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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 22 : Love
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School was flying quickly through my eyes. Soon we had finished both our boot camps for Quidditch (IT WAS HELL!) and we’re back to normal training on a Monday’s Wednesday’s and Friday’s even though it was still hell thanks to James’ crazy urge to win.

February rolled around and I was so caught up in school work, Quidditch and keeping myself healthy for the baby, that I didn’t even notice the date on the next Hogsmeade date – the fourteenth.

Valentine’s day.

I woke up on the Saturday, happy because today would be spent purely with James, and pulled myself into the bathroom. I washed hair and body quickly before jumping out and putting on my makeup. Thinking about it, today was actually the first time in a while where I had actually put on makeup. I was now so tired, that I was sleeping in really late and only having enough time to chuck on my clothes and run out the door.

James and I had decided to meet late as he knew I was sleeping a lot more now of days, so I was the last in the dorm. Rose was going with Scorpius, Dom was going with Ryan and Eve and Sasha were going with their friends.

At eleven o’clock, I was finally dressed and ready to go, so I made my way down the stairs into the common room. I was wearing anything over the top like normal, but I still wanted to look nice. I was wearing my ice wash jeans, the low heeled boots Harry and Ginny had got me for Christmas, a baby pink floral shirt, white jumper, grey travel coat, gold scarf, grey beanie and blue gloves as it was relatively cold today.

No one was in the common room but James. He was sitting on the couch in front of the fire reading a book when I got down there. His feet were up on the coffee table, his shoulders slumped over and there was a paper bag sitting next to him.

“Hello,” I whispered in his ear, my arms wrapping around him from behind.

“Morning gorgeous, or is it afternoon?” James joked.

“Ha, ha. It’s not my fault this,” I pointed to my stomach, “Is making me sleep more.”

“I know,” James grinned, “I bought you something to eat so you can have your potions.”

He held up a paper bag next to him and I ran around the couch to open it up. James laughed at my hunger that I hadn’t noticed before.

Stupid pregnancy.

It’s making me act all weird.

Inside the bag were two Danishes, one apple and one berry. I smiled quickly at James before I grabbed the berry one and stuffed it in my mouth. James laughed at my how quickly the first one was gone and the second one was in my hands.

After I finished the Danishes, the potions were downed too.

“Done!” I grinned at James.

“Good, let’s go,” James grabbed my hand and dragged me out the portrait hole.

There wasn’t anyone in the corridors, they were either at Hogsmeade, the library or in their common rooms.

When we reached the front door, Filch (creep) checked our name’s off and we set of down the winding road.

“Mum owled me,” James said.

“Really? What did she say?”

“She wants to meet us at Three Broomsticks at twelve,”

“And you replied yes?”

“How did you know?”

“You are a mummy’s boy!”


James laughed and pounced on me, tickling my sides.

“STOP JAMES!” I giggled, squirming around, “STOP!”

“Take it back!” James laughed, poking and prodding me.

“Never!” I managed to say through my hysterics. 

“I’m not stopping!” James continued to tickle me, and he picked me up in his arms. 

“Ok, ok!” I cried, “You are not a mummy’s boy!”

“Good!” James nodded, but kept me in his arms, “Comfy?”

“Very,” I whispered as I closed my eyes and snuggled into his warm embrace. 

We walked in silence, the only sound being the crunch of snow underneath his boots and our breathing. The mixture of the cold winter’s air and James’ warm, minty breath made me smile as it hit my face. 

“Time to get up baby,” James murmured in my ear. 

I opened my eyes with a small groan and James set me down onto my feet but was blown backwards, not by wind but the scene of Hogsmeade. 

Everything was covered in pink or red, especially Madam Puddifoots. 

Then again, it was always covered in red and pink.

Red love hearts flittered from the sky and couples littered the street looking all cute with holding hands or evening snogging. 

It was Valentine’s Day.

And I had forgot.

“Holy Dobby, I forgot that today was Valentine’s day!” I cried, “James, I am so sorry!”

“I don’t really care Mae! You have had a lot on anyway, do you think I care?” James looked at me in the eyes. 


