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In Love and War by Phoenix Quill
Chapter 8 : Snog Buddies and Secrets Revealed
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 Thank you to all reviewers and all of my readers, and sorry for the wait!

So, now I was back in my dorm, Sarah and Evelyn (who I had discovered was actually alright) had ganged up on me to figure out where I'd been.

"Were you on a date?" Nice choice, Evelyn. Straight to the point.

"Nope. I was in the kitchens."

"Then why the clothes?"

"Do I have to have an excuse to look nice? Really, Sarah?"

Evelyn raised a dark brow. "Were you at a party?"

I sighed. "Okay, you got me. I was with Winky, in the kitchens. It's her birthday today. Can you believe she's only thirty-five?"

I knew this was all true because Winky had told me so herself. She knew every house-elf's birthday, and luckily for me, today it was hers. I had then quickly conjured a bouquet of flowers and given them to her.

She was very pleased. Kept saying that it was far too much. It wasn't really.

Sarah laughed. "Oh, right! Winky was telling me about that a few days ago! I completely forgot!"

I smiled, but not because I was amused. "Well, maybe you should go get her something."

Sarah jumped up and ran out the door. Evelyn went to follow but paused at the doorway. "You're lying. I don't know what you're hiding, but I'll find out. Trust me." She left, leaving me to wonder at her words. I had a perfectly true excuse. Why wouldn't she believe me?

Maybe she's a Seer. Yeah, that's it.

Oh well, have to go to sleep now. Classes and all that in the morning.

Damn, he's a good snogger.






I woke up with Evelyn sitting on me. Not the best thing ever.

"Geroff, Evelyn. I wanna sleep."

"You have to get up, Taylor. It's breakfast. It's not like you to sleep this late."

I sat up quickly, making Evelyn fall off me. "Shit!"






It took me ten minutes to scramble out of my pyjamas into my robes and to get down to the Great Hall.

What? I move fast when my food is threatened. Don't judge me.

I made it in time to watch the food disappear off the tables. Don't ask me how they do that.

"No!" I ran over to Sarah and collapsed onto my knees. "I missed it! No!"

What? I really like breakfast! Oh, and amateur dramatics.

Sarah smiled evilly. "Guess you'll just have to wait till lunch, then."

"No! I can't do that! Never!"

Sarah laughed. "Don't worry, I saved you a muffin. Here you go." She produced a blueberry muffin from inside her napkin.

"Thanks, Sarah! I love you so much right now!" I gobbled up the muffin. "Love you."

Sarah smiled, a little sadly. "You won't in a minute."

The Great Hall went dark.






"Okay guys, what's going on?" No answer.

"Guys?" Still no answer.

"Guys?" There was a whooshing noise and a pillowcase was pulled off my head. Evelyn and Sarah were standing in front of me, with their wands. I was sitting on a chair and...hang on, were my hands and feet tied?

"Guys, what the fuck is going on?" Evelyn smiled wickedly. That can't be good.

"Well, we dosed the muffin with a small dose of Veritaserum. You see, I didn't believe you. I still don't. This should make you...a little more loose tongued."

"You can't have. That's illegal! How can you do that? You'll go to Azkaban!"

Evelyn gulped. "I guess...we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Now, we have to start questioning you. The Veritaserum will be wearing off soon."

Evelyn opened his mouth, but before she could actually start talking, Sarah held up a hand. "Evelyn, this isn't right. Why don't we just give Taylor a chance to confess before we actually force her to answer?"

Evelyn nodded slightly and turned to me with eyes of steel. "So, would you like to confess where you actually were, Taylor?"

"I told you already, I was with Winky. You can even ask her. I went to see her and had dinner with her. I was there from nine till around ten, then I came back to the dorm. Go and check, it'll all be right." Sarah raised a brow. "Really? Do you swear it?"

I sighed. "I swear it on the name of my father and his Quidditch team. Now go and check."

Evelyn and Sarah ran off. I smiled to myself.

Thank you, Time Turner.






