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A Rollercoaster Called Life by missclaire17
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven
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I probably resembled a fish and if Lucy and Rose were around, they’d probably be wetting themselves from laughter.

“I… uh, I mean, I- erm… well…” I stammered. There were a lot of reasons why I didn’t want to talk about my pregnancy.

One, I was wearing the bloody InvisiBump. That means if I tell her I’m 12 weeks pregnant, it’s going to raise a lot of questions

Two, my parents were in the kitchen, fixing our bloody dinner. That means a great risk of them overhearing the conversation.

However, I didn’t fancy trying to avoid the subject because I think Charlie actually really does fancy Rachel this time and Rachel already knows I’m pregnant. There’s no lying to her and I actually like her as well.

So my choices were then limited down to incurring the wrath of Charlie for lying to his girlfriend and making him look like an idiot which would also mean preventing happiness in my family because Charlie would probably kill me. So I could do that or break the International Statute of Secrecy.

Breaking the International Statue of Secrecy looked a lot better.

“It’s okay. The morning sickness is hell and I hate the mood swings,” I finally said in a very low voice.

Rachel nodded sympathetically, most likely choosing to ignore my earlier stuttering. “I know what you mean. When my older sister had been pregnant, she told me all the details. It didn’t sound pretty and I know my brother in law had a horrible time with all of her cravings.”

“Oh Merlin, now that you mention it, that’s so bad as well! I mean, I added strawberry jam to my steak the other night at dinner,” I shook my head sadly, trying not to relive the memory of everyone staring at me like I was some sort of idiot. “And then I was begging to go down to the kitchens for some watermelon in middle of the night! And I hate watermelon!”

“Yeah those are pretty bad. How far along are you?” Rachel asked curiously. “I know I got the pregnancy tests a while back but…”

I glanced at Charlie. The look on his face was a sort of grimace, as if he was going through some sort of conflict.

The bloody git. At least he didn’t have to worry about breaking the International Statute of Secrecy.

I had almost decided to lie on the spot but honestly, I would need all the help I could get from Rachel so I decided to opt for the truth. “12 weeks.”

“What! You don’t look 12 weeks pregnant!” Rachel exclaimed quietly in surprise as she stared down at my stomach.

I shifted uncomfortably and tried to avoid her eyes that I noticed now were a gorgeous shade of hazel. Why  hadn’t anyone warned me this could happen?

Not even Rose… Rose Weasley remembered to tell me that this would be an issue.


“It’s… hard to explain… but I am. I am 12 weeks pregnant. I’ll explain later,” I mumbled, making the mistake of looking up into Rachel’s eyes.

She scrutinized me, probably trying to debate whether I was trying to pull one on her. Before she could reply however, my mum luckily came to the rescue.

“Oh, you’re already getting acquainted!” Mum exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly. “Come come. Dinner is ready!”

As Mum ushered us into the dining room, Rachel looked back, throwing me and my stomach one last questioning look.

“I can’t do this! I can’t bloody do this!” I frantically whispered to Lucy and Rose as we three way called on the Muggle cell phones that all of us had.

Honestly, I think it is about time that the Wizarding world gets up to date on the latest technology. I love everything about magic and using quills, parchment, and owls just makes everything so much more magical but one thing that I have to admit I miss from the Muggle world is telephone.

There was someone who was making a magical telephone but needed another good few years for those to be perfected.

At least the wizarding world has caught up and developed WizTelly in addition to the Wizarding Wireless.

I could practically hear Lucy roll her eyes as she said, “Calm down Bella. You can do this. Take it one at a time. Explain to Rachel about magic, get her on your side, spill the beans to your parents, and voila.”

“What about the Statute though?” Grace asked over the phone worriedly. I had almost forgotten she was there, seeing as she had been so quiet.

I groaned and said, “That was what I had been worried about! I mean, it’s not as if Muggles can’t know about magic if they’re seriously involved with us, but I mean, I really don’t want to Obliviate Rachel if it doesn’t work out between her and Charlie.”

