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Finders Keepers Losers Seekers by Xanthe
Chapter 7 : The Letter
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Oliver’s Point of View

I could tell I brought up a sensitive topic.

She looked like she might cry. She kept sniffing and nonchalantly trying to rub her eyes. I felt so bad. I promised my self this year would go well. I would do a better job than those knuckle heads out there, who were at the moment taking my previous orders seriously and hitting each other with their clubs, at keeping Callies man-fan club under control. I would be the best quittich captain ever. And I would keep relations between Clark and me at a normal sociable way.

So far I’ve told her a deep dark secret that was never suppose to come out and almost made her cry.

Good job Wood.

I knew I was treading on thin ice when I brought the subject up but I just wanted to talk to her about how it wasn’t her fault. She needed to know the truth. She needed to know how brave she was, how she tried harder that even I would have. I didn’t mean to upset her.

Yes I would have loved to see us win that game but it just wasn’t in the cards for us. Her brother was the captain last year and a bloody good one at that. He was the best chaser on the team for over fifty years. He had at least twenty scouts at this game watching him. The game meant a lot to him. It was his last chance to prove that Gryffindor could win. Clark put all the blame of that day on her, a burden that was too heavy for a girl her size. Of course Joe got an offer to play for Puddlemerre and not only dressing but as a starter.

All of the Clark family are bloody good players. Her older brother Adam was keeper for seven years, and then the year after he graduated, I became keeper. Like Joe Adam was offered a starting position as keeper for Puddlemerre. Then the middle brother Hoss became captain during his sixth year at Hogwarts he was one of the team’s beater. The other was Fred. George was nervous about trying out and didn’t but he tried out the next year after Hoss, just like his other brothers, signed on to Puddlemerre to play as a starter. So the three Clark brothers are all on the Puddlemerre team. Adam is Keeper, Hoss is Beater, and Joe is Chaser.

I wish that Clark would just let that go. No body resents her for what happened. We all think she was brave, brave and stupid. I found out she didn’t have just a fracture. I looked at the little clipboard patients have at the end of the bed that tells the doctor what’s wrong with the patient. Turns out she dislocated her shoulder and completely shattered her radius and ulna. (That’s your lower arm basically I had to look it up in a muggle book.) I don’t even want to go into detail about the damage she did to her tissue. She lied so we wouldn’t be too worried about her. She lied about being in pain because she knew how much this game meant to Joe. And without a Seeker there is no way we could possibly win the game. She took a big one for the team. I never told anyone her secret about lying to everybody about her injury. If she wanted people to know she would tell them.

I looked up in the sky. There she was flying around like she never broke a bone in her body. I was in the stands surveying the happenings of the team. The three Chasers were still flirting with the air, Clark was diving and swerving her way as if slicing through air, and the twins were knocking each other senseless with their clubs.

“Oui you two! If you don’t start working I will beat you with those things until you sing soprano!” I yelled. I knew it didn’t mean much because by this point in time they were probably used to the feel of the clubs. But I guess my big physique and death glare really got to them because they immediately got back to work. I smirked. I love having power over people.


“What who said that?!” I yelled. Somewhere on the pitch someone started singing the muggle song. No! Only I have the power!

“I said it.” I craned my neck up to see Clarkholding the snitch while making joyful figure eights in the sky.

“I finally caught the snitch in less than ten minutes!” She squealed. Funny, squealing doesn’t sound good on her. But at least she got her mind off the big accident.

“Good for you, now back to work!” I bellowed.

She gave me a salute released the snitch, closed her eyes for ten seconds, scanned the area and immediately spotted it.

That girl has a natural feel for quidditch.

One look at her and you wouldn’t think she was tough. Spend two minutes with her and you would have proven your self wrong. She looks so carefree up there completely focused on quidditch yet smiling at nothing. She looks nothing like she did the day of her accident. I remember the day clearly…

I was so mad at that Slytherin guy for attacking her, but of course Madam Hooch didn’t see anything. He was going kill Clark. Of course she has the best reflexes of almost anyone in the school so she was dodging him just fine but he was still a major distraction from the snitch.

