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Harry Potter and the Supreme Animagus by Blazing Golden Pheonix
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8-Sirius will
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"What happened Minerva?" Dumbledore asked.

"What they have said that time, are vows. Hermione vowed Harry, that, she will be at his side for the rest of her life. That means, she cannot leave Harry all the time. She must be very close to Harry." Minerva exclaimed. "Hermione, can you go to the kitchen and bring water to all of us, just to check the statement, I just said."

"Yes professor." Hermione said, and went towards the kitchen.
After about two minutes, they heard Hermione shout 'Harry', and rushed towards the kitchen. When they went, they saw Hermione lying on the floor, in the kitchen. They brought Hermione to Harry's bedroom, and placed her, on his bed. Harry catched her hand. After about five minutes, Hermione slowly opened her eyes slowly. She brought the interlinked hands, up to her chest, and squeezed his hand.

"Is there a solution, professor?" Harry asked.

"I don't know Harry. But there must be. I've heard that there is a spell which can be helpful in this kind of situation. It may be helpful for short distances. But time is the only solution here. The bond between you, at this time is very sensitive, so you cannot leave her alone. As time passes, the bond strengthens, which increase the distance you both can be away. I don't know, how much time it takes, but you must not leave each other, for at least six months. i.e. until you both can feel each other every second."

"I will not leave her alone this time professor. By the way, How far the bond allows you to the maximum?"

"History said that the soul mates can communicate to each other to very far distances, even to other continents, but there are no proofs to that, as none of the couples revealed that information."

By this time, Hermione had regained some of her energy, slowly sat up. She did not break the interlink between their hands. She sat up beside him.

"Now I am glad to announce you both are married" Dumbledore stated, and seeing the puzzled look on their faces, explained "Soul bond is a kind of marriage between souls." he paused, and continued "This kind of marriage is considered, very important and high, by the ministry, and, any disturbance to this bond, by other members, will lead them to spend rest of their life in azkaban"

"Do you know any others, who are soul mates professor?" Remus asked.

"The last soul mates, that I knew, are Nicolas Flamel and his wife." Dumbledore answered.

"He is the owner of the sorcerer's stone, you tried to protect in our first year. Harry do you remember him?" Hermione asked.

"Yes 'Mione. It was later destroyed. Professor, are they alive now?" Harry asked.

"Yes Harry! They have about two years of elixir still." Dumbledore answered.

"Speaking of elixir, we have to discuss an important thing." Dumbledore paused, seeing all nods of agreement, he continued, "We have lately found a will, that was written by Sirius Black." He paused again, taking a parachment from his pocket, "He inherited, almost everything to you, Harry".

'I, Sirius Gordon Black, declare this to be my Will, and I revoke any and all wills and codicils I previously made.

ARTICLE I: Funeral expenses & payment of debt

I direct my executors to pay my enforceable unsecured debts and funeral expenses, the expenses of my last illness, and the expenses of administering my estate.

ARTICLE II: Money & Personal Property

I give all my tangible personal property and all policies and proceeds of insurance covering such property, to my godson, Harry. If he does not survive me, I give that property Albus Dumbledore, who should use it, as the school fee, to the children, who were unable to pay. My executors may pay out of my estate the expenses of delivering tangible personal property to beneficiaries.

ARTICLE III: Real Estate

I give all my residences, subject to any mortgages or encumbrances thereon, and all policies and proceeds of insurance covering such property, to my godson, Harry. If he does not survive me, I give that property to Albus Dumbledore.

I give the rest of my estate (called my residuary estate) to my godson, Harry. If he does not survive me, I give my residuary estate to Albus Dumbledore.'

"So, this will will be enough, to give all his properties, to you." Dumbledore stated, "However, there were two problematic parts, in the legacy," he paused, "The first one, he also gave you the house, which was located at No.12 Grimmauld place."

"I do not need that house. You can keep it for the order." Harry replied.

"That was indeed very grateful of you, Harry" Dumbledore said.
"However, we shifted the location of headquarters."