“You wouldn’t necessarily have to Obliviate her, as long as she can keep a secret. She’d be bound by the Magical laws anyways because she knows. And unless she has proof, no one would believe her anyways. You know how Muggles have gone wild with their imagination nowadays,” Rose reminded all of us, her words sending a wave of relief into me.

So I wouldn’t have to Obliviate her. Rachel can definitely keep a secret.

Right, this will be okay.


“Oh Merlin, what if she thinks I’m a creep and what if she doesn’t want to date Charlie anymore because she thinks we’re all freaks?” I paled considerably at the thought. There were stories of Muggles who didn’t work well with magic, no matter how nice or pleasant they are.

Lucy snorted. “Please. I mean no offense to you, but if that girl can date Charlie, then I think she can handle just about anything. She’s not going to think you’re a freak. There’s a clear difference between her and someone like Uncle Harry’s aunt and uncle.”

“Right. Of course. You’re right. Rachel’s nice and she’s chill. She wouldn’t freak out. I can do this,” I said, more so to myself than anyone. “Okay. I’ll talk to you girls later. I’ll send you an owl about how everything goes.”

“Keep your head up. It’ll be alright,” Rose said, her finals words before I hung up the phone.

If only I can believe that myself.

I was a Muggleborn, sixteen year old, pregnant Witch who is about to tell her Muggle brother’s Muggle girlfriend all about magic before revealing to her parents that she’s pregnant.

I totally got this.


If I ever make it out of this entire mess alive, I will get down on my knees and pray to whoever is out there to thank them for getting me out of this mess.

“Excuse me, you’re a what?!” Rachel exclaimed in complete shock.

Not that I blamed her. I was sitting with her and Charlie in our spacious living room, Mum and Dad gone after I explained to them that I would be explaining magic to Rachel.

They completely agreed, by the way. They took this time to go over first to Aunt Emma and Uncle Rupert’s house to cook dinner, as we would be heading over (next door, actually) to have our Christmas eve dinner with them and the rest of our extended family.

I nodded, almost gravely, my eyes focused on Rachel. Her hazel eyes were wide with shock and disbelief.

“Please don’t think I’m a freak. I’m a Witch. Magic is real and a whole Magical community leaves under the wraps, concealing themselves from the non magical folks whom we call Muggles,” I explained, almost too quickly.

It irked me beyond belief that I only had a few more month till I was free to do magic without the Ministry of Magic breathing down my necks.

Rachel gaped at me for a few more moments which felt like hours. Finally, when she regained her ability to speak, she stammered, “So… you can do magic. Like… magic. Magic as in hocus pocus, abracadabra, wand waving magic.”

“Hocus pocus and abracadabra aren’t actual spells and abracadabra sounds a lot like the Killing curse so it makes me cringe even to say that but yes. Wand waving, potion making magic. I would show you but I can’t do magic outside of school till I’m legal. Which in the Magical world, is 17 and I have but a few more months while gits like Ethan prance around, waving his wand so he doesn’t have to do the dishes,” I added. I had to resist rolling my eyes because Ethan did do just that. Aunt Emma frequently gets annoyed whenever Ethan whips out his wand but she couldn’t exactly argue with the fact that it did considerably speed up the process.

To make prove my point that magic was real, I pulled out my wand from my back pocket and showed it to her. Charlie tensed, as he always did when I had my wand out because he knew that I would and probably could hex him if I was seventeen.

Rachel gaped at my wand, looking completely speechless and unable to process everything.

I didn’t blame her.

Rachel didn’t speak for yet another long moment while Charlie and I watched her tensely.

I really didn’t want this to end badly because if it did, Merlin knows life would be living hell at home.

“You can do magic. You attend a magical boarding school in Scotland called Hogwarts. You have a magic wand and an owl that carries your post around. And you’re pregnant,” Rachel summed it up, though I grimaced at her final part.

Glancing around me warily, I slowly unclasped the InvisiBump belt around my waist.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that I was too scared at the moment that Mum and Dad might appear out of nowhere and see that I’m pregnant, then Rachel and Charlie’s reactions would have been hilarious.

