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Black Roses Red by belly84
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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Lily's POV

"James," I said lacing my fingers through his larger ones, "I think it's time to throw a house warming party." His face lit up like a child at Christmas.

"You mean it Lily? We can throw a party in the head dorms?"

I nodded letting out a giggle as a reply. This party would achieve two purposes, to get Caleb and Sam together as well as showing Hogwarts that I'm not prudish, innocent little Lily.

"I think it would be a nice welcome back for everyone, James." I smiled at him, "well obviously just the 6th and 7th years, but you know what I mean." Even though I was suggesting throwing a party, I still had responsibilities as head girl.

"You won't have to worry about a thing! Caleb, Freddie and I have got it covered." He beamed. It was good to see the mischievous glint return to his eyes. Since coming to school he and I alike have focused much of our time in trying to find the balance between head duties and the expanding work load. It was becoming increasingly heavy this year.

"James and I are throwing a party in the head's dorm." I told Sam the next morning.

"Are you shitting me?" She squealed in reply, jumping up and down holding onto both my hands. Her reaction attracted attention from everyone sitting nearby. "This is your best idea yet Lily!" More squealing followed. I had to wait it out to discuss what I really wanted with her.

"Sammy," I said using the nickname that only I call her, "will you do me a tiny favour?" I battered my eye lashes.

She looked down at me, our half foot height difference evident at this moment. "What do you want?" She asked suspiciously.

"Oh nothing major, you've wanted to do it for ages any way. Something you've always asked me to let you do." I smiled up at her.

"You don't mean…"

"You know I do."

"Seriously?" Sammy replied with a squeal, something she was doing a lot today. "You really mean that I can give you a makeover for the party!"

I smiled and nodded in reply. Sam had always said I had so much hotness potential if only I let her unleash it. This was her chance to prove that, and my chance to prove to the school I wasn't who they all thought I was. In three days, this coming Friday, I would show that school what I was hiding. Well at least what Sammy thought I was hiding.

James' POV

"You're kidding man. You have to be kidding!" Freddie spluttered, I had just told him and Caleb, Lily's suggestion for a party. "As if Lils would let you have a party?"

Ignoring that he called her 'Lils' and putting the funny feeling of jealousy that burnt through my body I nodded and smiled at him.

"I don't know what is going through her head but we can't give her a chance to change her mind!" Caleb was yet to speak.

"Caleb, man?" I looked at him; whenever the topic of parties came up he was normally the first to but his two cents in and get planning. But this time he was sitting and not saying a word. My question snapped him out of it.

"Yeah, sorry James. Was just thinking. Sounds like a plan." He said shaking his head, as if dismissing his thoughts through that shaking action.

Freddie and I shared a look.

"What's up man?" Freddie asked.

"Nothing, nothing. Just day dreaming."

"About a certain blonde that we had no idea you liked?" I laughed referring to Sam.

His reddening face gave him away. "Shut up guys! I don't like her! She's hot, that's all!" He spluttered trying not to make eye contact.

Freddie chuckled, "Come on Caleb, we're your best mates. We can tell that you like her."

I joined in, "why don't  I talk to Lily for you and see what the inside gossip is?"

"Cheers man. That would be good." Caleb replied, not confirming or denying if he did indeed have feelings for Sam.

I nodded my head and finished the conversation.

Later that night in the common rooms with Lily.

I looked up when she entered the room; Lily rushed over to the nice and toasty fire place that I had been feeding into a raging fire for the past hour.

"Gosh it's freezing out there! This Autumn is already looking to be a cold one." She said looking at me while rubbing her hands up and down her arms, creating friction.

"Why were you even outside! It's too cold at night to be out and about." I asked her, confused and concerned.

She shook her head, not replying to my question. What was she doing out there? Curiosity burned through me, but before I could press the subject further she had changed the direction of the conversation.

"How is the party planning going?"

This was just about the only topic that would have stopped me investigating further, well for the present at least. "It's going great. I told Freddie and Caleb about it and they both think it's a fantastic idea. We are going to sneak into Hogsmede tomorrow night to get supplies. Is there anything you or Sam want us to get specifically?"

"Sammy is a sucker for Tequila." She smiled, not her normal show stopping smile but rather one that said she was planning something.

"Why are you looking sneaky?" I asked her.

She shook her head, "Goodnight James. You will know soon enough." And with that she left the room, moving through the corridor into her room.

Lily's POV

With James getting Tequila there is no reason in the world that Sammy and Caleb wouldn't hook up, the strong liquid had a habit of bring out her playful side. The next step of the plan was to make sure that Caleb was dressing for the occasion. I knew Sam well; she was a sucker for a well-dressed boy.

"Caleb," I greeted the attractive boy the next morning at breakfast. "How are you today?"

He looked up over his toast. "Hey Lily, I'm good. How are you?"

"Wonderful!" I replied. "I was wondering if you could help me out tonight after Quidditch practise."

He looked confused. "Sure Lily, but what do you need?"

"I'll explain it all to you then." I smiled, with a touch of his shoulder I left him to his breakfast. My plan was formulating well.

Caleb's POV

I didn't spend my usual twenty minutes in the shower after practice today, rushing to get out so I could find out what Lily wanted me to do.

"What's the hurry mate?" James asked. He normally comes into the change room till everyone leaves so he doesn't miss out on any locker room gossip before going out again and having a private practice session. For some reason I felt as though I shouldn't tell him what Lily had talked to me about, so I lied. Lying was not something I tended to do when it came to Freddie and James.

"Places to be, people to see." I laughed at him, "Don't miss me too much while I'm gone." I finished and made a break for it before he could quiz me anymore.

"You know I love you." James called as I slipped out of the change rooms and ran smack bang into Lily.

"Sorry if I kept you waiting." I said to her, she looked a little startled.

