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My Darling Princess by mary_ducks
Chapter 7 : A Long Story
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 Harry Potter was worried. What about? Everything. His pregnant wife, his best friend who was being stalked not only by himself but by a crazy serial killer and a love sick admirer of hers, he was worried about Ron’s current behavior of moping about the Burrow and crying that he wanted Hermione back and that he should have never broken it off, and worst of all the ministry had contacted him that Viktor Krum was on the look out for Hermione too. This was no love triangle for dearest Hermione she tangled in the very center of a freaking love web.

With a grunt he placed a silencing spell over his and Draco’s tent that they were staying in while they watched or in Draco’s case moaned over Hermione. Their tent was strategically placed on the roof of the house right next to Hermione's and had several invisibility spells, disillusionment charms, silencing charms and various other charms that only certain aurors and Hermione knew. He looked across the tent where Draco was silently moping and looking moodily out the tent to Hermione's back yard where she was helping an elderly lady with some garden work.

“You know, there are a million other girls in the world who would be all over you.” Harry told Draco as he sighed forlornly that reminded him of the way Ginny used to sigh when she was staring at him in his third year.

“Yes there are, and believe me I’ve already gone through a third of them but none of them are like Hermione, she is the only girl for me Harry.” Draco replied giving out another Ginny sigh as Harry had dubbed it.

“Don’t be an idiot Draco, you just cant wait for Hermione forever.” Harry told him in a lecturing voice which was the exact lecturing voice Hermione used, he could have slapped himself for it.

“Yes I can wait forever! And I will wait forever if I have to!” Draco cried out passionately standing up and looking wistfully towards the witch of his dreams who was now reading lazily on a hammock enjoying the last few minutes left of sun.


“No Harry, would you have waited for Ginny forever? She waited for you for you for five years, and then you finally got your thick skull around the fact that you truly loved her, would you have waited forever for her?” he asked repeating his question again with a pained look in his eyes as Harry remained quiet.

“Yes, I would have.” he finally whispered.



Ron wanted Hermione back, how much? A lot, he missed her and hated himself for letting her go. He felt like an idiot, but it was her fault the fire was gone. She just tried to hard and never gave the time of day for Ron, but he would make sure that changed once they got back together, he didn’t have a doubt in the world that she would say not to him.

So a he apparated to the Burrow for their weekly Sunday morning meal, he told his entire family, “Hermione and I are getting back together.”

“You're an idiot.”

“She doesn’t love you anymore.”

“That ship sailed a long time ago.”

“GO dig a hole and die in it.” the last was from Ginny who was still pissed off at her brother for Hermione's heartbreak and the reason for her disappearance.

“OH nice way to show your support.” he grumbled shoving as much food as he could into his mouth.



“Gran, how did that one story go about the love between the Earth and moon?” Hermione's asked as the fading light from the sun played strange patterns over her grandma's garden.

“The one where they were in love?” her grandmother asked smiling fondly at the memories of the story.

“Yes that one, I always loved it, could you tell it to me so I could write it down?” Hermione asked sitting “Indian” style on the ground while summoning a fountain pen, parchment and a clipboard.

“Of course dearie, pay attention closely so you don’t miss a thing.” her grandmother advised clearing her throat.

“Once a long time ago, long before the earth had been gifted with life, the earth was barren and lonely. The Lady Earth begged for companionship, because although her sister Venus was close by, Venus did not love her like she loved her moons. Lady Earth soon began to yearn for a partner that she could tell her deepest darkest secrets to, and she began to cry and cry and soon enough she was flooded with water. Then as time drifted by a comet was hurling past Lady Earth and upon hearing her tortured cries stopped in his race and was pulled towards the lady.

“Are you alright milady?” he asked her.

“Do I look alright?” she replied the anguish within her still boiled.

“I’m sorry milady that was an obvious question. But a better one is how may I help?” he asked his voice was like velvet and it had managed to calm down the depressed Lady Earth.

“Can you tell me what its like to be in love?” The Lady Earth asked staring across the galaxy jealously seeing all of her brothers and sisters with multiple beaus was like a knife to her core.

