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The 19 Years That Were Forgotten: Harry & Ginny by Flaming Phoenix
Chapter 1 : Aftermath and Recollection
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Harry, Ron and Hermione left the Headmasters office and sleepily made their way down to Dumbledore’s tomb. Carefully removing the cracked and broken white marble lid, Harry performed one last spell with the elder wand, to repair it seamlessly, and then placed the wand back into Dumbledore’s hands. After resealing the tomb they made their way back up to the castle, upon arriving in the entrance hall Harry put the invisibility cloak on and said “I’m going to go sleep in Gryffindor tower, please don’t wake me unless it’s an emergency” yawning as he finished


“I think we’ll join you” yawned Ron in response 


“Yeah it’s not like we’ve slept the last couple of days either” Hermione pitched in yawning as she did to emphases her point


Together they trailed up the half destroyed staircases until they reached the fat lady’s portrait, she was missing along with almost every other portrait, celebrating downstairs perhaps, but the door had been left open so they went inside, the common room looked like a bomb had hit it, with books and parchment thrown all over the place and the furniture had all been over turn. Rubble lay in chunks, and the window near the staircase to the dormitories had been blown to pieces.


“Do we still even have beds here or what?”asked Ron

“I have no idea but there is no better way to find out then to check is there” answered Hermione

“Kreacher” called Harry

 POP “yes master” Kreacher appeared before them, making Ron jump

 “Could you get us some sandwiches and something to drink from the kitchens?”


“Certainly it is the least I can do. Is there anything else?”


"No that is all”


POP and he was gone. Hermione followed the boys up to their dormitory just so she didn’t have to go alone. Upon reaching the room they were pleasantly surprised to find that they did in fact have beds to sleep in. Hermione crawled in with Ron and they were fast asleep by the time their heads had reached the pillow. Harry fell down on top of his bed fully clothed, not even bothering to take his shoes off and drew the curtains so he was totally alone for the first time in days. Casting a spell so that he wouldn’t hear a word he lay down and slept properly in a bed for the first time in a year. When he woke up it took him a while to realise where he was and why he couldn’t hear anything, removing the charm he had placed on the curtains he opened them to find a small tray of sandwiches and a glass of pumpkin juice with a note from Kreacher saying he did not wish to wake master potter so had instead enchanted the food to stay fresh till he awoke.

Harry glanced around and found that Ron was still asleep with Hermione wrapped in his arms, and Neville dean and Seamus were all asleep in their beds, checking his watch that had been Fabian Prewitt’s , he was surprised to find that he had been asleep for 16 hours after finally getting to sleep at 8:30 yesterday morning. Taking his tray of sandwiches, seeing as Ron and Hermione each had their own, Harry made his way down to the common room, not expecting anyone else to be awake at quarter to five in the morning; it was a shock to find the majority of what was left of the order awake and having a discussion around the fire. Ginny was asleep leaning against her mother for support, Molly was gripping Arthurs hand and Bill and Charlie had George nestled between them, none of the Weasley’s wanted to let him out of their sites. Kingsley was sitting next to Percy and even McGonagall was sitting there. “What are we going to do now” exclaimed McGonagall “half the school has been knocked down and there is rubble strewn everywhere, I think poor old filch almost had a heart attack after surveying the damage with the other teachers”

 “We’ll rebuild” voiced Harry, making everyone turn not realising he had been standing there
“Yes but how will we manage that, not to mention what we do with the students” replied McGonagall

“Send those who have not sat their OWLS home and those who have but are not yet of age can help with the injured and smaller things” suggested Charlie

 “What do we do with those who no longer have any place to go?” asked Molly

 “We can house them in Hogsmeade until arrangements can be made” Kingsley answered, as harry conjured up a seat beside Ginny

“We should ask for as much help as we can get from the wizarding community and set up a fund or something for those have lost everything” Arthur offered

“What are we going to do with the dead?” asked Harry, biting down into a sandwich

“That’s what we were going to ask you yesterday but you disappeared. Where did you go?” questioned Bill

 “Up to Dumbledore’s office then to his grave to return the wand then up here to sleep for the first time in days” Harry said between bites.

The idea then occurred to Harry that if Dumbledore was buried here why couldn’t everyone else be, he voiced this and Kingsley and McGonagall seemed to agree with him, George perked up a bit knowing that Fred would be able to be buried where they had spent a good amount of time getting into trouble. He had realised yesterday that it was unlikely that Fred would become a ghost, because he was never the one to shy away from the inevitable. As the sun began to rise the room seemed to fill with warmth and Ginny began to stir. Harry had finished his sandwiches and was downing his pumpkin juice when Ginny finally woke up, looking over she grabbed his hand that had been resting on hers while she slept before getting up and coming to sit on his lap without saying a word.

