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The look by SourGrapeSnape
Chapter 1 : Of memories and moments
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A/N: I am sadly not J.K. Rowling and do not own Fred (II) or Hogwarts or magic. Also anything you recognise isn't mine.



 I had been friends with Fred for years. We kind of grew up side by side. We weren’t actually neighbours, but we met at a kids’ playground that was near both of our homes when he was six. I was four at the time and to this day I call it the best day of my life. I was playing in the mud (a regular sandbox was too ordinary for me, of course) as happy as can be, ignoring my mothers’ calls not to get too much mud on my clothes when a boy came to me, took some mud off the ground and threw it in my hair. Now, I may be a bit of a tomboy, but you simply don’t mess with a girls’ hair. So I took some dirt and chucked it in the little boys face. I remember feeling so proud of myself and I guess so did he, because instead of being mad at me and teasing me more, he laughed and introduced himself. That’s when I became friends with Fred.

After that day, we met on that same playground many times and soon our families had become acquainted. I only had a younger brother at the time, but Fred not only had a sister who was my age, he had several cousins who were fun to be around. Not only did we enjoy running around outside all day, playing tag or going swimming, we also had another thing in common. We were all magical and even though we didn’t know what to do with our magic at the time, it was still a thing we bonded over.

Even though I got on really well with Roxanne, Fred’s younger sister, and James and Albus, Fred’s cousins, I still liked hanging around with Fred the most. Over the years we kind of bonded over our love for old school music and (even though you wouldn’t expect this from him) muggle books. The others weren’t that into those kinds of stuff so we spent a lot of time together, just the two of us.

I was heartbroken when he turned 11 and left for Hogwarts. I don’t think I have ever cried as much as the night before the 1st of September that year. I was staying with him for the night and we spent it watching old muggle cartoons and just talking, he mostly trying to comfort me.

“It’s going to be alright, Amy, I’ll write to you as often as I can”

“I know, but I still won’t see you until Christmas break. What if you don’t want to be my friend anymore by then” I was kind of sobbing by that point.

“Of course I want to.” He smiled at me and added “I’ll never have a better friend than you, Ames”

He gave me a big hug and I stopped crying. We settled in on his floor, where we had mattresses and sleeping bags laid out for us. It was our usual for a sleepover.

“Goodnight, Freddie” I quietly said.

“Goodnight, Amy” he whispered and after a few minutes of silence added “Hey, if you want, I could try and send a Hogwarts toilet seat for you. Your mom would go bonkers”

I broke into a fit of giggles and he couldn’t stop from laughing along. He really did take after his father.

The next two years were the hardest years in my life. I was forced to spend my days without Freddie and even though we wrote to each other quite often and I still had Roxanne around, it wasn’t the same. The summer after his second year though, was the best. He and James, who were the same age, brought some of their friends over for a few weeks and I was happy when they didn’t push me away. I mean, I was two years younger and a girl. At thirteen, two years is a big difference. But they accepted me. One of their friends Alex took some convincing though and by convincing I mean swimming to the little island and back in the lake near our town and jumping off of the balcony of Freddie’s parents house. My mother and Angelina, Fred’s mom, had a fit and I wasn’t allowed to hang around the boys for a little while after that. I did break a bone or two and it hurt like a bitch, but I had a point to prove and I knew I couldn’t waste the days I had to spend with Freddie.

The first time I took the Hogwarts Express was frightening and exciting at the same time. I was scared as hell, but I told Fred and James, that I’m going to do this on my own. I knew I couldn’t be with them all the time in school and I needed to try and make some new friends as well. I did hang around Roxanne though, who I had become closer to over the two years I didn’t have Fred. And we did make two new friends on the ride, twins Emily and Ed. They didn’t know anyone and all four of us just clicked. The four boys did come to check up on us once (“Mostly because Fred wanted to” James muttered with a grin), but after seeing we were all fine and dandy, they left. I did feel a little sad about ignoring Freddie, but I figured he’d understand.

Hogwarts was amazing, I don’t think I’ll ever be more amazed about anything else than the castle. And when at first all of us first years were stunned by the beauty of it on the outside, it was even more majestic on the inside. The first time I stepped into the Great Hall with Rox tightly by my side, my jaw dropped. The starry sky and the floating candles were breathtaking.

I remembered Fred talking about the sorting and that it’s nothing to be worried about, but I still felt a little nervous when my name was called and I stepped in front of the whole school. I was the last person to be sorted and it had been a long wait. After a small pause a voice started talking in my head.

