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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 18 : Surprise in Blue!
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That night was the worst night of Fred's and Hermione's existance. 

they were so unsure of what to do. Fred insisted of sleeping on the small couch. Hermione told him that was impossible and in returned insisted to do it herself. Fred simply stated it was ungentlemanly to allow a girl to sleep on the couch and insisted he would. around midnight, however, George Burst into the room and told them to politely Shut the hell up and sleep in the bed together, since they have for a while then quickly left grumbling and growling about two idiots. Hermione and Fred blushed then burst into uncontrollable laughter before abiding by George and laying down in the bed.

it was still quite awkward however since, well after asking for dating permission and knowing they werent chained together it just seemed so uncomfortable knowing they were right next to each other so unable to sleep they both stayed awake all night.

Around 7:00 am o'clock after they shut their eyes deciding they needed sleep George burst into the room well rested and in an abnormally(From theyre percpective) happy mood, to wake them.

"Good morning you two! Isn't it a beautiful day to go to the shop and sell some glorious pranks?" he said very dramatically. after several moments of no response he opened his eyes to find to bloodshot glares directed at him. ...needless to say he vanished after that....literally.

"Hermione...?" Fred began..

"Yes Fred?" she said.

"Uh...where did George go?"

"hard to not a morning person." Hermione said simply as she closed her eyes for a hour or two of some much needed sleep.

Fred lay next to her overly frightened and making a note to always agree with her never make her angry and never EVER wake her up!

After several hours a much more awake Hermione woke up and got out of bed and into the shower quickly. she hadnt notice Fred gone from the bed yet until she was dressed clean and very much hungry.

"Fred?" she called out as she walked to the kitchen.

"Making breakfast...uh lunch? well foods almost done!" he called to her. Hermione quickly made a B-line for the table. Fred served her a delicious bowl of hot  porriage, and a croussant before joining her as the table.

"uh Hermione?" he asked after she finished eating.

"Yes?" she smiled

"can you bring George back now please?" he said ready to duck.

"George?...Oh thats right yea no problem." and with of a flick of her wand a shivering George fell to the ground, pale and cold with a little snow.

"where did you send him!?" Fred laughed as he grabbed a blanket from the couch.

"Oh just some mountain." she said as she drank her coffee.

" ....Mt....Everest..t..t." George said through clenched teeth.

"damn...Im never messing with her." Fred said to George through laughter and a bit of fear.

"well no time for chit chat lets go to the shop!" Hermione said wiping her mouth and walking to the fireplace flooing over to the shop. The boys stared after her.

"Next..time...make...sure..she...gets...SLEEP!" George said turning to his brother.

after several minutes the boys joined Hermione at the shop where she was currently sweeping.

"Well dont just stand there open the shop!" Hermione said giggling as they jumped at her sudden voice. they quickly nodded and jumped into action. later as the day went on Fred told George all about what happened after he unchained them.

"Tell me again, you and her..are?" George began

"Dating" Fred finished for him.

"ok I get that,, I can grasp that ,but why is she here? She knows she doesnt have to keep working here right?" George asked looked from his brothers face back to Hermione as she helped a small child reach for a flower bean.

"I think she just wants to keep working in the store and helping out." Fred said looking towards his brother. George sat there staring at Fred with a doubious face which slowly grew into a creepy smirk. Fred's eyes grew in weirded out confusion.

"What?" he asked taking a step back.

"I bet she's working here to help alright" was all he said before grabbing a pile of boxes and taking into the back. Fred watched his brothers retreating form before shaking his head.

"he really needs a hobby..or a girlfriend." Fred smirked

'unlike me' he thought to himself as he turned back to the counter and leaned forward resting his elbows on it. he looked back at Hermione as she was kneeling down to help a child. Fred smiled he felt so content..

"That smile for me?" A melodic voice with blue hair said out of no where. Fred jumped back with a loud clattering noise causeing Hermione to look up from the small child.

"B...Berry! what...what are you doing here!?" Fred said getting up awkwardly and embarrassed.

"what cant I  stop into the store and say hi every once in a while?" She said pouting.

"I didnt mean it like that Berry. " he said dusting himself off.

"I know silly, I stopped in because I wanted to ask you something!" she said over flirtatiously, catching Hermione and Fred off guard. Hermione handed the kid the toy and slowly stood up. she slipped through the aisles quickly and quietly almost spy like. she couldnt help it but the overwhelming curioustiy over took her, and it wasnt like Hermione not to feed her crazy curiousity.

" something?" Fred said looking at her curiously. Berry smirked and leaned in telling him to do the same. Hermione crept closer undetected. Fred slowly leaned in, just as Hermione stood a few feet from them. Berry suddenly and swiftly kissed his cheek.

"Go on a date with me!" Fred and Hermione looked at her in schock. 


 a/n sorry guys i havent wrote in a while Ive been super busy and i decided to edit this just didnt feel right  with the story like it was curving off in a different direction so here you are and please do hurt me?

Mischieviously yours,


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