halle’s turn for some eye candy.

The burly, muscular teenagers entered the hall, all holding what appeared to be metal staffs. I don’t even know how they managed to do so in the narrow hallway, but everyone paired up and started sparring with their staffs. In complete synchronization. The hall was filled with adrenaline, watching the (extremely hot) blokes fight each other, mirroring each other’s movements so precisely it was almost like a dance.

They ran to the front of the hall, and the first couple of student’s commando rolled and got to their knees, and blew out the end of their staff. From the other side emitted a set of fireworks, which exploded and left the hall with the echo of a huge BANG.

Holy shit, that was amazing.

I’m pretty sure I swooned.

‘Oh my fuck, my ovaries!’ cried Elle.

I giggled and nodded, ‘Did you see that fit bloke up the front?’ I asked, nodding towards a particularly bad boy-esque character, standing broadly at the front of the hall.

Jordin followed my gaze, ‘You know that’s Viktor Krum’s son?’ he said.

I smiled slightly, ‘Isn’t that just fan-diddly-astic?’

A strong man was now at the podium, ‘And I am Krinnin Gregor, the Headmaster of the Durmstrang Institute,’ he then nodded and proceeded to sit at the staff table.

Well, he was definitely a chatterbox.

McGonagall once again took to the podium and smiled at the two new schools, who had taken seats at the empty tables provided for them. ‘Those performances were indeed lovely and exciting. I’m sure we’ll be seeing much from the two Champions from these two fine schools. Today, we have the Minister of Magic himself, present for the Choosing of the Champions. Please welcome, Kingsley Shackelbolt!’

My eyes found themselves drawn to the stage, as a slightly old, but still incredibly buff man took to the stage, clad in his signature purple robes.

‘Welcome all to the Triwizard Tournament, which as of now has officially begun. Hopefully, all who wanted to, have placed their names into the Goblet. I wish the very best of luck to those who are chosen, and I wish to warn them well in advance, that the winner of the Tournament will be bestowed with eternal glory, and often go down as great wizards or witches in history,’ he said, rubbing his palms together.

His smile seemed to take up his whole face as he looked warmly at us all, ‘and now, without further ado, it is now time to choose the names from the Goblet!’

The hall fell into silence as the Goblet was carted to the centre of the stage. Oh shit, this was really exciting, the suspense was killing me.

It was still for a couple of moments, before the flame turned bright purple, and a slightly crisp piece of parchment flew out of the flames. Like a ninja, Kingsley caught it and read out, ‘From Beauxbatons, Adriane Vecord!’

There was an excited squeal from the Beauxbatons table, as the aforementioned beautiful ginger got up from her seat and flounced her way to the Minister. She accepted the parchment, bowed to the hall and let the applause engulf her. After a couple of seconds of basking in her own glory, she exited to the left.

‘Damn, she was hot,’ commented Jordin.

‘More like damn, she was up herself,’ said Elle.

‘Hey!’ I said, ‘She might be a very nice girl for all we know.’

We stared at each other knowingly before breaking out into laughter. We don’t even have to say anything and our jokes are funny.

The hall turned silent again as another parchment emitted from the Goblet. Kingsley looked down and proceeded to read, ‘And from Durmstrang, David Niche!’

No excited squeal this time, but a solemn, absolutely gigantic buff dude got up from the Durmstrang table, and walked towards Kingsley. He got quite a few congratulatory pats on his way there, so the boy must have been pretty popular.

And now’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, it was time for the Hogwarts Champion. The flames turned purple, and Kingsley caught a piece of parchment, which had a huge tear in it.

I could see it all the way from here.

He looked down at the parchment and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. There was a long silence, before Kingsley announced, ‘And from Hogwarts- James Potter’. The whole hall erupted into applause, and I could feel myself clapping excitedly.

I’m allowed to clap! Just because I don’t like him doesn’t mean I can’t clap.

But Kingsley held out his hand, and suddenly a dramatic feeling filled the air. ‘And Halle Thomas.’


Authors Note:

Oooooh, cliffy. excited? i know what you're thinking 'how oh how did this happen?' i do actually have an explanation, which shall be revealed in the next chapter. please review if you like what you read!

everything wonderful in this chapter belongs to someone else. namely JK. that is all.

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