"Truth be told I thought I would be waiting a lot longer. Rumour has it that you take a long time to wash your hair." She laughed, teasing me.

"If rumours name is James Potter don't believe a word he says." I chuffed. "Truthfully I was dying of curiosity. What can I do for you Lily?"

She looked around. "Not here, come to the head dorms? I promise it won't take long."

I nodded and we talked of Quidditch while walking into the castle.

Once inside she dragged me up to her room, shutting the door and putting a silencing spell on it.

What was going on?


"Oh hush you know how nosey James is." She laughed and gestured for me to take a seat on her neatly made bed. Her room was massive. Bright colours filled the walls, as well as book shelves and a Gryffindor flag. There was a window seat that would have been big enough for me to sleep on looking over the pitch. Her room was amazing.

"So I guess you're wondering why I asked you to come here." She said sitting down in the window seat, pulling both her knees up so she was in a comfortable position.

"You could say that. What can I do to help?" I replied, itching with curiosity.

She took a deep breath before beginning. "I was talking to Sammy the other day and she said that people around school were talking. Saying that I was frigid little Lily and that James and my relationship was a joke." She took another deep breath. "James has been so nice to be and I want to help him but I'm really not good at the whole public relationship thing. So I need your help."

I couldn't help but laugh. She shot me a terrifying glare.

"You help me with this and I will help you get Sammy." She bargained with me.

I could feel my face flushing. "I don't like Sam so I don't know why I would need your help."

"Don't lie to me Caleb; I see the way you look at her. And even if I couldn't read you, how red your face is getting is a big enough give away." She chuckled.

Darn, she had won.

"Fine. But no one finds out about this. Not even James. Can you do that?" I said looking into her green eyes. She really was beautiful; I could see why James was falling for her. Even if he didn't know that he was. Yet.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. What do I do?"

"I will let you know tomorrow, meet me by the lake at lunch time? I have to run to Hogsmede with Freddie and James for party supplies. Talk tomorrow." I ran out of her room before she could say anything else. Secretly I was very excited, Lily as Sam's best friend, and although I was doing my best to hide it, I was developing a serious crush on the blonde bomb shell.

I ran into James as I closed Lily's door. He shot me a funny look.

"Umm man what were you doing in there?" He asked.

I thought quickly. "I came to meet you, and she invited me into show me a book that I could use for the potions essay."

James nodded, but still looked confused.

"I thought we said I would meet you in the Gryffindor dorms at nine? That's not for another ten minutes?" He asked looking at his watch.

"Yeah I know we did but I thought I would remind you that you need to bring your bag that Lu gave you for Christmas. You know the one that can hold anything and make it as light as a feather? We have a lot of stuff to carry." James seemed to accept this latest excuse.

"Thank Merlin you did man. I had completely forgotten about that bag. Wait for me for me and we will head over to find Freddie together?" He asked and I nodded.

James' POV

As I walked into the common rooms carrying the bag filled of everything we would need for the party; with most of the hall being made up of alcohol. If everything went to plan it should be an amazing party. I made a beeline for the fire, hoping to draw in as much of its warmth before I head up to bed.

"James, is that you?" I head a sleepy whisper coming from the couch.

It was Lily. I could see her fiery red hair gleaming in the light of the actual fire. She reached up and rubbed her eyes. She pattered the couch she as on, asking me to join her.

"Yes Lily it's me. Sorry to wake you." I smiled and joined her on the couch. She lifted her legs to let me sit down before replacing them, this time on my lap.

"How did tonight go? Did you get everything we needed?" She mumbled the question in her sleepy state.

"Yeah, I think we got everything we needed. I really think this will be a party to remember. Thank you for letting us do this, I know you don't like the idea that much."

"Don't be silly James; I was the one to suggest it. And when have you and the boys ever thrown a party that anyone could ever forget?" She replied, after letting out a big yawn Lily lay her head on my shoulder as if she was so tired she couldn't hold it up anymore. The text book that was balanced on her lap was soon forgotten on the floor.

"Can I ask you a question Lily?" I said drawing her eyes to my own. I hope she was like Caleb, he tends to tell the truth when he is just about asleep. That was how we got him to admit that he was starting to like Sam while we were walking home. I could only hope that Lily was the same.

"Hmm, go for it James."

"Why did you suggest this party?" I couldn't help myself; making another brave move I let my hand brush her soft cheek.

"Because I want Sam and Caleb to get together." She laughed and then added, "that and Sam told me we had to be more couple-y, or else people will doubt that we are together. I figured that this was a way for me to look couple-y with you." She let out another big yawn.

"You really are one of the nicest people I know. I think Caleb would like that very much, it is a good chance for them to get together."

She nodded, knowing that she was right. "Sorry if I'm stuffing up Alison's plan James. I really don't mean too."

I was about to reply when she let out a deep breath. She had fallen asleep.

"Goodnight Lily." I whispered into her hair. Gently lifting her up and carrying her into her room. After tucking her in, I couldn't resist, I softly placed a kiss on her forehead.

As I dragged my exhausted body to my room opposite Lily’s’ I couldn't help but think about what she said. Did the school really doubt that we were a couple? I guess we hadn't been out in the public eye that much but whenever we were I always had my arm around her or something.

I thought back to my past relationships at school, even though none of them had last longer than few weeks I guess we had been a bit more public, at least getting caught snogging in halls ways or skipping class to mess around with each other. I guess my reputation was making this relationship seem very boring. Lily was right. Something had to be done.


Sorry about the much delayed update, I was struggling with what to write next, so any ideas would be much appreciated!

I hope this chapter was okay, in truth it's just a filler and I promise the next will be much better! I just have to add the finishing touches to it and I'll upload it straight away! Please review and tell me what you think! They really help me write more!


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