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Family Encounters by PrincessMalfoy
Chapter 10 : Goodnight Kiss
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 For the first time in a long time Scorpius was left alone to talk with Rose although he knew she was dreading it she wouldn't be able to miss their meeting. Scorp waited for Rose to come into their common room he knew she would be a tad bit late since she was out practicing for the first match of the season against none other but his team. From past experience Scorp knew Rose worked her team to the bone which made her one of the best captains Gryffindor has seen in a while. Tonight they were going to discuss ideas for the Christmas dance that was about 5 weeks away; sadly once again he wouldn't be going with Rose like he hoped but at least he would be going with his girlfriend. As he sat in the silence waiting he heard two voices on the other side of the portrait that leads into the common room. The first voice he heard was sweet and musical he instantly knew it was Rose, the other voice he recognized was his "cousins" husky voice. He leaned closer to hear what they were talking about.


"Well thanks for walking me up here Zabini."


"No problem Weasley anything for a beautiful girl like you."


"Oh Zabini all these compliments aren't going to make me fall for you I daresay you might want to try harder." She laughed


"Don't worry I haven't even started trying to make you fall for me Weasley, the compliments are just for the simple fact that I like to tell the truth." Knowing his cousin he was flashing her, his famous smile, that truthfully Scorpius thought was plain dumb.


"Let me know when you are actually trying," Rose laughed her sweet musical laugh that was like a drug to Scorpius and he envied that his "cousin" was the reason for her laugh. "Well I must go your cousin is waiting for me to plan the Christmas dance."


"Tell him hi for me," there was a pause and Scorpius was sure Blaise was kissing her hand again. "I'll see you at dinner Weasley."


Scorp ran quickly to his seat and pretended to be busy drawing in the air with his wand just in time as Rose walked in and close the Portrait behind her. She eyed him suspiciously before walking towards her room.


"Hey where are-"


"I'm going to take a quick shower Scorpius." She said without turning to look at him then she walked inside here room and he could hear the lock of her door, the opening of the bathroom door,  then the shower door opening, silence except for the shower running, then the shower door closed and he could hear her singing.


"Why should I care?

Cuz you weren't there when I was scared I was so alone

You, you need to listen I'm starting to trip,

I'm losing my grip and I'm in this thing alone


Am I just some chick you place beside you to take somebody's place?

When you turn around can you recognize my face you used to love me?

You used to hug me

But that wasn't the case

Everything wasn't ok I was left to cry there..."


Scorps mind drifted off into a daydream he didn't even hear the shower turning off or Rose coming out of her room.


"Scorpius? Hello?" Her voice brought him back to reality. Standing before him was Rose wearing some pink fuzzy short  pajama pants and a black tank top with pink writing that said "Love" she looked wonderful but he couldn't help but notice that she held his shirt in her hand. "Right anyways I kept um forgetting to give this back to you... so here you go I washed it so it's clean. So about the dance any ideas?" She said sitting down on the couch across from him. He looked down at his had he didn't even register the fact that he had his shirt in his hand, he wanted to smell it hoping that it would still smell like Rose but he didn't want to do it in front of her so he put his mind back into the conversation.


"Winter wonder land?" He suggested


"I was thinking a masquerade ball? Winter Wonderland seems too overdone."


"Well we can always do a Black and White party? Unless you girls wanted to wear colorful dresses?" Scorp thought remembering Vanessa might want a colorful dress since it went along with her personality.


"Ehh no I don't like the idea of looking like the great hall has been made into a giant rainbow... How about a Masquerade Winter Wonderland?" Her face light up at the idea and even if he wanted to disagree he wouldn't have.


"Sounds great Rose! I was thinking instead of a band like always we could hire a DJ so we could have a different variety of music?"


"Yeah sounds good." They kept talking about all the plans for the party, slowly the topic changed to quidditch then Scorpius asked the one thing that was on his mind.


"Rosie I was wondering about you and Blaise..." He hoped she would tell him how she felt about his "cousin" but the look of anger on her face told him he should never have asked, the anger on her face disappeared and she sighed and smiled a sad smile.


"Scorp lets set some new rules ok? First one is don't ask and don't tell about the other persons love interest, because we're doing more harm to each other that way. Second is well there isn't a second. Let’s just go back to how things were before just being friends and being oblivious to how we feel about each other.  It'll make life easier for everyone this way you know just being friends." Rose said even though in her heart she knew her feeling for him would never be forgotten, but maybe it was like her mom told his dad.


