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Moving House by Siriusly89
Chapter 1 : One
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 “You have to hide” Albus Dumbledore leaned across the table and grasped them both with his wrinkled, but strong hands. Lily was sitting, shell-shocked. She instinctively looked over to where Harry was dozing in his pram, oblivious to the deadly course his life had just taken. She crossed the small flats kitchen and wrapped her arms around her precious boy, her little baby. He was only a week old, and in Lily’s eyes, he had already been sentenced to die. James stared out the window, without really seeing anything. His eyes had glazed over. Some people might have thought he had switched off, but anyone who knew him well knew he was in deep thought.

“Where will we hide?” he said after a five minute silence.

“Somewhere that has no obvious connection with either of you” Albus answered.

James nodded once in recognition, but Lily made no movement to say she had heard him. Albus surveyed them both over his half-mooned spectacles with sorrowful eyes. To be so young and to have what should have been the happiest era of their lives marred by such sadness was devastating. They wouldn’t be alone though. Albus had just come from the Longbottom’s, where he had just had to deliver the exact same news and received much the same reaction.

“How long do we have until he-” James’ voice died out. He glanced over at Lily. She was absentmindedly stroking Harrys little head, but her wide, fearful eyes showed she had heard James, and what he had been implying.

“According to our informant, you have until the end of the week” He said in a low voice.

James inhaled sharply, and leaned back in his chair. A silent tear tracked down Lily’s face.

“I’ll leave you be” Albus’ chair scraped against the linoleum. He shut the front door quietly after him and a moment later, a familiar pop rang out.

“What are we going to do Lily?” James said quietly.

Lily looked at him with tear filled eyes.

“I don’t know James, I don’t know”


“Lily? I’ve got the last box” James called up the narrow stairs. He staggered in the front door, and dropped the box at the foot of the stairs.

“Lil’s? Where are you?” he took the stairs two at a time “Lily?” he found her sitting amidst all the boxes in Harry’s nursery, cradling Harry. She never put him down anymore.

“You okay?” he said tentatively.

She looked at him with narrowed eyes “What kind of question is that? Of course I’m not okay” she said in a furious whisper. Harry snored softly in his sleep.

“Just asking” James shrugged. He had long since learned that not reacting to Lily’s biting sarcasm was a much better tactic than fighting with her.

“Well stop ‘just asking’” she spat.

“Okay” he shrugged again.

“STOP SHRUGGING YOUR BLOODY SHOULDERS!” she shouted. She then realised her mistake, but by then it was too late. Harry had opened his little eyes, and begun to wail.

“Now look what you’ve done!” she screeched. She got up off her knees and began manoeuvring around the boxes, bouncing Harry up and down, in an attempt to silence his ear-splitting shrieks. Her efforts were fruitless though, and Harry continued to scream blue murder, until James couldn’t take it anymore, reached over, and detached him from Lily’s arms.

“Here, I’ll settle him down, and you go relax for a bit”

Lily gave him a cold, hard stare, and James thought she would argue, but she turned sharply on her heel, and stalked out of the room.

“Hey little man, what’s up?” James stared down at his little boy. He already had a head of soft black hair, and a dimple on his left cheek, but there was no denying that Harry had Lily’s eyes. Exactly as James had hoped.

“You know Harry? If you turn out to be half the person your Mummy is, you’ll be doing brilliant. Because your Mum is the smartest, kindest, most beautiful person I have ever met. Just once you can escape her temper” he winked down at his baby son “Because she can be downright scary! Now me, I’m more of a push-over. So if you ever want to follow in my footsteps, make sure old Mc Gonnagal sends the letters of complaint to me. Because she’s going to be your head of house. I just know it. Don’t listen to anything Dumbledore says, he doesn’t know what he’s on about, you’re going to grow up, be a Gryffindor, be ashamed of me and Sirius and our antics, be awesome at Quiddich, and marry the person of your dreams! I really don’t care who, as long as it’s not Snivellus, because then I’d have to disown you” James half- laughed “You going to grow up, and be someone great”

“He might not grow up at all” a voice said coldly from behind him. Lily lifted Harry out of James arms, and placed him into his cot, that had been shoved haphazardly into a corner by an irate Sirius. Hangovers and moving furniture did not mix well.

“You can’t think like that Lily” James said quietly. He moved across the small room in one step, and placed a hand on her shoulder. She shrugged him off roughly.

“Lil’s….” James gently spun her around, and crushed her against his chest. She strugged for a minute, but grief seemed to overcome her, and they both sank awkwardly to the ground, Lily’s head against James’ shoulder, her tears soaking through his t-shirt.

“He hasn’t even been given a chance to live, and he’s been sentenced to die” she sobbed.

“Lily, we don’t know if the prophecy is even about him” he stroked her hair.

“I’m such a bad person James, I’m praying for it to be about Alice’s baby. I want her baby to die so mine won’t have to” she whispered, a hysterical edge to her voice.

“Lily, you are not a bad person. You are the most wonderful person I know. There is nothing wrong with wanting your baby to live” James shook her gently, forcing her to make eye contact with him.

“But it’s just so….wrong. That one baby has to die for the other to live”

“I know it is Lily…..I know” James’ voice broke at the end, and Lily’s tears began to flow again. They sat in the same spot, rocking backwards and forwards until the sun had set far behind the gently sloping hills that surrounded their new home. They were both jolted out of their trance by the bang of the front door. They both froze.

“I forgot to lock it” James whispered. Lily began to tremble. She never thought the moment would have come this soon.

“It’s only me” Sirius roared up the stairs. James and Lily both breathed a sigh of relief. Sirius came pounding up the stairs and bounded into the nursery. He took in the scene before him.

“You have a lot of unpacking to do”

And for the first time in a week, Lily and James found themselves laughing.


I own nothing!
This chapter is a little bit angsty, a little bit fluffy, a little bit of everything! I like the piece, but I will probably tweak it a bit 


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