Though Charlie knew of magic and had seen magic, his eyes nearly bulged out of its sockets and Rachel almost fainted.

I had been used to the effect of the InvisiBump, but I knew that it must have looked creepy, a woman’s entire pregnant belly appearing out of nowhere after having the pretense of looking as if she had flat abs.

“I’m, I think, 13 weeks pregnant. I… have a scan of the baby if you want to see,” I said softly, pulling the moving black and white photo of my baby from behind my  back.

Gingerly, I held it out, Rachel’s mouth dropping wide open as she stared at the photo in shock.

Right, wizarding photos move as well, did I forget to mention that?

Both she and Charlie stared at the photo, their eyes focused on my baby wiggling around in my womb.

“Have you found out the sex yet?” Rachel asked in an awed voice, a smile at her lips as she got over her shock.

I shook my head and answered, “No. I find out at my next visit, which is around Valentine’s Day. James and I have a bet. I think it’ll be a girl and he thinks it’ll be a boy.”

“That’s definitely a boy. It is too physically active for it to be a girl,” Charlie commented, shaking her head.

Almost immediately, there were reactions from both me and Rachel.

“Excuse me? Are you saying girls can’t be physically active?” Rachel demanded, folding her arms across her chest.

“I didn’t mean that! I’m just saying that I think it’s a boy,” Charlie said, holding his hands up defensively.

“There you go again with the it. My baby is not an it. My baby is a she or a he!” I said crossly, my pregnancy hormones and mood swings kicking into effect.


All three of us immediately froze at the new voices.

I knew those voices anywhere. They were the ones that now sometimes haunt me because I knew I had to tell them about my pregnancy.

My parents.

My breathing became very labored and I had to shut my eyes in order to at least attempt to try to calm myself down.

Slowly, I turned around, dreading the reaction that I would be getting because I knew that they could see my belly.

The moment I turned around to face my parents, I wish that I hadn’t turned around.

Mum was as white as a sheet and Dad was red, growing redder with anger. Both of their eyes were trained on my stomach, before moving to my InvisiBump, then to the photo still in Charlie’s hands.

I knew that they were putting two and two together, only as parents could.

“Say it again. Say what you just said once again,” Dad fumed, all of his good nature gone.

With my hardest efforts, I blinked back the tears that were threatening to spill. Why was this so hard?

“My baby is a she or a he…” I said in a very small voice, cringing at what I knew was going to come next.

Dad didn’t say anything, but his face turned a very threatening color of red that I knew was quite dangerous.

Mum, instead, asked, “Is that true? Bella, are you really pregnant?”

My eyes met hers and I saw a swirl of emotions in them, shock and disappointment most evident. Words were caught up in my throat as I soundlessly nodded.

“How long?” she asked quietly.

I swallowed hardly, not wanting to answer but I knew I had to. “13 weeks.”

No one said anything for those moments of silence as I knew that Mum and Dad were counting their way back. Counting their way back towards that date, October 4th.

“What are you going to do about your last year of Hogwarts, Bella?” Mum asked, disappointment oozing out of her voice. “Are you prepared? Do you have a job? Money? What are your plans? Who’s the father?”

Her questions overwhelmed me; half of my future plans revolved around her and Dad’s support and now, it was quite evident to me that I didn’t know what I was thinking when I thought that Mum and Dad would support me.

Deciding to answer her easiest one, I said quietly, “James. It’s James. He knows... about our baby.”

Silence once again took over our house and I found myself wishing that Dad would just explode, releasing his anger so that I wouldn’t have to put up with this silence.

As soon as I wished that, however, I found myself taking back my words as Dad said in a clear and firm voice, “Get out.”

I blinked in shock. What?

“Dad… no, you don’t mean…” Charlie said hesitantly before stopping himself at the cold glare that Dad threw at him.

“You heard me Bella. Get out. I don’t want to see you. Get out,” he repeated, his eyes looking into mine, coldness emitting ferociously.

