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Second Chances by Drunaforever
Chapter 7 : Trip to Hogsmeade
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Hey guys! Sorry this chapter is short, I just haven't updated in a while and I wanted to post something soon! I have something good planned in a few chapters >:) Enjoy and please review! XD



"Bye guys," Audrey called as she waved at us. We were walking out of the school and she was on her way to Professor McGonagall's office to receive her detention.


Ginny and I gave her one last wave before walking down the front steps into the cool autumn air.


"So, what should we do?" I asked her. We hadn't really discussed what we would actually do in Hogsmeade.


She shrugged. "We are meeting Harry, Ron and Hermione at The Three Broomsticks in ten minutes. Do you want to stop at Honeydukes for a moment and grab something?"


I nodded. Over the past year or so (Hogsmeade trips were banned when Professor Snape was headmaster), I had missed the delicious candy of Honeydukes.


So we walked onto the main road in Hogsmeade and made our way to the sweet shop.


When we got there I went straight to my favorite candy- the peanut butter filled chocolate cauldrons.


I grabbed a handful and some Droobles gum and Fizzing Whizbees too. Ginny was still looking so I paid for my stuff and wandered around some more.


I looked at the window display from the inside and took a free sample of the mini chocolate frogs.


People were passing by, shopping and talking in their own little groups. Except for one person.


Draco had his eyes on the ground, looking around as if he felt awkward. He was alone and he kept on glancing back as if considering going back to the castle.


I walked out of the shop and towards him.


"Oops, I am so sorry-oh, hi Harry!" I had ran into the Chosen One while making my way towards Draco.


"Hey Luna, where's Ginny?" Hermione asked.


"She's still in the shop. Excuse me, I'm going to talk to someone." I said and they looked surprised as they watched me approach Draco.


"Hey!" I said, playfully bumping into his side.


He looked up and grinned. "Hey Luna."


I beamed. He was warming up to me, I could tell.


"Whatcha doing?" I asked.


His grin faded. "Nothing."


"Mind if I hang out with you?" I asked.


He smiled again. "That'd be great."


Ron walked up to us. I forgot they were watching.


"Actually, Malfoy, Luna is coming with us." He said.


"No, she's coming with me." Draco replied. He was an inch taller than Ron and it made him look intimidating.


"Luna? What's going on?" Ginny asked. She must have just left Honeydukes.


"Oh nothing, I'm just going to spend this trip with Draco if you guys don't mind. Bye! I'll see you at the castle later!" I said. They looked like they did mind but I walked away with Draco anyways before they could do anything.


Draco laughed. "Good one. So where do you want to go?"


I thought for a moment. "Let's just walk around until we find something."


He nodded and we went down the street.


"So, you ready for the quidditch game next week?" I asked.


He grinned. "You bet I am."


"Me too," I said. Terry had worked the team hard every other night for practice.


The bitter November weather attacked my exposed face and hands, and I suggested the Three Broomsticks. He agreed and we went inside the pub.


"You get us a table, I'll order butterbeers," Draco told me and I gave him a grateful smile before sitting in an empty booth.


The second I sat down, Ginny and Hermione emerged from the crowd and sat across from me.


"Hey Luna. What's up?" Ginny asked.


"Uh, nothing really."


"Having fun?" Hermione asked.


I looked at them with a raised eyebrow. There was something strange in their smiles.


"Yeah, I guess."


Hermione opened her mouth but she was interrupted.


"Luna, here's your butterbeer." Draco said, handing me a bottle.


He glared pointedly at the two other girls. "Granger, Weaslette." He nodded.


They glared back and stood up. "We'll just leave now." Ginny said.


Draco sat down and began to drink, his smirk triumphant.


I sighed slightly. "Draco, they are my friends too. You should be nice to them."


His smirk disappeared into an apologetic grin. "Sorry. Old habits die hard. But

I'll try."


I smiled. He was willing to change. For me.


After the butterbeer, we left the Three Broomsticks.


"Luna," Draco began.


"Yes?" I tilted my head at him.


"I've been thinking about the argument with Pansy yesterday, and, I-I wanted to say that..."




He glanced at me. "I am glad to be your friend."


I beamed. He not only called me his friend, but he accepted it too!


I did the first thing that came to mind. I hugged him.


At first he was tense, surprised. But then he relaxed, just slightly, into my hug.


"I'm glad to be your friend too, Draco." I said after letting go of him.


He had a warmth in his eyes that I've never seen as we walked to Dervish and Bangs together.


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