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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 25 : Birthdays, Drunk Hugo & One Hell of a Party
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 Chapter Twenty-Five

The rest of my birthday passed with little drama. To my embarrassment pretty much everyone found out me losing my V card very quickly after Hugo guessed what the big stupid grin plastered on my face as I came out of the bedroom with Abi meant. I was quite surprised by the amount of effort people had put into my birthday; there was going to be a massive party in the common room later on and nearly everyone had bought me a present or at least a card. Teddy humiliated me in Defence against the Dark Arts by bringing me to the front of class and getting everybody to sing Happy Birthday to me. Scorpious Malfoy said it was stupid so Teddy sent him out and gave him detention for the rest of the week under the guise of ‘disruptive behaviour’; I would’ve thought this was grossly unfair if it had been anyone else. Even Lily had to stifle a giggle when Malfoy came out with his “Do you know who my father is?” line. It was only when Teddy reminded Malfoy that his father was on the side of the people who killed both his parents that Malfoy shut up and left

Despite the fact it was still about five weeks until Christmas the school was pretty much decorated and the ground was already covered in snow. We all got in trouble after everyone started a snow ball fight in the grounds at lunchtime but ended up carrying on until after four when classes ended, meaning pretty much all of Gryffindor, half of Ravenclaw and some daring Hufflepuff’s missed their afternoon lessons. Fortunately Nev realised he couldn’t give an about ninety students detention so let it slide after much persuasion from Alice. As we all got back to the common room people began to get ready for party. My party. They were throwing a party for me.

“Man, I cannot wait for this” said Ryan as he began the long process of gelling his hair “Tonight is gonna be the night lads; Leila and I will be wanting our privacy later on”

“Do one” said Hugo “Me and Rebecca have this room booked for later on”. I scoffed

“Come on mate that’s not fair” exclaimed Ryan “You and Rebecca are in here doing the horizontal hokey cokee every day. If anyone has use of the dorm for those matters tonight it’s Ollie; it is his birthday after all”

“Do one” Hugo fought back “Oliver has had his fair share for the day; we’ll compromise then shall we? How about if Ben pulls he gets use of the room?” Ben went red and looked at me; I winked at him which fortunately made him laugh.

“Ben” said Ryan laughing “Ben hasn’t had a girlfriend since third year and even then it was you know… Melissa”

“Tonight could be his lucky night” said Hugo. Ben said nothing and muttered something about going for a shower before taking himself into the bathroom. Hugo and Ryan looked guilty for a moment but pressed on getting ready

“I think we should say sorry when he comes back out” Hugo addressed Ryan “Guess he must be kinda sensitive about that; not his fault he isn’t as successful with the ladies as I am”

“Need I remind you that Rebecca is your first girlfriend since second year” I said raising my eyebrows “Victor Krum you are not mate”

“Need I remind you that Abi is your first girlfriend ever” Hugo shot back and I laughed pretending to be offended

“Well played sir” I shot back before hitting him around the head. Ben swiftly came out of the bathroom and received his apologies from Hugo and Ryan but insisted that they had not upset him. After we were all ready Hugo gathered us together in the centre of the room and made us huddle. It sounds weird, but we all did this kind of thing often


“Tonight is an important night in the history of our friendship guys” said Hugo looking around at all of us like a proud dad “Tonight, one of our own, Oliver Benson has come of age. Now he can buy us drinks, vote and, most importantly, receive a mandatory life sentence for murder if he chooses to commit such an action”. We all laughed as Hugo tightened his grip on my shoulder

“But seriously guys, I just want to say that I couldn’t ask for three better friends” Hugo continued; Ryan caught my eye and rolled his “I know we joke around and have kick ass banter but when it comes down to it, these past six years wouldn’t have been the same without you fellas, we’re like brothers and I hope nothing ever, ever splits us up. Brothers for life yeah?” he finished before breaking the huddle and placing his hand in the middle. We all put our hands on top of eachother before announcing “Brother’s for life” and breaking the circle up

It was nice but kinda unnecessary and I can only assume Hugo was already drunk. My suspicions were the confirmed when he fell over on flatground. Soon there was a knock on the door and we opened it to find Melissa, Leila, Rebecca and Lily all looking beautiful and immaculate with big grins plastered on their faces

“It’s party time boys” said Rebecca kissing Hugo as he reached her “You’re all looking very dapper by the way”

“You’re looking dapper two” replied Hugo “Well, the girl version of dapper anyway, hot. Except you Lily; you look like a ginger barbie”. Lily rolled her eyes before walking over to Ben and placing her hand in his and leading him out of the room, Leila then walked towards Ryan and did the same, Rebecca and Hugo the same before Melissa came forward and took me by the hand

We walked into the common room to find easily one hundred people all dressed and up and waiting. As I walked into the room Abi ran forward and kissed me as everyone began a rendition of Happy Birthday (for the eighth time in the day). Soon the booze was flowing, the music was blaring and the party had well and truly begun.

“Come on dude” said Hugo dragging me into the centre of the room and handing me an alcoholic beverage “It’s you party, just bloody well enjoy it”. Then he left my side to snog Rebecca; I realized I probably wouldn’t see Hugo for the rest of the night

“That boy is too horny for his own good” sighed Abi as she put her arms around my neck and began dancing with me. I looked up and caught Lily’s attention; she raised her glass to me, gave me a smile and a wink. I returned the smile hoping that maybe, just maybe, things were beginning to mend between us

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