Tears that had long threatened to spill finally fell as I tried in vain to blink them back. “Dad… Daddy please…” I begged quietly, getting up onto my feet.

“GET OUT! You are no daughter of mine! NO daughter of mine would be foolish enough to get herself pregnant. GET OUT!” He roared, his loud tones piercing my ears and making all of us in the room, Mum, Charlie, Rachel, and me, cower away.

Making sure that I had my wand and Muggle cell phone with me, I grabbed the InvisiBump and all but ran out of the house in tears.

“Where is Bella?” Matt demanded as all of the Harts sat down for dinner.

“She’s not feeling quite well so she’s staying at home tonight,” Arianna Hart said, throwing her husband a dirty look.

Ethan snorted as he said, “She’s always been feeling off these days. I swear, half of the time she’s snapping at me and I don’t even know why.”

“Probably because you did something stupid again,” one of the Hart cousins, Madison, said. “If I had to go to boarding school with you, I know that I’d shoot myself first.”

“Ha. Ha,” Ethan said sarcastically before taking a seat down next to Charlie. He leaned close and whispered, “So where is she really? She can’t leave me to fend off all of these questions by myself.”

Charlie shifted uncomfortably.

After Bella had ran out, it had been complete chaos. Rachel had been in temporary shock at everything that happened, Mum had been yelling at Dad for telling their daughter to get out, even if she did disappoint them, and he, Charlie, was standing there, his cell phone buzzing to tell him that Bella had texted to say that she was safe and off to a friend’s house.

“She got into an argument with Mum and Dad so she ran off to someone’s house,” Charlie muttered back, never feeling quite right about lying to Ethan, who was, without debate, his favorite cousin.

He looked all around the table and saw various family members. Uncle Rupert, Uncle Alex, and Uncle Chris were chatting to Dad while Aunt Emma, Aunt Charlotte, and Aunt Jacqueline were chatting to Mum. Madison, Uncle Alex and Aunt Charlotte’s daughter and Sophie, Uncle Chris and Aunt Jacqueline’s daughters, were playing with Matt while Kellan, Madison’s older brother, and Elliot, Sophie’s younger brother, were chatting with Tyler. Mia was giggling about something with Rachel, which left Charlie with Ethan, as usual.

Had Bella been here, she would have been talking to Madison and Sophie, both of whom were around Bella’s age. She, Madison, and Sophie were the champions of making snarky comments at Ethan.

“Okay, since Bella isn’t here, tell me how far you’re progressing with her friend, Lucy,” Sophie said, turning her attention from Matt to Ethan, cutting him off as he was beginning to say something to Charlie.

Ethan scowled at her, flicking a piece of lettuce towards her. “Why is it that everyone knows? I’ve told four people and somehow, the entire bloody world seems to know.”

I had never been on the Knight Bus in my entire life till now.

“Welcome to the Knight Bus. Emergency transport for the stranded Witch or Wizard. My name is Stan Shunpike and I will be your conductor for this evening,” a groddy looking man said after the Knight Bus appeared out of nowhere.

He peered down at me and I hastily wiped away my tears. “I don’t have any gold on me… but I can get it for you after you drop me off,” I explained, not quite sure how the Knight Bus worked exactly.

Stan shrugged and nodded. “Come on then, get in. As long as you get it to me, that’s fine.”

I smiled weakly at him before side stepping him to get onto the Knight Bus. Immediately, my entire body felt warm and I hadn’t even realized that I had been shivering in the cold England December weather.

The Knight Bus was like a Muggle triple-decker, except obviously magical. There were beds and seats everywhere, though it didn’t seem to be strapped down at all.

“Eleven sickles to ride, fourteen buys a cup of hot chocolate, and fifteen gets you a hot water bottle and a toothbrush with color of your choice,” Stan rattled off as I chose a random seat, feeling very unsure about the Knight Bus’s safety.

I nodded and said, “I think I’ll just stick with eleven sickles one. I promise you I can get you the sickles after I get off.”

“So whereabouts are you headed?” Stan asked, leaning on the wall of the bus.

