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Evalin Luther (WORK IN PROGRESS!!) by SilverDeath
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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“Mistress, the guests are arriving,” squeaked the little house elf. Evalin Luther gave the elf a quick nod before she turned back to her full length gold gilded mirror, giving herself one last look over. She smoothed out the front her silver satin backless gown and gently tousled her dark brown hair that was side swept over her shoulder in an long elegant braid. 

Her name was Evalin Luther. A young girl who had just turned the desirable age of eighteen. She was born on the first of February to Victor and Emilee Luther, both very proud of their family. Evie, being French as well, also spoke some of the language, but not much. As she was in the Upper Class of society, others smiled upon her lingual abilities. She ambitiously worked towards becoming a great woman of society, like her mother. She would soon be attending a prestigious private school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A highly gifted school for gifted children from ages eleven to eighteen.

Evie’s father and mother owned several wizarding banks all over Europe. Not only did this little information get her in to school, but it also made them wealthy people, naturally. The Luther’s were a very well known family in the wizarding world, known not only for their financial generosity, but for their reputation of being the kindest and most respectable. Though they were far from perfect they never showed it. Victor was always known as a real gentleman and Evalin and her mother were very ladylike in public. In private they still had manners, of course, but were much more laid back. 

Evie stood about five feet seven inches and weighed around one hundred twenty-five pounds. Her eyes were a very mysterious green-silver that stood out from her dark brown hair that had just recently been dyed black. With a decent sized forehead, full lips, and mouth to go with her perfectly shaped and arced brows she looked like a dream. Her hands were not to small nor too large with long slender fingers. Her shoulders were broad, but not too broad so that she looked like a man. She carried a fresh and smooth complexion on her oval face. A well-endowed bodice and a slender waist and hips along with her long slender neck gave her a thin body. She stood with good posture; back straight and chin up; and carried the appearance of a model.

At that moment a house elf knocked at the door.

“You may enter,” Evalin called. The little house elf opened the door and stepped shyly in.

“Your mother and father are here to see you.”

She nodded again as the house elf stepped aside. Her mother walked in with open arms. She met her mother halfway and embraced her tightly. 

“Happy Birthday, darling!”

“Thanks, mum.”

She turned to her father and embraced him as well. “We have your present.”

Evalin grinned.

“It’s nothing special, but very sentimental.” Her mother chimed.

Evalin hugged her again. “Those are the best gifts, mother.”

Her father pulled out a silver chain that held an antique silver bejeweled key. Evalin’s jaw dropped slightly. This was the necklace her mother had worn since before she was born. She eyed it every day. It was her absolute favorite piece of jewelry to ever see her mother wear. Now it was being passed on to her. “Oh! Mother!” she breathed. “Is it really for me?”

Her mother, tearing a bit, nodded. “It’s been in the family for many generation, every Luther woman, either blood or marriage has worn this, and only Luther women. We both trust that you will keep the tradition. Now that you’re a woman we can finally pass it down.”

She wasn’t sure what her mother meant by that exactly, she had always been referred to as a woman by her mother since she was sixteen. Not thinking much of it she turned and lifted her hair so her father could fasten it around her neck. Once he finished she touched the key gingerly with a smile on her face. 

“Well let’s get down stairs. The guests are waiting for you.”

She nodded and followed her parents out. 


“So where’s the birthday girl?” Leslie Paxton, Evalin’s best friend, asked adjusting her blond hair in the mirror in the hallway outside the Luther’s ballroom. “I want to give her this present already!”

Viktor Krum, Evalin’s other best friend, smiled behind her. “Getting ready to make her grand entrance as always.”

“Our girl always does it gracefully.” Leslie said proudly.

“You mean my girl?” Evalin’s boyfriend, Adam Price, sneered. Leslie rolled her eyes. she never liked Adam much, but Evalin loved him and that’s all that mattered. “You all wish you could have her.”

At that moment one of the other party guest walked by and Adam’s eyes hungrily followed. That was what people couldn’t stand about Adam, he talked like Evalin was the best in the world, but was such a womanizer behind her back. He had cheated so many times, but no one had the heart to tell Evalin. No one wanted to see her hurt, ever. She seemed so happy and unsuspecting of his little façade. 

Leslie and Viktor watched him as he lusted after the brunette they knew as Pansy Parkinson. She was known to be rather promiscuous, then again so was Adam.  

“Careful, Price, you’re drooling.” Leslie snapped, glaring at him in the mirror. Adam returned the glare. “One of these days, Evie might catch you and then we will all be rid of you.”

