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My Summer Of Love by potterfan310
Chapter 5 : The Party
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 Dear Diary,

Me, Molly, Dom and Phoebe have started our missions. Last Friday we went into town after nine, dressed in Molly's shortest skirts and tight tops. To be honest I wasn't too happy with the idea as I like Connor and I mean we looked like we could have been hanging around on street corners.

They pulled quite a few boys, especially Dom. She now has the hickies to prove it. I can tell you now Auntie Fleur was NOT happy about that, it was pretty funny watching Dom getting an yelled at. It was mainly in french so I didn't totally understand but from seeing Dom squirm in her seat, it couldn't have been good.

As for Connor, well we've been spending loads of time together. And our attempts at flirting have gotten worse but we are pretty close. He even called me beautiful again. I definitely think I'm falling head over heels for him. Even though Malfoy said 'I looked pretty' I prefer Connor and I don't know why. I've had a crush the size of Mars on Malfoy since I was twelve but Connor, well he's different.

Love Moi (Rose)

"Rosie." A voice called.

"Oof." I moaned as someone jumped on my bed.

"Guess what!" They sang waving something in my face.

I blinked a few times, trying to focus and saw that it was Molly who had jumped on me and was waving something in my face. I looked closer and saw that she was holding a card with a big number sixteen on it. "Happy sixteenth Mol" I said once realising what today was.

"Thanks Rosie, but guess what!" She grinned at me.

"What?" I grumbled as I tried to push her off.

"I'M SIXTEEN!" She shrieked leaping off me and then jumping on Dom.

"Arghh!" Dom yelled.

Somehow I think Mol's been hanging around with Phoebe a bit too much since she's been here, I can see parts of Phoebe have rubbed off on her. Speaking of Phoebe she's due to arrive later on for Molly's party. If it was up to her, she would probably stay here the whole summer but her mother was making her visit family. Without Pheeb around it's been quiet but Molly's been making up for it.

I got up and went to search my wardrobe for Molly's present. Once I found it I handed it to her and she ripped the paper off.

"Thanks Rosie, I love it." Molly said pulling it out of the box. She put it down and came over and hugged me.

I had bought her a one shoulder dress with lots of sparkly bits on it in her favourite colour: pale blue and some Honeydukes sweets. "Glad you like it, you can wear it tonight" I told her. I looked at the time and saw it was only half eight, so I snuggled back into my bed once the whirlwind of a birthday girl left after opening Dom's present.

Where am I, I thought. I have no idea where I am. I looked around and saw a small church. I walked over to the doors and heard music playing, which sounded a lot like 'here comes the bride'. I pushed the door open and saw that the church was full and a young man was waiting in front of the vicar. I looked around and saw lots of people, mainly red-headed people on the left and fewer people on the right. I also noticed that there was no bride.

"Are you ready Rosie?" Someone asked me.

I turned around and saw my dad wearing a black suit, white shirt and pink tie. I frowned. "Um dad what's going on. Why are you dressed like that and who's getting married."

He smiled, "It's your wedding day Rosie, your getting married."

I froze and turned to look down the aisle trying to get a glimpse of the young man waiting. Who was I marrying, more to the point why don't I remember who I'm marrying. I looked down at myself and saw I was wearing a big, poofy white dress. I felt something move around my shoulders and I moved my hand up. I felt netting and realised I must have a veil on.

"Ready Rosie?" Dad asked again.

Before I could answer he pulled the veil down so it covered my face and put my arm through his. The music grew louder as he walked me down the ailse.I saw many faces turn to look at us, most of them seemed to be my family, others I didn't recognise. We were now infront of the vicar and the young man I was supposed to marry.Why can't I remember who he is?

Dad lifted the veil from my face and I felt him kiss my cheek. He placed my right hand into the left hand of the boy. I looked up from the floor and saw the handsome face of .....

"Arghhh." I cried out. I looked around and saw that I was in my room I share with Dom at The Burrow. I was in my pyjamas which consisted of pink shorts with white spots and a pink top not a big poofy wedding dress.

"What's up?" Dom asked coming over and sitting on my bed.

"I, uh, I just had a really strange dream." I admitted.

"Just make sure you're up and dressed in ten minutes, Nana's going mad. We're meant to be at the restaurant in twenty minutes." She told me as she went back to doing her hair after seeing I was ok.

"Dom, what's the time?" I asked.

"Ur, I think it's three o'clock." Dom replied.

Oh my god how I have slept an extra six and a half hours.

"Why didn't you wake me."

