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The 'Accidental' De-throning of Rebecca Thomas. by Half_Empty
Chapter 6 : Confessions Of A User
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Albus’s POV:


It didn’t start out that way.


I just thought that needed to be out in the open- you know, just to make sure. It didn’t start that way at all.


In fact it was perfectly harmless to begin with. Becky and ‘The Git’ were partnered (obviously) and almost immediately afterwards their lips were glued together- it was predictable but it still hurt. I didn’t mean to drag Kyra into it- I just needed someone to partner with so as not to look completely pathetic.


Kyra was the obvious choice. For one it’s well known that Becky hates her- a perfect quality in my opinion when trying to show that I didn’t fancy her, she was also partner less- one of the few people who were and whether I’m ready to admit it or not she was pretty hot- she still is. She was the perfect candidate.


In the end it turns out she was fun to talk to- I was expecting awkward stilted conversation but somehow her dramatics were slightly amusing… funny even. It’s great… well... it was considering I doubt she’ll ever talk to me again.


It was when she started laughing at the wonder couple that the ideas started to pop into mind. What harm would it do to put my arm round her shoulder? It was extremely convenient after all that her head rolled on to my own.  Who would it hurt if I picked her up? I could sense that Becky was still watching as James helped her down the ladder. Would it be a bad thing if I were to do the same in the Great Hall when she fell ill? That was even more tempting like the last slice of pizza (or chicken, depending on which way you look at it) considering what she’d done to Becky the previous day.


It all began to pile up and I took consolidation in the fact that she didn’t like me like I was portraying myself to like her- I could see it in her eyes. Sure she liked me, but did she like me? No, of course not. She considered me a friend, even though… I could tell she found me attractive. Then again, everyone does.




Then Becky got to her- I could tell that she had. I could see the panic in Kyra’s eyes as she told me she wanted to trade, and I could see the smirk on Rebecca Thomas’s face as she watched it all happen. Heck! Even James seemed to be able to read her mind, he could tell that I was about to be rejected. Again, and I couldn’t let that happen.


So I kissed her, and now look where I’ve ended up.


Kyra hasn’t spoken to me in 2 days- not to lack of me trying.


Kyra’s POV:


Ignoring Albus Count: 2 Days.


Current Emotion: Pissed (The angry meaning- not my pants).


Status: Hiding from Rebecca Thomas (Again) in my hidden Lair.  God knows what I did this time.


How they haven’t found me yet is astounding. My hiding tactics aren’t exactly up to par at the moment what with everything going on.


I blame Albus. This is all his lousy fault.


Mia’s solution? Induce random premonitions of other people’s demise whilst hiding from the she-devil. It’s like she’s trying to repeat the catastrophic past few days.


“Oh look at that!” Mia whisper-shouted. “Frank Pond is going to be decapitated by a scarecrow!”


Personally I think she’s making most of these up.


I ignored her, humming quietly beneath my breath.


“Or is that Voldemort?” she mused thoughtfully. “Nope, definitely a scarecrow.”


I withheld a smile, opening my mouth to respond but she continued, interrupting me.


“No wait! It’s Albus, dressed as Voldemort in a Scarecrow costume. Yeah… that’s it! He’s so devastated that you’re ignoring him now that he’s turned to murder.”


My smile turned to a scowl instantly. Mia’s embarrassing attempts to get me to talk to Albus were starting to grate on my nerves.


I spat out a response. “He used me Mia.”


She rolled her eyes. “So he played you a little…


Wow… what a great best friend she is.


(I was being sarcastic)


“That isn’t exactly unforgivable Kyra.” She expanded, fiddling with the Ravenclaw emblem on her robes.


“Oh.” I raised an eyebrow. “Would you forgive someone who molested you in public to make the she devil jealous?”


Mia huffed irritably. “He didn’t molest you Kyra-“


Meet Mother Mia.


“-He carried you. He didn’t shove his hand down your shirt- stop being such a drama queen.”


My mouth fell open- just a little.




“I am not-“ I growled. “-being a drama queen. Merlin! You sound just like Albie!”


Oh no…


Mia smirked.


“I just called him Albie didn’t I?”


She nodded.




“That doesn’t mean anything!” I hastened to correct her.


A knowing glint appeared in her brown eyes. “Personally Kyra, I think that calling someone by your personal nickname for them shows that you miss them.”


I frowned.


“Don’t you agree?”


Reluctantly, I nodded.


“Then get off your fat arse and tell him that!”