“What do I care about?”

“That I’m healthy?”

“And happy.”

I smiled up at James and pressed my lips to his quickly, “Happy Valentine’s day.” 

“Happy Valentine’s day my love,” James whispered, taking my hand and leading me down the street, “It’s eleven fifty, so do you just want to head to Three Broomstick’s now?” 

“Sure,” I grin. 

James and I weave through a mass of couples towards Three Broomstick where we would meet Ginny.  James pushed open the door and pulled me inside, a wave of warmth washing over us instantly. 

“Where’s a free table?” James mumbled. 

“I don’t know about a free table, but I found your mum!” I said, pointing to a table in a corner with two people inside.

One was Ginny, her hair pulled into a bun and was wearing a suit – she was obviously on her break - the second was a man. The man sitting next to Ginny was in black wizard robes, wore round glasses that covered sparkling emerald green eyes and had unmanageable black hair.

Harry Potter. 

They seemed to be in their own world, holding hands, staring into each other’s eyes and chatting about something. 

It was so cute!

James, however, had different thoughts.

“Ew! Oh my Merlin!” James cried. 

“James, it’s so cute that they are like that after so many years of marriage!” I smiled, “Don’t you want us to be like that in twenty years even when we’ve had kids?” 

James grinned, “Of course I do, it’s just weird to see my parents showing it all in public!” 

“It’s called PDA and I know, but they are only holding hands James! It isn’t that bad!” I exclaimed. 

“For now…” James murmured. 

“JAMES! MAE!” Ginny shrieked, obviously broken out of her trance with Harry. 

I waved at Ginny and took James’ hand, pulling him to his parents table.

“Hello Ginny! Hi Harry!” I greeted as we slid into the both, Ginny moving to the same side as Harry.

“Hello darling!” Ginny smiled, leaning over the table and kissing me and James on the cheek after raising her wand and muttering ‘Muffilito.’ 

Thank Merlin, everyone didn’t need to hear our conversation.

“Get off Mum!” James shrieked, squirming out of Ginny’s hold. 

“So sorry darling, I guess you’re too grown up for me now!” Ginny cried, her eyes watering.

“Aw, come on Mum! Don’t cry!” James whined, taking his mother’s hand in his. 

“It’s just that it seems like yesterday you were on your way to Hogwarts for the first time, and now you’re in your last couple of months, sitting your N.E.W.T’s soon, in love and expecting a baby!” Ginny cried.

“Mum!” James shushed her. 

“It’s ok sweetie,” Harry said, comforting Ginny. 

“Sorry,” Ginny hiccupped, “Anyway, how are you both? Enjoying Valentine’s Day? How’s the baby?”

“Mu-“ James interrupted.

“I know James,” Harry stated, looking in James’ eyes, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

James shuffled around on his chair, hand running through his hair.

“I – I was scared that you would be ashamed of me. You tell me how I could be great in the Ministry or the professional league, so don’t throw it away. You would think that having a kid at seventeen was a huge mistake.”

“James,” Harry sighed, running his hand through his hair in the same way James did when he was nervous, “I can’t believe you would think that! I do believe that having a child at seventeen is a massive task and will be extremely difficult. I was twenty four when your mother and I had you and we found it hard, but we had support from our family. But, I am happy for you two.”

“Really?” James gasped.

“Do you love Mae, James?” Harry asked.


“And you love him?” Harry asked me.

“Yes,” I smiled, squeezing James’ hand.

“Then I am completely fine with it. I just wished you had waited till I was a little older, I’m too young to be a Grandpa!” Harry laughed, “I’m only forty two!”

“Sorry Dad, the next one will be when you’re in your fifties then,” James grinned. 

“Thanks son,” Harry ruffled James’ hair, “And I am here to help, don’t forget that.”

“Thank you Harry,” I smiled.

“How is my grandchild then? Good?” Harry asked.

“Fantastic, I’m taking sickness and health potions every day and I’m getting a bump!” I whispered, patting my belly as I spoke. 

“Are you going to find out if it’s a boy or girl before the birth?” Ginny asked.

