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Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix: The Rise of the Sorceror by jasper21
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven: Dreams-Part 1
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Disclaimer. I do not own any of these characters.


Chapter Eleven: Dreaming- Part 1



The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep

-Robert Frost



Oliver and Hermione were standing at Legolas’ bed while A.C. and Bart began to leave Aragorn’s.



“Do you think they were poisoned too,” Bart asked.



Oliver shook his head.


“There is no way to know for sure. I can draw their blood and have it analyzed, but I’m not a healer or a potion’s master.”


“It’s a good thing Fred, George, and Dean were trained by one,” A.C. chimed in.


Oliver felt himself getting dizzy.


George was standing by the door as they spoke.


“Oliver is right. We need to know what kind of poison is in their bloodstream before we can administer an antidote. If we give them the wrong antidote, they can die.”


“Guys, are we forgetting that Aragorn said Jasper was the reason that they are in this state,” Ron said.


“But what if Jasper was poisoned too,” Lavender said, trying to be of some help.


“I don’t think it’s poison.”


Everyone turned their attention to Neville who was rubbing his eyes. He looked up.


“We need to back up and look at everything that has happened. Ron, when you were poisoned, did you suddenly pass out the way Aragorn and Legolas did?”


Oliver blinked. The moment he closed his eyes for a second, he could see a sky full of white clouds. His body suddenly felt at peace.


Oliver opened his eyes, and he felt the inevitable drowsiness coming.


“No. I just felt like someone else was controlling my body.”


“But I passed out,” Hermione replied.


“Yes, but you had blood coming out of your ears,” Ginny said.


“I just think we should run all the possibilities, and not just poison,” Neville said with his forehead against the wall.


“Neville?” Hermione asked in worry.


“Everyone has to work together to figure this out without me,” Oliver mumbled.


“Bro, not you too,” A.C. yelled running to Oliver.


But it was too late. Oliver fell to the ground with a resounding thud.


“NEVILLE!!!” Ginny screamed.



Neville rolled off the wall and fell to the floor.


Ginny ran to Neville’s side. She held his head in her lap, and looked up at Hermione with tears in her eyes. Hermione took action at once.


“A.C. and Ginny, I need you to conjure up two more beds for Oliver and Neville. Dean, I need you to go to Mr. Potter’s Room, and bring his body here. I want everyone who is in this sleeping state to be in this room. Fred and George, I need you draw blood from everyone, and I mean everyone. Oliver took a sample of my blood. It’s in his room. Take his laptop and find out if there is a connection.”


Everyone began moving. Hermione walked up to Ron.


“When Ginny settles Neville in, I need you both to go to St. Mungo’s. According to the Marauder’s Globe, Madame Pomfrey is working there. I need you both to bring her here. Disguise each other and be careful.”


They both nodded and began to move Neville’s body. A.C. and Bart walked up to Hermione.


“Is there anything we can do,” Bart asked.


“I need you both here. I doubt anything is going to happen since this mansion is a fort, but with what’s happening right now, I need you to take care of anything that seems suspicious. Even if you think it’s me,” Hermione replied.


A.C. nodded and handed Hermione a vial. Hermione looked at A.C. curiously and took the vial. She held it up to the light and noticed there was several strands of memories in there. She looked at the label, and her eyes narrowed.


“Memories taken from Victor Krum.”


“I found it in Oliver’s pocket when we were putting him in bed. You don’t seem surprised,” A.C. added curiously.


“Oliver was following up on a lead concerning what happened between myself and Ronald. This must be something he wanted me to see.”


“Go to the Pensieve Room, and see what it is,” Bart said.


“No, I need to help out here,” Hermione replied with determination.




Hermione looked at Sirius who just entered the room.


“You need to look at the memory, and see where it leads. Whatever is in there can possibly tell us who was behind whatever happened to you. Whoever was responsible might also be responsible for all of this,” he said motioning to the bodies in the beds.


“Sirius is right Hermione. We’ve got this,” George said as he drew blood from Neville.


Dean walked into the room with Jasper’s body floating in front of him.


“Set him down here,” Fred said pointing to an empty bed.


The moment Dean put him down, Fred began to draw his blood. Hermione looked at Harry’s grandfather, who strongly reminded her of Harry. She felt her heart yearn for Harry’s return. Sirius walked up to Hermione and grabbed her shoulder. She looked up at Sirius and felt a knot in her throat.


“I miss him.”


“I know. He will come back before you know it. This whole thing will blow over. You’ll see,” Sirius said encouragingly.