“No I can not for I have not had the opportunity to be with someone who will truly love me.” he replied. “And I must ask what is your name my fair lady?”

“Lady Earth my liege, my I know yours?” she told him quietly.

“Earth, such a beautiful benign name as for me my name is Moon.” he replied with a bow.

“Moon how lovely.” Lady Earth said to herself.

“Now if you would excuse me there’s a rogue star that I need to find, Good day milady!” he called zooming off into the galaxy once more.

But the longer moon was away chasing the criminals of the galaxy he could not take his mind off the beautiful Lady Earth. The farther away from her he was, the more he wished to be in her presence. So he decided that he would go back to her and be near her once more.

“Milady Earth how you?” He greeted as he saw the beautiful planet let the sun dry up her tears.

“Much confused today good sir.” she told him, for she too had not been able to take her mind off him since the moment he had left.

“I must know Lady Earth? Have you been thinking of out last encounter?” Moon asked hoping that she had.

“Why?” Lady Earth asked confused.

“Because I have not been able to take my mind off you since the moment I left.” he said truthfully.

“Are you lying to me?” the Lady Earth asked scared.

“Why would I lie to you? The last time we saw each other you asked if I could tell you what it is like to be in love. Well I have an answer for you now, it is indescribable, it is amazing and true and there is no other force in the galaxy that can keep me from my true love.” Moon said passionately.

“And who is the lucky maiden who has enticed you?” Lady Earth asked sadly for she had missed her chance with the valiant Moon.

“The very planet before me.” he replied sincerely.

“WH-what?” she asked perplexed she had managed to catch the eye of the wonderful Mr. Moon?

“Yes Lady Earth, I am deeply in love with you for although we talked for just a few minutes I knew in that instant that you were mine and I was yours.”

and it was from that moment on that the Earth and Moon were never separated, people say it is the forces of gravity that holds the universe together, but it is in fact love, the deep and powerful love between the planets, moons, stars and suns.” her grandmother finished the story and looked over to Hermione who was just finishing writing down the story.

“Thank you Gran.” Hermione said as she stood up and dusted herself off.

“Your welcome dear, are you ready for supper?” her gran asked as they walked back into the house.



Viktor Krum was getting an overflow of hate mail, people obviously preferred Hermione to him and he had made a huge mistake taking out his anger on her. And his mother, well his mother was writing each week about how he was ruining everything they had worked on. He sighed sometimes being American sucked, he actually enjoyed playing the role of Bulgarian Heartthrob Viktor Krum instead of American loser James Appleberry.

Looking around his flat a plan came into action. Find Hermione, apologize, claim to being imperioused, get her to fall in love, claim she cheated on him, break up with her and everything would be perfect for him, that is if he knew how to find her.




“That’s it Harry, I have to know the truth. And I don’t care if I get fired for breaking protocol, I’m going to talk to her.” Draco declared standing up from his position by the tent.

“Fine, go.” Harry relented knowing that Draco would never shut up if he didn’t find out.

“Thank you Harry, I’ll be back or not.” Draco said with a smirk apparating to some unknown place.

Harry sighed and looked around, his eyes fell on a huge truck that looked exactly like the truck Draco had described to him that had tried to hit Hermione. Sighing since he couldn’t check out the truck by himself he took multiple pictures of it to add it to their pile of “evidence” for the ministry. He looked around made sure no one was watching and took a picture of himself for Ginny.

Miss you tons, don’t send anything back though! Love Harry. He wrote on the back of the photo before tying it onto Blue and sending him to the Burrow.



Draco stepped inside of a flower store and after finding an attendant he picked out a bouquet for Hermione which consisted of Marigolds (her favorite flowers), chrysanthemums, daisies, tulips and lillies. Hermione was not the type of girl who really liked roses, they were too flashy for her and to her they were just too cliché. After paying for his bouquet he ran into some random person who looked oddly familiar but he said nothing and after finding a dark alley apparated back to Hermione's neighborhood where he walked up to the yellow house with white trim and knocked on the door twice before taking a step back.


