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Just any other year at hogwarts... by HorseMad99
Chapter 8 : The Rift
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Here is chapter 8, thank you so much for 1200+ reads!!!! Yay guys <3. Anyway this chapter has been beta’d by my absolutely amazing friend Rhiannon (LittleWelshGirl99) which she has managed to do even though she is currently writing a novel in a month! I hope you enjoy it and that it is more interesting that the last chapter, I don’t really know what else to say but please read it and if you like it leave me a review!
Beth xx

EDITED : 02/08/2013
EDITED : 16/11/2013

Over the past few weeks the work load had increased dramatically to an enormity that even Rose could only just handle. The amount of homework we had been assigned was way past crazy and closer towards completely insane.  We were all struggling  though neither Rose nor Saffie seemed so show the strain whatsoever. The rest of us spent night after night completing task after task, filling in planetary diagrams and writing long essay which led to all of us being exhausted. We had renamed History of Magic as ‘naptime’ as that was all we seemed to do during the few hours each week that we were stuck in the musty old classroom with Binns. Despite our constant efforts to keep up with everything we were still getting further and further behind and it reached a point when I was almost prepared to tell each of the teachers to simply ‘shove it’. The lack of sleep and crisp November weather left Ava suffering from the flu. After a few days of trying to work through the constant coughs and sneezes, we forced Ava into visiting the hospital wing where she had spent the last week. She was still there however she seemed to be getting better.

It was late on a Friday night and I sat with Amie finishing homework as usual. The common room was quiet, the only noise came from the scratching of quills, flicking of book pages and the occasional whisper for help between friends. It was only 5th and 7th years left in there, the rest didn’t have much work to do without the threat of important exams the teachers had been kind and let them relax. I looked down at have finished essay which lay before me, I didn’t have the energy nor the will to complete it. I sighed.

“Come-on Saffie, let’s take a break, let’s do something. You’re not seriously planning to spend the whole night on that essay are you? It’s almost Christmas, come-on!” I whined at her.


She closed her eyes, mentally trying to calm herself down so that she didn’t completely lose it.

“Fliss,” she sighed, “I have so many essays to do, so have you. Maybe you should finish your own homework before trying to suggest that we do something. And anyway it’s not nearly Christmas, it’s still November.” She continued scribbling away at the already three foot long Ancient Runes essay. In that moment I was so glad that I hadn’t chosen to study Ancient Runes, the symbols were so confusing that I wouldn’t even know where to start. I still didn’t want to carry on with my homework, there was a large stack of it just waiting to torture me.

“Seriously, we have the whole weekend to finish all the homework. Relax, let’s just do something,”


Saffie glared at me before turning back to look at her essay, I knew then that I wouldn’t be able to pull her away from her homework. I simply didn’t have any energy left, not for homework anyway. Evie and Rose were in the library and I considered going to see them until I remembered that Rose was even more uptight about getting homework done than Saffie and she still wasn’t talking to me anyway. The others had tried to talk to her for me but whenever I was brought up in conversation she would change the subject. It had gone on for too long already, it was a petty excuse for an argument which just made me think that there must be more to it. 

Ava was still in the hospital wing, she must be feeling lonely up there with none of us to keep her company so I decided to give her a little visit. I was sure that she could do with some cheering up.

“Lalalalala, hello Ava-kins,” I sung as I skipped into the hospital wing, which must have been unpleasant for Ava seeing as I could not sing at all.

“Oh fuck off” she croaked, she lost her voice last week and now she sounds like a frog. Clearly she was too tired and feeling too ill to appreciate my happy mood which had only come because I no longer had a pile of homework sitting in front of me.

“You’re an incubus of viral plague!” I exclaimed, I have no idea what it means but everyone always says it to ill people so I thought I would go with it, Ava’s grimace showed that she still wasn’t finding my company any better than being alone.

“I feel like complete shit” she whispered as that was all she could do at the current moment.

I shrugged , “Well you look pretty shit too” I said, in the nicest way possible of course. What else could I say she did look like shit but so does everyone when they’re ill, I’m not really very tactful you see.


