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How To Be A Witch: A Middle Weasley's Guide to Hogwarts, Practical Magic, Wizards, and Life by bri_5_stars
Chapter 1 : Surviving Holiday Breaks with Family part 1
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What is the worst possible way to be woken up? Having a ghost breeze through you like its nothing? That’s startling for sure. Having your bed moved while you are sleeping on it into the sitting room? Very close. Being assaulted by your cousin in the wee hours of the morning as he tries to sneak out with a friend you simultaneously pretended to detest, and have had a crush on for the whole of your teen years? Bingo.



This is how it started.



First off, I should probably introduce myself before confusing you further. My name is Rose Minerva Weasley. Yes, a Weasley, bright red hair and all. As in niece of the great Harry Potter, and first child of Ron and Hermione Weasley (also great, don’t get me wrong). But this isn’t about them, I’m not my name. Or I’m trying not to be. Anyhow, that stuff is only kind of important. I am currently trying to survive the Christmas holiday with my family so I can go back and finally finish my seventh year at Hogwarts. Should be easy as pie. Totally… That’s actually wishful thinking. I will be lucky if I get out of this without any coins jammed up my nose, and the same color/amount of hair.



As a general rule in Weasley and Potter homes we tend to over share unless it comes to saving our skins. So it was only fair that I cast the silencing charm on the windows in the Burrow that Albus had forgotten. What I didn’t expect was that he and his friend who was waiting outside, would invite me along with them.






“Silencio, where are you going Albus?” I asked sleepily, after being roughly woken up by my cousin having tripped over me. “Ouch, by the way.”



“Um, nowhere…” He stumbled about, picking himself up from the floor.



“That’s completely believable.” I replied, holding the sore spots on my leg from where he fell on me.



“Really?” Albus asked hopeful.



“No, you clod. You look like you are about to go to a party. Besides, if you are trying to leave, why would you go through to sitting room where you know we all sleep? Honestly, its like you want to get caught.” I told him, sitting up and leading him away from all the other sleeping bodies.



“Oi, well I won’t get caught if you come with me.” Albus suggested, looking out the window where the shadow of his friend lurked.



“To where?” I asked again, suspicious.



“Frank’s 18th birthday party. The not-so-family friendly part of the party. That is why we are sneaking and trying not to get caught.” Albus said as he ran a hand through his messy hair.



“You got invited to that?! I was his first kiss and his sisters best friend, why am I not invited?” I asked rather loudly, to which Albus responded by hastily covering my mouth with his hand and leading me to the door.



“Of course I did, we are on the Quidditch team together remember?” Albus whispered in a hushed tone, just as soft footsteps began echoing down the stairs.



We looked at each other, mortified. Whoever it was, was an adult; one with the power to reprimand us as well as humiliate us with the whole family as an audience. Neither of us wanted to be here to find out who it was when they made it to the bottom of the steps. Instantly, Albus took me by the arm and we ran for the kitchen door and out into the garden where his friend waited. Albus grabbed his friends arm as well, and before anyone could say anything, he apparated us away; just as the door began to open behind us.



We landed in a heap in a low lit alley, my only thoughts were circling around how much trouble we were in if whoever it was had managed to see us. Even if they didn’t, the family clock would be a dead giveaway of our sneaking out on a holiday. Albus pushed me off of him roughly, and me of course not being entirely coordinated fell back on to his friend who had almost stood all the way up, only to be knocked down again.



“I am so sorry.” I said picking my self off the ground and dusting myself off, as I turned to help the friend up.



Just my luck, Scorpius Malfoy. He had been Albus’ best friend since the instant they sat together on the boats to Hogwarts. He had also been my least favorite person through all of my time at Hogwarts, and at the same time I have yet to find a good way of removing the dumb blonde from my mind. Lucky me, indeed.



“You should be, I just got this jumper.” He said, a pompous look adorning his elegant face.



I looked to Albus, and back at him trying not to show any anger. He looked back confused.



“What? I was just kidding.”

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