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Miracle in Diagon Alley by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 6 : Plan C
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I'm having lunch in some McDonalds with James. To be honest, I never ate McDonalds until I live with the Potters. Mum didn't really like the McDonalds. She opted to cook everything for me, to make sure that I ate only what she had approved. James, on the other hand, has always loved McDonalds. He was the one who brought me here for the first time. I've to admit, I've grown to like eating McDonalds. But for today, I just don't feel like eating. I give nearly all of my lunch for James and the guy stuffs it all in his mouth like he hadn't eat for days.

"I've something to show you," James says once his mouth isn't full.

I roll my eyes, still playing with my untouched spaghetti. "I know all of your Weasley's Wizard Wheezes pranks, James."

And how you stole it from George Weasley, I add silently.

James scoffs. "You don't know everythingabout it, Lyra. Even when you know the details about how I stole it from my Uncle."

I flinch. "Stop that."

"Stop what?"

"Reading my mind. It's creepy, you know."

"I can't. I'm obsessed with it. Reading your mind is like reading one of my all-time-most-favourite-book."

I shrug and finally eat the tiniest bit ever human ever do over a burger. "Whatever, James," I say. James smirks when I stop arguing.

"By the way, here's the thing I'm gonna show you."

He opens his palm and two tickets of tonight's Quidditch League final match are in his hand.

Tornados versus Cannons

For real.

"Oh my God," I breathe. "James, that...that is... How could you get that?"

James shrugs casually. "Easy. I'm the kid of the guy who saved the world from the armageddon. Once I make those puppy eyes no one could resist, I got everything I want."

Usually, I'd mock him for it, but I'm such in an awe. I touch the tickets slowly, as if it's some delicate living thing that'll be hurt if I'm not being gentle. I look at the tickets and sigh.

"I can't go," I say. "I've promised Ginny that I won't go anywhere again. She'd kill me if I really did going to the match tonight."

"Relax, Lyra. My mum's really bad at being stern when it comes to giving poor Lyra a little happiness. She'd yield the moment I say how miserable you'd feel if you didn't watch the big game."

I sigh. It's useless to argue with James. He will always find his way to win it.

"Okay, say that I do get to see the match-"

"You will," James interrupts. I glare at him and he grins meekly.

I take a deep breath and continue. "I don't know know what to say to Draco. It's not like I could say 'Hi, Dad, it's me! Where should I wait you after the match?' right? I don't think we should go. It's a bad idea, James."

"No, it's a great idea," he says stubbornly. "We have seven hours to plan it. Think positive for once, will you, Lyra."

I decide to let James wins the arguementation again. "Who's going with us? Harry?"

"No, Dad's busy. We're going with Uncle George." I stop myself from spooning the spaghetti inside my mouth.

"As in George Weasley?"

"No, George Clooney."

I rolls my eyes but ignore his comment for the umpteenth time. Other than Ginny, George Weasley is the only one of the Weasley family member that accepts me whole heartedly. He said that it's my father he hates, not me. I really appreciate him him for that. He's the first person, excluding the Potters, that said so to me.

"And how is that going to help us?" I say, still trying to find flaw on James' plan. I really want to go, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid to receive the same reaction like Draco gave me yesterday.

"Uncle George always said that Draco personally gave his apologies for Uncle Fred's death to him and my most favourite uncle respected him for that."


James sighs dramatically. "Lyra, work with me here. Use that incredible brain of yours to think."

I begins to smile. "Draco would be terrified when he sees George."

"And he'd have no choice but to treat us like we're some gold."

"Isn't that sounds like blackmailing?"

"No, it isblackmailing, Lyra." He dusts off the salt from his hand and gives it out.

"So, we're going then?" he says, a glint of mischief in his eyes. I look at his eyes for a moment and smiles before I shakes it.

"We're going."

When we're back at the Grimmauld Place, James practically begs to Ginny for me to go. After some long talk (I'm serious. It's an hour of talking), Ginny agreed to let me go. She said that after what I've been through, I deserve a little happiness in my life.

"Thank you very much, Ginny. I don't know how can I pay your hospitality," I say sincerely. Ginny waves the comment but her lips are tugged into a big smile. Though she's already a big hero, she still loves playing as a hero for me.

"Oh, that's nothing, Lyra. Hermione had been a good friend for me when she was alive. It's no big deal, dear child."

