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In Love and War by Phoenix Quill
Chapter 7 : The Party...And The Aftermath
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Love you all, you who have chosen to continue reading! You make me smile so much when I see your reviews and by how much my reader totals have increased! Love you all! 

I was sitting on the couch, apple martini in hand, chatting with some random guy. His name was Mark. Or Matt. Maybe it was Mal. I had no idea. It started with an M.

M-guy was staring at my breasts while I tried to keep up a conversation. "So, are you into Quidditch?" He coughed and looked up. "Um...yeah, I like Quidditch a little. Not a great fan since Ginny Weasley quit. She was hot!" I looked up. "My friend happens to be her niece, so please never say anything like that ever again. Understand?" M-guy mumbled an apology and stood up, looking for a way to make an exit. Roxanne supplied him with one by sauntering up to me, Coke and rum in hand. "Hey, Tay Tay. How you like my party?" I smiled and watched M-guy dart off towards the toilets. "It's great. This is awkward, but what exactly is the occasion?" Roxanne laughed and took a sip of her drink. "It's mine and Fred's birthday. We have it the week before coming to school, so first Hogsmeade weekend we always have a party. Fred's actually born first, but I always plan the party, otherwise it would be a stripper club." Roxanne laughed and darted off to say hello to someone. She was the ultimate party hostess. I sipped my drink and looked around for everyone. Dominique and Luke had disappeared, probably upstairs to a bed.

Or a couch. Or even the floor. You could never underestimate the power of Veela ancestry.

James was chatting up a raven-haired girl who was wearing barely any clothing. Slut. Albus was reading, I know, big surprise there. Jason and Sarah were slow dancing with his head in her hair. Kaitlin was talking to M-guy...wait, his name was Nathan! Damn, I was so off base. Roxanne was smiling and laughing with a Ravenclaw girl who I didn't know. Fred was, for some reason, riding the bucking Buckbeak only wearing pants. There was a crowd of people cheering him on.

Yeah, he was pretty impressive, with his tanned skin and abs, but still.

I couldn't see Scorpius or Rose, which was a little strange. As I was pondering this, some guy came up and asked me to dance. I finished my drink and stood, putting my arm in his as he led me to the dance floor. I had a quick glance around. There was a couple snogging in the middle of the floor. A red-headed girl and blond boy. Fuck. Fuck no. No fucking way.

I'd finally found Rose and Scorpius.






After seeing Scorpius snogging my friend, I had grabbed a Firewhiskey and sat down at an empty table. Four Firewhiskeys later, I was still at the table. I finished my fifth drink and lifted my wand.

"Accio Firewhiskey!" It took a little while getting to me, but a bottle and a glass finally got to me. I poured myself another drink and took a long swallow. It burned like hell, but it helped.

Not really, but now maybe I'd wouldn't remember Scorpius snogging Rose.

Oh Merlin, he snogged her.

I downed my drink and poured myself another. The room was looking a little fuzzy, and I had the feeling that if I stood, I would fall over, but that didn't stop me from drinking another Firewhiskey.

Oh well. I might as well get properly drunk.

The chair next to me creaked. I looked up to see two Scorpius' sitting next to me.

Focus, Taylor. There's only one of him.

"Hey, Taylor. You alright?" His voice was so sexy, all rough and concerned.

"I'm fine, what would make you think that I wasn't?"

"Well, for one, you're sitting on your own. Second, you're drinking Firewhiskey, and third, you're slurring your words a lot. Are you sure you're okay?"

I tried to glare at him, failed miserably, and drained my glass of Firewhiskey in one swallow. "Yes, I'm completely fine. Of course I'm fine. There's nothing that would upset me at all, is there? Except maybe the fact that you snogged Rose on the dance floor and I saw you!"

Scorpius hung his head. "You saw that? Oh Merlin, what have I done? It was a mistake, and I shouldn't have done it, and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snogged your friend."

I laughed. Not a happy laugh, a bitter one. Bitter like Firewhiskey. "Yeah, you should have asked, or you know, not done it. You are a pig, Scorpius Malfoy. A self-absorbed pig. You are -" I broke off, noticing that he was looking at me weirdly.

"Scorpius? Are you all right?" He kept looking at me strangely. I looked at the Firewhiskey bottle for lack of anything else to look at.

"You do look beautiful tonight. I didn't have the guts to tell you before, but drinking has the magical ability to give you courage." I scoffed. "That is the worst pick-up line ever. Never say that again. You know what, just don't talk."

Scorpius nodded. "Okay, I won't talk. I'll just do."

And then he leant forward, almost falling out of his chair, and kissed me softly on the lips.

What the fucking Merlin?!?!?

He leaned back, blushing intensely. I took a few quick breaths and looked away. Scorpius stood up and brushed away a stray bit of hair that had fallen into his eyes. He glanced at me and walked away, leaving me wondering what the fuck that had been.






