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Ten Things I Hate Most by Livelaughlove25
Chapter 9 : Cheater Cheater
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Bless your soul you got your head in the clouds
You made a fool outta me, and boy you're bringing me down
You made my heart melt but I'm cold to the core
Now rumor has it he's the one I'm leaving you for
~Rumor Has It - Adele

Disclaimer: exercise is better than infringement. Life lesson, people.

I walk into the Great Hall at breakfast with Josh beside me. Malfoy appears on my other side, murmurs "One week and six days!" into my ear, then passes us to go sit beside Dom at the Gryffindor table. I suppose he's looking to patch things up with her.

"What did Malfoy say?" frowns Josh, in dictator mode once more. I resist the urge to tell him it is none of his bloody business, because that will definitely lower the time frame to roughly five minutes instead of one week and six days.

"Nothing," I answer in a bored voice, sweeping off to sit across from Dom. He follows.

"Hi," Dom says brightly, holding hands with Malfoy on the table.

"Hi," I mutter. I'm not looking forward to my day - Double Potions, followed by Divination, followed by Herbology, which isn't quite as bad as the other two, but not my favourite. Now I like Potions, it's just that whenever we have double, Slughorn uses one of the periods to ramble on about connections and crystallized pineapple or something. Then I have another Quidditch practice, led by James, followed by prefect rounds with Malfoy. I eat all the sweet food I can find at the table - the pancakes and waffles, the French toast, all drowned in maple syrup - because I know I'm going to need it. I also plunk four sugar cubes into my tea.

Dom is staring at my plate disapprovingly.

"What?" I demand, after clearing my mouth. (I'm hungry, but I still keep my manners, unlike certain member of my family I could mention.

"That's so unhealthy," she says reproachfully, pointing at the food on my plate.

"Yes," I agree. "And?"

"Well, aren't you worried about putting on weight?" she asks, her nose wrinkled. "I would be..."

"Why?" I demand. "You're a twig!"

"Takes hard work," she sniffs. I roll my eyes and am about to start eating again when Josh stops me. "She's right, Rose."

I look at him incredulously.

"It isn't good for you," he explains. "Don't you want to look good for as long as possible? Someday all that will just go straight to your hips."

I'm seriously starting to wonder if he isn't gay, the way he's talking. I roll my eyes once more and go back to eating.

Josh takes my fork away mid bite, so my mouth is left hanging open like an idiot's. I snap it shut and glare at him.

"It's for your own good, Rosie," he shrugs apologetically.

I'm about to retaliate when Malfoy cuts in. "I think Weasley has the right idea. We're all going to die someday anyway, might as well make the most of it while we can." With that, he upends the maple syrup pitcher over his mouth, and drinks the few drops that are left. Dom and Josh stare at him, appalled, but I can't help laughing.

"Even I have to say that's disgusting," I chuckle.

Dom is just eyeing his stomach speculatively as if she thinks his abs are going to be miraculously replaced by a gut. (Yes, I know he has abs. How? I've punched him in the stomach multiple times.) Seeing her look, he stretches and contentedly pats his stomach with the air of a satisfied cat. She just rolls her eyes.


I'm sitting in Potions, doodling on a spare piece of parchment. Malfoy has ended up beside me, since Dom and Josh sat together to further discuss health foods. I wish them joy of it.

"...and now, I always get those wonderful round sweets from the Minister for Magic in India," Slughorn says with a flourish. "Now, he's wonderful to visit, lives in an old palace and very generous. Almost as liberal as the one in America. Oh, now she..."

I cannot believe it's only ten minutes into the class. I absent-mindedly draw a rose. Malfoy looks over, before taking out his quill and quickly drawing a scorpion. I frown at him - he's ruined my doodle!

He just smirks, before pulling the paper toward him and drawing a grid with nine squares. I look at him in confusion. He rolls his eyes and puts an x in the top left box.

Ohhh, he wants to play noughts and crosses. I mark an o in the box beside him. The first game is a draw. The next game, I win. He narrows his eyes at me as I make up a chart to tally all the games, very smugly putting a tally mark under my name.

Halfway through the second period, Slughorn is still talking. I've won 24 games, but Malfoy is beating me at 26. I look up for the first time in an hour and see Josh and Dom staring at the two of us with narrowed eyes. I'm not sure what their problem is.

Slughorn finally checks the time on his gold pocketwatch. "Oh, dear! There are only fifteen minutes left! How time flies when we are discussing such interesting topics!"

"Yes, the excesses of the Americans as a topic is simply fascinating," Malfoy murmurs beside me. I can't help chuckling softly. We go back to our game. At the end of class, we are evenly tied 31-31. I stuff the parchment in my bag as Dom walks up, glaring at me. "Come on, Scorpius, let's go."

"What's with her?" I ask Josh in bewilderment. He just scowls at me and walks off.

Alright, now I'm confused. I silently follow them to the Great Hall for lunch. I sit across from Dom as usual, but se won't talk to me, she just glares. Eventually I can't take it anymore. "Dom, what is your problem?!"

