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Tyrant Thoughts by kalanapatheis150
Chapter 8 : The other room
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Professor McGonagall looked at the desperate students before her and he could not help it but try to show her support. After all she too cared for Hermione because she was like a child of her own. The brightest witch of our age, that made McGonagall proud to be a teacher. McGonagall slowly raised her eyes to Harry, Ginny, Ron, Luna and Nevill. They all looked so worried so she decised to speak. She brought her glasses closer to her eyes jumped up and spoke.


“We should not hurry and jump to conclusions. We should have our facts straight, organize a plan and try to find Hermione Granger before I warn the Ministry of Magic. I can't really believe I'm saying this but let's go out and try to find her on our own first.”


“I agree!” shouted Ron with fierceness. He got up from his chair and ran to get his wand. The rest of them did the same.


In front of the boys dorm Ginny stopped Harry and talked to him with anxiety. “Harry I am scared. I'm scared that Malfoy really is the reason that Hermione is missing and that it has to do with the Death Eaters. What are we going to do? I really can't settle on searching the grounds, we should act faster” cried Ginny. Harry hugged her and caressed her silky ginger hair.


“We will find her Ginny, I promise. We will find her and whoever took her is going to pay. It doesn't matter if its Draco Malfoy or anyone else. Kidnapers of Hermione are going to pay.”


Ginny who had rested her head on Harry's shoulders raised her eyes and looked at him. Tears were streaming down her beautiful eyes and Harry who could not restrain himself from his urge bent down and kissed her. He felt guilty. There's no time for this, he thought.


“What the fuck are you doing?” he heard a voice from behind. “Hermione is somewhere out there she might be dead for all we know and you sit there and snog? Are you kidding me?” It was Ron who was furious and red from anger.


“Ron you are right. I'm sorry...” said Harry in a very low voice, almost a whisper.


“No you are not sorry. I'm NOT sorry Ron.” shouted Ginny to Harry's surprise. “ I am scared to death. I too care for Hermione, I too love her Ron, she's my friend. You have NO right to yell at us like that, I just wanted to feel a little comfort.” Ginny yelled in fury.


Ron was taken aback from Ginny's reaction and turned making his way back to the common room were McGonagall was waiting for them. When everybody was ready and had their wands in their pockets McGonagall explained to them what her plan was.


“Okay children we are going to search the grounds. I am going to talk to Mr Filtch and we will be out of the castle soon. Mr Weasly and Mr Lonbottom you will search the Black Lake. Miss Lovegood and Mr Potter you will go search the Quiditch pitch and the greenhouses. Miss Weasly and I are going to go the Forbidden Forest. If anybody sees you, tell them you have my permission and I will explain later.”


Everybody nodded and put their cloaks on. They followed McGonagall and got out of the castle in silence. When the time came to separate Harry turned around to see Ginny before he left. She was already looking at him and with her eyes staring at his she mouthed I love you.




When Hermione came back to her senses she looked at her feet and saw the plate of food still in the same place. It was mush and ugly but Hermione was so hungry that she didn't care what it was. She picked up the plate and the brought her next to her. What if it's poisoned? She thought. Its not Hermione, don't be stupid. They are not going to kill you that way. She grabbed the spoon and started to eat. It was tasty and smooth but she still had no idea what it was. When she finished she dropped the plate back on the ground and realized she felt completely different. She had gained a little strength. She got up and reached the window. The moon was bright and beautiful and looking at it she felt lonely. She hoped that her friends realized she was gone and warned somebody. As she kept starring at the moon she heard footsteps outside the door and turned her head to look who was going to come inside. The door opened with a loud bang and Fernir Greyback came inside.


“Hello Mudblood long time no see” he said and laughed his pointy, dirty teeth popping out of his mouth. “I'm taking you to another room get up.”


Hermione saw the open door behind him as an opportunity to freedom. She got up and as she was slowly approaching Greyback she turned to her right and started running towards the door. The door was getting closer and closer. Greyback was fast considering his werewolf side and grabbed Hermione before she had any time to react. He grabbes her by her shirt and dragged her to the corner of the room.


“Fucking mudblood bitch!” he shouted as he was kicking her in the stomach. Hermione screamed in pain and her view started to become blurry. Before her eyes close completely she saw a pair of feet getting close and pulling Greyback to the ground. After that she passed out.


When she opened her eyes again Draco Malfoy was standing next to her pointing his wand at her. She got up very fast and leaned against the wall stiff as a board.


“Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just healing your wounds.” he said calmly.


Did he just save me? He was hurting me not a long time ago. She thought.


“Am I supposed to thank you right now?” Hermione said.


“What's that Mudblood? Irony? Don't use that on me.” Malfoy said.


Hermione noticed that she was in another room not different from the one she was before. To her surprise there was no window in this one. Hermione felt frustration. That window was the only thing that connected her to the rest of the world and made her feel a little better.


“Malfoy why did you save me? You say you are going to kill me anyway.” Hermione said.


Draco got up and came close to her. “Listen I was torturing you because I was under the influence of...” Draco stopped. He reached for his head and held it as if he was in pain. “No...” he said and then looked at Hermione and ran out of the room.




After a few hours they saw the sun coming out. They met at the Gryffindor common room and thankfully everyone was ok beside the fact that they had not slept at all. McGonagall was looking at their tired eyes.


“Did any of you find anything?”she said.


Harry, Ginny and Luna said nothing, but Neville and Ron stood in silence. Everybody turned their heads towards them and Neville raised his eyes and looked at them.


“We found Hermione's blue bracelet.” Neville said.


Everyone looked at Ron. He was sobbing again. He gave her that bracelet a few days ago.

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Tyrant Thoughts: The other room


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