I saw it in her eyes.

She had found the snitch.

She became so focused on the fact that she found the snitch she forgot about her attacker.

He hit her and there was a bone crunching thud. She started spiraling out of control. She tried to land and put on a tough show but she was holding her right arm.

“Time out!” Joe yelled. We flew down to see her. Her arm was meessseeedd up. But she just glared at the other team’s seeker.

“Don’t Cal.” Said Joe noticing her death glare at the seeker.

“You need to just stay away from him and keep looking for the snitch.”


“I mean it Callie!” Joe yelled.

She grumbled a little bit and went back up in the air. As soon as the game was up and running the seeker did it one more time. She had no choice but to start flying at him. I think she enjoyed her revenge because she kept doing it. But when Lee started narrating it she stopped.

She flew up in the air and tried to survey her arm. She must be dealing with the pain. I didn't know what it was but something inside of me just tightened up. It hurt me to see in her pain. She shouldn't be in pain. I know we don't get along by any means but she was still me seeker. She meant a lot to the team.

Time passed and I focused on my job. If she was being tough about it I would be too. I was blocking quaffles and not even thinking about any thing else when all of a sudden the loud whistle was blown. I stopped what I was doing only to see Clark doing barrel rolls down the pitch, it looked like she was hurt.

When she finally stopped she didn’t move.

I flew down as fast as I could. The team had all ready beaten me to her. The professors soon followed. I looked up from her and saw Hagrid having a tough time restraining Joe. He finally broke free and ran to Callie.

I was scared out of my mind. I knew we weren’t friends but somewhere in the back of my brain and way deep down at the bottom of my heart I cared about her. And there she was laying limp on the ground people yelling at her to not close her eyes. I almost started to cry.

She looked up at me.

We had some sort of mutual connection where she barely smiled and then she passed out.

She was rushed to the infirmity carried in Joe’s arms.

Her other brothers always make it a point to come to the younger siblings games. So when she was settled into a bed Dumbledore allowed them in.

All three of them grabbed chairs and stationed themselves by her bed. They did nothing but stare at her. They didn’t grab her scratched up dirt caked hand. They didn’t hold her bloody and bruised head. They just sat there staring at her motionless body.

Madam Pomfrey came by and fixed her up. She preformed one of the most advances healing spells I’ve ever seen on her shoulder and put her fractured arm in a cast.

“I’ll deal with completely healing that later.” She said. The professors were on the left side of the bed along with Madam Pomfrey who was bandaging her minor wounds. Her brothers were on the right side. The Gryffindor team along with newly arrived Katie and Lee were standing in the background desperate for information.

I’ve never been more scared in my life. I didn’t know why. I couldn’t believe just yesterday I was stealing her Ancient Runes homework and holding it above my head so she couldn’t reach taunting her about being short.

Now she is unconscious.

After about two hours of standing there the team decided we should head up to the dorms. We weren’t doing any good just standing around here. Professor Snape had left along with Madam Hooch who had to take care of the quittich equipment. We were followed to the door by Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore. I made sure I held the door open for both of them as soon as they were out I turned around.

It looked like something out of a movie. The three brothers were sitting there lost in thoughts. The sun was shining through the window leisurely so the dust particles were easy to be seen. And the body in the bed was stiff and lifeless. Completely unaware of the pain she was causing some people.

Including me.

I closed the door and walked down the hall. My head thought that it would explode. I was thinking so much at such a rapid pace. I needed sleep. It never came I laid in bed that night wide awake knowing that tomorrow would be a quiet day with Clark.

I shook my head and came out of my trance. It’s nice to see that Clark got back up and didn’t let that day completely ruin her. I checked my watch; practice was over 15 minutes ago.