Hoping that her ladyships illness would protect me from the consequences of my comment I didn’t bother preparing myself for an immanent and possibly very violent attack. I was then caught by surprise when she wacked me with considerable force, for an invalid (okay I was over reacting) she can hit extremely hard. It should be physically possible, I had always thought that Ava was an alien.


Not wanting to stick around for a further beating from the resident alien frog, I sprung up and ran from the hospital wing. I slowed back into a walk as soon as I had passed the doors however because running has never and will never be my strong point. People use the phrase ‘run for your life’ but I truly believe that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish such a thing, I would be killed within 20 metres. Even from the other side of the doors I heard Ava laughing her froggy laugh.

“Back already?” asked Saffie not looking up from her work, she didn’t seem too interested in the answer so I sat down and answered her anyway to make a point.

“Ava wasn’t exactly in the mood for having any visitors,” I explained. Saffie, being a good friend, pretended to be listening .

Not long after Evie and Rose also returned, seating themselves in the cushy armchairs beside Saffie and myself. Rose looked considerably happy, she must have finished her work. I figured that this would be my best chance to talk to her, whilst she was relatively happy and probably too tired to argue too much or fight back.


“Heyy, um Rose,” I mumbled.

“What?” she snapped, clearly she wasn’t as happy as I had thought, either that I had just made her annoyed by talking to her.

“Could we, um…talk?” I asked hopefully but without much conviction.
“I’m tired, goodnight.” She muttered with a stiff finality before stalking off up the stairs towards the dormitory.

I sighed, there was nothing that I could do, despite trying there was nothing that I could do to make her talk or even listen to me.  Evie gave me a sympathetic look which made not improvement to my now foul mood, Saffie however just continued scribbling away at her essay.


“Have you finished the potions essay yet Evie?” I asked in a very subdued voice. When she shook her head, I cheered up slightly. At least I wasn’t the only one yet to finish it, we then agreed to meet up in the library the following day in order to finish it.
Long after the others had gone up to bed I still remained, squashed in the old red armchair.  I watched the fire in silence, trying to think things through led me to no plausible conclusions. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. Things had seemed to take a dramatic turn for the worse since our victory in the quidditch match only a few weekends ago.

As the fire flickered in front of me, my eyelids began to droop until I couldn’t keep them open any longer…

I walked slowly across the grounds, not entirely sure where I was going. I carried on walking vaguely in the direction of the quidditch changing rooms, it occurred to me that I probably had a training session.  I was half-heartedly fiddling with my hair, twisting it around my fingers and staring above the trees of the forbidden forest looking for the threstrals when I fell over with a thud. Ouch, I had fallen flat on my face after tripping over a tree root without seeing it. God help me, why did I have to be ‘blessed’ with a complete lack of co-ordination or any grace whatsoever? I scrambled back to my feet and looked around hoping against hope that no-one had seen me however there was no-one to be seen. This however didn’t bother me at all as James was prone to scheduelling practices at unearthly hours of the morning. The fact that I was even too bothered about my lack of knowledge of the practise, to be totally honest I tended to blunder through life having no idea what was happening, where I was or what I was mean to do. It was an unfortunate personality trait.

When I eventually reached the changing rooms I was wiping the mud off of my hands and onto my coat. After the second time I had fallen over I had put my hands out and fallen straight into a big patch of soggy mud.

The door to the changing rooms had been left ajae, a promising site. I pushed it open and crept inside hoping James wouldn't notice my probable lateness. My plan was scuppered when Iooked up to see James who was watching me. Apart from the two of us, the changing room was empty. He grinned down at me and I smiled sheepishly back at him. He reached forward and took my hands in his, I felt a shiver run down my spine, all of a sudden he pulled me towards him. We where so close that our noses were almost touching, I leant forward at the same time as he did and he kissed me with a fiery passion. When he continued, I didn't even think sbout objecting, all I could think about was how right this felt despite how wrong it seemed. He slowly pulled away and looked directly into my eyes.