Eric was buying a bouquet of roses for Hermione, to apologize for not sticking up for her when her his mother had said all of those horrible things about her, and for avoiding her for two days after that. He was seriously messing up with her and he did not know how to patch things up with her. Sighing he payed for the roses and walked towards her house where he saw the light to her parlor on. Speeding up his walk because of the horrid rain he hoped he hadn’t lost his chance.



“Hermione dear, would you get that please I’m a little busy in the kitchen.” her gran called out as someone knocked on the door. Looking down at her appearance Hermione shrugged, marked her place in her book and looking down at her appearance she shrugged and went to answer the door. The person she saw there was not who she was expecting.

“Draco? What are you doing here?” she asked she hadn’t told anyone about her Gran or that she was staying with her. To say in the least she was surprised but not angry, Draco was a wonderful sight for sore eyes and he looked beautiful against the cloudy background. His hair was still about the same length, just about reaching his eyes, he was still tall and muscular and by far one of the most handsome men she had ever had the pleasure of seeing.

“Well, I’m here to see you. I really need to talk to you Hermione.” he said giving her a look of utmost pleading.

“About what?” she asked confused and then her eyes fell down to the bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“About us.” he stated simply.

“Alright then, why don’t you come inside and we can talk in the parlor.” Hermione suggested finally allowing him into the house.

“Okay, and these are for you. Marigolds because I know they're you're favorite.” he said handing her the wonderfully put together bouquet. She took it from him gently and took a deep sniff, it smelled delightful.

“Thank you, let me find a vase to put these in and then we can go up to the parlor.” Hermione said walking into the kitchen and summoning an empty vase. “Gran this is Draco, Draco Malfoy. Draco this is my paternal Grandmother Elisa.” Hermione said introducing the two and feeling very self conscious about her outfit, she was wearing a long sleeved red shirt, skinny jean like yoga pants, with bright red and gold leg warmers. It was then that a flash of lightning and the loud cry of thunder caused Hermione to jump up and yelp.

“Shh the fearless Gryffindor is afraid of a little rain.” Draco teased knowing quite well that Hermione hated thunderstorms.

“OH shush Draco, gran we're gonna go up and talk in the parlor.” Hermione said and kissed her gran on the cheek as she ushered Draco upstairs.



“SO you wanted to talk?” Hermione began as she sat herself down and sat on her feet to hide the embarrassing leg warmers and pulled a blanket over her legs to make sure they would not be seen.

“Yes, I need to know Hermione.”

“Need to know what? I know plenty of things.” Hermione interrupted cheerfully.

“I need to know about us.” Draco said steadily staring into her eyes thoughtfully, Hermione admired his blue gray orbs and couldn’t help but smile.

“What about us?” she asked playing for ignorance.

“I need to know if you lo-”

“HERMIONE! I DESPERATELY NEED TO TALK TO YOU!” Eric cried as he threw himself into the parlor. “Oh um I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had company.” he said looking at Draco sheepishly.

“Oh um its alright I guess we can all talk right now.” Hermione told him then she noticed he too held a bouquet of flowers. Roses to be in fact, Hermione was not a fan of roses.

“I doubt it Hermione I need to talk to you in private.” Draco put in slightly jealous that “boy” had interrupted him. Then upon studying “boy” he realized he was the idiot who had bumped into him at the flower shop.

Hermione then studying the two boys began thinking, flowers, privacy, a need to know. Shit.

“Um how about we talk some other time then in like twenty years.” she offered not wanting any declarations of love tonight.

“Hermione please!” both boys stated at the same time glaring at each other.

“Who is this bloody bloke Hermione?” Eric asked indicating towards Draco.

“He's one of my models and one of my best friends.” Hermione said looking at Draco’s furious expression. “Eric Fielders Draco Malfoy, Draco Malfoy Eric Fielders.” Hermione introduced her two best friends and then two more people barged into the parlor. “and Ron Weasley and Viktor Krum! What the hell do you guys want!?” she yelled angrily looking at everyone who was piled into her parlor. She didn’t even know how three of the four knew where she was. “Are you guys stalking me?” she asked looking at the four of them. No body answered her.

