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Bookstore Romance by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 5 : Hogwarts Express
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“Wow, couldn’t wait to see me again huh?”  Draco and Scorpius arrived only 30 minutes after I had left.  Scorpius jumped into my arms after he and his father stepped out of the floo and Draco gave me a loving kiss.


“Nope.  It hurt to let you leave.”  He nuzzled my neck.


“How are we going to work this out love?  You seem like you can’t go a few minutes without me near you.”  I chuckled but froze at his next words.


“Move in with me.  With us.”  He gestured to himself and the angel I was holding.  I stepped back out of his embrace.


“Draco… do you realize what you’re asking?  I can’t…” As soon as the words were out of my mouth I regretted them.  Draco’s face fell.


“I mean, we- we just started dating Draco.  I love you, I really do.  But that’s a big step.  Especially when it includes living with your parents.  I like your parents don’t get me wrong, but I moved out of my family’s house to get some privacy.”


“The manor is huge; we’d have plenty of privacy.”  He looked hopeful.  Scorpius kept looking between the two of us; a look of confusion written on his face.


“I can’t Draco I’m sorry.  The manor is beautiful, it is; but too much happened in it.  I just can’t live there.”  I walked to the kitchen, Scorpius still in my arms, and made Draco and myself a cup of tea.


“Alright.”  Was the only word from Draco until we left my apartment.


At Harry and Ginny’s the boys got on fabulously.  And I mean all the boys.  Even Harry and Draco had a decent conversation while they sat on the floor playing with the little ones.  Ginny and I sipped our tea and watched our men.


“He is definitely not the boy we used to know huh?”  Ginny asked in awe.


“No he most certainly is not.  Hey Gin?”  I got nervous thinking about what Draco asked me earlier.


“Yeah?” She sipped her tea.


“Draco asked me to move in with him.  Yes, yes, but before you get too excited I said no.”


“Why on earth would you say no?”  She shot me a glare.


“He lives with his parents at Malfoy Manor.”


“Oh.”  She murmured.


“Yeah.  Exactly.  Oh.”  I snorted.


We had lunch at the Potter’s and after a trip to my bookshop where we found a children’s book about Merlin, the three of us headed back to my flat to put Scorpius down for a nap.  Draco tucked him into the crib I had transfigured a chair into and then he joined me in the living room.  I was curled up on the couch gazing into the fire.  I leaned against him when he pulled me into his arms and we drifted off to sleep as well.


I awoke to Scorpius’ cries.  He was up and ready to be entertained.  I tried my hardest not to wake Draco and slid out of his arms. When I entered my bedroom Scorpius was standing in the crib and smiled brightly when he saw me.


“Herminine!”  He called and thrust his arms in the air.  I picked him up and tickled his pudgy little belly.  He laughed his adorable laugh and nuzzled his head near my neck.


“I love you.”  I turned around and saw Draco leaning against the door frame watching me with his son.  I walked over to him and handed him Scorpius when he reached out and called ‘Daddy!’


“I love you too.”  I whispered against his lips then tenderly kissed him.


The next few days were magic.  Draco would bring Scorpius to visit me at work and I would spend my free time with the two of them.  I fell more in love with both of them every day.


On Thursday Draco and I ventured out alone, leaving the angel with his grandparents.  He said he had a surprise for me.  I was nervous to say the least, but more than that I was excited.  He blind folded me as we were walking down a street in magical London and led me somewhere before he picked me up and carried me to what I assumed was our destination.


“One… two… three.”  Draco took the blindfold off and I blinked until my vision cleared.  We were standing in the middle of a very beautiful, very large flat. I turned to Draco.


“I- I don’t understand.”  I cocked my head to the side in puzzlement.


“Welcome home love.”  He smiled as my eyes went wide.  I flung myself into his arms and started kissing every inch of his skin I could find.


Needless to say we christened our new home right then and there.


Moving day was a blast.  Ginny still hadn’t popped so she went to Malfoy Manor with her boys to spend the day with Narcissa and Scorpius.  Lucius, Harry, Neville and even Ron came to help us move in.  With magic everything is easier.  It only took about an hour of unpacking before most everything was where we wanted it to be.


We had 4 bedrooms, 2 of which we still needed furniture for, but Draco promised we would go shopping for that soon.  Not long after we finished and were sitting down for a drink Narcissa’s patronus arrived.


“Ginny went into labor.  We are at the hospital with the children. Harry, hurry.”  The rabbit disappeared and we all rushed to the floo.


Harry and Ron went first shouting “St. Mungo’s Maternity Ward”, followed by the rest of us.