“I think it’s going to be a Mini James, but he thinks it will be a Mini Mae!” I said.

“I want it to be a surprise till she pops out,” James answered.

“Same!” I agreed. 

“Then we shall wait till she pops out,” James grinned, giving me a short peck on the lips. 

For some reason, kissing in front of his parents didn’t feel weird at all. 

“You two are adorable!” Ginny squealed, “Where are you taking her for Valentine’s day?”

“Better not be that terrible Madam Puddifoots,” Harry shivered. 

“No, but’s it is a surprise,” James grinned.

“It was a big enough surprise that today was Valentine’s Day!” I cried.

“You forgot?” Harry asked. 

“This bloody pregnancy is just so consuming that I forgot about so much!” I explained. 

“Understandable,” Ginny shrugged, “Wait till it starts kicking.”

“I can’t wait for the kicks!” I smiled, “It will be fantastic!”

“It is, but it makes you forget about everything,” Ginny laughed, patting my arm. 

“How’s Quidditch going? Training hard for the up and coming final?” Harry asked.

“We are coming to watch!” Ginny exclaimed, “Can’t wait!”

“Training’s going great!” James explained, “Just finished two weekends of boot camp…”

And so it began, the Quidditch talk…


* * * * *



“Bye! Thank you for lunch!” I smiled, kissing Ginny’s cheek.

“No worries dear,” Ginny said, flattening my coat, “Now keep yourself healthy!”

“Yes Ginny,”

“Stop bombarding her Gin,” Harry laughed, scooping me into a hug.

That’s right, be jealous. 

The Saviour of the Wizarding World or the Boy Who Lived or the Chosen One…

Or just plain, old Harry Potter…

Just gave me a hug. 


“Look after yourself, but have fun,” Harry grinned, pulling away and clapping James on the back in a ‘manly’ way. 

“Bye!” James and I said, his arm around my waist as Ginny and Harry vanished with a pop

“That went well,” I stated. 

“Yeah, well come on!” James steered me off, “Don’t want to be late!”

“For what?” 

“My Valentine’s Day plan!”

I laughed and let him take me down the road. The snow was flittering down softly, landing in our hair and making it look like we had terrible dandruff. James gave his hair a shake (resembling a dog) before I reached up and started to pick out all the snow.

“Jeez, you need some anti- dandruff shampoo Mr Potter,” I giggled, flicking a piece of snow. 

“Sorry, we can pick some up on the way back to the castle then,” James grinned, his other arm wrapping around my waist, encircling me.

“There,” I smiled, ruffling his hair, “Perfect.”

“Not yet it isn’t,” James grinned, his lips lowering down on mine. 

And that my friends, is how James and I turned out to be in a very heated, very passionate snog in the middle of Main Street in Hogsmeade. 

James’ tongue was in my mouth, his arms pulling me in close with one on my butt and the other on the small of my back, lifting up my shirt so his hand was grazing my skin while I had one hand in his hair and the other behind his neck. 

Nothing seemed to matter in that moment, only James and I were in the world. The only thing that matter was his talented tongue in my mouth, electric feeling of his skin on me and the softness of his hair in my hand, James Potter was the only thing that matter in the world, everything was perfect in that moment.

The perfect moment was ruined when I heard continuous clicks and white lights blinded my closed eyes.

The paparazzi had found us. 

We broke apart, still in each other’s arms but our now-swollen lips were had broken apart, our heads staring at the pack of paparazzi.

“Nothing to see here, back off,” James said to the crowd, pushing through them and walking on.

That was when the screams erupted.











The flashes of the cameras were still going off like lightening in a thunderstorm, blinding me from seeing where James and I were going. 

“Move away! We wish to enjoy our day in peace,” James says to the crowd.

The cameras kept flicking and questions thrown towards us. They were not going to give up that easy it seemed.

An idea struck me, and a sneaky grin came over my face. I saw James’ eyebrows shoot upwards as the grin became bigger.

“Oh!” I exclaimed, eyes widening, “Is that Suzannah Bulleen from the band Wicked Witches?!” 

I squealed and pointed over to the other side of Hogsmeade.

