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The Originals by AccioPixiex
Chapter 2 : chapter two
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well hello, i really like this story, I've got lots planned for it so, i hope you's like it. please give me a little review :) and if anyone can make a banner or knows where to get them if you's could let me know that would be amazing. thanks and as always JK ROWLING OWNS HARRY POTTER <3, also I do not own the vampire diaries that credit goes to l.j smith...where I had got my idea for the originals 







My eyelids began to twitch, they felt heavy and hard to open. Finally with opening my eyes i notice that I'm in unfamiliar surroundings, sliding myself off the little bed i was sleeping in, as soon as my feet touched the ground my legs gave in making me crash on the stone floor. Carefully i used the wall to balance myself,standing to my feet i looked around, i was in some sort of cave,however there was a door, marked with metal bars. Closing my eyes i tried to open the door and nothing happened, suddenly the door began to creek open and a figure started walking in through it, a very familiar figure.......Alaric!


He stood there in front of me with a torch in one hand and his other arm open wide expecting a welcome embrace" ah my dear sister, how I've missed seeing your beautiful face of yours "


i quickly drew power from the flames and with a flick of my hand he crashed against the wall, gasping for air. I've got quite the temper.


"what is the meaning of this Alaric,why have i awoken in such a place and not in my bed at home, why do you look fifty years old, where mamma and papa" i spat, tears welling up in my eyes. Realizing my hand, he fell to the ground, coughing loudly.


"it was the boys, they needed you out the way, they saw you as a threat to their plans, they couldn't kill you so, they used the entombment spell, mother and you created to seal you inside here and to answer your other question....their dead" he whispered.


I rose to my feet, shaking my head violently",they cant be dead" tears spilled down my cheeks as i sunk to the floor in a heap.Alaric quickly came over and wrapped his arms around me, holding me tightly as i sobbed louder.


" after you were found to be missing, mamma and papa, they done everything possible to find you but nothing, we didn't know they travelled you to a new country to conceal you. Mamma, she tried everything, she started using too much of her magic, she was tired, exhausted  and one day she just didn't wake up" the tears came more violently as i clung on to my big brother " Papa, he just sort of gave up after that, he still tired to look for you but he was never the same again. I don't know how Damon, Xavier Blaine or tomth could even stand themselves knowing what they had done to our family" he spat.


"Alaric" i whispered, looking up at my older brother" how long has it long have i been in here" he looked down not meeting my eye" its been a long time....its been nearly a thousand years, Arianna, I'm so terribly sorry, it took me so long to even figure out that it was them who had taken you"


I felt numb, I've missed a thousand years of my life... everything i never got to do.....Wait I'm i still sixteen?


i stood, brushing down my nightdress and wiping the tears from my cheeks" well, where art i be then" He smiled following me to his feet." We are in a new country, the united kingdom, Britain, however, we are in deep highlands, called Scotland. it is a truly beautiful place my sister, you will love it here, just like home" he smiled, i couldn't help but smile also.


"oh, i almost forgot" he rushed out the door, i began to panic, oh no, you cant leave me in here, however, as soon as he left he returned with a large bag type creation, pulling out pieces of clothing " you'll need to change into theses, their the clothes of this century, you'll need them to fit in " giving me, strange material trouser, a piece of material and some type of coat. i stared at him in complete shock, was he excepting me to really wear this abomination. I'm a lady for crying out loud, i can not be seen wearing these thing.


" theres " pointing to the  material trouser " are called skinny jeans, muggles wear them, I've been told they are very popular with your age and this " point to the white material " is a t-shirt and this is a hoodie" i stared at him, no never " things have changed aria, this isn't the 17th century and it isn't Bulgaria anymore, you need to change and now " he walked out, so i could change into my new 'stylish' clothes. I miss dresses already.


After changing into the so called clothing alaric came back in with shoes, called...oh. gosh. what were they called again...converse.. think... they were the most horrendous things ever came across but alaric assured me this will make me fit in even though i felt like a boy.


We walked for what seemed hours and finally we were met with the bright light and fresh air, it felt incredible.


" what happened to the other, Damson, blaine, Xavier and tom? where did they go ?"


"they left, the triplets all went away together to work more on dark magic i think, i never looked for them. Tomth worked on the dark arts as well, something terrible happened to him, he turn so evil, the darkness it took over him completely, it was like he wasn't the brother i grew up with. Some how he died, i didn't find out until many years later but some how a few years later he was found in an orphanage by a headmaster of a magic school, i know theres many schools for magic now. I wasn't sure it was I'm, i mean they look incredibility alike but a few years later things started happening, murders, muggles going missing. I knew it was him, thing like that started happening after you had been taken. Tom had turned into a monster, i tried to confront him, he didn't know who i was: apparently all his memories of the homeland had gone, i didn't know if this was a good thing or not" he side as wee walk through the trees.


" so, where is he now " I asked


"apparently dead, by a small baby,it's laughable really, an original killed by a baby " he laughed.


" he's not dead, is he" I stated


" ah, my sister the smart one... and you are right as always, he'll come back, I'm sure of it, the boy, the one who 'killed' him, I've kept an eye out for him, he's extremely gifted, give taught him, tired to prepared him for when tom return" he said as we neared a small town.


" what am i to do, Alaric, I'm still sixteen " i asked feeling lost.


" you know that magic school i told you about " i nodded" you'll attend there, I'm a professor there, you'll be safe there" i fell into a fit of laughter, me, attend school, i created half the the bloody spells and potions for crying loud.


He closed his eyes and we appartated, oh how i haven't missed this i thought. We arrived at steel gate, large ones at that. " Professor Michael's I see you have finally arrived and who is this you have brought with you " a extremely little man asked looking me up and down... how dare he 


" ah Filius, this is my little sister, Arianna  she will be attending hogwarts, i was just late in picking her up is all" alaric smiled as the gate opened and we made our way toward the amazing looking castle.


"it looks like home" i whispered


" i know"






A/N so that is another chapter done, i had this written in my note on my phone for ages but it wouldn't let me upload it on my phone, so i had to rewrite it on my laptop *sighs* but big progress on this chapter, what do you think of Arianna, she got a little temper, what do yours think of alaric, what do you think he should teach? what house should arianna be in ? and tom name is originally tomth but arianna nicknamed him tom when they were kids if anyones wondering why it goes from tom to tomth... well REVIEW PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3



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The Originals: chapter two


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