'Snow," he whisphered gently, he was still close enough for me to feel his breath on my cheek. He stepped back and a less than comforting grin appeared on his face.  

“Felicity” he whispered softly, I nodded, “There is something I want to tell you”

I felt all warm and fuzzy inside, as I had never really felt before. 

“Felicity…you’re a slut” he laughed callously. 

My stomach dropped as did my jaw.

“W-what?” I stuttered unable to comprehend what had just happened. The atmosphere had changed so suddenly my brain had to work hard to catch up.

“You heard him, you’re a SLUT” I heard someone hiss from behind me, I whipped around and there stood Charlie grinning menacingly, he looked almost psychotic.  

“You are! You’re a slut!” chanted Rose, she was clearly enjoying herself. My heart rate quickened and my muscles tensed, I had never been able to cope in a crisis and this was no different. 

As I looked around I saw everyone I knew all of them shouting at me, screaming obscenities. They all chanted things like ‘dirty skank’ or ‘whore’ but mostly ‘slut.’

I felt myself crumble from within; I could not resist the immense force their words were exerting upon me. I fell to me knees begging for it to stop, tears now streaming down my pale face. 

I begged James but he seemed to be revelling in the whole situation. I was defeated. I held my head in my hands and just repeated the words ‘stop, please, stop’ over and over as I rocked back and forth. The sound of footsteps brought me back to reality. I opened my eyes and realised that I was sprawled on the common room floor. I must have fallen from my chair. Above me stood James; who was looking down at me curiously.

“Snow?” he asked, “are you alright”

“Yes!” I laughed nervously, “Just ate too much cheese I suppose, had a nightmare, bye” I squeaked before scampering off leaving James staring after me in astonishment. 


The dream had certainly un-nerved my but I soon forgot about it after all Christmas was fast approaching; mum was away on a business trip over the holidays so me and Charlie had nowhere to go. Normally I would stay with Rose but considering what had happened I wasn’t expecting an invite anytime soon.  I decided I couldn’t bear spending the whole of the holidays with Charlie so I came to the decision that I would stay at Hogwarts over Christmas.

About five weeks before the end of term I was walking to a quidditch practise, and Al came up behind me and tickled me making me burst into giggles that I couldn’t stop. When I finally recovered Al started talking.

“Hey Fliss, are you coming to the Weasley/Potter Christmas?” he asked cheerily.

“Well, Rose hasn’t asked me to stay round so, I suppose not sorry Al.”

“Don’t worry, both Scorpius and Ava’s parents are away so they are staying with me and I’m sure mum wouldn’t mind one more person.” He replied still as cheery as ever.  It cheered me up a lot, at least now I wouldn’t have to spend Christmas alone at Hogwarts. I was surprised that he had invited Scorpius, ever since he and Rose got together Al and he had become good friends.

“Thanks Al!”

“S’okay,” he grinned.

The quidditch practise went really well; the team all worked perfectly together and everyone seemed to be playing to the best of their ability. James and Charlie were still not friends again but they were at least talking to each other in a civil enough manner.

The countdown to the Christmas Holiday began and of course there was an ‘only four weeks till the Christmas holiday begins’ party. We were all as usual attending (including Ava who had since got better and no longer sounded like a frog) except for Rose.

“Come on Rose, come to the party,” I begged, lately I had been making a concerted effort to be nice to Rose but it was a bit hard when all she did was snap at me.

“No, you know there are more important things than getting shit faced every Saturday night. At least I will get a proper job because I study rather than having to be a table wiper at the Leaky Cauldron!” she screeched at me, I almost fell backwards in shock.

“I-I just thought that you might, might want a chance to relax and get away from all you work…” I stuttered. 
“You may not think studying is important Fliss but I do, If you want to get T’s in all of you OWLs then you are going the right way about it, but don’t come crying to me when you do fail!”

After that I left the room in a hurry, trying to suppress the tears that were threatening to fall from my eyes. What happened to our friendship? We had always said we would stay friends forever, I know it sounds really cliché and cheesy but until now I had really believed it.

