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So Different, Yet So Similar by jokkka
Chapter 3 : Confusions...
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 [I am so sorry that I haven’t uploaded in a while! Been a bit busy with school and other things. I hope you all like this chapter! Thank you all for reading my story! Please review, it’d mean a lot to me. :) xo]




The next morning, Hermione woke up in the most comfortable king-sized bed. She turned to her side to see that it was 7 o’clock. She decided to get up, have a quick shower and get ready for classes. While she was getting ready she was thinking of a way to explain to Harry about her sudden desire.








On her way out, she gave herself an early reminder to have a look at the library either after classes or at lunch time. However, on her way out, she didn’t notice the pale, blonde figure on the couch staring at her features.








Close to the Entrance Hall, Hermione bumped into Professor Dumbledore. “Oh hello Miss Granger. Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Dumbledore said apologetically. “I assume you and Mr Malfoy have organised a time for the Prefects meetings?”
“Oh… Er… Not quite Professor. If you’d like I can have a talk to him…” she stuttered.
“Okay, the sooner the better. And whatever requests the Prefects have, owl me, will you?”
“Will do, Sir.” Replied Hermione.
“You best be on your way.” He informed.
“Yes… Thank you.” She replied. She then proceeded to make her way to the Great Hall. “Great. Malfoy is the last person that I would talk to.” She moaned to herself. When she got to the Great Hall, she walked over to the Gryffindor Table and sat next to Harry. “Hello.” She chimed. Harry quickly devoured the bite of toast he had in his mouth, and he had lifted his head up to greet with a happy Hermione. “Oh, hello.” He replied. “How are things?”
“Good, good. Um.. Harry… I have something to ask you.” Hermione started.
“Well… What is it?” Harry asked, curious of what the question might be.
“Well um… I was wondering… Would it be alright if you could teach me how to fly a hippogriff?” she asked. Harry almost choked on his last bite of his toast at what he had heard. “You want me to teach you to learn how to fly a hippogriff?!” he asked in astonishment.
“Yeah. Is there something wrong with that?” she asked
“No, no! Nothing wrong, I’m just… Are you sure you want to learn to fly a hippogriff?”
“Yes, I am sure. I want some sort of fun experience instead of always being a bookworm, you know?”
“Oh yeah… Well I guess I wouldn’t mind teaching you.” Harry said.
“Thanks Harry!” Hermione beamed, and embraced him in a very tight hug.
“Um… Hermione… Can’t… Breathe!...” Harry choked out.
“Oh sorry.” She said, and let him go. She then served herself a green apple.








During breakfast, Harry and Hermione talked about the Head’s Dormitory and they wondered what they’d be doing in classes. “Are you sure you don’t want to have any more breakfast?” Harry asked  for about the twentieth time. “I’m sure, don’t worry so much Harry.” Hermione scoffed and rolled her eyes. Just then, the owls came in with the mail. Hedwig gave Harry his letters and Snowbell gave Hermione her letter. She  opened the letter and straight away recognised the nice, neat handwriting.








Hey Hermione! How are you? Who got picked for Quidditch Captain, Prefect and Head? Today’s the first day of lessons! Hope you have a good time. Italy is amazing and we’ve only been here one day! We haven’t visited any attractions at the moment because we were settling in, but I hope we go to some place today!


Ron says hi, so does Fred, George and my parents.


Love Ginny.








“Do you want to reply to that?” Harry nodded towards Hermione’s letter.
“Maybe later. I’ve got to write a letter to my mum and dad anyway.” She replied. “Unless you want to reply to yours now?” she suggested.
“No. I’ll do it later, thanks.”








Hermione and Harry then decided to make their way to their first lesson – Care of Magical Creatures. Once they had gotten to Hagrid’s hut, they saw something familiar. Something big… and grey… “Harry… Is that a hippogriff?” Hermione asked very bewildered.
“Yeah… Yeah, it is.” He breathed.








Hagrid gave a warm welcome to Hermione and Harry and the three of them got caught up in a conversation. “Sorry guys, I have ter start the lesson.” Hagrid whispered when the rest of the class had arrived. “Alright class. Welcome to yer last year o’ Care O’ Magical Creatures. Today we will be learnin’ about somethin’ youse have learnt abou’ befer. Now. The reason why we’ve got this cheeky bugger again, is because no one has learnt ter earn its trust an’ respect last time we learnt abou’ it.” He explained. Hagrid asked everyone to get a ferret and wait for their turn. He got Harry to demonstrate first, since he’s had experience. After that, a few students had had a go, and then came Hermione’s turn. “Hermiunee, yer turn. Come on now, don’t be shy.” Hagrid said. Hermione was not confident with this at all, but how else was she going to learn how to fly a hippogriff if she didn’t try getting its trust? She carefully stepped up, and slowly bowed, keeping eye contact with the hippogriff as to not get startled by any sudden movements. The hippogriff finished munching on the last ferret it had been given and took a step forward. Hermione stayed glued to her spot, and waiting for the returning bow of the hippogriff. Then, very elegantly, the hippogriff bowed in return. Hermione sighed with relief, and carefully threw the ferret to the beautiful beast. “If yer’d like Hermuinee, yer can go pat her now.” Hagrid suggested. Hermione then very slowly and cautiously stepped forward and stopped every two shuffles. She was then one step away from the hippogriff and the hippogriff took the last step, and put her head next to Hermione’s hand, giving her loyalty and trust that Hermione would be cautious. “Oh, well done Hermuinee! Well done!” Hagrid exclaimed and gave the hippogriff another ferret. Hermione went back to stand next to Harry and watched the rest of the students have a go at getting the Hippogriff’s trust.