She looked around at me, "I wasn't here. I've not long arrived."

I frowned, "Why?"

"I went to see Courtney." She shrugged.

"Suppose I best get dressed then." I mumbled as I got out of bed. I started looking through my wardrobe for something tidy to where when Phoebe entered.

"I'm here," She called. "Why aren't you dressed." Phoebe pointed out.

"I only just got up that's why and now I can't find anything to where." I explained.

She pushed me out the way and started rummaging through my wardrobe and then Dom's. I left her to it and laid down on my bed, picking up the nearest magazine. Five minutes later she was holding up a dress that definitely wasn't mine, It was short and black.

"Here," She said chucking it at me, "Go get dressed."

I sighed and went off to get dressed. This dress certainly isn't mine that's for sure, it is way too short for my liking. It comes just above my knee, hugs my figure and is low cut. I'm pretty sure it's Dom's.

I walked back into our room and saw Dom wearing a dress pretty much identical to the one I'm wearing (which proves this one is Dom's) except her's was dark blue. I also noticed what Phoebe was wearing and I can't exactly say there's anything wrong, in fact it looked totally different to what she normally wears.

Pheeb had on a white t-shirt that had two black bow's on the left shoulder, a flared skirt that had blue, pink and orange flowers on it and white ballet pumps. She definitely didn't look like normal phoebe, she looked totally un-phoebe-fied.

I went over to the mirror and did my hair, it looked ok so I just used an anti-frizz charm to make sure that it stayed that way and didn't look like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards. Dom's hair was in a bun and Phoebe's was was curled. I have to say we all looked pretty good. We went down to the living room and found the rest of our cousins.

Molly walked in about five minutes after us, wearing her new dress which suited her perfectly. Her brown hair was in curls and hung around her shoulders, she had on glittery silver heels and a matching bag.

"Mol you look stunning." Lily gushed.

Molly twirled around, showing off her dress. "Thanks Lil, I have Rose to thank as she bought me this dress."

Nana came rushing into the room, looking flustered. "Come on you lot, the bus is here." She told us.

We got up and one by one we left the house. Outside the gate I saw a large minibus, with various auntie's and uncle's sat in it. I was looking out the window as the man drove us to London. We came to a stop outside just down the road from the Leaky Cauldron.

As we all got out, I headed straight for the pub with Dom and Phoebe by my side, from behind the bar Mrs Longbottom smiled at us as we passed through.

"You girls all look gorgeous." She told us.

"Thanks." We all chimed.

It was Dom who pulled her wand out to tap the bricks and we walked through into the street which was pretty crowed. And then I saw the reporters. Great, I guess they must have been tipped off that we were coming here.

I ignored the shouts from them asking for pictures and walked straight into the restaurant with Dom and Phoebe while the rest of my family were far behind.



Who knew a meal could take two and a half hours, well with my family it's no wonder. We've been back at the Burrow for about an hour and a half. Molly's having a party and her Hogwarts friends are coming over. Again Nana sent me over to invite Connor and his family.

I went into the house to get drinks for me and Connor and sat at the kitchen table was Lucy and Connor's brother Ronan who is pretty much a smaller version of Connor. It's kinda spooky seeing them sat there because they both look so much like their older siblings. I feel like I've travelled back in time and I'm looking at a mini Molly and a mini Connor.

Pushing the thought's of mini Connor's out of my head, I picked up the drinks and headed outside. Connor was talking to Al and Scorpius. Someone remind me why the hell he's here, oh yeah his parents are still not back. Which means he is still staying at the Potter's and he didn't come earlier because A. he wasn't invited (good) and B. he had gone to see his auntie, uncle and cousins, (I don't see why he can't stay with them).

"Here." I said smiling at Connor as I passed him the bottle of pumpkin juice.

"Thanks." He replied, slipping an arm around my waist.

Oh my god! Connor's arm is around my waist. Dear god please do not freak out Rose, please.

"I-I, uh I think Dom's waving at me. I'll be back now," I blurted out and hurried over to Dom who was not at all waving. "Come on," I said grabbing her hand and pulling her around the side of the house. "You'll never guess what."

Dom rolled her eyes, "What."

"Connor put his arm around my waist and infront of Al and Malfoy." I squealed.

"Ohmygod really!"

I nodded and I saw her smile mischievously.

"I have a plan, but it won't work until the oldies are in bed. Just make sure Connor sticks around." She told me before walking off.