"It wasn't meant to happen between because it was probably meant for one of the future Malfoy and Granger/Weasley generation." Scorpius said knowing that was what she was thinking, but he didn't want to believe that.


Before he could say anything else he heard a knock and a few voices then the portrait opened and three boys walked in holding a bunch of food. Scorpius looked down at his watch and saw that they had missed dinner just then his stomach growled in agreement. Al and Alex bent down to place the food down on the low table in the middle of the seats. The other boy, Blaise, tapped the food with his wand and made it float out his arms and arrange itself neatly on the table with the rest of the food.


"Well since the two of you didn't eat we thought we would bring you some food and eat here with the both of you instead, Blaise here was looking for you Rose so he tagged along." Alex explained.


Rose and Scorpius said thanks and the four of them dug in, Blaise having already ate just took out a few rolls of  different color duct tape and a straight 5 inch stick and began working while the others talked and ate. Once Rose finished eating she looked over at what he was doing and she saw that the stick was now covered in green tape and he had pieces of pink and red tape that were folded into triangles with a small rectangle of the sticky side still showing face up. She moved and sat on the other side of him watching him wrap the triangles around one side of the stick. A small smile appeared on her face when she saw what it was starting to look like and she thought it was amazing not just that he made it out of tape, but that he was doing it by hand instead of using magic. He looked at her and winked a small smirk on his face then went back to doing what he was doing.


Alex and Al kept glancing over at Rose with Blaise and then at Scorpius who was pretending not to be looking at the both of them. For Scorpius' sake they kept talking about things like quidditch and what were the plans that they chose for the Christmas dance. Alex felt bad for Scorpius and a part of him felt guilty for what had happened between him and Rose, but he knew Scorpius had ruined his own chance with her for not telling her sooner and waiting until it was too late. Although another part of Alex felt a bit jealous, but he pushed that feeling away knowing it was just his hormones going crazy and that he had a wonderful girlfriend that would be the mother of his child.


Al looked over at his cousin and for the first time in a long time he saw her eyes filled with happiness and he looked at Blasie and saw that same look in his eyes. Al knew that Blasie might just be the best thing that has happened to his cousin, yeah sure he felt bad for Scorpius but he had a girlfriend and he never told Rose how he felt about her. It really was Scorpius' fault so he didn't feel that bad for his friend he was just glad that Rose was actually smiling and that it wasn't a fake smile.


He finally finished and he turned to Rose with a smile on his face and he handed her the duct tape rose he had made for her. She took it and her smile reached her eyes, he tapped the rose with his wand twice then pocketed his wand and the rolls of tape.


"It'll smell like a real rose and the smell will never fade also it will never come apart so it'll stay like that forever." He explained to her. Rose smelled the duct tape rose and grinned.


"I love it Zabini. Is this you trying?" Her smile never leaving her face and expecting him to say yes but instead he chuckled and shook his head slightly.


"Nope this is me just being sweet old me, I told you that I will let you know when I actually trying." He said with a smirk on his face.


"Well Zabini," she said twirling her rose in her hands. "If you keep this up I might not make you try that hard." She kissed him on the cheek and stood up said goodnight to everyone and headed up to her room but before walking in she turned to Zabini and winked in his direction before opening the door. He ran up to where she was and smiled blocking her way in to her room. The three boys were now looking at the two of them not bothering to hide the fact that they were looking at them.


"What was that Weasley?" Blasie asked her with a sexy smirk on his face as Rose blushed.


"What are you talking about Zabini?" She smiled innocently


"You know what Weasley. Anyways," he said leaning against her door his smirk still in place. "Do you want to go with me to Hogsmeade? I know you and Al were going together but I was thinking we could double date since a friend of mine fancies him, so what do you say?" Rose looked over at Al knowing he heard everything and when he nodded she smiled and turned back to face Blasie.


"Sure Zabini see you at the in front of the Great Hall tomorrow, now I would like to go to my room." She said smiling. He moved closer to her and moved a strand of hair out of her face and kissed her cheek.


"Sweet dreams Weasley." He winked and walked away said goodbye to the others and left.


Rose had felt her whole face go red when he kissed her and her stomach was doing flips the whole time he was standing in front of her. She touched the spot he had kissed and smiled to herself she had almost forgotten she wasn't alone but a small cough brought her back to reality. She turned and saw her friends sitting there with different expansion, one looked hurt another looked torn between feeling bad for his friend and being happy for her then the last one the one that made her feel a lot better was Al. Al had a big smile on his face and mouth " I'm happy for you” she smiled back at him then turned to the other two she gave them a sad smile and walked in to her room. She laid down in her bed and drifted off to sleep her hand still resting on the spot Blaise had kissed.