And Albus calls me a drama queen.


DAMN IT! I thought of him again.


“Shhh.” I clasped a hand over Mia’s mouth. “They’ll hear you!”


She stared at me, an unimpressed expression on her face. I smirked. Then something wet tentatively touched my hand and I quickly removed it.


Awkwardly I coughed. “No.” I refused stubbornly. “He can come to me.”


Mia snorted, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and glaring at me. “He’s been coming to you for the past two days Kyra. Throw the guy a bone.”


That’s what she said.


Get it?




“No.” I shook my head, running a slow hand through my hair, my eyes clouding with uncertainty. “I don’t know.”


Mia looked me over once sadly, taking in my dishevelled appearance.  She sighed.


“You know what?”


I raised an eyebrow, curiously. “What?”


She rolled her eyes. “You.” She poked me once, gently on my forearm. “Are stressing me out.”


I grinned sheepishly. “Sorry.”


She stuck her tongue out, ever the mature one. “Less of the depressing, eh?”


I nodded, smiling gently and just as I was about to speak she continued.


A light sparked in her eyes. “Fancy a game of good ol’ bitch wrangling?”


An offer I couldn’t refuse.




“Okay then.” Mia began- her face a serious line. “Do you remember the rules?”


I nodded. We’d played this so many times over the years that it’d be hard to forget them. It was our pick me up whenever Dear Old Becky decided to come around and make our lives hell- an anonymous way to do the same.


“No being seen, no talking to anyone and under no circumstances should you get caught.” She listed them, one by one counting on her fingers like a 4 year old in a maths lesson.


I rolled my eyes. “Oh sorry Mia, I was actually planning on getting detention.”


“Less of the sarcasm.” She ordered briskly, turning so that her back was to me.


Drill sergeant Mia approaches.


“Sorry.” I muttered, a smirk hinting at the corners of my lips.


Abruptly and accompanied with another eye roll Mia rapped a long black cane against the floating board that had appeared beside her.


“We start here.” She said.


I nodded in understanding, a grin pulling at my lips.


“You.” She pointed to me. “Lead Dear Old Becky to here.” She traced the route on the board, an obnoxious screech filling the air. I winced, but Mia failed to notice.


“Here is where the bonfire will be.”


Don’t ask.


I nodded taking in the elaborate stick figure illustration that was supposed to represent Dearest Becky by the bonfire.


… it was surprisingly accurate. What with the devil horns, red stripper style dress and orange face that clashed wonderfully with the outfit but matched her personality perfectly.


… and apparently her personality is now ‘orange’. I’m tired- that’s a perfectly adequate excuse.


I stifled a giggled as I raised my hand. 


“Yes?” Mia prompted in full on teacher mode.


“When do we start?”




I screamed, running full pelt down the hallway, an echo of “You bitch!” courtesy of Rebecca Thomas resounding behind me.


“Get back here you coward.” She commanded, chasing after me- although I was at a loss as to how she wasn’t puncturing the stone floors in her 6 inch stiletto heels.


“Never!” I responded, dramatically shouting over my shoulder. I mean, why not make a show of it? The many onlookers watching the spectacle already think I’m a witch sent from hell after I ‘rejected’ Albus by means of a fork to the hand.


“You’ll never catch me alive!”


I’m pretty sure she growled.


I giggled, a hand pressed over my top lip like a little girl, caught in the act of stealing a cookie from the jar.


“Even better.” Rebecca sneered.


Oh no she didn’t…


“Love you too” I called cheekily, turning only for a second to see her reaction. But apparently that single moment was enough.


Note for the future. Always watch where you’re going whilst running down a crowded hallway- if you don’t you tend to crash into people. People you don’t want to crash into.


We both landed elegantly on the stone floor. Bugger.


“Sorry, sorry, sorry.” I apologized, quickly setting myself up right and sprinting away, not having enough time to help them up myself due to the beast on my tail.


“Sorry!” I yelled once more, refusing to turn this time in case of another collision with a student. I don’t want to gain a reputation or anything.


Well… that and the huge bonfire in front of me that would be rather painful to run into.


Mia had out done herself that was for sure. The bonfire was nearly the full height of the great hall, the top most branches that were submerged in the fire brushing the candles that floated serenely in the roof of the large room. Students stopped in their tracks upon both entry and exit to admire the feat.


The best part though?


It was filled to the brim with Rebecca Thomas’s undergarments- Rebecca Thomas’s red lacy bras and knickers.