“Oh, you are a little bit of everything, aren’t you? Like books and reading, but I don’t think studying will be your top priority here.” I smiled. “And you are very loyal to those who have earned it. A little bit of courage and cunningness as well. But I know exactly where you’ll feel like home...GRYFFINDOR”

I remember the broad smile on Freddie’s face when I walked to the table and I couldn’t be happier myself. Almost all of Fred’s cousins who had started school were in Gryffindor and so were Ed and Em. The feast was magical and after settling in our dorm room, which I shared with Rox, Em and another girl named Marley, I ran to the common room. I knew Fred would be there as we had promised to spend the first night in school hanging out together. We found a cosy corner where we sat and talked for hours. That became our first tradition in school. Every year we’d spend the whole first night just chatting away, never going to sleep. The first day of school every year was of course a pain in the butt after that, but we didn’t mind.

School couldn’t break our friendship. At first some of the kids in Gryffindor found it a bit weird, that a thirteen year old boy hung out with a little first year so much, but in time everybody got used to it. We didn’t spend every waking hour together, we didn’t have to. We saw each other during meals and we hung out on some of the weekends. We talked, we made jokes, I sometimes wanted in on their pranks and that was good enough for us.

Over the years we made some good memories while at Hogwarts. In first year, he and James taught me how to fly, in second year they included me in their annual “Welcome back to Hogwarts” prank, in third year we spent countless hours trying to find new secret passage-ways (and found a lot of snogging couples instead), in fourth year we went skinny dipping in the Black lake and in fifth year we camped out in the Astronomy tour after my last OWL exam and his last NEWT exam with a few bottles of butterbeer.

Even his girlfriends and my (one and only) boyfriend couldn’t keep us from staying the best friends we were. We somehow always had an understanding when he found his girlfriends or I went out on dates in Hogsmead. We didn’t need to be jealous because we knew we’d always be friends no matter what. We had our fights, of course, but they never lasted, just like none of his or my dates.

And now I’m here, it’s the middle of August and soon I have to leave Freddie again. He just graduated and I’m still going to my sixth year. He, along with James and Mason, the forth guy in their Gryffindor group, had a new apartment in London and today I was going to visit him there for the first time. He was the only one of them who had already moved in and that suited us. He owled me a few days back and invited me over for some good old muggle movies and butterbeer.

I still had an hour or two before I had promised to meet him and I was getting ready. Over the last few months, something had happened and I tried to keep it down, but nothing worked. I had started to be a lot more conscious about myself when I was around Fred, blushing when he looked at me for longer than normal and feeling warm and safe every time we hugged.

I think it started after their winning game against Ravenclaw in April. That was the first time I noticed that he looked at me different. Emmy sometimes tried to convince me that he was in love with me and always had been. I never took it seriously, he was my best friend, my rock, but never had I thought of him like that. But after that one look, I think something clicked in me and I started to yearn for more of that look.

And that made me extremely nervous right now. I didn’t know, if “the look” (as Emmy and Rox called it) was just something friendly I hadn’t noticed before or something rather different, something bigger and better. I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed, I was ready, come what may.

Fred’s POV:

I had been friends with the girl for 12 years now, somehow I still managed to be nervous waiting for her and we were just going to hang out, like friends. But I knew that James and Mason weren’t going to be here and so was no one else and that scared me. Hell, just the thought of Amy scared me.

I never expected this to happen, I wasn’t supposed to feel like this towards her. She is just sixteen and two years younger than me, but I don’t care about that. She is more mature that most of the girls my age. She is just amazing and breathtakingly beautiful and funny and she knows what she wants from life and I have never met a girl as close to being perfect as she is. Right now, I’m sure I never will. She is as close to perfect a girl could ever be.

When James figured out in May why exactly was I even more bummed for leaving Hogwarts than usual, he constantly assured me that I had nothing to be worried about. He spoke of some special look she has when she looks at me, but I had only noticed that once, the last quidditch game of the year in April. I can’t put to words how gorgeous she looked at that moment. But nothing came of it at that moment and I graduated. We have spent a lot of time together this summer, even more than usual, but we haven’t had much alone time. Today is my chance. I promised to James that this summer I’d find out if Amy wanted something more than friendship and this was probably one of my last chances. It had to be today.

The doorbell rang and I opened it to an even more beautiful Amy than I remembered.

“Hi Freddie” she said and gave me a big hug, stepping into the apartment.

She smelled like vanilla and I had never enjoyed holding someone as much as I did now. The hug lasted and at some point I very reluctantly let go of her.