“Oh my Merlin it is!” a reporter yelled excitedly and racing off with their photographer in tow and soon enough the whole of the crowd was sprinting over. 

“Quick! Run!” I whispered to James, yanking him in the direction we had been walking.

James and I broke into a run, sprinting away before any of the reporters had realised that I had tricked them and that Suzannah Bulleen wasn’t in Hogsmeade. 

“This way!” James pulled me towards a path way leading towards a familiar attraction.

The path was made out of stones that crumbled under our feet, turning into dust. I slipped a couple of times when the stones rolled underneath my boots, thank Merlin I had gone with no heels today. 

I heard a squeak as a gate opened and James pushed me in first, him following and the gate clanging behind him. He pulled me towards the door of the old house, turning the handle and the door swang open. 

Inside, the place was a wreck. 

Most of the furniture was covered in scratches and teeth marks, chairs missing legs, chunks taken out of tables. The room was dark, dark colours but it also had dark feeling about itself, like it had known dark magic. 

It was also covered in at least an inch of dust. 


“This is your idea of a ‘romantic’ adventure for Valentine’s day?” I asked, one eyebrow quirked upwards in surprise, “A visit to the Shrieking Shack?”

Yes, you heard correctly. 

James Potter’s idea of a romantic getaway was a trip to the local haunted house, the Shrieking Shack. 

“I wanted to tell you stuff about my family, and this is where it all comes back to,” James grinned, raising his arms. 

“Fine,” I whispered, “Anything for you.”

“Great,” James grinned, flicking his wand and the dust disappeared, “We’ll go up to the ‘main bedroom’ and talk there.”

“Talk?” I asked, my eye brow raised in a perfect arch. 

“Talk first,” James winked, pulling me up the stairs, “This place was built for Teddy’s dad, Remus Lupin when he came to Hogwarts as he was a werewolf. Remus went here once a month to transform and came up with an excuse every month.”

We reached the landing and came in front of a door, James pushed it open and continued.

“Eventually, his friends found –“ 

James stopped as he stepped in the room and saw inside. I followed his gaze across the room and sucked in a sharp breath and forcing back a sneaky grin when I saw what had cut him off. 

In a mess of tangle sheets and limbs on the dusty and broken bed was a naked Rose and a half naked Scorpius. 

I snorted in laughter as Rose and Scorpius’ eyes went wide and mouths went open in shock. They didn’t move, in too much shock to move. 

James, being the protective cousin he was, went from calm to furious in a second. His face went from white with a pink tinged, to red, to purple to blue and his fists clenched, my hand had only just escaped his clutches. 

Finally, Rose made the first move, which happened to be hugging the sheet around her naked body tighter. 

“WHAT THE FUCK ROSE?!” James roared.

“James, calm down…” I said, placing an arm very carefully on his arm.








“You’re- you’re pregnant?” Scorpius asked. 


Can’t hide it no longer, I guess.

“Good going James,” I muttered, sitting down on a chair, “You can’t tell anyone.” 

“Is that why you’ve been sleeping so heavy?” Rose asked, quickly throwing on Scorpius’ massive t-shirt and running over to me.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Rose asked her hand on my knee.

“I couldn’t,” I whispered, “I had already lost one friend to telling the truth, I couldn’t lose another.” 

“Dom?” Rose asked and I nodded, “I’ll never leave you Mae, I’ll always be here to help.”

“Thank you,” I smiled at her and gave her a hug, “So, should we leave you to it?” 

Rose and Scorpius exchanged a glance. 

“No,” Scorpius answered, “Would you like to go to a café or something together where we can talk?” 

“Sure,” I grinned, “Come on James, let’s let these two get changed. We’ll meet you downstairs.”

“Ok,” James smiled weakly, following me out the door, “I’m sorry for telling them.”

“It’s ok James, we would have had to tell them soon anyway. And it’s Rose, she won’t tell anyone.” 


James quickly leaned down and peaked me on the lips as Rose and Scorpius barrelled down the stairs.

“Come on, let’s go!” Rose smiled, taking Scorpius’ hand, “I have so many questions to ask.” 