“For Merlin's sake cant you all leave and wait your turn?!” Draco bellowed even more furious that three more people had come to proclaim their love for Hermione.

“Hermyownninny, vlease vlet me exvlain!” Viktor cried out walking towards Hermione with a bouquet of roses.

“Dammit Viktor stop it with the stupid accents I know you're freaking American! And Ronald Weasley what the hell do you want?!”

“I want you, Hermione.” he stated looking at his furious ex girlfriend.

“News Flash I don’t want you or you!” Hermione yelled pointing at Viktor and Ron.

“So that means you want one of us?” Eric said indicating himself and Draco.

“NO!” she cried out annoyed and very confused.

“Vut I need vu heryownninny!” Viktor cried stepping closer to Hermione and pining her against the wall, but before he could even try to kiss her he was roughly pulled back and punched dreadfully hard by Draco Malfoy.

“I thought I told you to never touch or look at her again!” Draco bellowed as another flash lightning and a drum roll of thunder shook the house, causing the lights to flicker on and off for a while. Soon all of the boys were yelling and screaming at each other over no apparent reason and the lightning and thunder were getting closer and closer. And poor Hermione was just about to lose it, storming out of the parlor she flew down the stairs and threw herself out the door and ran down the block.



“Hermione! Hermione! Stop! Please!” Draco cried he had been the only one to see her escape. Trying to fight the harsh wind and rain he ran towards her and just as he was about to reach out and grab her she apparated away. Cursing under his breath Draco did a point me spell, not noticing that he was being followed by two others.

Running as fast as he could in the troublesome rain Draco pushed his hair out of his wand eventually saw a flash of soggy honey brown hair. As she ran across the street Draco cried out to her.

“HERMIONE! PLEASE I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!” he cried, but he wasn’t the only to say it. Still running towards her, Draco realized the “boy” or Eric was on the other side of the cross walk and heading towards Hermione. Draco stopped knowing that Hermione would not want him any closer than he already was.

“Hermione please tell me I have to know the truth, do you love me?” Eric cried out towards the girl who was crying in the middle of the street and shivering from the cold. She looked up towards him her heart beating quickly from her labored run. No she didn’t love him and he kept getting closer and invading her space.

“HERMIONE LOOK OUT!” Draco cried as a grand big truck sped towards Hermione and hit her frozen body. She flew up and then down landing on the windshield of the car and rolling off and colliding with the floor. “PROTEGO!!” Draco cried hoping the shield charm would protect her from getting run over from the wheels of the truck. To his amazement it worked and the truck still going to fast after running over the shield charm was not in proper working condition. “Sectumsempra!” Draco called slashing the wheels of the truck and it flipped over a couple of times before landing upside down.

Marching towards the car Draco pulled out the groaning driver and literally beat the shit out of him before reading him his Merlin rights, tying him to a stop sign and breaking his wand in half. Then he raced towards Hermione's immobile form on the ground, where bloody Eric was panicking not quite sure what to do. Kneeling over her Draco began checking the damage and growled in frustration, he couldn’t possible heal her without doing even more damage.

“Dammit Draco! I told you not to talk to her!” Harry cried as he ran over to his partner and best friend.

“Shut up Harry! I’m trying to figure out what to do!” Draco yelled out.

“Take her to bloody Saint Mungo's you dunce!” Harry cried, it was just about then that his eyes landed and Eric. “Who the bloody hell are you?”

“Eric Fielders Hermione's boyfriend but it doesn’t seem like I’m the only one.” he said giving Draco the evil eye who returned it.

“That’s enough boys!” Grandma Granger cried as she appeared out of thin air, “Draco take Hermione to Saint Mungo's Harry go deal with the bastard who ran her over and Eric please come with me.” taking hold of Eric’s hand and placing a hand on Draco’s shoulder they apparated to Saint Mungo's.



