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A Different Fate by SnitchCatcher
Chapter 2 : Long Time, No See
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Chapter One: Long Time, No See

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, it's characters, plot, etc. Just Tabby :)

Harry looked at Tabby, unsure if it was really her. He felt bad seeing those chocolate eyes dark in anger and confusion. He was sure that seeing him was the cause of the anger. You see, after they were eleven, Harry had promised to meet with her the next day. Problem was, Tabby waited for three hours, waiting, and he never showed up. Reason? Harry had gotten his letter. He let her down in a way.

Tabby was very angry seeing Harry. He really had abandoned her when she was eleven. She now knew though, and couldn’t really complain or argue, as she knew the requirements to going to Hogwarts. Though that really couldn’t change the present though right now, so she would have to forgive and forget.

Harry looked her up and down, swallowing the lump in his throat as she was still as pretty as before, in fact, a LOT prettier now.

“So, why are you here?” he asked.

Tabby rolled her eyes. “Actually, I was going to ask you the same thing Harry.” She told him, looking straight into the emerald green eyes she easily could become lost in if she wasn’t so confused and angry.

                Harry shifted uncomfortably on his feet. “Well, I go to Hogwarts.” He answered simply. “And I’m guessing you do to now.” He said.

                Tabby nodded. “Yeah.” She said simply.

                Harry looked at the seat next to her. “Can I sit?” he asked.

                Tabby shrugged. “Sure.” She told him.

                The rest of the ride was quiet until half way through when Hermione spoke up.             

                “So, I’m Hermione, this is Ron, and I’m guessing you already know who Harry is.” She told her, looking between the two uncertainly.

                Tabby nodded. “Tabby.” She introduced herself. “And yes, I do.” She said, not looking at Harry, who was now sitting next to her.  

                Hermione nodded. “So, which house do you think you’ll be sorted into?” she asked Tabby anxiously.

                Tabby thought for a moment. “Hm… I guess we’ll see soon.” She said as the train stopped in Hogsmede at last.

                The four of them got off of the stop, walking up to the carriages when Hagrid came up to them.

                “ ‘cuse me ‘arry. Dumbledore wants to see ‘abby in ‘is office ‘mediatly.” He said, motioning Tabby to follow him.

                Tabby nodded and looked back at the trio. “See you guys at the feast.” She said, walking with Hagrid to the castle, riding the boats with the first years. Well, she was riding with Hagrid, but that still counted.

                Finally, they made it to the castle. But instead of going with the first year, Hagrid motioned her to follow him. They walked up the staircases, Tabby looking around in wonder at the staircases, portraits, and corridors as they walked up to the Headmaster’s office. After turning into a dim-lighted corridor, they stopped in front of a large eagle structure that seemed to peer directly at the two of them. Hagrid cleared his throat and looked at the sculpture.

                “Lemon drops,”Hagrid told the sculpture, standing back as it twisted into a staircase. “Best be leavin’ you ‘ere ‘abby, got some business to tend to.” He said.

                Tabby nodded. “Okay, thank you Hagrid. Goodbye.” She said as she started up the staircase, not looking back to see if Hagrid had gone or not.

                Tabby kept looking up as she climbed the staircase, knowing what was coming for her as she was greeted by the huge double doors to the Headmaster’s office. She knocked twice and entered, stepping into the large office. Once inside, she was greeted by the Headmaster, Professor Albus Dumbledore.

                “Hello,  Tabetha. I’m hoping your ride here went well.” He greeted her, wandlessly closing the door behind her.

                Tabby smiled. “Yes, it did, Professor. Thank you. Although, I found it odd that Harry Potter goes here. Did you know about this?” she asked.

                Dumbledore laughed, his eyes twinkling. “Yes, I am aware, as I am the Headmaster. Now, before we go on, we must find where you are to be staying this term. I have the hat here so you don’t need to go in front of the school today.” He told her, pulling the hat from where it sat on his desk. He patted the seat that was in front of the desk, motioning for her to sit down. Tabby obeyed, sitting onto the chair, waiting for Dumbledore to continue.

                Dumbledore quickly explained the houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Then he placed the hat on her head, letting the hat determine what house she was in.

                Tabby waited, then she heard a small voice inside her head.

                Ah, a new student, eh?  Very brave, courageous, but a darkened past. Very friendly, and very intelligent.  You could belong to any one of the houses, but we need to pick one, now, don’t we? Hm… your bravery stands out above everything else, and your loyalty is also something to value.  You could do well in both Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, but let’s not forget your logic and bitterness for those who hurt you. Hm…… ah, now I see. Your courage and bravery defeat your revenge, stabilizing it. SO cross of Slytherin. Your logic is there, but not strong enough. Cross out Ravenclaw.  Finally, the last to houses. Well, I see now!  Better be, “GRYFFINDOR!” it yelled out.

                Dumbledore nodded and took the hat off of her head, taking it into his arm as Tabby got up, turning to look at Dumbledore. “Okay, so do we leave now?” she asked, heading back towards the door.

                He nodded. “Yes, actually, we do need to get going.” He said, heading in front of the girl as he headed down the stairs, Tabby following him close behind. They took a quick shortcut, making sure Tabby was dropped off at the Great Hall entrance without Dumbledore following. She followed the first years inside, looking for the lion crest on Gryffindor’s banner.  Once she did, she headed in that direction, finding Hermione’s brown bushy hair immediately and silently thanking the heavens that the seat next to her was empty. She quickly headed over to that direction, tapping Hermione on the shoulder and waited until she turned before she spoke.

                “Hey can I sit here?” she asked.

                Hermione nodded. “Yeah.  Actually, that seat was saved for you.” She said, smiling.

                Tabby smiled back. “Thanks.” She said, sitting down.

                Hermione looked at her  robes. “I’m guessing you already switched your uniform.” She said, pointing to the Gryffindor crest.

Tabby laughed and nodded. “Yeah.” She said. That’s when she looked across the table and into Harry’s eyes.  She could literally see the guilt and confusion in his expression.

“We’ll talk about this later, Harry.” She whispered, looking at Dumbledore to say he was starting the speech.

Harry simply nodded, silently thanking that she was put in Gryffindor with him.


Note: I feel the chapter turned out well, all critical comments welcome :) Just no trash talking the story. Please and thank you :)


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