“All right people! Come on down here.” I said as they flew down by the locker rooms. “Good practice I guess. Just kidding it sucked and we didn’t get hardly anything done. Sorry I didn’t participate with you since it’s my first year as captain I had to get my affairs in order.” I said sounding a matter-of-factly.

We all started the semi long march back to the castle. I thought more about what has happened over the last not even 24 hours. So far I’ve saved Clarks life from first years, got all touchy about her hanging with that Ravenclaw creep, went all nice and caring on her, got really protective of her with the Slytherin creeps, saved her life from the Slytherin creeps, ate dinner, save her life yet again, told her I had a crush on her, and last but not least, made the ice queen of happy sunshine almost cry. At this rate by the time were taking our N.E.W.T.S I’ll be her personal body guard.

Life at Hogwarts is just one magical creepy guy adventure after another.

We were back at the castle. I didn't even know we were back. I looked at Clark. She looked surprised too. I can only imagine what might r going through her mind.

She's seen my many sides. She's seen cocky me, serious me, overprotective me, ninja me, drunk me, truthful me, and synthetic me. She was also exposed to sexy hot me but then again she's been exposed to that side on me since the day we met.

"What are you smirking about?" Angelina asked me.

"I'm just so darn attractive aren't I."

"Right you keep telling yourself that big guy." Said Alicia.

"So what are we going to do about Cal's date tonight." Fred asked under his breath.

We had entered the common room and the girls were going up to their dorms going to do who knows what. Probably primping and trimming Clark for tonight.

"Well first off we have to find out when this date is happening." I said throwing myself in a big easy chair. George was laying out stretched on the couch. Fred went upstairs to get Lee.

When they came back down Lee was very upset. Probably from being woke up. Fred jumped on his brother and they wrestled for a while finally they found a way to make room for both of them. Lee passed out on the floor semi conscious.

"I don't know when but somehow by tonight we need to find out what time it is. Fred George you got this?"

They quickly untangled themselves.

"Sir yes sir!" They said with a salute.

We're screwed.

"Lee... Lee! LEE!!!!" I yelled.

"Is he still breathing?" George asked.

"Huh, who died. Oh never mind what do you want Wood?" He said as through a yawn.

"Hello! Am I speaking English here! Clark is going on a date to tonight. Clark the girl who last year took down that Hufflepuff last year because he called her a wimp. Clark the girl who had a panic attack because the girls put sparkly make up on her while she was sleeping. Clark the girl who hasn't worn a dress since her parents funeral. That was 14 years ago! That same girl thinks she is going on a date tonight." I yelled in a somewhat whisper.

"Big deal. Cal deserves this I mean its her 6th year she deserves to have a little fun." Lee said.

"Your right it is a big deal. Your also wrong she doesn't deserve this. Look her brothers are counting on us."

The boys shifted uncomfortably.

"Am I going to have to pull all the weight? Am I going to have to scare off every guy. Not that it would be hard for me I mean I'm Oliver Wood I can do anything but still her brothers included in this little " club" too." I said.

"You can count on Fred and I. We promise that by lunch time well have all the details about the little meeting of Cal and her gentleman caller tonight." George said with a lopsided grin.

Did he really just say gentleman caller?

"Right... Well just in case that doesn't work out-" I tried to say.

"No I promise this time well pull through. I know the last plan we had didn't really work but were ready this time!" Fred said.

"Right well Lee we'll figure out our plan of action once the twins come through..."

George nodded his head really fast.

"Wait what? Sorry there was a bird. It had wings... no... ok never mind."

Great like I said were screwed.

~Callie's point of view~

"All right girl we are all alone. Spill!" Alicia said sarcastically.

"Nothing much to say I don't even know what time I'm meeting him. Is that little piece of information even announced when you ask someone out?"

Just then an owl came flying in. No not an owl. It was an eagle. A beautiful eagle. I opened the letter on it.