* * * * *


“Welcome to Natalia Summerset’s Café. We can promise you that you will have the best coffee in England here. Will you be eating in or take away today?” a woman with black hair, pale skin, ice blue eyes and a small waitressing uniform said, her eyes travelling up and down Scorpius’ body obviously checking him out.

“A table for four please,” Rose said through gritted teeth, her eyes shooting daggers at the waitress who was still checking Scorpius out.

“Sure, follow me,” she said, flicking her hair over her shoulders and strutting away through the tables, her hips swaying suggestively.

Natalia Summerset’s Café was well known as the most expensive, but the best café in Hogsmeade. True to what the waitress had said when she had welcomed us, they did have the best coffee in England.

The walls of the café were a cream colour with the floor a matching darker cream marble. Every step was echoed throughout the café, but were only lightly heard due to the chatter of the other people. The chairs were made from oak and had a bright red cushion sewn on. The tables were made of the same wood and there were around twenty tables in the room. The counter was made of black marble with a silver bench top and there was eight stools lining one side. Platters of pastries lined the counter top and the kitchen was on the other side.

“Here you are,” the waitress said, “The menu’s are on the table and I will be back shortly to take your order.”

She flipped her hair again and strutted off through the crowd.

“Don’t come back,” Rose muttered in her direction as the waitress turned around and looked back at our table.

“Don’t worry Rose, I don’t care about her,” Scorpius soothed, playing with a lock of Rose’s hair as she sat down.

“Good,” Rose grumbled picking up a menu, “What are you going to have?”

“Cappuccino,” Scorpius answered, not even looking at the menu.

“English Breakfast,” James and Rose said at the same time.

The Wotter’s have a weird thing for tea, they all adore it. James cant got the day without his morning tea.

He’s such a bloody girl.

“What about prego?” Rose asked me.

“Rose!” James exclaimed, “Be careful about what you talk about!”

“But you said we were going to talk about –“ Rose said.

 “Charm before you talk, but we have got to wait until we take our orders first,” I explained, gazing at the menu, “I think I’ll have a pumpkin juice and something to nibble on. I am so hungry…”

Rose snorted.

“Shut up Rose,” I muttered.

I suddenly had an urge for a raspberry and white chocolate muffin.

They were good.

“Ready to take your order?” the waitress asked as she arrived at our table again, a new shiny layer of pink lip gloss clearly visible upon her fake smile lips.

Rose grunted at her return, obviously not happy at the flirty glances the waitress was shooting Scorpius.

“Yes please,” Scorpius answered, putting his arm around the back of Rose’s chair doing two things, making the waitress look a little put out and secondly making Rose grin triumphantly.

“Two English Breakfasts with milk on the side, one Cappuccino extra hot, a pumpkin juice and…” Scorpius started.

“A raspberry and white chocolate muffin,” I finished, “That will be all thank you.”

The waitress smiled and repeated our orders.

“That’s perfect thank you,” James smiled.

“Well do not hesitate to ask for help. My name is Helen for any inquires,” Helen smirked, her eyes darting towards Scorpius.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll be fine,” Rose snapped.

‘Helen’ jumped and nodded, before leaving.

“Can we talk about it now?” Rose whined, her eyes shining.

“Fine, but someone will have to look for the waitress when she arrives back, her not being able to hear us might raise some suspicions,” James said  making Rose and Scorpius nod, “Muffilito,”

“FINALLY!” Rose exclaimed, “Now get explaining I want to know everything!”

“Well… the simple way to put it is that I am pregnant with James Sirius Potter’s spawn,” I grinned.

“THE REAL STORY PLEASE,” Rose demanded.

James started to open his mouth but I put my finger across his lips and continued.

“I am currently eleven weeks pregnant,” I explained watching both Rose and Scorpius’ faces as they counted back to the week of the party, “So yes, James and I did sleep together before we started dating.”

“Knew it!” Scorpius grinned running his hands through his shaggy pale blonde hair.

“HOW?” James and I exclaimed.

“Could just tell. You two are hard to read though, a lot harder than normal people. You two can hide your feelings really well,” Scorpius explained.