“Oh Ginny, she’s beautiful.”  I was crying as I held the new addition to the Potter family.  “Lily Luna Potter.  I’m your Aunt Hermione.  You are going to be such a spoiled little girl.”


Draco came to stand next to me while holding Scorpius.


“Baby.”  Scorpius said while pointing at Lily.  She looked up at him and smiled.


“It seems she likes you little man.  Her name is Lily.  Isn’t she pretty?” Draco asked his son as he stared at the new Potter.


“Don’t get any ideas Malfoy.  We don’t do arranged marriages in this family.”  Harry joked with Draco.  The 6 of us, including little Lily were the only ones in the room at the time. The maximum number of people allowed were 5.  The Weasley’s were first, then us.  Next would be our friends and I’m sure Lucius and Narcissa wanted to congratulate the couple.


“Yeah, yeah.  One can hope though.  She’s really beautiful mate, congratulations to the both of you.”  Draco smiled at Harry and Ginny.


“Thank you.”  They chorused.


“Can I- can I hold her?”  Draco asked them tentatively. Harry looked a little hesitant but Ginny spoke first.


“Of course you can Draco.”  Draco beamed at her and set Scorpius on the floor.  I carefully laid Lily in Draco’s arms and watched as he adjusted to her.  He cooed at the newborn and gently brushed back her red hair.  She inherited that Weasley gene.


“Hello little Lily.”  Draco looked at the baby, smiling most of the time then in awe when she latched onto his finger.  I picked up Scorpius and gazed at his father, the man of my dreams.  “I’m your Uncle Draco.  Well, that is if your Aunt Hermione will marry me and make me the happiest man alive… well other than your daddy at this moment.”  Draco chuckled at the gurgling baby in his arms then looked up to my astonished face.


“Draco…”  I breathed.


“Scorpius.  You remember what I taught you?”  The little boy nodded his head.  “Now’s the time to do it son.  Go ahead.  You’ll be fantastic.”


Draco smiled at the angel in my arms while still holding the angel in his.

 Scorpius squirmed around a bit but I didn’t let him go.  I was frozen to the spot.  Did Draco just ask me to marry him?


“Herminine, will you marry us?”  Scorpius asked in his precious toddler voice as he held out a small box he pulled out of his pocket.  My eyes filled with tears and I hugged the little boy closer to me.  A sob wracked through my body and I watched as Draco handed Lily to a smiling Harry.  Then Draco was kneeling on one knee in front of me with the now open box in his hand that he took from his son.


“Hermione Jean Granger, you are the love I never thought I would find, but searched for all my life.  As you found out I have had a crush on you since I was 13, and it never went away.  I know that now.  It grew and turned to love.  I know it has only been a short while since we have been seeing each other, and I’m not saying we have to get married tomorrow, we can wait however long you want.  But I know that if I don’t make you mine I will regret it for the rest of my life.  I have had many regrets in my life; I won’t make losing you one of them.  I love you with all my heart.  You are the mother that my son never had.  He loves you and I know you love him.  Please Hermione, become my wife and I promise you I will try to give you the world.”


Draco looked up at me with more love and hope than I had ever seen before.  Tears were streaming down my face as I nodded my head.  “Yes.  Yes!  Yes a million times yes!”  He got off the floor and hugged me tightly while trying not to squash Scorpius.  Draco kissed my lips softly and buried his face in my hair.


“I love you so much.”  He said in a choked voice.  He was crying as well and I loved him all the more for it.


When he pulled back I could see that I was right.  He had tears on his cheeks.  Scorpius brought his hand to my face where it was wet from my tears and then to his father’s.


“Why you cry?”  He asked us sadly.  I laughed and kissed his cheek.


“Because we are so happy Scorpius.  Hermione said yes.  She’s going to be part of our family.”  Draco brushed his son’s hair from his forehead and smiled down at him.


Scorpius looked at me.  “My mommy?”  He asked a hint of hope in his young eyes.  I looked to Draco to see if it was alright.  He gave me a slight smile and nodded.


“Yes love.  I’m going to be your new mommy.  And I promise to love you forever.”  Scorpius squealed and threw his arms around my neck.  More tears poured down my cheeks.  I was finally a mother.


“Congratulations Mione. Draco.  You take care of her you hear?”  Harry patted Draco on the back as he shook his hand.


“Till the day I die.”  Draco promised.  Scorpius went into his father’s arms and I clung to Harry.


“Oh Harry.  I’m so happy.”  I was still crying.  Harry hugged me tightly to him.


“I know Mione.  I’m so happy for you.  All those years, it was definitely worth the wait.  He’ll be good to you.  He’ll take care of you.  Just remember to take care of him and his little boy in return.  They need you Mione.”  Harry wiped my tears away when we pulled apart.