Ginny leaned against Harry’s chest and whispered so that only he could hear “you didn’t even say goodbye” letting a single tear roll down her face

“Because you had already lost Fred, and I knew that if I tried to say goodbye I …” he trailed off

“Wouldn’t have gone into the forest?” she finished

 “Yeah” Harry said with a twinge of sadness

 “What are you two whispering about” a bleary eyed Ron half bellowed from the bottom of the staircase

 “Ron! You’ll wake half the tower” exclaimed Hermione

“OH!” said Ron reducing his voice to just louder than a whisper

“How are you feeling dears” remarked Molly getting up to hug her youngest son

 “Hungry” said Ron scoffing down the last of his sandwiches

“Why must you always think of your stomach, Ronald” grumbled Hermione


“Probably because we haven’t had real food in a year Hermione, and I eat when I’m upset okay”

 “If you are finished there is much that we need to discuss with you three about what you have been doing this past year” interrupted Kingsley “The Ministry and the Order will need a full account”

 “Well considering that the majority if not all of the Order are here why don’t we just tell you now” offered Harry

“ We don’t want the whole tower knowing, especially considering I have an idea that you have been using dark magic as well as fighting it” he replied

 Harry immediately swished his newly repaired wand and set wards so that they wouldn’t be overheard, “Got kind of use to stopping people from finding us this last year” offered Harry in explanation

Starting from when Dumbledore had shown Harry the memories about Voldemort in the pensieve, with Ron and Hermione joining in when they could and filling in bits and pieces that harry had missed or in Ron’s case when he had split from the other; at this point his mother wacked him over the back of the head and lectured him about leaving his friends in danger. Kingsley had conjured up some parchment and a dictation quill that was recording everything. They stopped once Molly had finished lecturing Ron, for some brunch as it was almost eleven thirty. The rest of the tower was now starting to wake up, Harry’s wards proved useful in stopping people from coming over because although they could still see them, whenever they tried to come over they would forget and turn away; much like muggles at the Quidditch World Cup. Kreacher had brought them up some chicken, sandwiches and a large jug of Pumpkin juice.

While they were eating McGonagall got them to decant and store their memories of everything so that they could be called upon as evidence later on. “What are you three going to do now?” asked Kingsley

“Well I still want to become an auror, but I don’t have my NEWTS” stated Harry , at this Ginny looked up at him as if she was about to say something than realising that after all that had happened Harry would never be able to go back to a dull, nothing out of the ordinary life.

It was in fact Kingsley who spoke up “actually that’s something I wished to discuss. I am hoping to persuade the Auror office to allow all those who fought in the battle and are of age to join even if they don’t have their NEWTS”, looking at Ginny when he said of age

“Well I’d love to join” said Harry enthusiastically “once all the repairs are finished here of course” looking towards McGonagall as he said the last bit.

“What about you two?” asked McGonagall

“I want to come back and finish my schooling” Hermione answered enviously

“And I think I’ll join Harry and become an Auror” pipped in Ron, flinching so as not to be hit by Molly, but instead of a hit up the side of the head he was pulled into a bone crushing hug

With all of that finished Harry called Kreacher to clear away the dirty dishes and continued on with their story, starting from when Ron left. Everyone recoiled in shock when he and Hermione got to the point about Bathilda Bagshot half an hour later. Molly again gave Ron an enormous Hug when he recalled the speech he had given Hermione at New Years upon his return. Everyone cried after hearing about poor old Dobby and Kingsley was impressed upon hearing how Harry had buried him without magic. Mrs Weasley was hitting Ron again after they had told them about breaking into and out of Gringotts, and Charlie had conjured his own piece of parchment and was quickly scribbling down a letter more than likely to his counterparts in England who worked with Dragons about the potential of a blind old dragon rampaging through the country side in search of food.

At last they had gotten to what the three of them had been doing during the battle. Ron and Hermione told of going to the chamber of secrets, which made Ginny cling on to Harry as if she never wanted to let him go. Then came Harry’s turn, McGonagall flinched at the description of Snape’s death, everyone cried after hearing about Snape’s memories. Everyone was shocked, and Ginny and Molly started to cry,  when Harry told them that he was the seventh Horcrux.Then came the time when Harry had to tell of his journey down to the forest, leaving out the bit about the resurrection stone as he had when he decanted the memory, he recalled what he had seen when both he and Voldemort had been unconscious coming to rest on Narcissa Malfoy’s deception that had ensured his life. Ginny had turned and has weeping into Harry’s shirt that was still covered in dust, dirt and blood. Then he recounted how he had played dead while he had been cruocioed, though he had to explain that he had felt nothing due to the wand not properly working for Voldemort. His desperate wish to get up when everyone had screamed when they thought he was dead, at this Ginny wacked him in the back of the head. “That’s for making us think you were dead!” she exclaimed. With this harry described what he had done once everyone had broke out fighting, finishing when he had removed his invisibility cloak.

 “What’s the time” asked George who had just finished crying after hearing of Fred’s death an hour earlier.

“Quarter past five” answered Harry looking down at the watch on his hand

 “We best go get some dinner then shan’t we” said Kingsley removing the wards Harry had place hours before hand.

Getting up Harry never let go of Ginny’s hand and realised for the first time all day that things might just start to settle down from here on in, and he would finally get to live a normal life.

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