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Evalin Luther (WORK IN PROGRESS!!) by SilverDeath
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1 (redone)
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They were known as the Slytherin Princes. Guys wanted to be like them, girls wanted to be with them. The were from the wealthiest families and always had the best of everything. Adam Price, Blaise Zabini, and Draco Malfoy all fifth years. 

Blaise’s mother owned several wizarding banks in Asia and Russia, Adam’s family ran a secret organization, much like a Mafia group, and Draco’s family ran the Ministry and ran several businesses. His father Lucius was currently Voldemort’s right hand death eater.

They were known to drip with charisma and make you melt with one look. 

They sauntered down the corridor on their way to potions with the Gryffindors. Girls lined the hallways just to watch them walk by, swooning over them. Guys stared jealously after them, because they had the girls’ attention.

Following behind then were the Slytherin Princesses, all just as wealthy. Pansy's family also worked at the Ministry as well as Daphne's and Charlotte's, all Slytherins, all bitches. They called themselves the Slytherin Princesses, but behind their backs they were the Slytherin Slags. They were well known for being easy, mostly to the prince’s. It was all about status for them. They only cared about getting with the popular boys in turn they were the most popular girls. Everyone knew everything about them and if they wanted to know anything about anyone those girls would know, or at least have some kind of rumor to spread about them. Everyone was hypnotized by their stupidity except for a select few. Leslie and Evalin knew things about each one of them that could take them down hard. 

On the opposite of the popularity spectrum there was Evalin Luther. A young girl of fifteen. She was born on the eighth of July to Victor and Emilee Luther, both very proud of their family heritage. Evie, being French as well, also spoke some of the language, but not much. As she was in the Upper Class of society, others smiled upon her lingual abilities. She ambitiously worked towards becoming a great woman of society, like her mother. She would soon be attending a prestigious private school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A highly gifted school for gifted children from ages eleven to eighteen.

Evie’s father and mother owned several wizarding banks all over Europe. Not only did this little information get her in to school, but it also made them wealthy people, naturally. The Luther’s were a very well known family in the wizarding world, known not only for their financial generosity, but for their reputation of being the kindest and most respectable. Though they were far from perfect they never showed it. Victor was always known as a gentleman and Evalin and her mother were very ladylike in public. In private they still had manners, of course, but were much more laid back. 

Evie stood about five feet seven inches and weighed around one hundred twenty-five pounds. Her eyes were a very mysterious amber that stood out from her light  brown hair. With a decent sized forehead, full lips, and mouth to go with her perfectly shaped and arched brows she looked like a dream. Her hands were not to small nor too large with long slender fingers. Her shoulders were broad, but not too broad so that she looked like a man. She carried a fresh and smooth complexion on her oval face. An endowed bodice and a slender waist and hips along with her long slender neck gave her a thin body. She stood with good posture; back straight and chin up; and carried the appearance of a model.

She was very quiet and reserved, never really paid attention to people, and they never paid attention to her. She dressed pretty plainly and low key, not trying to draw attention to herself. She was pretty with her amber colored eyes and long light brown hair always pulled back into a messy bun. She was always seen with her black framed glasses and a book. She was very content with it. She minded her own business. The only friend she really had was Leslie Paxton. She was her best friend. 

Leslie’s family worked at the ministry. She was about the same at Evalin in the department of not wanting much attention from anyone, except Blaise Zabini. She had had a crush on him since third year, but he never even knew she existed. 

Luther, Paxton, Malfoy, Price, Zabini, and Parkinson. They were all considered Slytherin Royalty, mostly due to the fact that they were descendants of the six richest families in the wizarding world. They were all well known. It was just that Evalin and Leslie chose to not flaunt it as ridiculously as the others did. 

“Isn’t he so hot?” Leslie swooned as they were following behind them.

“Have you studied for the potions quiz today, Les?” Evalin had her nose in her potions book, not even paying attention.

Leslie snatched the book. “Evie, can you be a girl with me for like a minute?”

Evie’s voice turned sarcastic. “Oh yes, Blaise is so cute. He’s so dreamy. Look at his pecs.” She ended her remark with a raspberry. “Come on, Les, you know I couldn't care less about them and they couldn’t care less about us.”

Leslie’s face fell. “I know, you’re right.”

Evalin noticed. “Don’t worry, maybe one day they won’t be able to keep their eyes off of us, then we will get nothing done.”

Leslie and Evalin laughed as they entered the classroom.

“Oh, Draco, you are so sexy with your hair like that,” Pansy Parkinson purred, running her hands up around his neck. Evalin groaned as she took her assigned seat behind them. 

They had all somewhat grown up together in the same socialite circle, but never really knew each other. Pansy, Evalin, Leslie, Draco, Blaise, Adam all used to be really good friends and were always hanging out everyday until they started going to Hogwarts. Since then they all went to their separate cliques. Viktor was a year older than them and unfortunately went to Durmstrang. 

Pansy started making out with Draco in front of Evalin and Leslie.

“Oh, please, Parkinson,” Leslie said, disgusted. “I just ate.”

Pansy sneered back at her. “Jealous, Paxton.”

“Not even a little.”

Daphne chimed in. “Liar! You so are!”

“So not!” Leslie mocked rolling her eyes. 

Evalin grabbed her arm. “Les—”

“Oh yeah?” Daphne turned to Blaise and kissed him long and hard. 

All three girls knew that Leslie had a huge crush on Blaise since she was eight. Back when they used to be best friends. He never knew, obviously. He slowly started ignoring her when they got to Hogwarts so she just loved him from afar. 

When Daphne pulled away she grinned maliciously at Leslie. Evalin watched Blaise eye Leslie with and almost apologetic look, but looked away when he noticed her looking. 

"Ignore them, Les," Evalin said concentrating on the book in front of her, "pettiness and a...'pretty' face is all they have to live for. It's not like they have a real future." Draco smiled a bit to himself, hoping no one would notice.  

Pansy glared at her. She was about to respond, but Snape entered the room.  


“Oh my gosh! I am so over school!” Leslie exclaimed as they walked down the platform towards the Hogwarts Express that would be taking them home for the summer. 

“You might consider studying this summer to get those A’s to O’s next year for your O.W.L.S.”

Leslie scoffed. “I am not studying a damn thing this summer, Luther, but I will tell what I will be doing. I will be getting ready for your sweet sixteen party next month.”

Evalin made a face. “Oh yeah.”

“It’ going to be fantastic, plus Blaise is going to be there, and you get to see Viktor. It’s been awhile since you’ve seen him. 

Evalin smiled to herself. She and Viktor Krum had a special bond. They had been friends since they were little. Viktor was graduating this year and was going to be playing Quidditch for Belgium. He was an exceptional Chaser. 

She hadn't seen him for a few months because he was so busy with training and school, but they kept in contact by writing  and he promised to be there for her birthday. He was like her big brother and she absolutely adored him. He was very protective of her though, slightly annoying, but admirable nonetheless. What else would she expect from a big brother?

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