The rest of the party was a blur. I rode the bucking Buckbeak at some point, and that was fun. There was a lot more drinking, Sarah and Jason snogged so many times I lost count, and I kept remembering the feeling of Scorpius' lips on mine.

At some point, I stumbled upstairs to the couch and fell onto it, drunk out of my mind. The couch was very soft and fluffy. Almost like a cloud. I liked clouds. I squished into the cloud-couch and closed my eyes. Nice cloud. Soft cloud.






I always have weird dreams when I've been drinking. This time, it was a dream about X. He snogged me, then pulled off the mask, but there was no face under it. Then Scorpius was snogging me and I was dissolving into dust in his arms. Finally, I was snogging a random person and Scorpius punched me.

Then I woke up.






Someone must have gotten me to the dorms, probably Sarah. I was in my bed, still wearing my dress, but not the shoes and jewellery, and my head hurt like hell was having a party in there. I ran into the private bathrooms that Hogwarts so lovingly provided after Moaning Myrtle ruined the girl's bathrooms for good, and emptied my stomach in the toilet bowl.

Ugh, I was never doing that again.

Hang on, what exactly did I do last night?

I stumbled back into the dorm and sat on the bed, digging through my memories. I'd seen someone snogging, and then someone had kissed me, and everything after that was gone.

Wait. I saw Rose and Scorpius snogging.

Then Scorpius kissed me.

I ran back into the bathroom and emptied the rest of my stomach. I was going to find the person who invented alcohol and remove his fingers one by one, along with a few other bits.






"Stop. Making. So . Much. Noise!" Scorpius ignored my pleas and continued munching on his bit of toast. Why was everything so loud?

Oh, that's right, because I got extremely drunk. Fuck my life.

Sarah plonked herself down next to me. I covered my ears to protect them from the shockwave of sound. "Why did I drink so much last night?"

Sarah grinned lopsidedly. "Because you're an idiot. I had to levitate you all the way back to Hogwarts. You're lucky I find you, Taylor, otherwise you'd still be in the Warehouse."

I smiled. "Thanks. Do you have any headache potion? I would kill for some. Literally. Point out a person and I will Avada Kedavra their arse to get some potion." Sarah laughed again.

Really loudly too. Ugh, just please kill me.

"After breakfast, I'll get you some. Okay?" I groaned and nodded, taking a bite of my toast.

And that was basically all I could eat. A pox on you, creator of alcohol.

Scorpius had a sip of pumpkin juice and grimaced. "That does not mix well with peanut butter. Hey Taylor, you alright?"

I groaned again and put my head in my hands. "Remind me never to drink again. Hangovers are awful."

Scorpius laughed. "That's why I didn't drink last night. Means I have a clear head for tryouts tomorrow. And to finish the Potions essay today."

"We have an essay? Fuck! What was it about?"

Scorpius laughed again. Loudly too, the obnoxious twat. "It's on the Befuddlement Draught. Don't worry, I'll help you with it. I know you're rubbish at essays. Thank Merlin that it's only two pages."

Only two pages? Just kill me, please!






After a large dose of headache potion, I had dragged my sorry arse to the common room.  Scorpius was sitting on the one comfy armchair with a small table in front of him, scribbling earnestly on a piece of parchment. I sat on the arm of the chair and leant over to see what he was writing. Strangely enough, he covered it straight away.

"What, don't want me to see your essay?" He blushed and grabbed out another piece of parchment, putting it on top of whatever he'd been writing. "We'd better start on the essay. Okay, the Befuddlement Draught makes the consumer belligerent and reckless. It's ingredients include..."

I listened and wrote down most of what he said, editing it of course so it didn't sound exactly like the textbook, because I was sure this was the exact wording that they used in the Potions book. By the time my headache had completely faded, the essay was done, the common room was empty except for us and it was eleven o'clock. Scorpius stretched and put down his quill. "Well, that's finished. You up for a game of wizard chess?" I grinned. "Chess pieces savagely bludgeoning each other into shards? Sounds great!" Scorpius dashed off into the boys dorms. I waited a few seconds, then carefully brushed his essay across the table, revealing the parchment beneath.

It was a note, written in Scorpius' characteristic scrawl.


This is so embarrassing. I can't even say it to you without blushing and my throat closing up. So I've had to resort to a note. I know, so lame. I can hear you teasing me about it right now.

Taylor, I really like you. A lot. Ever since that time when we were fourth-years, I've liked you. Last night, when I kissed you, it just felt right.

Meet me in the Room at nine tonight. I really hope you turn up.


I sat down, still clutching the parchment. Scorpius...liked me? It was impossible. There was no -

"Taylor? What are you holding?"

I looked up and saw Scorpius, who was holding the chess set. He put it on the ground and stormed over. "Taylor, is read it. You bitch! That was private!"

He snatched the parchment away from me, almost tearing it. I stood up. "Why couldn't you just tell me, Scorpius? It would have been a lot easier."