Adam made a move to get in her face. “Shut up, Leslie!”

Viktor blocked his path to her and got in his face. “Back off, Price. You may have fooled Evie into thinking you’re a good guy, but we aren’t dumb. If she wasn’t so blindly happy with you, you would be pulp by now.”

The front door of the Luther’s entrance hall opened as a family of blonds entered. Adam stepped away from Viktor as they approached. “Mr. Malfoy, Mrs. Malfoy,” he grinned, instantly switching to ass-kissing mode. Everyone had heard rumors that Adam was a Death Eater. Evalin and her friends were pretty sure that he was, so they just kept a close eye on him. 

“You really need to stop sucking up to my parents, Price,” Draco Malfoy said when his parents were out of earshot. “it’s embarrassing.”

Adam dropped his voice to a whisper. “Yeah, well, when they are in good favor of a certain Dark Lord, and there is a certain big task coming up, I don’t want to be forgotten.”

Draco shook his head, he certainly didn’t care too much anymore about being a Death Eater. He mostly did it case his father made him. “So where is the birthday girl?”

Adam wasn’t paying attention anymore. “Check out the plunging neckline on her.”

Draco turned to see who he was looking at and shook his head. It was just Pansy Parkinson. He found her to be completely intolerable. She was always clinging  to him and whining. She always told people they were boyfriend and girlfriend. 


I love her, Draco thought to himself as he watched Evalin gracefully descend the stairs, though he would never admit it out loud. He was raised to never show any vulnerability, even though he felt so open around her. She was the only woman who had ever made him feel that way and she would never know it. They weren’t really friends, but not really enemies. They met through their family connection and somewhat tolerated each other. They never really sat down and had a real conversation, never really even tried to. He felt like he really knew her though. He was always watching her and her body language, she was perfect in his eyes, graceful, ladylike, beautiful, and charming. Only things was that he wasn’t sure what she was like when no one was looking. 

“Draco, how lovely to see you again,” she said, snapping him back to the present.

Draco turned on the Malfoy charm. “Like wise, Miss Luther.” He took her hand and assisted her down the last couple steps. “You look quite lovely as well.” Draco kicked himself mentally. Why was he sounding so cheesy. This wasn’t him. Nevertheless she gave him a small smile, making him melt a bit inside. He hooked his arm around hers and escorted her to the dining hall where his parents and a few other guests were waiting to eat. 


After all the guests had gone, the Luther’s and the Malfoy’s had adjourned to the parlor where they were sipping wine and brandy in front of the fireplace. Evalin sat next to her mother and Mrs. Malfoy, the three of them talking together. It was actually her mother and Mrs. Malfoy talking and she was pretending to pay attention. She glanced over at Draco, watching him stand tall next to his father. She was somewhat annoyed with him. She couldn’t stand how he was so cheesy with his mannerisms, like he was just putting on a show. There was a fine line between being polite and just sucking up. Though she did find him quite attractive physically, he would be more attractive if he let loose once in a while. Every time she had seen him growing up he never smiled or laughed, or even joked. Way too serious for her taste.

“Evalin, dear, would you please get another bottle of wine from the cabinet for us?” her mother asked. She nodded. “Why don’t you take Draco here to help you.”

Mrs. Malfoy agreed. “Of course, Draco, would you mind?”

Draco looked stoic. “Of course not, mother.”

Evalin couldn’t help but roll her eyes a bit as she and Draco left for the wine cellar. She walked a few paces in front of him. When they were well out of ear shot of their parents she stopped and turned to him. “Are you always like this?”

Draco was shocked at the question, but kept his composure. “Like what, Miss Luther?”

She shook her head, continuing on their errand. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Draco dropped the politeness. “I could ask you the same question, Luther. Are you always so prim and proper or is that just for mum and dad.”

She was surprised to see the real him. It seemed somewhat refreshing, less stuffy. “Not mine, yours. My parents aren’t even really like that. Are yours?”

He was about to deny that his parents didn’t act so stuffy when no one was around, but, unfortunately, they did. He let out a heavy sigh. “Unfortunately, but I’m not like that all the time.”

She smiled. “Thank goodness.”


During the middle of the night she was awoken from a deep slumber by a crashing noise and oddly loud voices that seemed to be coming from the first floor. Slipping out of bed she quietly went down the grand staircase and down the long hallway until she came to the intersecting one. Quietly, she peeked around the corner and came face to face with a man in a black hooded cloak. Without thinking she ran the opposite way, disappeared inside the closest room. She recognized it as her father’s study, but there were more cloaked men inside, along with her parents, who were bound in thick rope. Before any one could see she hid in the darkest corner she could find. She crouched down and hid her pale face. The doors burst open and the man ran in. The cloaked figure that appeared to be in charge turned to him. 