Once class was over, Hermione went over to Hagrid while he was putting the hippogriff away. “What’s her name?” she asked.
“Ooh, Hermuinee, you startled me there fer a bit. Her name’s  Silverstar.”
“That’s a beautiful name, just like her.” Hermione smiled while patting Silverstar. “Um Hagrid… I was wondering… Would it be alright if I learnt how to fly a hippogriff? Well, in this case now… Silverstar?” Hermione asked, a bit insecure of her question.
“Well sure. But yer’ve got ter ask Dumbledore befer I can give yer permission ter do so.” Hagrid answered. “Thank you so much, Hagrid! I’ll ask him tonight!” Hermione replied. She gave Hagrid a quick hug, and made her way to the next class, Defence Against the Dark Arts.








When she reached the classroom, she quickly took a seat next to Harry, and took a piece of parchment out, a quill and an ink bottle and got ready to write down notes. “Hello class. As you all know, I am Alastor Moody and I’ll be teaching you Defence Against the Dark Arts.” He started. “Your lessons will be split between myself and Professor Lupin. Now, let’s get to work, shall we?”








For Hermione, it seemed as the lesson had gone by quickly. But for some reason, she couldn’t help but feel someone’s stare lingering on her. “From tomorrow you will be sitting with your partners. And they are… Potter and Brown. Zabini and Granger. Weasley and Parkinson. Malfoy and Chang. Finnigan and Bones. Fletchley and Lovegood. McLaggen and Longbottom. You are now all dismissed.” Professor Moody announced.








Harry and Hermione then proceeded to make their way to their third lesson, Potions. When they got there they stood to the side with the rest of the class and waited for Professor Snape to begin giving instructions. “You will all be making the Sleeping Draught” Professor Snape started. “You will all be paired up and you will make two times more than the original amount. When I call out your pair, stand at a bench and wait for further instructions.” He finished. He walked over to the front of the class to allow space for the students to move to their benches. “Potter, Chang. MacMillan Parvati. McLaggen, Parkinson. Longbottom, Padma. Malfoy, Granger.”
“Ahem… What about me Professor?” Lavender asked shyly.
“As for you, you will make the original amount and until your partner Weasley comes back, you’re on your own.” He said.








Meanwhile, Hermione was dreading being Draco’s potions partner. Hermione had a look at the instructions to brew the Sleeping Draught. “This lesson you will be only brewing half of the potion, and you will be brewing the other half, next lesson which is on Wednesday in case some of you did not know.” Explained Professor Snape turning his head towards Harry’s direction. “Begin.”








“4 sprigs of Lavender… 6 measures of Standard Ingredient… 2 blobs of Flobberworm Mucus… And… 4 Valerian sprigs…” Hermione mumbled to herself, reading the ingredients.
“I’ll get them.” Draco said in a surprisingly… Normal, yet gentle tone.
“Um… Okay…” Hermione stuttered as he made his way toward the bench full of ingredients.
“Oh… Um… I need the parchment.” He mumbled, looking down. Hermione just stared… confused and surprised at his choice of tone. He wasn’t being the usual ‘foul loathsome evil little cockroach’ that he was. “Um… ” He said. Hermione quickly blinked thrice and turned to the parchment. As she laid her and on top of the parchment to grab hold of it, Draco’s hand ended up bumping into hers. Hermione quickly grabbed the parchment and gave it to him, not looking at him, but feeling his gaze on her. As he went to get the ingredients, she prepared the cauldron and other equipment that they’d need for the potion.