“Hi Ames” I smiled at her and took the bags of fast food from her hands to take them to the living room. She sat down on the couch and watched me go to the kitchen to grab bowls for chips and two butterbeers for drinks.

“I forgot how much space you have in here” she said looking around in the living room.

“Yeah, lucky we can afford such a place.” I said sitting down next to her.

“You know what’s free? Living at Hogwarts. You guys should totally come back.” she had a playful smile on her face.

“Well, I don’t know. James would never give up his spot on Puddlemere United to go back and I don’t think Mason would want to return after that minor graduation fiasco with his robes”

She laughed at the memory of Mason, who decided not to wear anything under his robes, catching that very unusual and very much artificial wind me, James and Alex conjured, that pretty much showed off all of his manhood. McGonagall wasn’t very amused.

“Yeah, that was the best, although a little disturbing, prank you pulled off.” She said, her laughter quietly dying. “You could still come back, that would be enough for me.”

She was looking at her hands and blushing a little. Finally she raised her head and looked at me in the eyes. I stared back.

“If I could I would, just for you.” She blushed even more to that and I found myself thinking it made her look even more adorable.

She collected herself a little bit and asked in a new, not so quiet tone “So, um, what film do you want to watch?" she looked towards my movie collection.

“Um, how about you choose and I go grab some blankets from my room.”

“You always leave it up to me to choose. What if I choose something and you don’t like it?” she even pouted a little bit.

“I will love anything you love.” and success, I managed to make her blush again.

I returned with the blankets and we watched a kids movie we'd use to watch when we'd have our sleepovers. Every once in a while I couldn’t stop myself from watching her instead of the movie and sometimes I’d catch her looking at me. She snuggled into my chest and although it might sound cheesy, but it felt like she fit there perfectly. And I knew I couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. I couldn’t keep hiding I wanted more, I wanted to look at her without fear of getting caught, I wanted to hold her, to kiss her, and I knew it had to be now.

“Ames, can I ask you something?”

Amelia’s  POV:

It felt even better than I thought to snuggle up next him and I knew that this isn’t just some crush that’s going to fade. I hadn’t felt this good in a while and I didn’t want to let the moment go. I hadn’t been paying attention to the movie for a while now and I really liked what I had picked out, but I just kept thinking what it would be like to freely look Fred in the eye, hold him, kiss him. I wanted to be his and I wanted him to be mine, however cheesy that sounded. I was kind of lost in my thought when I heard him speak.

“Ames, can I ask you something?”

I sat up and look at him. I saw something in his deep brown eyes that looked a little like hesitation.

“Sure, you know you can ask anything.” but I felt nervous, oh so nervous.

“Okay. I don’t know how exactly to put this, anything for me? More than friendship I mean.”

That took me by surprise. I didn’t know what to say. Is he asking because he feels the same or is he asking because I had been giving it away and he feels weird about it? I didn’t want to say anything wrong, but I knew I couldn’t lie to Fred. This needed to be cleared out.

So I said quietly but surely while looking him in the eye. “Yes, I think I feel a lot more than just friendship.”

A small smile was forming on his face and that’s how I knew. I knew he felt the same. The look I once noticed and fell in love with was back and it made as happy as can be. I smiled back and a little flirtatiously asked “Why do you ask?”

He let out a little laugh and said “I think I feel the same way.”

“That’s perfect.” I couldn’t stop smiling or looking at him. The movie was long forgotten.

“Can I kiss you, Amy?” he asked, going back to serious again.

I could only nod.

I sat closer to him and I felt anxious. This was something I had wanted for months now and I couldn’t believe my dream was coming true. While keeping eye-contact, he slowly lowered his forehead to mine and a small and sweet smile formed on his lips again. He put his hands on my waist and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I felt his breath on my face and then finally our lips met. It was a little clumsy at first, it’s not very often you kiss your best childhood friend for the first time but he started to move his soft lips against mine and we found a rhythm. My heart was still going as fast as it could and it didn’t stop when I pulled away. I didn’t open my eyes and I rested my forehead on his. Our breathing was fast and deep and I raised my hand to his neck and then soft hair. I opened my eyes and saw him looking straight into mine.

We both smiled and went in for another kiss.



A/N: Hey. So, this is my very first piece of writing. Ever. No, really, it's not my first fanfic, not my first shot at writing Harry Potter, my first attempt to write anything. If at least someone likes it and maybe even reviews, I'm happy.

A little sidenote for you, I'm not british nor american nor australian, irish etc. so I don't speak English as a first language. So, if you can pin-point where I went really wrong with some of the grammar or something, I'd be really really thankful.

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The look: Of memories and moments


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