After many apologies from both Sarah and Evelyn, I finally made it to the Black Lake. This time, I made sure I wore a coat over my clothes. You know, to hide the fact I was wearing my sexiest clothes.

Because then they'd be on to me.

I mean, why would you wear that to go see Madam Pince?

I digress. Yes, I just said that. It sounds cool.

Don't judge.

I ended up at the shore of the Lake around nine. Yes, I was aware I was skipping Herbology, but seriously, who cares?

Yeah, Professor Longbottom might. But I don't.

Scorpius was sitting by the water, holding a small basket. He saw me and smiled. "Thought you might be hungry."

My eyes lit up. I could tell by the way he laughed. I trotted over and opened the basket. Inside was a croissant smeared with butter and an apple. I kissed him on the cheek and took a bite of the croissant. "Thanks, Scorpius." I finished the croissant and noticed him looking at me weirdly. "What? Is there something on my face?"

Scorpius blushed. "Yeah, on your cheek." Then he kissed it softly. I moaned softly.

Then he started snogging me. Dammit, why did he get such good kissing abilities?

Wait, why am I complaining? Stop thinking, it just fucks everything up.

Scorpius put his hands on my spine. Merlin, his hands were soft and smooth. I tangled my hands in his hair. We snogged for a few more minutes before Scorpius broke off for air.

Have to say, I was pretty out of breath, too.

I looked at my watch. "So, we still have thirty minutes to waste. What do you wanna do?"






Twenty minutes later we were snogging on the Quidditch pitch.

And by that, I mean above it.

We were snogging on broomsticks.

Beat that, former girlfriends!

Of course, the awesome snogging session was interrupted by the bell.

Yes, they have bells at Hogwarts. Don't ask me why.

We slowly drifted to the ground. "Guess we should go to DADA now." I smiled at Scorpius.

"Tonight at the Room?" He grinned. "You're on."






Once again, we were practising our Patronus Charm. Those who could perform it went with Professor Lupin to try and learn how to make it speak while those who could only make a non-corporeal Patronus stayed in a large group.

"Expecto Patronum!" Mist burst from Jason's wand. He was doing better than me., and he was rubbish at DADA.

Seriously, when we had a Boggart, his was a clown, and it chased him all the way around the room. He never even thought of using Riddikulus instead of running.

I sighed and pulled out my wand. I tried to dredge up a happy memory. Suddenly, the image of Scorpius and I snogging for the first time came to mind. I smiled and raised my wand upward.

"Expecto Patronum!" A silver snake burst from the tip of my wand, slithering around my neck like a scarf. How fitting.

Yeah, I just made that joke. Deal with it.

Jason raised a brow. "Go join the smartarse group then. See you around." I grinned and mock-saluted before moving over with Scorpius, Kaitlin (who had mastered it a few minutes ago and made an owl appear) and Albus (who had a moose and had been successfully making once since the start of the lesson).






Dinner that night was awesome.

You can do so many things when your Patronus is a hated animal that can be mistaken for any number of things.

Merlin, those first-years can scream loudly.

Although, I guess they'd just found a snake in their plates, so it's understandable.

I mean, I would have done the same thing. Maybe.

Jason clapped me on the back. "Man, that was epic. Did you see McGonagall's face when it tapped her on the shoulder? Priceless!" The group burst into laughter. I took advantage of the distraction to whisper in Scorpius' ear. "Tonight, at the Room, nine. See you then." He winked at me.

What is with the winking?

Evelyn gave us a strange look but didn't say anything. That girl was too observant for her own good.

That was going to get to her in the end.






We were in the Room again. It was in the date format again, but Scorpius and I were ignoring that. He had me pressed up against the wall, snogging me for all he was worth.

That boy is worth triple his weight and intelligence put together. That equals an amazing snog.

I moaned and wrapped my hands into his shirt. Scorpius moved his hands to the bottom of his shirt.

Then he took it off.

Why does he have to have such amazing abs?