“I will.  I promise.  I need them too.”  I looked over to Draco and Scorpius who were sitting beside Ginny and gazing at the perfect Lily.  “I can’t believe you’re a father, again.”  I laughed and leaned into Harry.


“I know.  It seems like yesterday we were boarding the Hogwarts Express.  And now look at us.  I’m a father of 3 and you’re now a mother.”  He tightened his arm around me and I smiled at my new little family.  Two perfect, blonde headed men looked towards me at the same moment.  They had the same smile on their faces. My life was perfect.







“Scorpius!  Get your arse down here or we’re going to be late!”


“Draco language.  Cass I hope you didn’t inherit your father’s mouth.”  I

Scolded my husband and looked down at our 7 year old.  Cassiopeia Narcissa Malfoy was the spitting image of Draco, just like Scorpius was.  Her blonde hair fell in ringlets past her shoulders and her eyes were stormy grey.  I wondered if the child I was carrying now would look at all like me.


“Sorry love.”  Draco murmured as he kissed my cheek.  He unconsciously placed his hand on my stomach and gently caressed it.  He did that when I was pregnant with Cass too.


“I’m ready!”  Our son Scorpius flew down the stairs dragging his trunk.  He was 11, my how the time flew by.


“It’s about time.”  Cass murmured in a bratty voice.  I looked to Draco and he smirked down at his little girl.  Yup, she was just like him.


We drove to Kings Cross Station in the BMW Draco just had to have.  He already had a Mustang and a Mercedes, but when we were in muggle London one day he saw the blue car and just had to have it.  Frivolous blonde headed Slytherin.  I love him so much.


“I’ll take Cass through and then you two come along alright?”  I called over my shoulder to my boys as I walked with my daughter to the pillar between platforms 9 and 10.  I didn’t wait for an answer as I hurried our steps and made in through to platform 9 ¾.  The Hogwarts Express was shiny red and just waiting impatiently for the new students to embark on their adventures.


Draco and Scorpius pushed the trolley next to us as we walked over to the Potter’s.


“Hey Scorp!  Ready to make some trouble?”  Albus greeted Scorpius with a slap on the back.  They had been inseparable since that first play date at Grimmauld Place when they were just 2 years old.


“You know it.”  Scorpius smirked.


“Now boys, I don’t want to hear about any of the nonsense you have already planned in your heads.  I don’t think any of us fancy a trip to the Headmaster’s office your first week of school.”  Ginny told the boys seriously.


“Eh I don’t know.  Wouldn’t be Hogwarts without a bit of mischief, what do you say Potter?”  Draco nudged Harry and smiled at the boys.


“I agree.  The trick is not to get caught.”  Harry whispered to them.


“I heard that.”  Ginny glared at her husband.  Albus, Scorpius, Harry and Draco snickered.


“Auntie Ginny, where’s James?”  Cass asked her favorite aunt.


“He’s already on the train sweetheart, but don’t worry.  He’ll be home during holidays.  Lily is with grandma and grandpa Weasley… if you were wondering.”  Ginny winked at me and Cass blushed.  It was a well known fact that Cass had a crush on her ‘cousin’ James.  


The train whistle blew signaling everyone to say their goodbyes.


“Bye baby.   Work hard, stay out of trouble, or try to anyway. Make friends and be nice to EVERYONE.”  I hugged my son and looked to his father as I said the last sentence.  Draco looked down sheepishly.


“I will mum, I’ll miss you.”  Scorpius hugged me tightly then went to say goodbye to his father.


“Remember.  You’re a Malfoy.  But you are your own person.  Stand tall, be kind to everyone you meet, and be the best damn quidditch player ever.”  Draco brought his son in for a hug.  “I love you Scorpius.”  I felt my eyes tearing up and felt my heart loving Draco Malfoy even more in that moment, despite his foul language.


“I love you too Dad.  I love you Mum, Cass I love you, give 'em hell while I’m gone eh?”  Scorpius hugged his sister and headed to the train with Albus.


“I’m guna miss him…”  Draco whispered.  I kissed him on the cheek and held him around the waist.  We watched as Cass ran after the train, waving to her brother and Albus as they hung out the window.


“He’ll be back.”  I whispered in return.  Draco pulled me into his arms and kissed my lips.


“I love you Granger.”  Draco murmured against my lips and I smiled at the use of my maiden name.


“I love you too Malfoy.”  I said before I kissed my wonderful husband.


Things didn’t pan out as I had planned for my future.  It turned out to be better than I ever could have imagined.



I do NOT own anything to do with Harry Potter.

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