The next morning she went crazy looking for what to wear her clothes were thrown all over the place. Finally she settled for some skinny jeans with black knee high boots and a dark blue shirt with a black jacket. She let her hair down in soft curls and finally some black eye liner, mascara and strawberry lip gloss. When she looked at the clock she saw that she still had time to go get some breakfast before meeting with Blaise and his friend. Walking out her run and down the stairs she saw that the boys had already left so she headed to the Great Hall hoping to find them there.


Outside of the Great Hall she saw Isabella alone and decided to go talk to her before going to get something to eat.


"Hey Bell, what are you doing?" She wondered why she wasn't with Alex.


"Oh I'm just waiting for Alex, he went to send a letter to my mom asking her to send me some more of my pills since I only have one left. What about you?" She asked Rose


"Oh just going to go get something to eat do you know if Al or Scorpius is in there?


"Al is there waiting for you I think along with Blaise and Emma, but Scorp left with Vanessa just before you arrived." Rose smiled at the news glad to be away from Scorpius.


"Thanks well I'm gonna go see you later Bell." Rose rubbed Isabella's tummy then went inside to eat.


Once they were in Hogsmade the two couples went to Weasleys Wizard Wheezes where they talked with their Uncle George for a while and bought a bunch of stuff some still not open to the market. After that they went to Honey Dukes where the two boys spoiled the girls and bought them every single one of their favorite sweets. Al suggested going to a local shop where they could buy their mask for the winter dance before all the good ones were gone the girls happily agreed.


Al was having the time of his life with Emma she was a Slytherin with straight jet black hair, memorizing aqua eyes, pale skin and a wonderful slender body that was filled in all the right places. She was smart, sweet, witty and very sarcastic he couldn't believe he had never talked to her before and he felt that every moment he hadn't spent with her was time lost. Both of them walked around the store looking for masks when she pointed two masks that were just wonderful one was a shining white with black and white feathers on one side the other was white as well with a bit of black making it seem a perfect match for the other one.


"Those are perfect! We should get them!" Emma exclaimed her eyes were bright with excitement. Al wanting her to be happy grabbed both masks and her hand and went to pay for the both of them. After much protesting Al convinced her to let him pay for them on the condition of her going with him to the dance which she happily agreed.


Rose was walking with Blaise looking for a perfect mask and joking around giving him the girliest of masks she could find while he would hand her every mask that would clash horribly with her hair. They were both laughing at a yellow mask with feathers all around it and a long nose when all of a sudden Rose stopped laughing and walked slowly to a glass case that held two beautiful masks that were both silver with a bit of emerald green specks around it the smaller of the two had three black feathers on the left side and the other had black swirls to the left side. She loved the mask and she checked the price and her dream of owning it shattered it was too expensive and her mother would never send her the money to buy it so instead she grabbed Zabini's hand and settles for a black and blue mask that she didn't like  that much. They walked out the store and waiting for them was Al and Emma happily talking and joking.


"Ah I forgot my wallet inside wait for me here." Blaise said and ran in to the store to the front counter where the witch that had just sold them the mask was sitting. "I need you to send those two masks" he said pointing to the silver and emerald masks. "To me tonight please, Blaise Zabini Jr, here you go and gift wrap them in one box make it pretty. Thanks." He said handing her the money and leaving.


The next morning Rose was sitting with her team at the Gryffindor table all of them wearing the robes and on the other side was Al and Scorpius sitting with their team all anxious to beat Gryffindor. Al stood up and his team followed him out the doors except for one who walked over to Rose just as her and her team were getting up all eyes were on the two of them. He took her hand in his and kissed it before speaking.


"Just so you know my feelings for you won't affect how I play against your team Weasley." She smirked at his comment.


"Well Zabini I hope your team is ready to lose oh and do me a favor wish you team good luck for me they are going to need it." With that she walked out of the Great Hall with her team following closely behind her. Blaise smiled and ran to catch up with his team before Al went ballistic looking for him.


This was going to be an interesting game thought everyone.  

 ok so the song here is Losing Grip by Avirl Lavigne 

Everything Duct Tape here belongs to the company for it wonderful ideas on how to use it.

Now for my little note! I finally found the story I was looking for! Yay! It's callled Everything Happens for a Reason by feltonlewis so if you haven't read it go read it since it's an amazing story I love it! Also thanks for everyone has been reading Family Encounters or my other story Darkness. Thanks for leaving great reviews I just puts a smile on my face. 

love you lots,


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