I ran my hands over his abs, his sexy eye candy why the fuck does he get such perfect abs while he slid my shirt up over my head. I started kissing the side of his neck while he stroked my stomach.

I groaned. This was amazing.

Of course, then I realised that Evelyn would be waiting to ambush me in the dorm when I got back.

I broke off and leant down to grab my shirt. Scorpius frowned, looking extremely cute. "What's wrong?"

I sighed. "Evelyn. She's too smart for her own good. She knows something's going on, so I have to be able to fool her. Sorry."

He smiled slightly and grabbed his shirt. I leant in for a quick peck before Scorpius stepped out.

Time for a little Time Turner use.






After completing my Transfiguration homework (my excuse for being out) I made sure it was ten minutes after I first used the Time Turner and headed back to the dorm.

What? You have to be careful and not turn up too early. That could be difficult.

Trust me, it's not pretty.

Evelyn looked up as I entered. "Hey Taylor, where've you been?"

"At the library, doing the Transfig homework. I hate homework so much."

Evelyn raised a brow. "Why did you need to go to the library to do that? You could have used the common room."

"Too crowded. I can't do work with a lot of noise." I yawned. "I'm so tired. See you tomorrow."

I changed into my pyjamas and slipped under my emerald covers. I could feel Evelyn's eyes boring into me until she finally huffed and went out.

I smiled and closed my eyes.






Breakfast was great. I had at least two pieces of toast shoved in my mouth at a time.

I had to make up for missing most of the food yesterday! Don't judge me.

Scorpius was making his Patronus run over the Hufflepuff table, which was causing quite a few screams. Of course, throwing jam at it didn't work.

Quite a few of them found that out when they got jam in their eyes.

Stupid Hufflepuffs.

Evelyn was flirting with a tall dark haired bloke. I looked up at him. Wait a second, that was James. He winked at me and looked back at Evelyn.

What the fuck is with the winking?

I trotted over to the Ravenclaw table and sat down next to Kaitlin, grabbing a piece of bacon from the platter in front of her. "What's shaking, Kaitlin?"

"Oh, the usual. Homework. Classes. Reading. What about you? Done anything more about X?"

I considered it. I hadn't even thought about him since snogging Scorpius. "No, he hasn't bothered me since the blackmail. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason. I was just wondering. Oh, hey Albus!" I glanced up and saw Albus standing behind Kaitlin. He looked vaguely nervous. "Hey Kaitlin. Taylor, can I talk to you for a second?"

This didn't sound good. "Sure. Go ahead."

He gulped. "Alone."

This was not good at all. "Okay, let's go. It's a while until class anyway, about half an hour." I stood and followed Albus out of the Great Hall.

This was not going to end well.






A few minutes later, we were sitting in the Ravenclaw common room, due to Albus' refusal to set foot in any other common room.

He coughed and looked at the ground. "Taylor, I've done a bad thing. I want to apologize."

"What did you do?"

He cleared his throat. "I...I..."

"Oh, just spit it out already, Albus. I need to get to Divination in twenty minutes."

He sighed. "It's hard to explain, seeing as you don't know it was me."

I frowned. "Albus, what are you talking about?"

He stared at the carpet. "I did a bad thing, Taylor."

"What did you do, Albus?"

He sighed and pulled something out of robes, and handed it to me. I turned it over in my hands and studied it.

No. No. No.

Albus rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Like I said, I can't say. But I see you've connected the dots."

I stared down at the object in my hands. It had to be anything but that.

What I was holding couldn't possibly be a silver mask with a swirling pattern.

It couldn't be X's mask, because that would mean that Albus was X.

Albus sighed sadly.

"I am X."

Shock! Albus is X! Who saw that coming? Who did you think was X? Please tell me in the review box below that contains enough room for your thoughts and more! Oh, and sorry it's so short. I had a mild case of writer's block, but this will help me make a longer chapter nine. Next time, Taylor is in denial, Albus is feeling guilty and Scorpius is hot. As per usual.

Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D


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