“What in Merlin’s name is the meaning of all this?” He demanded. 

“My lord,” the man said bowing. “I just saw a young girl run in here and came to capture her.”

“I certainly don't see anyone else besides us in here, Avery, do you?” The Dark Lord said. Avery looked around the room and started to feel dumb, until he caught sight of her pale skin. He went over to her and grabbed her by her hair. She screamed as he pulled her up into a standing position. He moved his hand to her neck and took her over to the man called Dark Lord. 

“Bow before the Dark Lord you stupid girl!” Avery yelled.

“How dare you raise your voice to a lady?” 

Avery bowed his head and stepped back. The Dark Lord went over to the girl and looked her over both front and back. He stopped when his eyes came to a tattoo on her back. He moved her dark brown hair away from it to reveal a sword with roses tangled around the blade and the words: Evalin H. Luther written underneath it in elegant cursive on her right shoulder blade. He whipped her around and stared into her eyes. 

“Who is your mother?” he asked.

“Lady Emilee Luther…sir,” she stuttered. He glanced over at her mother. 

“Who is your father?” he asked.

“Lord Victor Luther…sir.”

Then she glanced at her father.

“Do not be frightened child, I shall not harm you.”

 “Do not listen to him, Evalin!” Her mother shouted.


“I am not a child, so please do not refer to me as one.” She looked at him curiously. She could see the deceit in his eyes. “What do you want with my parents?” she asked curiously.

“Their lives,” he explained. Her eyes widened. Lord Voldemort snapped his fingers and two cloaked figures took a hold of Evalin and put a knife to her throat.

“Now, you get to watch, before you take your turn.”

“Don’t you dare touch her, Riddle!” her father shouted, struggling violently against the death eaters that held him.

“Don’t scream Evalin. Whatever you do, don’t scream,” Emilee said softly. Evalin nodded her head. Voldemort pointed his wand at her father. She turned her head away. 

“No! You will witness their death!” Voldemort shouted. The Death Eater holding her forced her head to turn back. “AVADA KEDAVRA!

Her father fell down dead.

She squeezed her eyes shut. Evalin didn’t scream. Her mother told her not to. 

“Evalin,” her mother spoke softly. “I love you. You must survive. Go and hide.”

Avada Kedavra!

He mother fell dead. She stood there, shaking. She felt her body weaken. At that moment the death eater holding her let go, letting her crumble to the floor next to her parents. 

They were dead, right there. Tears quietly streamed down her face. It just all seemed unbelievable. She looked around at the company around her. They were all laughing at her, at her misery. This couldn’t be real, this had to be a bad dream.

She heard her mothers voice. Get up, Evalin. Go, run, hide.

She looked behind her at the door, It was unguarded. No one was currently paying attention to her. 

This time her own voice was in her head, Get up! NOW! 

She ran as fast as she could up the stairs. Just as she reached the top she heard several Death Eaters following. Running at top speed down the hall she turned sharply into the nearest door, which happened to be her bathroom. In a panic she locked the door, in high hopes it would be somewhat effective. 

It wasn’t. 

They broke through as if they were tearing through paper. It was all too easy. One of the Death Eaters shot rope out from the tip of his wand, bounding her hands together tightly. Another laughed and with a swish of his wand sent her flying into the tile wall above the bath tub, leaving a rather large dent and a long trail of blood as she slid down the wall into the bathtub. They all laughed as if it were the most hilarious thing in the world. She looked up at the approaching Death Eaters and let out a soft whimper. They all had their wands pointed right at her and devious and evil expressions on their faces. 

“Stand, child.” One of them demanded. She slowly and painfully did as she was told. Leaning against the broken wall for very little support she stared each on in the eye before she was shot with the Cruciatus Curse. Nothing but laughter filled the cavernous bathroom. She did not scream at the sharp and intense pain that shot through her body at a hundred miles an hour. She stood there, shaking violently. After a long moment of laughter the cruel Death Eaters at last noticed her lack of physical suffering.

“Not enough pain for you, eh?”

They all stood back and pointed their wands at her, all shooting out the curse a the same time.

She screamed like she had never screamed before.

When they had finally stopped their torture they were still shocked that she was still not dead.

“You just don’t know when to die, do you? Guess we’ll just have to kill you the old fashion way.”

She was thrown down into the bathtub face down as one Death Eater turned the faucet on.


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