Scorpius turned bright red. "Maybe if you didn't make it so damn hard, I would have been able to!"

"How did I make it hard, Scorpius? Tell me how I made it so hard!"

"Oh, you can't figure it out? Your indifference to me, that's how. I was only a friend to you, never anything more. That's why it was so damn hard. That's the fucking reason. Are you fucking happy now, Taylor?"

I stared at him. "I'm indifferent? I'm indifferent? Maybe if you weren't snogging Rose Weasley, it could have worked!"

Scorpius grabbed my shoulder and pulled me towards him. "Don't you get it? I was snogging her to make you jealous! You complete fool!"

I froze. "You were snogging her to make me jealous. Well, good job. You've basically created the reason why you're angry at me. Top job."

Scorpius pulled me to about two centimetres in front of his face. "Well then, I guess I have to make it right."

And then he was snogging me, in the common room.

And I was snogging him back, with my hands in his shirt and his hands in my hair.

His mouth was soft and tasted of oranges, not like X's mouth at all. He smelled of cologne, but just enough that it was nice and not overpowering. His shirt was soft, and I could feel his muscles underneath it.

Wait a second, did I compare the feeling of X's mouth to Scorpius'?

No. Stop thinking. Just snog.

Scorpius pressed me up against the chair, his hands moving to my neck and back. I put my hands in his hair. It was so soft and thin, and it felt like silk against my fingers. He moaned and pressed his hands against my spine.

It was everything I'd expected.

Then I remembered where we were.

I pulled back, freeing my hands from Scorpius' hair. He looked disappointed. "Scorpius, we're in the common room. Anyone could have walked in. If we're going to do that again, we need to be more careful."

Scorpius laughed nervously and ran a hand through his hair, which had been messed up. "Well, I definitely want to do that again, so sure. Meet me at the Room at nine?" I smiled and smoothed down my hair.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world."






It was ten to nine and I was dressed in a clinging silver tank top and skinny jeans, running up the stairs to the seventh floor.

Those stairs hate me, I swear. They hate me. I always manage to get stuck in a trick step or end up somewhere I'd never seen before because the stairs changed while I wasn't paying attention.

Today, they'd made me end up stranded on the stairs while they swung to exactly the opposite place they needed to be for me to get to the Room of Requirement.

Well, fuck you stairs. No one likes you anyway.

By the time I actually got to the Room, it was almost nine. And by that, I mean one minute to nine.

I paced in front of the blank brick wall. I need to meet with Scorpius. I need to meet with Scorpius. I need to -

The door emerged from the wall. I pushed through it and closed it behind me, making sure it was completely closed, otherwise any random could get in. I looked around. Today, the room had a small table and two chairs. The table had a candle and a rose on it.

What the fuck, Room of Requirement? Why would you put that there?

There was also a couch and a bed.

What the fuck? Why would you do that?

There was a scuffling noise from behind me. I turned around and saw Scorpius coming through the door. He looked at the furniture and blinked. "Taylor, please tell me you didn't ask for all this. Did you?"

"Fuck no, the stupid Room just did it by itself! I asked for a place to meet you, not this!"

"Well, the Room has a habit of deciding for itself what you want. Just remember that next time."

I laughed and sat down at the table, changing the rose into a dandelion and blowing on it gently, spreading fluff around the room. One piece landed on the tip of Scorpius' nose.

His sexy, sexy nose.

Then again, every part of his was sexy, so it was only right that his nose was too.

Shut up, Taylor!

Scorpius sat down at the chair across from me and smiled. "So, we need to talk. know. Snogging." He blushed. "I have to say, I'm in favour of doing that again."

I could have blushed. But I controlled it.

Damn right. Nothing can conquer Taylor Zabini.

"I have to say, I'm not opposed to repeating it." Holy shit, was that a flirtatious tone I just heard from my mouth?

Scorpius grinned and leant forward. "Then how 'bout it?" I smiled and closed the gap.

Merlin, he was a great snogger. Not too fierce, but not too gentle. Just maddeningly brilliant at it.

Scorpius broke off, panting slightly. And sexily. Oh so sexily. "So, we definitely want to keep doing that. But - " He broke off as my face fell. Curse you, maker of the word but. You have made many a person's life a misery. "What? You can't do it?" Scorpius shook his head and bit his lip.

"Merlin, no! It's just...all of the boys have all been telling me that we'll end up dating. I swore to them we'd never date. Kinda embarrassing now, cause now I know you like me as well and...well, what I want to say is can we be snog buddies? You know, in secret?"

I smiled. "Nothing would make me happier." Then I snogged him.

Oh Taylor Zabini, you are a badass. 

Finally, some action from...I can't come up with a ship name for them. Little help, please?

So, are you happy that Scorpius and Taylor are finally snogging? And what about that snippet from the past? Oh, and the party. Hope you loved the party as well!

Love you all, and thank you for reading!

Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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