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Through Heavy Rain by TheSlytherinSilhoutte
Chapter 3 : The Best Sister that I Ever Had...
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“I have to go now mum, got to pick up my clothes for the event. I’ll be meeting also Ginny at the boutique.” I hurriedly went downstairs after picking up my things from my room. Mum’s right, I’m going to be late.

“Okay honey, take care now. Say hi to Ginny for me and your Dad.” She then gave me a tight hug, smiling as I bid goodbye from the front door.

“Bye Dad, see you later!” I also waved goodbye to my father while he was now watching his favourite afternoon show, only giving me a warm smile and a quick wave as his response. Before walking outside the door, I hurriedly put on my trench coat for the unexpected weather.



It is a cold Friday morning. Winter is fast approaching and mostly of our neighbours are preparing for the holidays. I could feel the cold breeze gently touching my skin, making me embrace my body more for warmth. Which reminds me... I also have to save up money to buy presents. Now that I’ve bought a lot of books lately that easily caught my attention, just for distraction purposes I suppose.



After a few blocks away from home, I reached a small alley then decided to apparate to where the boutique was. It would be hard for me to handle a situation if non wizards would see me walk down the street and just disappear. Every wizard who lives among non wizards should become discreet of their abilities, which is what the ministry would say to us. So, I gently closed my eyes and apparated away.

The heavy tug on the part of my navel still makes me feel nauseous every time I try to apparate. So after landing in also at a nearby alley, I have to recompose myself and bring my sanity again. The boutique is not that far away so I won’t have any difficulties getting there on time after making myself relaxed again.




I already saw Ginny waiting inside the boutique, sitting in a couch and reading a magazine in her hands. She was much too eager than me when it comes to choosing clothes and styling. Maybe it is a woman’s instinct after all if you will ask. And besides, this is the only time that we’ll get to hang out again together, despite all of the busy things that she should take care of for her wedding.


Ginny’s always there by my side when I needed her help. Ever since we met, she has never failed to leave me and my friends. As what others would say and already know, I treat her not only as a friend but also as my dearest sister. Being as the only child in the family, Ginny have filled that empty space of being a sister to me. She helped me cope up with things that I couldn’t handle on my own. She was also there when the whole world crashed down on me. All of the things that she had done for me as a friend really helped me a lot to move on with my life. And now that she’s with Harry, I could say that Ginny have became one of the most true and happiest people that I have ever met.







It was a dark rainy night and the clock’s hands have already moved past twelve. My mind and feet have taken me to this place where I shouldn’t be, for I know that I am bothering the people who were living in it. But here I am, knocking loudly on the front door of an apartment and it seems that everybody is already fast asleep since nobody is responding. But this time, I need help, I need someone right now. I continued knocking until I heard someone rush down their stairs. I didn’t want to bother them at this time of the night but... I just can’t handle it anymore.


A few minutes later and a red haired woman came rushing down the stairs just to see me standing in front of their doorstep, soaking wet from the rain. She almost gasped at the sight of me, not expecting that I’ll come by their house at this time of the night. When I actually saw her surprised face, I had nothing to do but cry my eyes out again.

“Oh dear Merlin Hermione! What happened to you?! You’re drenched! What were you thinking?!” she said to me while she was escorting me inside their living room and making me sit down in their couch.

“Harry! Quick! Fetch me a towel in the closet!”

Harry was sleepily making his way down the stairs when he saw Ginny assisting me at the couch. His lethargic mood then came to a shocked one and hurriedly went back upstairs to get what Ginny had asked for. It was not long when he came back down again with a towel in his hands.

“What happened?!” Harry also asked quite worriedly, he saw that I was chattering my teeth due to cold. I was definitely standing in the rain for hours.

“Here, come sit next to the fireplace. I’ll go make you some hot choco to drink. It’ll help you warm up.” Ginny said as she helped me transfer near the fireplace. She left me with Harry so that there would be someone looking out for me.

“Hermione? What happened? And what are you doing outside making yourself get drenched in the rain?” Harry asked me again. He sat beside me but only to see that I was still crying my eyes out.

“I-it’s ov-ver H-Harry... We’re d-done.” I responded at him through chattering teeth and heavy sobs. I know Harry’s going to be mad at me because of this.

“What?! But why?!” It was Ginny who responded back. She was holding a cup of hot choco then handed it to me carefully. Ginny’s definitely madder than Harry upon hearing what I have said.

“I-it’s too complicated to t-tell now Ginny. I c-can’t go on with this a-anymore. Please... not n-now.” I responded at her through every sobs. But it’s the truth. I can’t go on full details right now at my disturbed state.

“That bastard! What did he do to you? I’ll show that...” Harry was furious after the moment that I spoke. His fists were clenched, attempting to contain all of his anger.

“He didn’t do anything Harry... There’s something else that happened...” I cut him out just to lie. I still can’t make him look bad to Harry and Ginny. Even though we are already in our separate ways, I’d still defend him.

“What is it? Please... just tell us Hermione.” Ginny asked once again. Every minute that I make this conversation longer, the more she gets madder and concerned at what was currently happening.

I looked at the both of them with teary eyes. When I finally compiled all the thoughts and emotions inside of me, I just broke down again and let my helpless heart break into tiny million pieces. My eyes, they were flooding out tears again before I said the last words that made me die inside and fade away.

“He... he proposed... to me.”




“Hi Hermione!” Ginny greeted me as I went inside the boutique. She was thrilled to finally see me since it was already a month and a half when we last saw each other. I can see the happiness twinkle in her eyes, and the excitement... to pick up clothes I suppose.

“Hey there Gin! I missed you!” I embraced her tightly upon reaching the couch to where she was seated. Seeing her makes me forget all the mix-up emotions in my head lately.


The boutique was small to look at outside but very spacious when it comes to the inside. They had different racks of clothes designated to the left and right aisles and a few fancy clothes hanging at their walls. Every corner of the square shaped place also has mirrors to look at and every aisles have dressing rooms for better accessibility of fitting. Shoes were also placed at every rack so that a lady’s fancy for shoes is also fulfilled. This place is what every woman could really ask for.



“May I help you with your choice of clothes for today?” An old lady suddenly came walking in and greeted us with a warm smile. She looks very approachable and probably Ginny have already talked to her awhile ago.


“Oh yes, please. We’d love that.” Ginny answered excitedly and hurriedly dragged me to the different racks of clothes. I can now confirm that this day will be a long one.



A/N: Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying my story so far... So, what do you think about this chapter? Thank you for the lovely reads by the way! :) Keep reading! :D

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