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The Chaser and The Keeper by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 34 : Giving Love a Shot
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Chapter 34

“Thanks for coming and talking to James,” Louis said to Alyssa as they walked down the hallway.

After James, Taylor, Jessica, and Fred had left, Kristen’s Ravenclaw friends had left as well. That had just left Louis and Alyssa. So he had decided to walk around with her. Now, as he walked with her, he could feel his palms sweating.

“No problem,” Alyssa replied, “Kristen told me she fancied him almost a month and a half ago. I could tell that he fancied her for even longer. Plus, I’m a sucker for romance. I would love for them to be together and happy.”

“Yeah, James realized she was hot back in October and realized he fancied her in December. Just by looking at him I could tell he really wanted to ask her but didn’t want to ruin his friendship with Andrew,” Louis agreed.

“I think the whole love note thing is unbelievably adorable. She always seems happier after she receives one,” Alyssa noticed, “I personally think that she was hoping that it was James who was sending them.”

“James is always extremely nervous when he sends it, but he lights up when he sees the look on her face. He likes the fact that he finally found a way for him to make her smile,” Louis replied.

“Do you think they will work out?”

“Yeah, I do. That is, if James ever works up the courage to ask her.”

“Relationships at our age don’t usually last very long, though.”

They had stopped and were now sitting under a tree by the lake. In the distance, he could hear the Gryffindor quidditch team practicing.

“That’s not always the case though. Take Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, or Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, for example. They got together when they were our age and they ended up getting married and being together. My sister Victorie started dating Teddy Lupin in her sixth year, and they got married just last summer.

“It’s possible, Alyssa, it’s just more difficult. The real world tests relationships. Some of them are strong enough to last, others are not. I have a feeling that Kristen and James would last together. Yes, up until this year, they hated each other. Now, however, they are two completely different people. James no longer snogs random bimbos in broom closets. Kristen broke the rules and snuck out of her dorm in the middle of the night to visit the Chamber of Secrets with him. James is actually fighting for her, instead of just choosing a girl who will immediately want to be with him. They’re different people.

“However, they could very easily not work out. Both of them will be playing professional quidditch for different teams. They could just decide and give up. That’s part of life. If they don’t try, they’ll never know though. No one ever knows if they don’t try.”

Louis finished his speech to see Alyssa looking at him.

“That was very insightful,” she said, “It almost sounded like there is someone you would really like to try and be with.”

Louis blushed. This is one thing he hated about being a Weasley.

“I would like to be with someone,” Louis said slowly, “I would like to get the chance to try being together with them in the real world.”

“I know what you mean,” Alyssa agreed, “The last guy I was with ended it with me because I pointed out the fact that our house sucked at quidditch. I don’t think I’d ever want to get together with someone who plays quidditch, they’re all just way too obsessed with the game.”

“Well, by looking at some of my friends, it seems that a lot of quidditch players like to go with people who play quidditch. I guess they have the obsessive love of quidditch to bond over. The rest of us are left to try and make it work with a quidditch player or find someone who doesn’t play quidditch.”

“Can I ask you something?”

Louis gulped. He was afraid of what was coming next. He took a deep breath, and nodded.

“Before this year, you didn’t really talk to me. What changed to make you start?” Alyssa asked.

“My other friends simply became too obsessed with each other and quidditch. James started fancying Kristen, which severely pissed Andrew off, Fred and Jessica got together, Andrew and Taylor got together. I suddenly found myself sitting among couples snogging and James moping. I realized that I should probably find some more friends. I had always found your commentating on the quidditch matches quite interesting and when we became partners in Herbology it seemed like a good chance to make a new friend,” Louis explained.

“So you consider me a friend?”

Louis nodded. Alyssa took a deep breath. She knew the question that she wanted to ask next could ruin everything they had built this year, but she didn’t care. It was time to take a risk.

“Would you ever consider me anything more?” she asked softly.

This question made Louis’s heart stop momentarily. If he answered this question honestly, she would know everything. Their friendship could be ruined. However, they only had a month and a half left of their last year of Hogwarts. Soon they would be out in the real world. Maybe it was time to take a risk.

“I already do,” Louis replied, “You’re quite an interesting person. I enjoy the comments you make at the quidditch games. I like that Herbology is your favorite subject, when most people would answer with Defense Against the Dark Arts or something like that. You actually try in school, which is a rare quality to find in someone who isn’t a Ravenclaw. I like how you’re very opinionated and are willing to go against the crowd. I’m going to be honest here, Alyssa. I fancy you.”

He couldn’t believe what he had just said. Hundred of possible reactions played before his eyes. She could scream at him and never want to speak with him again. She could say she didn’t fancy him and things would be incredibly awkward for the rest of the year. However, the possible reaction he liked most of all was the one where she told him that she fancied him as well.

“I never knew you thought so highly of me,” Alyssa stated, a smile on her face.

“You’re an incredible person,” Louis replied, “It’s impossible not to find incredible things about you.”

“You should take a look at yourself sometime, Louis. You’re quite incredible as well. You’re one of the few Gryffindors who don’t seem to think that Hufflepuffs are useless. You’re not totally quidditch obsessed like a lot of people, but you seem to enjoy the sport. You hang out with people who pull pranks all day, and yet you manage to still work hard and care about school. Besides, has anyone told you how distracting your eyes are? They could suck a person right in.”

He could see her staring intensely at his eyes. It was rather cute in his opinion. It seemed as if Alyssa had fallen for him. Of course he could be over reacting. It was time to stop thinking. It was time to stop trying to over analyze things. It was time to take a risk. So with that train of thought, Louis leaned in and captured Alyssa’s lips in his. They tasted like strawberries. Suddenly, he felt her kissing him back. The girl he had fancied for months was kissing him back.

A few seconds later, they slowly pulled apart. When he opened his eyes, he could see her smiling at him.

“That was quite enjoyable,” Alyssa stated.

“I would have to agree,” Louis replied, “So what do you say? Would you like to give our relationship a shot?”

“That sounds like a delightful idea.”

He smiled and interlocked his fingers with hers. This day had turned out a lot better than he expected.




***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) I know that chapter wasn't about Kristen and James, but this is the last chapter that does not focus on Kristen and James so don't worry! I'm so glad to all of the people who have read (11,000!!!) and reviewed (59!) and as always, I would absolutely love it if you continued to do so :D ***

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