When he came back with all the ingredients, they got straight to business. “Did you get double the amount like Snape told us to?” Hermione asked.
“Yep.” Was all Draco said in reply. “Add eightsprigs of lavender to the mortar…” Draco said, mainly to himself, but Hermione did as he said anyway. “And, then add fourmeasures of standard ingredient to the mortar…” Hermione said. She was about to do so, but it seems as if Draco had already done that. “Thanks… I’ll crush it.” She mumbled.
“It’s alright, I’ll do it.” Draco replied.
“Oh… Thanks…” Hermione mumbled. “Um… I bumped into Dumbledore this morning…” she started. “And um… he was wondering if we have arranged times for the Prefect meetings since we didn’t do it on the train…”
“Oh… Um.. After dinner today perhaps?” Draco replied while crushing the lavender and standard ingredient. “Then we can arrange times for the rest of the meetings and patrolling.”
“Sure. Um… Do you want me to start with adding the four blobs of flobberworm mucus into the cauldron while you finish crushing?” Hermione asked.
“Um… Yeah… Sure.” Draco said awkwardly.






“Am I really talking to Miss Know-It-All? What the hell. What am I doing? I’m not being rude like usual. I… I’m being…. nice. To… To Granger.One side of he asked his mind. “You’re not being nice.. You’re just being awkward. It’ll go away soon. Don’t worry about it. As long as it doesn’t turn into something else…” his mind answered.






“Um… Draco..? I think you don’t need to crush the mixture anymore… It looks like a creamy paste.” Hermione warned, disturbing his thoughts and smiling very awkwardly at him when she realised that she had called him by his first name. Draco quickly looked down to see that it was a creamy paste. “Did she just call me by my first name?” he asked himself, shocked. Shocked that she didn’t call him by his surname, but also shocked about how nice it sounded coming from her. “Did I just call him by his first name?” Hermione asked herself. “Oh well… It won’t happen again.” She told herself, and proceeded to add four measures of standard ingredient into the cauldron. “I’ll count the 60 seconds, in case you get distracted.” Draco assured.
“Thanks.” She said sarcastically, yet in a lifeless tone. She was sure she was capable of not losing track. Once the 60 seconds had passed, Draco had proceeded to add 6 measures of the crushed mixture into the cauldron. Hermione waved her wand, and it seems as if Professor Snape had come by coincidence, because Hermione and Draco had finished their half for the lesson. They quickly put their things away, and were dismissed earlier by Professor Snape.








Hermione decided to make her way to the Head’s Dorm, and check out the library. She wasn’t really hungry, and didn’t want lunch. “Need an acquaintance?” Draco asked, making his way over to her. “Um… Sure…” she replied. For some reason, it’s as though she would have felt bad if she had rejected him. As she was waiting for him to get by her side, she was observing him. “His posture is quite elegant so is his ‘strut’…” she thought to herself. “Still the same, yet different. His pale blonde hair, suiting the colour of his skin, and the colour of his eyes. Merlin! His eyes!”
“What are you looking at?” he asked confused. Hermione quickly snapped out of her thoughts, and turned to walk. “Nothing…” she blushed of embarrassment, and she knew that he caught that, for he was chuckling a little bit.








When they got to the dormitory, Hermione proceeded into the library, while Draco went to his room. In the library, straight ahead, was a desk, with two chairs, and on each wall on the sides, shelves that reached the ceiling, stacked with books. She saw that there were all kinds of books. School books, Quidditch books, even Muggle fairytale books such as Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast. She found that there were even beauty – things for her hair and make-up.











On her way to Transfiguration, she was walking alone. She wasn’t sure if Draco had either already left, or stayed in his room, for she didn’t see him when she made her way out of the dormitory. As for Harry, she didn’t have a clue as to where his whereabouts were. However, half way to class, she felt terribly dizzy, and had a really bad headache. Then… All of a sudden, she ended up losing her balance and she ended up bumping very hard into the wall. She then eventually slid down to the cold, hard ground. Leaning against the wall, she then tumbled to her side, lying down on the cold hard floor. She thought she heard someone yelling out her name in the

distance, and though she wanted to respond to it, she just couldn’t.












Draco thought he heard Hermione exit the Head’s dorm, so he looked at the time, and thought it was best to get his Transfiguration things ready and go to class. He was right – he had heard Hermione leaving the dormitory for she was took a turn when he exited the Dormitory. He wasn’t going to make his way there quickly though. Oh no. He didn’t want to look like he was following Little Miss Know-It-All to class. He bumped into Professor Dumbledore and Draco ended up dropping his things on the floor. “Pardon me, Mr Malfoy.” Said Dumbledore. “I’ve been bumping into quite a few people lately. On accident of course. Now, has Miss Granger told you about our little encounter?”
“Yes, she has. I had said to meet up with the Prefects after dinner tonight, and during that meeting will figure out patrolling times and when the other Prefect meetings will be.” Explained Draco. “Oh, and we will ask the Prefects for any ideas after we sort the major things out.” He added.
“Alright, it seems as if you and Miss Granger have everything sorted. I better let you get to class, don’t want to get a detention on the first day now, do we?” replied Dumbledore with a wink. “Oh, my bad, your things.” said Dumbledore, nearly forgetting that their little bump had caused Draco to drop his things. He neatly levitated Draco’s things and left.