"No, it's a big deal, Ginny. You took me in when you don't have to, you took care of me, you've done everything for me. I don't even have the decency to obey your easiest rules and you still do these stuffs for me. You're such an angel."

"Don't worry, honey. Just promise me you'll stick with George, okay?"

I bite my lip. That I can never promise. If Draco was going in the other way from George was taking me, I would have to follow him. I feel like I want to jump and kiss James when he comes to the rescue like always.

"We've to go now, Mum!" he says. "See you around 10, okay?" He kisses his mum on the cheek and drags me away from the need to promise Ginny something I know I can't do.

"Thank you very much, James. I owe you one," I say.

"You owe me a lot of things, Lyra," he says. "But don't worry, you don't have to pay me back."

George is waiting for us in the park where I just talked with Harry days ago. He greets me warmly and even hugs me the same way he hugs James. We waste no time no more and use the Portkey to go to the Tornadoes pitch. I already feel nervous when we set our foot inside the building. George says that we can go into the locker room to meet the players while he needs to talk something to his old mate, Lee Jordan. James and I can't feel happier when he leaves us.

The guards instantly let us go inside the locker room when we show the tickets. I have a feeling that it's more because they se James. Nevertheless, I really don't care at all. We enter the locker room and sit on the corner of the room.

"You bring your mother's letters, Lyra?" James says. His eyes are set at the Tornados players, his eyes look like they would jump out of the sockets.

"Yeah, I do. It's in my pocket," I say meekly. My hands are trembling when I take the letters from inside my pocket. When I show the letters right in front of James' face, he finally notices how my hands are trembling.

"It'll all be fine, Lyra," James says. He grab my hand and squeezes it firmly.

"I hope so, James," I say.

James keeps on talking on who's passing us. There are Zacharias Smith, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan, Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet, Heidy Macavoy, and Malcolm Preece from the Canons. The former Gryffindors who are friends with Harry once wave at James, and Dean even ruffles James' hair in a friendly manner. When their eyes are set on me, they freeze for awhile before continue to walk etering the pitch. I hear Katie and Alicia whisper something as they pass us.

"That girl," Alicia says. "She looks a lot like Malfoy."

"I thought I was dreaming," Katie says as she throws a glance at me.

I become uncomfortable once again when the members of the Canons came. I watch as Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, Daphne Greengrass, Cho Chang, Roger Davies, and Michael Corner march in a line. But there's no Draco Malfoy in sight. I grow worrying if he won't be going out through the locker room to the pitch and opts to come to the pitch flying from the other side; like he did on last year's Quidditch Leage final match.

I'm too preoccupied on thinking about it that I don't realise the former Slytherins are already standing in front of me. James poke me on the ribs and I look up to the towering Quidditch players before me. Blaise look like he's going to faint anytime sooner when his eyes meet mine.

"Bloody fuck," Theodore mutters. "Those are Draco's eyes."

Daphne is the first one to recover from the shock. She cleares her throat and asks, "What's your name, kid?"

I chew the inside of mouth, wondering what should I tell her. The world knows me as Lyra Nympahdora Granger. It won't do any good if I tell them my surname is Granger. They will be wondering why I look like Draco while my name is Granger. The last thing I need is for people to speculate things about Draco and my mother.

"My name's Lyra," I say, choose to avoid mentioning my surname. Daphne tilts her head to her side. Apparently, she knows what I was thinking.

"And your last name is?" Daphne inquires. I gulp heavily. I open my mouth to tell her that my last name is Granger, wishing for the Big Guy up there to make anything doesn't go bad, when I hear someone calls them.

"Hey, you three!" calls Cho Chang. "Do you want to play or not?"

It' a good thing that she doesn't notice me. The former Slytherins glance at me for the last time before they follow Cho. I let out a shaky breath that I didn't know I was holding. James whistles slowly. Maybe I'm not the only one that feel nervous.

"That's really close," he says. He checks his watch and gets on his feet. "The match is about to begin and we haven't met Draco. What do you want know?"

"Well..." I say slowly. "Plan A was for me to talk to Draco once more. Plan B was for me to show the letters if he didn't believe me. I think it's about time for Plan C."

James shudders. "Oh, not that one."

I nod firmly. "Yes, definitely that one."

Author's Note:

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