“You read people?” I asked completely shocked.

“Yeah, it’s a Malfoy thing, we can all do it,” Scorpius grinned.

“Back to the story!” Rose snapped.

“Ok,” James said, “We slept together at the end of semester party when we were both – er – extremely drunk.”

“So it was a drunken mistake?” Rose asked, eyebrow raised.

“Yeah,” James and I both answered.

“Ha!” Rose grinned.

“QUICK!” Scorpius yelled, pointing in the direction of Helen who was making a beeline for our table.

James made a grab for his wand but accidently made it roll under the table and both him, Scorpius and Rose jumped under in a mad search for the wand. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed my wand off the table and waved it slightly so the charm lifted.

“Uhh, are you guys ok?” Helen asked as she arrived at the table.

“Fine, Rose just dropped her earring on the ground,” I lied smoothly, “We’ll be fine.”

“Ok, well, here are your coffees,” Helen smiled, placing the coffees on the table.

“FOUND IT!” Rose exclaimed, ‘reattaching’ her earring.

“Great, couldn’t lose your anniversary present earrings from Scorpius,” I winked at Scorpius and Rose.

“I know! I love them so much,” Rose squealed.

“Anything for my Rose,” Scorpius grinned, leaning in a kissing her on the lips lightly.

“Humph,” Helen said before stomping off.

“Thank merlin she’s gone, she was so fucking annoying,” Rose grumbled, adding milk into her tea and a spoonful of sugar.

“Mhmm,” I said, eyes fixated on the muffin.

Muffilito,” Scorpius mumbled, “Continue.”

“So Mae and I were drunk when we slept together and we found out that we were expecting a baby on the second day of term after her seventeenth birthday party,” James explained.

“Wait,” Rose interjected, her hand up, “But I saw you – “ she pointed at me, “ – sculling Firewhiskey from a bottle that night.”

“It was charmed water,” I explained, “It just smelled and looked like Firewhiskey.”

“Sneaky devil,” Rose muttered, “Continue.”

“That we week we decided that we would keep the baby and we went to Madam Pomphrey to tell her. Later that week Headmistress McGonagall spoke to us and arranged us to meet a group of people to tell them,” James explained, sipping on his tea, “They were my mum, Teddy, Lily and Dom.”

“Hey! Why didn’t you ask me? I am seriously offended!” Rose gawped, placing her hand on her chest in a joking matter but I could still see the hurt in your eyes.

“Rose, I – “ I began through a mouthful of muffin. Shit, I couldn’t lose another friend because of this. Because of my sweet little mini James.

“No I understand Mae,” Rose smiled, “We’ve only really just begun to be good friends, you wouldn’t have felt safe enough.”

“No wonder they call you the smartest witch of the age,” I grumbled.

Rose grinned.

“Everyone was ok with it but Dom, she felt betrayed that Mae hadn’t told her about our – erm – moments and yelled at her in a hall where Alessandria and Justine over heard by accident,” James continued as I stuffed my face with muffin again. Bloody hell this thing was heaven in muffin form. “That’s how Mae ended up unconscious in the Hospital wing.”

“Always wondered what that fight was over,” Scorpius smirked, “Had a feeling it had something to do with you mate.”

James snorted, “What can I say? I’m irresistible.”

“JAMES!” Rose and I yelled, slapping James on the arm in unison.

“OW! FOR FUCKS SAKE! SCORPIUS SAVE ME!” James yelled as we continued to assault him.

“Rose,” Scorpius began.


“Do you want to hear the rest of the story Rose?” Scorpius asked calmly.

Rose froze, “Right, continue or we – stop it Mae - hit you again.”


“We went to St Mungo’s four weeks ago for the first scan,” James said, “do you have the picture with you Mae? Mine’s in my dorm.”

I nodded and pointed to my bag.

James dug into my mess of a bag (I really needed to clean that thing out) his eyebrow furrowed in concentration. Aw, he looks so cute like that with his tongue just visible out the side of his mouth, his eyes scrunched up and –

“Got it!” James grinned triumphantly pushing the picture across the table to Scorpius and Rose who accepted it quickly and studied our darling baby, gushing and pointing.