And that my friends is how you wrangle a bitch.


Albus’s POV:


Doing what the crazy bint wanted seemed like the smartest decision- Giving in seemed like the smartest decision, and as long as she had that fork at hand it was the safest too.  I value my life, strangely enough. So I did the unmentionable- I spoke to Trelawney.



She said no… but that’s beside the point. I tried, so Kyra has no excuse to stab me with a kitchen utensil.


“Albus!” My cousin, Fred’s distinctive yell called to me. “Wait up.”


I’ve never been one to do what I’m told.


“Albus, wait!”


YOLO and all that.


“Come on… Albus, I’m not getting any younger.”


I continued to walk away from him, one foot in front of the other.




It’s a testament to the determination of the boy that he was still chasing after me.




When they start to sing I draw the line.


“Shut up!” I shouted, whipping around to stare him directly in the eye. “I heard you the first time.”



Wait for it…


“Then why didn’t you stop?” He tilted his head to the side, his expression that of a confused (and recently kicked) puppy.


I resisted the urge to snort.


 “Because I didn’t want to talk to you, idiot.”






“Woah… hold the phone cowboy.” Fred caught up with me, frowning, his bright orange eyebrows furrowed. “What’s got your granny style knickers in a twist?”


Just for the record I’m a boxer’s boy- not a granny style guy.


I rolled my eyes. “None of your concern, cousin dearest.”


He winked, linking his arm through mine like we belonged on the yellow brick road wearing matching Barbie pink munchkin costumes.


…I like the hats.


“Just because that Kyra girl-” Fred’s face twisted slightly as he said her name- something he and Becky had in common. “-rejected you, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. There are other chicks.”


My grin fell, my disinterested expression firmly back into place.


I cleared my throat. “I’m not upset about Kyra.” I denied, childishly. “It’s not a big deal.”


He raised an eyebrow disbelievingly. “Oh? Dude you practically molested her.”


It’s a wonder he doesn’t like the girl. They seem to have to same opinions about my ‘attack’.


I scowled. “I don’t fancy Kyra.” I stressed the word ‘don’t’ just to make my message clear. On the inside however I was blushing like crazy.


Fred’s demeanour, on the other hand changed immediately at my denial, his toothy grin widening. “Good.” He replied bluntly, followed by a wink. “That’s my boy. Don’t let the ladies get ya down.” He clapped me once, reassuringly on the back. Straightening immediately after, he coughed, pulling on his white oxford shirt to smooth any wrinkles- Always with the appearances.


The temptation to roll my eyes was strong but I resisted. Just.


“Mhmm.” I hummed, distractedly looking around the hallway in search of a certain blond. “Wouldn’t think of it.”


To say he didn’t look convinced would be an understatement but he smiled never the less, leaning down to ruffle my hair. “Atta boy.” He teased.


A smile tugged at my stern lips, but fell again quickly, as something else came to mind.


“Hey Fred…” I started, stopping in my tracks and turning to face the cousin in question. “What’s your problem with her anyway?”


He froze, his gangly limbs locking into place as he avoided my gaze. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the stone floor.


“Who?” He asked, attempting to look nonchalant as his scampering gaze scanned the room.


I cocked an eyebrow curiously. “Kyra.” I clarified. “You just don’t seem to like her much is all.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Fred avoided the subject, his eyes roaming the crowded hallway. “She bares less importance to my day than the bird shit on my dormitory window.” He pretended to inspect the sleeve of his robes, picking imaginary fluff off of the black, itchy material.


I frowned, confused. “Okay then…” I accepted the lie- momentarily of course. “Whatever you say.”


He relaxed, his posture slackening for a second before his shoulders tensed once more, his eyes darkening suddenly as he watched something approach from over my shoulder.


“What?“ I asked, both of my eyebrows raised. “Wha-“ I attempted to ask again when he ignored the question but I couldn’t get the entire word out before I was interrupted- before my lips were too busy for speaking.


Now I know how Kyra felt.


In fact… where’s a fork when you need one?


Da, da, DA!


Sorry guys for the long wait! But I just started back at school and school= homework. Accompany this with a beautiful case of writers block and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. Plus I’m doing that national novel writing month and am loads behind :/


On a side note…


Due to my obsession with you guys and this site I appear to have infected my friend :P Her name’s Hpsauce and her story Hog…what? Is AMAZING! Check it out? Pretty please? You won’t regret it.


Anyway! I hope you liked the chapter… :)

Disclaimer: I own nothing! 


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