"Why?" Harry asked.

"There is a rule, that, the house should be overhanded to the next male Black in the family. As Sirius and, his younger brother Regulas, died without children, and Sirius clearly stated that, this house belongs to you, you become the owner of it. Here comes the problem. There may be an enchantment on the house, to allow only a pure blood, to inherit it. In that case, his immediate cousin Bellatrax Lestrange inherits the property. She may come there anytime, claiming it. So we moved prior. By a simple test, we can know, who is the owner of it."

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"If you own the house, you will also own Kreacher, who is bounded to the house. If the results are positive, problem is solved. Other wise, we have to do another thing to keep Kreacher to go to her mistress."

"Why?" Hermione asked.

"He had been in the house, all last year, and know well about 'Order of Phoenix'. Sending him to a death eater, would be a danger." Every one remained silent with this statement.

"What is the test?" Harry asked.

With a flick of wand from Dumbledore, Kreacher popped in. He is shouting 'No! No! No! Miss Bella is my owner. I don,t listen to you.

"Order him Harry." Dumbledore said between the shouts.

"NO! NO! NO! You are not my master." Kreacher was shouting.

"Shut up your mouth!" was the only thing Harry can think of.

Kreacher suddenly lost his voice. He was shouting, but no voice is coming from the elf. Now he started banging the floor, to show his frustration. But of course, the sound was small when compared to his shouts.

"That's it Harry. The house and Kreacher belongs to you." Dumbledore said smiling.

"I don't want him." Harry said immediately.

"You can send him to Hogwarts. In that way, the other elves can keep an eye on him."

"Yes professor. Take him to Hogwarts." Harry said.

"I'm not the person to order Harry. It must be you." Dumbledore said slowly.

"Kreacher! Go to Hogwarts, and work there. Remember! You will only take the orders from either Dumbledore, or me. If anybody tries to call you, or give any work, you will not listen to them. Go now."

With a pop, the elf went away.

"That was clear and simple. You made the work easy." Dumbledore said.

Hearing praises from Dumbledore, may that be normal to Harry, but the others felt typical.

Harry called Dobby. Everyone, even Dumbledore, was surprised, when Harry called him. Hermione became sad, as Harry is going to assign another job to Dobby. She remained silent, as she cannot change Harry's mind, when he is so adamant. As, every body were looking at Harry, for why he called Dobby, he said,

"Dobby! Can you do a work for me?" Harry asked.

"Anything Master Harry! I is very happy to help you." Dobby replied with a gleam of joy in his face. He always has the similar gleam, every time Harry assigned a job for him.

"I had sent Kreacher to work at Hogwarts. He was very sad, that he will be away from his house in Grimmauld. So he engages himself into work, to be away from the sadness. Your job is to make sure that, Kreacher is not busying himself into work. See that he takes rest at regular intervals. And try to make his sadness disappear. And also observe that Kreacher don't meet anybody. You don't make yourself into this work, like you did last time. Do all this work, when you are able to. Don't do stupid things, like not sleeping. I don't want you to suffer. Now you can go."

"Yes! Master Harry. I am do this work." With that he went away with a pop.

"That was very generous of you." Dumbledore said with a smile on his face.

"Sirius will be proud of you. He will feel extremely happy, if he heard this conversation." Remus said.

Hermione already had a gleam in her eyes. She did not expect Harry to assign this kind of job to Dobby. She was very happy, to the fact that, Harry was even taking care of Kreacher, who hates to be with him. "I love you Harry" she said to him, and gave a peck on his lips. "I love you too" he said after the kiss.

At this moment, there was a tap at the window. when Remus opened it with his wand, and two owl's came into the room, carrying four letters.

"If I am correct, two of those, are from the Ministry, and two from Gringotts."

At the same time, the door of the room shot open,

"Since when did you have secrets fro....." Ron stopped dead seeing in the room. "Professor Dumbledore, professor McGonagall ......." be continued.

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