“We need help and contact the ministry a muggle was caught in the very center of a wizard attack his memories need to be altered.” Grandma Granger said talking to a nurse who just happened to be in front of her.

“Then go to the ministry, if you don’t have someone who has some sort of magical malady or is in pain then leave.” the mediwitch told her.

“My granddaughter Hermione Granger was just hit by a truck.” grandma granger said angrily.

“Her-hermione granger?” the mediwitch asked shocked.

“Yes Hermione Granger now get her some help before she dies!” Grandma Granger commanded as the mediwitch went into action summoning a gurney and calling out for assistance.

“Now that is how you get work done, now Eric dear sit down and don’t ask questions.” Grandma Granger commanded.

“I never knew Hermione had magical relatives.” Draco commented as he sat down next to Grandma Granger.

“We told her to keep it a secret because of who I really am.” grandma granger told him while taking her knitting out of her handbag.

“Which is?”

“Elisa Gryffindor, last of the Gryffindor legacy.” she told him, “My husband was Lorenzo Slytherin.”

“Wh-what? You mean Hermione is.”

“The most powerful witch to ever be born? Yes.”

“But her last name isn’t Slytherin or Gryffindor.” Draco stated dumbly.

“I know, we changed our name to Granger for fear of what would become of our family. Fortunately, Hermione was the only one of our descent that was born with magic.” she replied.

“Oh, so the rest of your children were squibs?” he asked intrigued.

“Sadly, yes but my eldest daughter was gifted with the sight, that was until she foresaw the death of her husband and killed them both so that they could die together.” she said sadly missing her Amatis.

“I am so sorry.” Draco said sincerely holding her hand in his. “How did you fall in love with Lorenzo?”

“Ah that is a story I have not even fully told to Hermione but I think I can trust you. Lorenzo and I met at Hogwarts, it was our hate that fueled our motivation. We always battled over who would get to be the number one student and who would be prefect and all that nonsense Soon enough we knew everything about each other, schedules, family members, friends, everything. In our sixth year we were battling seriously for it was this year where we would prove ourselves worthy for head boy and girl. I was sneaking out of my common room one night to get in more studying for a test when I bumped into him on the way to the library, he was crying. I was astounded, surprised, scared but what surprised me even more what that I was worried for him and I asked what was wrong. He confided in me that his little sister had died from polio.

I comforted him and soon enough we realized we didn’t know each other at all. We began to sneak out of our houses at night to speak with each other and talk and eventually our hate turned into love. We were both made head boy and girl and that only allowed for more opportunities to be born within us. Then we gained horrible news, I was to be married to Alastor Moody.

We tried to find a way around it but we couldn’t, so I told my parents the truth. They were furious with me, falling in love with the enemy, it was unheard of. So I told them if I didn’t get to marry Lorenzo then I would bear them no grandchildren and would end the Gryffindor line. They eventually relented and we were able to unite the Slytherins and Gryffindors for a while. That was until Tom riddle went to Hogwarts and everything was destroyed.”

“Wow, so you guys fell in love and fought for your love?” Draco asked.

“Yes we did, we would have rather died than not be together. Would you fight for my Hermione?” she asked him after a moment of silence.

“Yes, I already did and still am.” Draco whispered looking towards the operating room where she was being held.

“NO I love her!” Eric cried looking around wildly as he watched things float by and people appearing out of thin air.

“No Eric, at first I thought it would be you for the name never appeared as to who Hermione would fall in love with, only the face of a baby girl with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. I presume that was Hermione's child and unfortunately for you, you don’t have platinum blonde hair.” Gran told Eric sadly.

“No! I don’t care what your stupid vision told you I love her and she is mine!” Eric cried out.

“Stupefy.” Draco said under his breath and pointing his wand at Eric who immediately stopped moving and speaking. “Much better. So you think it was me in your vision?” he asked looking towards the amazing grandmother before him.

“I don’t think, I know.” she replied before humming a song and returning to her knitting.



How was that? I hope you guys liked it!

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