“You know you look so cute when you’re concentrating,” I giggled sipping on my juice.

“I am definitely not cute,” James scoffed, “I am sexy.”

“Please, that was the cutest look I had ever seen,” I grinned, “The way your tongue pokes out the side of your mouth and you’re all scrunched up in concentration… cute.”

“I am not cute.”

“Am too!”

“Are not!”

“Am too!”

“Are not!”

“Shushhh!” Rose said, giving the picture back and I put it back in my bag where it could not be seen, “So has it kicked yet?”

“No, but I can’t wait,” I grinned.

“No bump?”

“Not really yet,” I flush.

“Are you on any medication?” Scorpius asked.

“Yeah, health and sickness,” I explained, “Hey! Scorpius your dad was our healer.”

“Really?” Scorpius grinned, “Cool.”                                                                      

“Mmmm, he’s really nice,” I smiled, draining the last of my juice.

“When’s your next scan?” Rose asked.

“Next week, twelve week scan,” I replied.

“That’s soon, aren’t they a bit more spaced out?” Rose asked, eyebrow raised.

“6 weeks scan is just a check-up to make sure you’re pregnant and 12 weeks is the first trimester screening and you figure the due date and another scan,” Scorpius explained, not looking up from his cappuccino which was now empty.

“Right,” Rose said, eyes wide, “And I’m going to pretend that came from James instead of you.”

“Dad talks about it all the time at home, it sticks into you,” Scorpius rolled his eyes.

“Fine,” Rose laughed, “Can I – we – come to it? The appointment?”

“Sure,” I smiled.

“Wait, how many is that now?” James asked me, “Mum, Dad, Teddy, Lily, Rose and Scorpius…”

“Six, plus us eight,” I sighed, “I have a feeling not all of us will be allowed in.”

“And there will be suspicions when half of Wotter & Co turn up at the maternity section of St Mungo’s. We were lucky enough to get in last time without being spotted.” James sighed.

“Wait,” Rose interrupted, “So your family don’t know anything Mae?”



“I – I never felt close enough to them. My parents were always closer to my older brother Mitchell and they kind of never paid much attention to me. I did get a lot of attention when I changed in fourth year but nothing else, I didn’t even get much attention when I was named prefect.”

“Sweet heart, you’ve never told me all of that,” James murmured, putting his arm around me.

“Sorry,” I mumbled into his chest as I felt tears leak out of my eyes.

“Merlin your crying!” Rose shrieked, throwing serviettes at me.

I giggled, “Sorry, it’s these bloody pregnancy hormones, makes everything so… so…”

“Heightened?” Scorpius asked and I nodded.

“And Albus is the only one out of the Potter’s who don’t know?” Rose asked.

“Yes, and you two can’t tell him,” James pointed at them both, “We’ll tell him soon.”

“Tell him soon, meaning in the next month James. Imagine being the only one in your family not knowing about some big secret, he’ll get more hurt the longer you keep it from him,” Rose said.

“Right, we shall get onto that,” James grinned, as I leaned back out of his chest and held my hand.

“And you might want to tell Roxie as she’s the only one in our group of you, me, Lily and her who don’t know. I’d be effing pissed if I didn’t know and everyone else did, like Al,” Rose explained, nibbling on a crumb of my muffin.

“I think we should do the whole Wotter & Co in one bloody go, get it all over and done with,” I muttered, “Then we tell everyone when I really start to show and media can have another bloody interview.”

“That actually sounds like a good plan,” James grinned, “But when should we tell the family, and you could maybe tell your parents and Mitch –“

“And Sam.”

“Sam?” Rose asked.

“Sam Wood, he’s one of my closest friends and he’s best friends with my brother,” I explained, “Can I tell my family separate from the Wotter’s? I want it to be just you, me and them James. Actually – maybe just me as I have a feeling Mitch and Sam will be out to kill you after they hear.”

“Whatever you want love,” James kissed my forehead, “When should we tell them all? Meaning everyone from my cousins to Uncles and Aunts to my Grandparents.”

