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Star Crossed Lovers by Zyii
Chapter 8 : Winter In Hogsmead
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Winter in Hogsmead



Strong Language



Life wasn’t as it was in the movies. It wasn’t squashed into an hour and a half of rollercoaster ups and downs. Or the ending that saw the main guy realizing the love of his life was in fact his best friend. Life like that would be too simple, it wouldn’t be challenging enough and this story would be finished too quickly. Life is hard and we don’t often get what we want.



James Potter




‘She’s what?!’ I shouted not at all bothered when my sister winced at my level of loudness.



‘She’s got a date James, for Hogsmead’ replied Lily calmly.



‘But she can’t Hogsmead was our thing’ I replied.



‘It may have been your thing over a year ago but it isn’t anymore’ she replied sounding irritated.



‘He’s only after one thing’ I cried moodily.



‘If you wanted to go with her you should have asked her first’ said Lily.



‘I don’t want to date her! I just wanted to spend some time with my best friend’ I huffed.



‘Yeah right, whatever. I got to go’ said Lily flouncing off before I could call her out on her sarcasm.



I can’t believe Kaitlin has a date for Hogsmead. I mean Kaitlin doesn’t even date. What’s she doing going to Hogsmead with him, I mean he’s a bleeding hufflepuff and he’s only after a chance in her knickers. Perhaps I should warn her.



Argh! I still can’t believe she would do this to me! This is supposed to be our day. Well it was till I started dating Harmony but I had other obligations then, she should have understood that. I don’t even have a date! That stupid game I invented has come to nothing so far, I think Lily is enjoying my suffering.



Might as well go to Hogsmead even if I don’t have a date, someone has to look out for Kaitlin. I can’t believe everyone else is ok with this. Well I’ll be there to comfort her when it all goes wrong. She won’t have to worry.



Kaitlin Cross




I was worried about today’s Hogsmead trip. I wasn’t sure if this date was a goo thing or not but George Smart had been so nervous when he asked me that I’d have felt too guilty if I’d have said no.



Lily thinks it’s a great idea that I said yes, she thinks it will help me get over her brother. I’m skeptical to think that but we’ll see. Before Harmony Hogsmead used to be mine and James’ day, and I just hope that he doesn’t expect that tradition to be up and running now that he’s single again.



George is a really sweet guy but I don’t feel anything for him. We walked around the shops holding hands and then went to The Three Broomsticks for lunch and a warm up from the outside cold.



As we talked of anything and everything, George leaned over and laid his hand atop mine. It was a sweet gesture but one I didn’t appreciate, especially when I saw his friend’s from the corner of my eye cheering him on. I now wondered if he’d asked me to Hogsmead on his own accord or if I was merely a means to a bet.



He looked about to kiss, leaning in and closing his eyes, he puckered his lips in my direction. At this point it was very hard to keep the vomit rising up my throat. I stood up abruptly.



‘I fancy a walk outside, don’t you?’ I asked not really waiting for an answer as I navigated my way out of the pub.



I knew he followed if not for him calling my name then from the catcalls his friends gave at out departure. As I stormed from the pub I caught sight of Lily holding hands with some boy – I wonder what’s going on there, I’d have to ask later.



‘Why did you leave?’



Oh right, I’m still with George, ‘Oh you know it was really stuffy in there’ I replied weakly.



‘Awh babes’ he said sarcastically. I was beginning to like him less and less.



‘Why don’t we go to the shrieking shack? It’s quiet and we can have some time to ourselves’ he said.



‘No thanks, I think I’m just going to head back to the castle’.



‘Now wait a minute’ he said.



‘Oh thanks, I had a great time’ I said though it was a complete lie.



He reached out to grab my arm and suddenly James was there telling him to back off.



‘This is none of your business Potter’ spat George.



‘She’s my best friend’ he replied.



‘Not the way I hear’ said George, ‘Didn’t you dump her for some girl whose had far too many rides of a broomstick’ he sneered.



‘That’s a lie!’ shouted James.



‘No it’s the truth you just won’t admit it’ said George.



‘You can’t protect her forever!!’ he said, ‘or maybe you just want her for yourself’.



‘How dare you! I’m looking out for Kaitlin. She shouldn’t be dating. You only want to get in her knickers you don’t want her’.



‘You might be able to intimidate everyone else into staying away from her but not me!’ shouted George.



‘SHUT UP!’ I screamed. Both Wizards stopped to look at me, then stepped away when they saw the crackle of my magic around me and the red sparks emitting from my wand.



I rounded on George first, ‘You! I would never let you so much as kiss me. I know you made a bet with your friend’s you couldn’t have made it more obvious if you tried. They might have well come up and congratulated you in person. Piss off now before I hex you into oblivion’ I growled watching with a satisfied smirk as he ran off like a wounded puppy.



‘And you!!’ I said rounding on James, ‘Who I date and as you so eloquently put it ‘let in my knickers’ is entirely my business. Now I find out you’re the reason no boy has ever approached me. Do you know how many years I’ve spent crying because I thought I wasn’t pretty enough or good enough!! Sometimes you make me sick! It’s alright for you to drop lifelong friends for some girl but it’s not alright for your supposedly best friend to have a life. You had to take away my chance at finding happiness’ I screamed knowing tears were running down my face.



I sighed, ‘How much more will you take James for I have nothing left to give’ I whispered before running away from my embarrassment and humiliation, leaving a dumbstruck James behind.



Lily Potter




‘I told you not to get involved’ I said startling my dumbstruck brother.



‘I but...urh’ he said.



‘You shouldn’t have done that and you know it. You’ve hurt her enough this past year. Try not to do more damage or you’ll lose her forever’ I said.



I watched his gaze slide past mine to the guy beside me, and saw his gaze harden.



‘Now you’ve already had one argument today don’t star another. This is Sebastian Bolt, we’re on a date and your going to leave well alone ok?’ I said.



My brother didn’t seem to respond.



‘Oh and if you see Albus and Crystal don’t give them any grief. In fact, it would be better if you ignored them all together. We don’t need you ruining another blossoming relationship’ I said taking my leave and dragging Sebastian with me.

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