What on earth is she on about, I thought as I made my way back to the boys just as Phoebe had pulled Al onto the dance floor. I couldn't help but laugh at the look on Al's face which clearly said 'help me'.

"May I have this dance."

I looked to my right and saw Connor looking at me with his big blue eyes, he makes me go weak at the knee's.

I smiled, "Sure."

We danced for what felt like forever, I danced with pretty much everyone (but mainly Connor). I think it was about nine when Lucy, Louis, Roxy, Hugo and Lily went off to bed mainly because they were told to. Leaving us lot (which included me, Al, Dom, Phoebe, Mol, Connor, Scorp, five of Molly's friends, James, Fred and Nikola) behind as well as the oldies (mum, dad, aunties, uncles, and grandparents). Teddy and Vic had gone up to bed as well, surprising really since Teddy likes to party.

It was well past ten, maybe eleven when Dom suggested we play a few party games, except she called them 'drinking' party games. I have no idea where or how she got it but Dom pulled out a crate of beer and a couple of bottles of wine from her bag. Before I could ask she simply said "Undetectable extension charm and a little flirting with the boy at the store."

Typical Dom, using her veela genes to get a guy to do or get what she wanted. We started off by playing 'I have never'. The things started off normal like I have never kissed someone of the opposite same sex or I have never stolen anything. Then as the game went on and James and Fred got drunker, they became things like I have never snogged a goat and surprisingly James stood up.

Maybe I should ask what the hell happened, then again do I really want to know why James has snogged a goat. My cousin has issues. I don't see how this was the plan Dom came up with, I mean since we were sat in a circle Connor was next to me as was Scorpius.

"Ok new game," Dom announced, "Spin the bottle."

I raised my eyebrows at her and she jut winked at me. Merlin know's what she's up to. I have to say it is the most ridiculous game of spin the bottle especially since most of us are related to each other. Most surprising of all was that it landed on Scorpius and then Phoebe.

I was dying to laugh for some reason, maybe it's the alcohol but seeing Pheeb and the ferret snog was highly funny so that's what I did. I laughed, ok so it may not have been such a good idea to take a swig of my drink. It's definitely not funny when beer comes shooting out your nose, it's also very unattractive.

After Phoebe spun it it landed on Connor, they exchanged a quick kiss on the lips and then Connor spun it and it slowly landed on me. He looked me in the eyes and put one hand on my face as he leant over and kissed me. I felt even more alive than when I started drinking the fire whisky. His lips were warm and sweet, I felt an arm go around my waist and my own hand ran through his brown hair. I could practically hear the fireworks and feel the electricity run through my body all because of him. I wanted to pull him closer and hold him tight. I wanted to...

"For Merlin's sake, get a room." Someone called breaking my train of thought.

I blushed as I turned to face the rest of them, I span the bottle and it landed on none other than the ferret. Fucking brilliant.

"I've got an idea, let's dance." I announced as I stood up making sure my dress was still covering my bum. I looked around for something and spotted a broom, so I picked it and started dancing with it like it was a person.

Even Phoebe joined in, which made it ten time's worse. I mean two slightly drunk teenagers dancing with a broom. What was I thinking. After getting over the shock at my outburst the others started heading inside, I was so un-fazed about everything that I threw up outside the back door, not far away from where James was snogging Nikola's face off. I called bye to Connor who was already at the gate, as he waved to me (well at least he didn't see me throw up).

Forcing myself upstairs and into my room, I got changed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Giggling about the fact Connor kissed me, I got into bed. Dom and Phoebe came in not long after me and got ready for bed. Phoebe jumped on her mattress between our beds and pulled her quilt right up so that only the top of her head and her eyes were visible.

I rolled my eyes at her before saying, "I owe you Dommie. Thanks for playing those games."

Dom smiled wickedly, "So you're happy then and not upset."

"Definitely happy Dom. Thank you so much."

"So how was it?" Came Phoebe's muffled voice.

I threw my head back on my pillow and sighed, "It was amazing, you know all those things you're meant to feel. The fireworks, the electricity, the tingles, well I got them all. His lips were so soft and warm and his eyes are so blue. And his brown hair is so soft and I just want to do it all over again."

"Well someone's thrilled." Phoebe chimed in.

"I am, I really am."

"Aww Rosie's all grown up, her first kiss from a boy." Dom teased as she shut the light off.

I ignored her and shut my eyes. It wasn't long before I started thinking about him, his blue eyes, his Irish accent. Smiling to myself I thought of Connor in general before falling asleep.

A/N Change of plan it's fifteen chapters now, not fourteen.


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