“Everyone? How will we be able to tell them all at once?” I asked.

“McGonagall,” James grinned, “She has a soft spot for me.”

Rose and I both snorted.

“Can we do it after the next scan?” I asked, “Then we can tell everyone the due date and stuff.”

“Sure, well the scan is on Friday at midday so we could do it on Saturday at midday. Disguise it as a huge Wotter lunch reunion.”

“In the castle.”

“There’s a massive private dining room on the first floor next to the kitchens, use that,” Scorpius said.

“That sounds good, I’ll go to talk to McGonagall when we get back,” James agreed.

“Let’s go then,” Rose grinned.

“Wait,” I said as everyone stood up, “Rose and Scor, thanks for doing this and not judging us. It means a lot more than you think.”

“That’s fine Mae, thank you for trusting us. We promise we won’t tell anyone,” Rose grinned, grabbing Scorpius’ hand but her smile turned to a frown when she saw someone making a bee line for our table.

James waved his wand and the charm lifted as Helen arrived at the table.

“You all done?” she asked giddily, “Fantastic, here is your check.”

We all quickly grabbed some coins and threw it into a pouch next to the check and walked out the door, myself hand in hand with James and feeling a weight lift off myself.


* * * * *


“See you later,” I kissed James quickly on the lips and slipped up the girl’s dormitory stairs with Rose.

“That was a good double date, we should do that more often,” Rose grinned.

“I know! So much fun!” I giggled, “How are you and Scorpius going?”

Rose’s cheeks, ears and back of her neck suddenly went a dark shade of red and her eyes glazed over in a happy way. Her grin seemed to go even wider if that was even possible.

“It’s fantastic! He’s so sweet, he treats me so well he we don’t just… snog… but we actually talk and it feels right. You know what Mae, I think he might really be the one.”

“The one?”

“I think so. Mae, I… I think I’ve fallen in love with him!”

I squealed a hugged Rose, “That’s fantastic! I am so happy for you Rose!”

“Imagine, Mrs Rose Malfoy…”

“Now you’re getting ahead of yourself.”

“Imagine you, Mrs Mae Potter.”


“Is he the one for you?”

I paused, both stopping mentally and physically.

Was James the one? I knew I was in love with him… but was he my forever?

“Yeah… yeah he is,” I smiled shyly, “I love him.”


“Sure Rose, you can be my Maid of Honour. Don’t even ask the bride when it happens,” I laughed as we came to our door.

“Thank you! I promise –“ Rose cut off as we entered our room and hysterically sobs came into our hearing range.

The sobs were loud and uncontrolled, hiccups sometimes joining the tears. They came from behind one closed curtains on a four poster bed.


“DOM!” I yelled, running over and pulling open her curtains so I could see her.

Dom looked a mess. Her hair was frizzy and knotted, in a wild strawberry blond mess around her head. Mascara streaked her face, with her skin missing its normal perfection becoming red and blotchy. Dom’s usual neat and perfect clothing was crumpled and dirty with one of her shoes on the ground and the other laying forgotten on her bed.

“DOM WHAT’S WRONG?!” Rose yelled, pulling Dom up and pulling her into her arms.

Dom just continued to cry but latched herself onto Rose’s jumper.

“DOM, PLEASE! WHAT’S WRONG!” I cried, tears forming in my eyes.

Who had hurt my best friend? What had happened?

Dom’s sobs came to a sudden stop and she hiccupped and gurgled as she pulled herself out of Rose’s arms.

“Dommy, what’s wrong?” I whispered.

Dom looked into my eyes and pulled her hair out of her face before whispering,

“Ryan – Ryan broke up with me.”



A/N: Please don't hate me because its so late! First I put it in and something went wrong, I was going to put it back in but it was so short that I decided to write more but then my EXAMS came along and I couldn't write anymore. Finally it was finished and then we went into Holidays so the queue closed! But here it is! What do you think? They have told Harry, Rose and Scorpius! And they are telling the whole Wotter family next week plus Mae's family soon after that! PLUS Ryan broke up with Dom! What do you think?


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