As Draco kept on walking, he heard some sort of ‘bump’ sound. Like the back of someone’s head had been hit hard into a wall. He drew his want to stop the student from harming the other, but as he turned a corner, he saw a tousle of brown hair spread against the hard floor. He knew who it was, he’d recognise that tousle of hair anywhere. “Hermione?” he asked. “Hermione?!” he dropped his bag, his things falling out of it, and rushed over to her. He checked to see if she was breathing and she was. He  levitated this things into his bag, and summoned his bag, put it on his shoulder, and picked Hermione up and quickly took her to the Hospital Wing.








Once he was there, he put her on a bed. Just as he was about to call for Madam Pomfrey, he heard someone gasping from behind him. He turned to see who it was and it was none other than Madam Pomfrey herself. “What did you do to her?!” she asked shocked.
“I didn’t do anything. I was--” But he was interrupted.
“Don’t you dare try to fool me!”
“I was on my way to Transfiguration, I heard a noise as if someone had been pushed into the wall, and I went to see what it was and she was on the floor, you stupid woman!” Madam Pomfrey was now lost for words. The boy looked to serious and sounded like he was telling the truth, but she just couldn’t trust him for some reason. “Alright. Fine.” She went to see what was wrong with Hermione, Draco staying out of her way. “She has a fever. Quite high too. She must’ve fainted. It also seems that she had hit her head really hard. I apologize for doubting you. You can go to class now.” She said.
“I’ll stay.” He said firmly. Madam Pomfrey just sighed and went to get the potion that was needed.











After about an hour, Hermione had woken up. “What… What am I doing here?” she asked bewildered.
“You fainted. You got a fever and you fainted.” Explained a voice that she recognised. She turned to where the source was coming from and sure enough, the pale, blonde boy that she thought was talking to her was sitting next to her bed.
“Oh… okay.” and Madam Pomfrey came in with a glass of some sort of potion.
“Drink up dear. It’ll stop the pain from the back of your head.” She said. Hermione quickly drank the potion and put the cup on the bedside table next to her. She turned to Draco who was staring at her.
 “What are you looking at?” she asked.
“Oh, nothing… nothing…” He said awkwardly.
“Whatever.” She scoffed. “Why are you here?”
“I brought you here.”
“Yeah right.”
“I really did, even ask the nurse.”
“I’d rather not.”
“Suit yourself.” Draco shrugged, smirking.



“The both of you can go to dinner.” Said Madam Pomfrey, and with that, Draco and Hermione got up and went to the dormitory. When they got there, they just put their things in their rooms. “Wait.” said Draco, holding onto Hermione’s arm. “We’ve got to figure something out.”
“What are you talking about?” Hermione scolded.
“Potter will ask you why you weren’t in class and he’ll get more suspicious as to why I wasn’t there either.” He warned.
“Oh… I'll go to the Great Hall first and when Harry asks, I’ll say that I was… Talking to Dumbledore.”
“About what?”
“Nothing you need to know. I’ve got it planned out in my head. Well, for my part of the excuse anyway. Yours I’ll say…”
“You don’t know.”
“Okay.” Hermione nodded her agreement.











Hermione left the Head’s Dorm first, and Draco was supposed to wait 15 minutes.


When she got to the Great Hall, she sat down next to Harry who looked worried. “Where have you been?!” he hissed.
“What do you mean?” she asked.
“You weren’t at Transfiguration which is very off of you to not show up at class, and you’re late for dinner.”
“Oh, I didn’t end up getting to Transfiguration because I was talking to Dumbledore about something…”
“About flying a hippogriff.” She hoped that he was buying her lie.
“Oh! And what did he say?” he asked.
“Dammit!” she thought to herself. “Uh.. He said that he will think about it and owl me. Safety reasons.”
“Oh okay.”
Harry did not miss the late Draco Malfoy however.  “How come Malfoy wasn’t at Transfiguration either and now he’s late?” Harry asked suspiciously.
“I don’t know… Who cares?” “Please don’t ask me anymore questions, Harry!”

she thought to herself.











After dinner, Hermione had said something to Harry. It looked like she was offering something because Draco heard Harry say “No thank you Hermione. Maybe later.”


“What the hell is Scarhead waiting for?” Draco asked himself whist waiting for the Great Hall to be empty. Deciding that he’s not going to wait for Harry to leave, he got up and  made his way to the head’s dorm. He took a turn and heard someone calling his name. “Malfoy! I need to have a word with you.” Ordered none other than Harry Potter.
“Eugh, what does Scarhead want now?” Draco asked himself annoyed…











[Not the best ending to the chapter (again), but I hope you all liked it and please review on it! :) xo]

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So Different, Yet So Similar: Confusions...


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