"Morning! Thought you might want something to cheer you up after a practice with Wood. :( Anyway I was wondering if you would meet me by the doors to the great hall. At 6 o'clock of course. Wouldn't want to break the rules. We can take a little walk outside around then.
Waiting until I can see you again

"It's from Roger. He says he wants to meet me at 6 because he doesn't want to break the rules."

Katie and Angelina both awwed. Alicia made a face.

"What's wrong with that" I said spitting my hands on my hips.

"Well," she said throwing her sweaty practice clothes in the hamper, "it's just not very romantic."

"Breaking the rules is romantic?" I said untying my tennis shoes.

"Of course. Oh don't give me that look. You know perfectly well that sneaking out late is romantic. Ok so maybe you don't know. But you should know."

Geez breaking rules is romantic because its sneaky. Trust me I do plenty of sneaky things. I don't positive feedback for sneaking out at at night.

Am I even ready for the whole dating thing?

"Of course you are." Angelina said

"Was I talking out loud again?" I asked.

"No you just looked overwhelmed. And with our help you are going to make Roger the happiest guy in Hogwarts." She said slyly.

"What's that suppose to mean!" I yelled panicked.

"The boys drool over you now just wait till we're done with you." Alicia said advancing towards me.

"I don't think so." I thought as I fled the dormitories into the common room letter still in my hand.

I accidentally stepped on Lee who started cussing out quidditch players.

"Sorry but that's what you get for having quidditch players for friends. What are you guys doing?" I said as I jumped on the twins who were sprawled out on the couch.

"Discussing your dating future." Lee said clearly not hiding anything. Not even when Wood sent him a death glare that almost killed him.

"Oh please guys. Drop it. There's no way. I'm going on a date tonight and I don't need your guys approval. Geez I don't know what group I prefer more. The one that will kill me if I don't go it kill me if I do go." I said fingering the letter.

"Wait the girls want you to go." Wood said in disbelief.

"Ya they can't wait. Personally all I want to do is eat breakfast and by worry about this whole thing." I said dropping the letter on the table to untie my other shoe.

“So this Roger guy are you really into him?” Fred asked.

“No I’m just going on a date with him for fun. Yes of course I’m into him. I think what does into him mean? What ever I don’t care.” I said throwing my shoe on the floor.

I went back upstairs shoes in hand. I hopped into the shower scrubbed and all the sweat off of me. I got out threw my hair up into a towel and put on clothes. I looked at myself in the mirror. Nothing has changed. I’m still just same old Callie in the same old clothes. I usually wear some form of quidditch t shirt, jeans with holes in them and converse. But right now I was wearing my favorite Holyhead Harpies t-shirt, much to my brothers disapproval, cotton sweatpants that were much to big for me probably Hoss’s, and some magically enchanted fuzzy socks that never loose their fuzziness. I dried my hair with a towel but it was still a little damp. Usually I put my hair up in a messy bun to keep it out of my face but when it’s wet I leave it down to dry.

I didn’t look like much. But I looked like me, and that’s all I want. Just because I am aware of boys now does not mean I will ever touch a pair of skinny jeans or any kind makeup.

My stomach started making noises. It is time for breakfast. I snuck under Katie’s bed and stole some of her muggle Lucky Charms and snacked on those. I didn’t really feel like walking down the stairs when I could just stay in here and not have to see people. I was so hungry I poured them into a cup and took them to the window seat after I grabbed a blanket.

I snuggled up in that and watched the leaves blow around the castle. I was storming now and rain was everywhere. Surprisingly I wasn’t worried about the date tonight. I was just focusing on lost sleep because of a certain stupid someone. I drifted off to sleep and had a nice dream where I killed Wood, completely oblivious to the fact that at that very moment the boys were down stairs reading the letter I left on the table.

~Thank you so much for sticking with me. I had a really bad case of writers block and had to take a day or two off but I'm back in full swing now. Thank you so much to America for listening to me talk on and on at the luch table and after school. And thanks to Jess who leaves me wonderfull comments. I love hearing from you! ~Xanthe

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