"I believed you when you said you weren't trying to steal Scorpius," she accused, pointing a finger at me.

"What the fuck?" mutters Malfoy beside her, a look of shock on his face. I ignore him.

"And, what's changed since then?"

"You two getting all cozy in Potions," Josh says balefully.

"Cozy?" exclaims Malfoy incredulously.

"You were passing notes," Dom says conspiratorially.

I sigh and pull out the paper we played noughts and crosses on and pass it to her and Josh. They look over it and comprehension dawns simultaneously over their faces.

"Ohhhhhhh," they chorus. Malfoy rolls his eyes. Dom passes it back to me and I stuff it in my bag as they both apologize.


The Divination class is hot and stuffy as usual. To make matters worse, Trelawney is forcing us to drink hot tea without any sugar. I secretly Vanish mine then swill the dregs around and stare in it. It looks a little like a stone. Or maybe a cloud. Basically it's a sort of rounded, mostly shapeless thing.

Trelawney sweeps up to me, her bangles clinking. "What do you have dear? Let us see?"

She peers intently into my cup, then tsk's. "Looks like you will be unlucky in love, my dear. One you consider very close will take your current lover, and you will not realize your true love until it is almost too late."

"You and Josh are lovers?! Dom mouths to me. After Trelawney sweeps off, I shake my head, rolling my eyes. "Of course not! Don't be ridiculous!"

"Oh, good," Dom says, looking into her own cup. "Scorpius and I haven't, you know, either. I don't know why I'm waiting this time. Normally I would just-"

"Urgh!" I groan, covering my ears. "Enough, I don't want to hear about your sexcapades!"

She smiles coyly and shrugs.


They normally don't do this outside our common room or the broom closets, but their tongues are wrestling at the dinner table. Dom and Malfoy, I mean. Rather, Dom is practically climbing up on him, and I think he's trying to push her off, but I can't tell.

Josh is gazing at them wistfully while shooting sideways glances at me. I keep eating. I don't care WHO it is - I will not kiss someone in the middle of the Great Hall. I stab into the steak and kidney pie rather viciously.

Malfoy finally succeeds in pushing Dom off and she settles beside him with a huff. He straightens his robes and runs his hand through his hair, making it stick up even more haphazardly.

"The bright pink is nice, but I still like the coral lipstick better," I tell him. He curses and scrubs at his mouth with a napkin.

"I don't understand why you always wipe away my kisses, Scorpy," Dom says, pouting. At the nickname, it takes all my effort not to spew my mouthful of pumpkin juice across the table.

"Because I don't want to look like a queen or a cross-dresser," he says irritably. This sounds fair enough to me, but Dom gets extremely offended and refuses to talk through the rest of dinner. Which, I'm ashamed to say, I'm thankful for.


I hang around the Entrance Hall, where I'm supposed to meet Malfoy before our patrol. I'm early, but I didn't want to see him and Dom snogging in the common room. That could scar a girl for life and I already have multiple scars.

Suddenly, arms slide around my waist from behind me. I jump slightly, twisting around to see who it is. But the person holds me in place and won't let me.

"I missed you, Rose," Josh whispers in my ear before kissing my neck. I turn around to try to push him off, but he takes it the wrong way and starts kissing my lips instead.

I pull my face away. "Josh!"

He just moves back down to my neck, as his hand starts sliding up underneath my sweater. I try to push him away, but he presses closer and moans slightly.

"J-Josh, stop," I stutter, slightly frightened now.

"Mm-mm," he refuses, sliding his hand up further. And then he flies backward, landing on his arse. I look around and see Malfoy at the bottom of the stairs, his wand pointing at Josh, his lips pressed in a hard line, his nostrils flared, and his eyes steely. In other words, his furious expression.

Josh's expression of shock changes to anger as well. He pushes himself up off the floor. "What the fuck?"

"You should really watch yourself," Malfoy says in a cold, hard voice, walking towards Josh.

"Who are you to tell me what to do?" Josh hisses.

"A Prefect," retorts Malfoy. "Now go to your dorm unless you want a month of detention."

Josh glares at him, then turns on his heel and angrily marches up the staircase, ignoring me.

I turn to Malfoy once Josh is out of earshot. "Why?"

His eyes widen. "You wanted him to force you?!"

"I mean, thanks," I add, my face reddening. "But I don't know why you would bother."

He stares at me for a while, his expression unreadable. He opens his mouth, then closes it, then looks down, saying, "I'm a Prefect. I make sure people follow rules."

I frown slightly, because he's never been one for the rules per say, but let it drop. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," he says curtly. "Now let's start rounds." He points his wandlight towards the dungeon door and starts walking, gesturing for me to follow.

I catch up to him. "Aren't we, you know, patrolling separately like always?"

He stops, turning to look at me, the wandlight reflecting off his still steely eyes and giving them flickers of gold. "You can leave if you'd like, but I didn't think you'd want to be alone in case that head case of a boyfriend of yours I hanging around somewhere."

It is so strange that i feel safer with him, my enemy, than with my suppose boyfriend. I shudder. "You're right, I don't."