I hesitated. From previous knowledge, I knew that all of the Weasleys and Potters spent Christmas eve at each of their respective homes.

I had three choices. I could go to Lucy’s, Rose’s, or James’s.

There weren’t exactly any cons of going to any of their houses, except for the fact that I didn’t want to trouble Mr. Weasley and Audrey with yet another guest.

It was a debate between Rose’s or James’s, although they were neighbors.

I had to make a quick decision because Stan was peering at me in a sort of impatient way, as was the driver so I said quickly, “The Potter Manor. It’s in Wiltshire, I’m not sure of the exact address…”

The glee and surprise on the faces of Stan and whoever the elderly driver was evident. “So you know the Potters, eh?” Stan said excitedly.

The bus immediately took off, and I blinked in surprise that they knew where the Potter Manor was before I reminded myself that I was in the magical world where nothing is impossible.

Potter Manor

Wiltshire, England

“You’re awfully quiet, James, are you alright?” Ginny asked his son as the five Potters sat in their dining room, eating dinner.

James looked up in surprise.

He hadn’t realized he had been so quiet, with the numerous conflicting thoughts running around his head.

The conflicting thoughts of how best to tell his parents that he had impregnated a girl, albeit granted she was his girlfriend.

“I’m fine Mum. Just thinking, that’s all,” James smiled, looking away from the scrutinizing eyes of Harry and Ginny Potter.

Usually they say that the mum is the only one who can smell a lie from a mile away.

In the case of the Potters, both parents were just as quick to detect a lie, considering his father was the Head of the Auror Department.

Lily snorted.

She tossed her flaming red hair behind her and said, “Thinking, my arse. I haven’t seen you this quiet since the day after the party. You and Albus both were so damn quiet.”

“The party? What party is this?” Harry raised his eyebrows, glancing at both of his sons who were scowling at a triumphant looking Lily.

Albus said quickly, “It’s nothing. Just a small party with friends.”

“Nothing of consequence, really,” James rushed on, feeling uncomfortable with talking of the party as it grew close to the topic of which James had conflicting thoughts about.

Lily snorted again. “Yeah right! Don’t think I didn’t see you two womanizing pricks.”

“What! Why were you there?” James frowned, distracted by the idea that Lily had been at the Welcome Back to School party.

“Because you guys said it was fourth years and above? Ring any bells?” Lily said, raising her eyebrows in disbelief.

“Oh yeah. Should have made it fifth years and above,” Albus muttered to James who quite agreed on the inside.

Ginny turned to her daughter and asked, “So what did these two do at the party?”

“Oh the usual. James was walking around schmoozing every single girl before ending up talking to Bella for the rest of the night. Albus was with Ruby Smith for Merlin knows what reason,” Lily said, disgusted at the thought of Ruby Smith.

“Ruby Smith?” Harry asked for confirmation. He exchanged dark looks with Ginny. “By no chance, a Hufflepuff, is she?”

Lily nodded.  She said with disgust, “A dreadful Hufflepuff too. I thought Hufflepuffs were supposed to be kind. Mum, Dad, I think you know Ruby Smith’s dad though. Some bloke with a name that started with a Z. Grace doesn’t really like-”

She was interrupted, however, by a graceful doe prancing into the room.

All five Potters stared at the doe, eyes blinking in shock.

Only Ginny Potter, whose Patronus had changed after the Second Wizarding War, had a doe Patronus.

Before anyone could speak however, Bella’s voice, sounding as though she had just been crying, emerged from the doe, saying, “James, I’m outside. Can you bring me eleven sickles?” 













Holy LORDY I'm so sorry. 
Life has been so busy that it's ridiculous. 

But that's no excuse for the slow updates. 
Or the shortness of this update. 

And I apologize :P

But I hope you enjoyed this chapter! 
Hopefully, this makes things far more realistic. 

Teen pregnancies aren't all rainbows and happiness and a walk in the park, 
(hopefully) this puts things into perspective about how things really are in a teen pregnancy. 

Please leave a review! :D


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