I decided to go to the party after all, I figured that if Rose already thought I just liked to get pissed then refraining to go to one party would not make a shred of difference.

Evie and Ava soon joined me; Amie had chosen to stay with Rose to keep her company.

“Don’t worry Fliss, she’s just stressing about exams already, it will be alright soon,” Evie explained. Ava nodded in agreement - she wasn’t exactly the most comforting of people so it was probably a good idea that she didn’t try to.

That night Aiden Shaw found me again and again we kissed. It felt nice to have someone that at least seemed to care about me. At about 2am the next morning Evie and Ava came to find me.

“Fliss, it’s getting a bit late, I think we should go back now,” she slurred slightly.

“Don’t be such a killjoy Evie,” I whined.

“Well that’s a pointless skirt if ever I saw one,” Niamh sneered at me looking down at my skirt.

“Well you can see most of your arse,” Ava muttered under her breath.

“SLUT!” laughed Niamh and her friends. She yelled it again and again, that was until I slapped her in the face which was a very effective way of shutting her up.

“Fliss come on, before you cause any more trouble,” pleaded Evie.

“I’m busy Evieee, but I’ll be back soon I promise,” I said before running off to dance with Aiden.

In actual fact I didn’t get back much later than either Evie or Ava. For once I had actually managed to get to bed myself.

The only thing that I hated about parties was the hangover the day after, Evie and Ava also seemed to be feeling a bit worse for wear as when I asked they did indeed want a hangover potion. The small vials of potion were kept in the cabinet in the bathroom but when I looked I couldn’t find it. After 10 minutes however I had finally found 3, the final three in our stock. 

“Who knows where the recipe for the hangover potion is? We have run out,” I said, looking around at everyone. I should know myself but I have no memory whatsoever so I had forgotten as soon as I was told.
“There’s a magi-copy on the bookshelf” Rose answered before realising who she was talking to and trailing off, she looked down at the bed. We could all feel the tension in the air; I thought that I may as well break it for the sake of everyone else.

“Right…well, I’m going to start brewing the potion in the bathroom” I muttered grabbing the things I needed and heading towards the bathroom door. Behind me I hear whispers.

“Are you sure we should let her brew the potion on her own?” asked Amie in a worried whisper.

“I don’t know…I’m sure she will ask if she needs help,” replied Evie.

“Maybe one of us should watch just in case,” hissed Ava.

The potion was simple enough, easy enough even for me or at least that’s what the others thought. Contrary to popular belief I am not actually incapable of making a potion in fact other than arithmancy, potions was probably my best subject. I never really tried in lessons unless it was an important test or such like, so it was only natural that they all assumed that I couldn’t make even the simplest of potions.

I already had the ingredients that I needed which were topped up by Ava and Evie so that I could make a larger quantity.

An hour later I had produced fifty vials of the bright purple potion which I was very proud of. Though Rose may have been a top student in every subject, my potion seemed of a higher standard even than hers. The potion, as well as being bright purple, smelled sweetly of roses. When I showed the girls they seemed pleasantly surprised at how well the potion had turned out.

That night I couldn’t sleep, I just couldn’t stop thinking about all that had happened between me and my friends and Charlie for that matter. Our friendship had seemed strained lately and I wasn’t comfortable with it. My argument with Rose was creating a rift in the group. 

Charlie had pretty much disowned me, everyone was aware of the tension between us though no one really knew why we acted like strangers to one another…

Nor would they find out any time soon.



EDITED 02/08/2013

EDITED 16/11/2013

A/N: So thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and sorry that I took a while to update. But like I said before this was beta’d by the amazing LittleWelshGirl99, I would really appreciate it if you would leave me a review telling me what you thought and how you think it could be improved.

Question Time!:

1.     What did you think about Fliss’s dream?

2.     What do you think about the tension building between Fliss and her friends?

3.     What do you think is going to happen?

4.     What do you want to happen?

So thanks again for reading and if you liked it please leave me a review :)

Beth xxxx


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