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A Single Hour by RoseScorp57
Chapter 2 : Mr. Right? Nope
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 August 29

Ali wished that the weather would reflect her mood. Right now she wanted it to be a dark and stormy, instead it was blazing hot with children running around in the sprinklers in front of their homes. Their laughter was creeping through her bedroom window and nothing about this day seemed right. More than anything she wanted the world to feel the way she did. 

She thought she’d finally found love. Lucas had been her first for many things, mostly he was her first love, or so she though. Merlin, he had betrayed her in ways that made her skin crawl. She couldn’t believe that she’d fallen in love with such a terrible person. 

Perhaps the worst thing about her break up was her metal state. To put it kindly, she wasn’t doing well. Her confidence had never hit such a low level. The rational part of her knew that there wasn’t anything wrong with her and that Lucas was just a messed up guy who did some seriously messed up things. Unfortunately she felt like being illogical and she’d come to the conclusion that there was nothing great about her. Her hair wasn’t long enough. Her legs weren’t thin enough. Her skin wasn’t tan enough. In her mind, everything that made her imperfect was another reason he cheated on her. 

Ali couldn’t figure out why she had be so ignorant to his two-timing ways. She supposed that her feeling really made her blind to it all. She had a feeling in her heart that something was going on but she didn’t want to believe it, so she ignored those feelings. She ignored the concerned looks her friends gave her when he would skip a meal or a study session without a good explanation. She wasn’t happy in her relationship, not really, but it was so nice to feel like she was wanted and loved. Even if it was all an illusion. 

She and Lucas had broken up during the summer before school started. He was a grade older than her and was about to start a career in the real world. He was playing quidditch for a small team across the pond. He was really smooth when he’d broken up with her. He had convinced her that it was the best for the two of them. He told her that they needed to figure out who they were before they could really commit to each other. He said that he wasn’t sure if he could handle the distance between them and if they were ever in the same area that they should get back together. She hadn’t known it at the time, but he was breaking up with her so that shag as many American girls as he wanted.

School started in a few days and she really needed to stop moping around the house. She needed to pull herself together once and for all. It was time to move forward. James was going to be over today and she knew that it would hurt him to see her this way. 

She and James had met during their first year at Hogwarts. In all honesty it might be a little strange that they had stayed friends this long. James was a quidditch star on the Gryffindor team and Ali was a was bookworm in Ravenclaw. They weren’t in the same house but somehow they got along famously. She always knew the password to the Gryffindor tower and James was smart enough to figure out the riddle of the Ravenclaw knocker. They were best friends who has survived a lot of crazy endeavors. 

Ali dragged herself out of bed and hopped in the shower. She had less than half an hour until James showed up. She took her time knowing that her parents would let James into the house. When she finally got out it was well past the time James was supposed to be there. Oops. He knew what she was like so he probably wouldn’t be upset. 

Ali walked into her room to find James laying on her bed playing with his golden snitch. He only did that because he had discovered that it was something his namesake had done. Unfortunately for Ali, the annoying habit had stuck. 

When James caught sight of Ali in just a towel he blushed and looked away. “Hi Ali. Do you want me to leave so you can change?”
Ali rolled her eyes and said, “James, in all of the years we’ve known each other when have you ever left so I could change?” 

The blush on James face grew brighter. “Well, never.”

“Exactly. Nothing is different now. Just look away please.” Ali was finding this whole conversation fairly entertaining. James never got flustered before. It wasn’t until she looked down that she realized why. Her towel had slipped a bit and was exposing more of her than she would’ve liked. She didn’t really care that James had seen quite a bit of cleavage after all they were practically brother and sister at this point. 

James was looking away and looked much more composed. He seemed to be chewing something over. Ali had a good idea what he was going to say, so she wasn’t surprised when he asked, “So want to tell me what happened with the jerk of the century?”

She sighed. It wasn’t something she wanted to talk about right away, but James was never one to skirt around something. She had always liked that about him. It was one of the things that made them good friends. He was honest almost to a fault.

“Look Ali, I know it’s not something you want to talk about, but I need to know what happened so I can best word some information that I’ve heard.”

“We broke up. He dumped me because he said he couldn’t handle the space. He said that it was for the best because we could find out who we really are. He said that he would love to get back together with me if we were ever in the same town.” 

“What?! Ali, you can’t really believe that slime ball!”

“James let me finish!” James nodded so she continued, “He said that he’s always going to care about me and that we should still be friend. Then last week I was talking to some of the girls and apparently he’d been cheating on me the entire time we had been dating. I don’t understand why no one told me. Everyone let me date that jerk for a year and a half. Why didn’t anyone tell me the truth?”

James looked right at her. Luckily she had already finished changing. “I didn’t find out until yesterday Ali. You know that I would’ve either told you or I would’ve beat him up so bad that no one would recognize him and then I would’ve told you.”

She crawled on the bed and leaned into James. He held onto her while she let herself fall apart. She hadn’t cried since the break-up and James was the only person who she felt comfortable crying around. They had been through it all together. James knew what it was like to be in her shoes. In fact, he’d cried on her shoulder when Natalia had cheated on him. They were always there for each other and they always would be.

James pulled her into his lap and kissed her forehead. He knew that no words could heal the damage that Lucas had done. Time was the only remedy, so he said nothing and just allowed her to fall apart in his arms. James hated seeing her like this. She was so brave and so smart that it wasn’t often that she just broke down crying. 

When Ali’s sobs finally came to an end, James decided it was time for a good distraction. “Alyssia, do you want to go to the burrow for dinner tonight? My immediate family is eating with my grandparents and you know that Nana would love to see you. What do you say? Want to come?” 

“James I don’t want to impose and show up unannounced. That would be so incredibly rude!” 

“Don’t worry.” He smirked. “I already asked them this morning and they said yes. So now you have no excuse.”

“Alright.” She smiled because there was nothing she would rather do. “Why don’t we get there early and see if Nana needs any help.”

“Ali, Nana has never let you help the entire time she’s known you. Do you really think that’s going to change now?” 

“Probably not, but it’s nice to offer the help. I’m sure she appreciate it.”

“She does. She’s always asking me when ‘that sweet girl Ali coming over?’”

“That’s so sweet! Let’s go! I want to see Nana.”

James wrapped his arm around Ali so they could apparate. Ali looked up at James and noticed him blushing. She wondered what had him so flustered this time. There was no way that it could be her. 


Author's Note:

Hey everyone! I'm really sorry that this has taken me so long to write and post. I just wasn't happy with anything I wrote. I hope you like this chapter. I'd love some feedback.

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A Single Hour: Mr. Right? Nope


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