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First Love is the Hardest by MissStephyGranger
Chapter 1 : The early days
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Disclaimer: you know the drill, I do not own these characters except any original characters made along the way, yes ages and years may be out of whack but they suit the story better this way.
First story so go easy on me! Rate and review please!

"Vic, they'll catch us" I mumble as vic giggles, kissing me once again. Pushing her face away slightly I say "I'm serious vic! If uncle bill or your mum catch us, we're done for!" She sighs knowing I'm right and sits up next to me on her bed. I'f been going out secretly with Victorie Weasley since the start of the holidays. We'd been best friends since she was born and I was basically a son to all the weasley's, if they found out about vic and I they would not be happy.

"Ted, they won't catch us, it'll be fine!" Vic grumbled, putting her head on my shoulder as I put my arms around her. "Besides, what are we going to do at hogwarts? If any of the professors see they'll go to mum and dad and uncle Harry straight away about how 'happy' they are for us.."

She had a point. All the teachers at hogwarts knew the weasley's and especially Harry, everyone knew Harry potter, my godfather and the closest thing I had to a father since my parents were killed in the battle of hogwarts.

"Teddy..." Vic had her puppy face on, being part veela she was already stunning, but she could pull off the big blinking blue eyes and sad pout better then anyone,

"yes babe?" I grin as she shuffles to sit on my lap still pouting

"I was thinking, and given you've stayed here all weekend and we've been in my room for pretty much all of it, maybe we should tell mum and dad at dinner? They probably already guess?"

She shrugs innocently and gives me a shy smile. I have to agree, I'd come from staying between Harry's and gran Meda's all holidays to stay here with vic's family for the last week of holidays. Supposedly to do study together given we were the only kids in hogwarts till this year when Harry's son James was starting. Vic and I had been in her room or out on long walks for almost every second of the day, surely uncle bill and fleur would at least have guessed something was up.

Our discussion was interrupted though by hearing fleur walking up the stairs of their home in shell cottage. We heard her stop to knock on victorie's little sister Dominique's door to tell her dinner was ready before crossing the hall and sending their youngest child; Louis down stairs with Dom.

Dom was ten and would be going to hogwarts next year with the first big wave of kids. Whilst Louis would go a few years later. I'm glad I'll be out of hogwarts before the first charge of Weasley/potter kids got in there. James and uncle George And Angelina's; Fred would be alright in first year while I was in seventh.

But next year, bill and fleur's; Dom would be coming, as would Harry and ginny's; albus, Ron and hermione's; rose and well, lets just say my first year out of hogwarts there's going to be a big in take of the Weasley/potters from then for the next four or so years. There's a lot of us.

Back to the topic, me and vic slid away from each other grumbling as we grabbed our notebooks from each side of the Bed and sat opposite each other just as a quiet knock on the door came. "Come in!" Vic called smiling as her mother fleur came in.

Fleur showed exactly where vic got her looks from, vic was probably more stunning then her mother but fleur still looked like a supermodel even after three kids. "Dinner's ready darlings" fleur smiled as I tried to understand what she was saying under her strong French accent.

"Thanks mama!" Vic smiled and fleur went back down the stairs. Seeing my puzzled expression vic laughed grabbing my hand and pulling me too the stairs. We walked hand in hand down the stairs, breaking on the second floor and casually chatting as we got to the dining room.

"Dinner looks wonderful fleur!" I grin at her as I take my seat between vic and Louis, the table is packed full of platters of food as always at shell cottage. You could never go hungry!

As we all took our seats and started serving out food Victorie coughed dramatically to get everyone's attention. Looking at me quickly I nod and she beams, she looks positively radiant when she grins like that, and I love it when I'm the reason. "Mama, dad, Lou, Dom. Teddy and I have some news." Still beaming she looks expectantly at me and winks cheekily.

"Ahh...we're dating!" I say simply grinning to vic. Fleur smiles to bill as Dom giggles and Louis copies his father by rolling his eyes

"must say, no suppose there mate!" Bill says as he and fleur look at each other knowingly. Whilst me and vic look to each other confused.

" you knew?" Vic asks fleur puzzled.

"Not for sure darling, but we suspected since you were little ones." She smiles fondly at us.

"Even we saw this coming" Dom giggles, signalling her and lou. Trust vic and I to freak out about nothing!

"We approve kids, you're a great young man ted and already a son to us, besides you two make each other happy in a way no one else can. That's special; look after it" bill shakes my hand before asking Dom about quidditch, the girls obsessed with it!

Grateful for the change in topic vic and I smile to each other and put our clasped hands on the table in the open for the first time.

When bill comes to kick me out of vic's room before he and fleur go to bed, he walks in to find vic already asleep in my arms, the Usual, except I don't try to hide our joined hands or my arm around her waist.

With a sigh bill gives me a warning look that screams 'no funny business' before he shuts the door again and walks off to the master bedroom. I grin and snuggle under the covers with Victorie, falling asleep with my head on hers.

The next morning, I wake to vic pushing me off the bed. "Ted! My parents! What are you doing?!" She whispers frustratedly gesturing at me and the bed.

"Vic!" I laugh sitting next to her again "bill knows! As long as theirs no funny business he's happy! I'm seventeen next month and you're sixteen, were practically adults! It's ok!"

I grin at her and ruffle her hair. She's adorable when she's just woken up. I could wake up to her every morning and be a happy man. Did I just say that?

Vic and I get up and pack her trunk before going to my room to do the same with my trunk. After we've packed and had breakfast we all get ready to go to the station for vic to begin sixth year and me seventh.

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First Love is the Hardest: The early days


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