"And he's not," I add a bit later.


"Not my boyfriend," I sigh, knowing I'm admitting he's right and he'll never stop gloating.

He grins for the first time all night. "He isn't?"

"No," I mutter.

"What was that?" he asks smugly, leaning down towards me and cupping his ear as if to hear better.

"He's not my boyfriend," I repeat louder.

"Which means that?" he prompts. But I won't say it.

"Uh, it means that we're not dating."

"Which means that?"

I roll my eyes. "Which means that I don't like him any more."

"You never liked him," he scoffs. "Anyway, what does that mean?"

I don't respond, walking in silence and staring ahead.

"Here's a hint," he says helpfully. "What you should be saying is 'Malfoy you're right and the bestest bloke in the world and I'll shout that while standing on top of the table during dinner tomorrow.' "

I stay silent. He waits expectantly.

"Malfoy, you're right," I mutter.

He crosses his arms and taps his foot, checking his watch and looking at me.

"I'm not saying the rest," I inform him.

"Fair enough," he shrugs. "I'll take what I can get. But could you repeat the 'Malfoy is right' part once more? That was oddly satisfying."

Merlin, he's so annoying.

"Malfoy, you're right," I repeat louder, then add, "just this once."

He grins at me once more. "See, that wasn't so hard!"

I roll my eyes.


We've been walking quite a while, and it's nearing the end of our shift. While I hate to admit it, it's been almost fun, the bickering. I'm not crazy, I swear.

We're currently on the fourth floor, where the windows are open, and I lean out of each one we pass, enjoying the breeze. Malfoy gets annoyed because he thinks I'm wasting time.

I lean out of the fifth window and sigh happily, the breeze blowing my hair around. Suddenly warm arms encircle my waist and tug me back, and I hear Malfoy muttering "Get inside, we have to-"

"Shhhh!" I say suddenly.

He glares at me indignantly. "I will not shhh! Do you know what -"

Rolling my eyes I cover his mouth with my hand. This stops him in his tracks. I ignore his shocked expression, pointing down the hall and cupping my hand around my ear to indicate for him to listen.

We hear it - a slurping coming from the hallway around the corner. I drop my hand from Malfoy's mouth as he rolls his eyes and lets go of my waist. We creep silently down the hall and around the corner and are just outside the broom closet when we hear a voice.

"Do you think they'll find out?"

It's Dominique! I elbow Malfoy in his stomach, probably bruising myself I the process, but this is important. He nods - he knows it's her.

"I doubt it," laughs a male voice - Josh! "They may be very book smart but neither one of them is street smart."

The little squit!

"I don't want to upset Rose," says Dom uncertainly.

"Rose won't care," says Josh with an edge to his voice. Malfoy raises an eyebrow at me and I lift one shoulder silently.

"Aren't you more worried about upsetting Scorpius?" he asks her after a bit of slurping (ugh).

"Scorpius won't really care either," sighs Dom, and they go back to kissing.

Malfoy and I look at each other wide eyed. He holds my wrist, pulling me back the way we came. We creep silently around the corner, then sprint to the alcove near the staircase.

We stop there and Malfoy lets go of my wrist, eyeing me cautiously. "So, your boyfriend's cheating on you."

"So, your girlfriend's cheating on you," I respond.

We stare at each other for a moment before simultaneously bursting out into laughter.

About five minutes later, we wipe the tears of laughter away and sit up. Malfoy looks at me. "So let's agree on something."

"Which would be..."

"We break up with them at the same time in the most public place possible, in the most humiliating way possible," he suggest. I can't help laughing at this.

"Deal," I grin. We shake on it before going back down to meet the prefects that will take over our shift.

Two prefects, both from Ravenclaw, are waiting in the Entrance Hall. We pass over the detention slip book. They're just about to leave when Malfoy stops them. "Oh, by the way, you might want to check all the broom closets on the fourth floor."

"Didn't you walk past them?" asks the boy suspiciously.

"Of course," I say indignantly. "But, we might have, er, missed something."

Before they can do more than frown suspiciously, Malfoy spins me around and we walk up the stairs to the Gryffindor tower. I don't ask why he's walking me back; I know it's because he thinks Josh might be hanging around.

I'm about to step into the portrait hole when he stops me. "Wait. Shouldn't we decide how we're going to publicly humiliate them?"

I know he's referring to Dom and Josh, of course. "Erm, not sure. Should we do it tomorrow?"

"I think so," he agrees. "I think we should-"

He moves closer to whisper it in my ear and I laugh in delight. "That is wonderful. Breakfast, then?"

"Wouldn't miss it," he says with a mock salute, then turns to go downstairs as I climb through the portrait hole.

Dom is back in bed, appearing to breathe peacefully, but I hear her breathing pause as I come in. I'm not angry with her - she can have that arsehole. I'm just really excited for tomorrow, because he has no idea what's in store for him.

I'm back! Hehehe. Sorry I couldn't keep up the week long updates, but RL has been annoying. My mood correlates with the temperature, and since that's dropping...
So anyhoo, tell me what ya think! You know the drill!


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