Hermione nodded, even though she still felt an overwhelming depression. She walked out of the room and made her way to the Pensieve Room. As she walked passed Oliver’s room, there was a loud beeping. She curiously peeked inside and saw that it was one of his laptops. She took the laptop and opened it.


The screen revealed surveillance footage of Queen Industries. Hermione looked at the screen and noticed that one of the footage folders were highlighted. She clicked on the footage.


The footage had shown Harry entering the lobby to the elevators. But he wasn’t alone…




She continued watching the footage. The footage had shown Harry and Cho walking down the stairs. As they did, Hermione noticed that Harry had placed several spells as a precaution in case of an intruder. Hermione smiled to herself thinking that Harry did Moody proud. Another camera saw them getting off at a lower level. But the footage didn’t go any further.  Hermione assumed that there were no cameras allowed in Oliver’s labs.


Hermione forwarded the footage to Harry and Cho leaving building. As they made their way to the car, Harry and Cho began acting strange. He was acting as if he was bound and bitten by something. He was yelling for Cho to get in the car and began using spells as if he was under attack.


Hermione used several camera angles and came to the conclusion that Harry wasn’t under attack. She watched as Harry grabbed Cho and dissapparted. She looked at the screen with confusion, and looked at the vial in her hand, knowing that the key was in Victor Krum’s memory.



Harry watched and smiled as he watched Hermione (Cho) make dinner.


He walked up to her marinating the Filet Mignon, and wrapped his arms around her. Cho smiled and looked up at Harry who kissed her. Cho snaked her hand to the back of Harry’s head and deepened the kiss.  Harry pulled her in close as they explored each other. Harry grabbed her by the waist and pushed her on top of the counter. Cho squealed before Harry began kissing her neck. Cho moaned, and glided her hands  underneath his shirt.


“Let’s go upstairs,” Harry whispered seductively in her ear.


“We still need to have dinner, sweetheart,” Cho whispered as she kissed Harry’s face.


“Dinner can wait.”


“I just want our first time to be perfect. Candlelight dinner, soft music…our bed,” Cho said looking in his eyes.


Harry smiled.


“Anything for you Hermione.”


He saw her cringe.


“What’s wrong? Is it something I said?”


“Of course not, I just got poked by this butter knife,” Cho said smiling.


Harry laughed.


An hour later, Harry and Cho were dining together. They would steal glances at one another as they ate. Cho looked at the time.


“Harry you must take your shot.”


She brought out a small bag. Taking out the potion, she filled the needle.


“How many more times do I have to take this,” Harry said grudgingly as he rolled up his sleeve.



“Until the poison is gone,” Cho lied as she injected him.


She watched as Harry’s eyes flickered lazily. He shook his head, looked up and smiled at her. He grabbed Cho and they were both apparated into a bedroom with lit candles, and soft music playing in the background. Cho kissed Harry hungrily as she stripped off his shirt.


Harry removed Cho’s shirt and found she wasn’t wearing a bra. Smiling he began to kiss his way down to her chest. Cho moaned loudly as Harry closed his eyes. He saw fire and brimstone beginning to rain down on him. He opened his eyes and saw Hermione smiling seductively at him. She brought him up and kissed him fiercely.


Harry looked up lovingly at Hermione.


“I’ve been waiting for this for so long,” Cho whispered.


Harry closed his eyes to get ready to lose his virginity.






Harry saw the fire and brimstone coming closer and closer. He can hear someone yelling for help.


He quickly shifted into his animagus form as the fire rained down on him. The fire on Harry’s mane began to absorb the fire raining down on him. He felt as if his energy was increasing with every rain of fire that was colliding with his body.



Harry heard where the screams were coming from and ran in that direction.





Cho saw Harry close his eyes, but he never opened them. She felt him go limp. Screaming her frustration, she shook Harry.




Harry just lied still, and was taking long deep breaths as if he was sleeping.


“Something is wrong,” Cho whispered with worry in her voice.


She quickly robed herself and put Harry under the covers. She looked at her potion’s book and saw that the side effects that Harry could have did not include drowsiness.  Did she accidently double his dosage?


She looked at Harry in fear and laid down besides him.


“You have to wake up.”



Neville groaned loudly as he opened his eyes. He was lying face down in sand as a wave crashed on top of him. Coughing, he shook his head and looked up.


He found himself on a beach facing the ocean. He turned to find a jungle just a few miles ahead.


There was a loud explosion.


Startled, Neville looked around. Several miles across the ocean, there was an island with volcanoes erupting. Neville got up and began running to the jungle.




A large tiger began to chase Neville. Screaming, he began running for his life.




Neville looked up and saw an old man perched on one of the branches on top of a tree. The tree was surrounded by five other tigers.


“ARE YOU KIDDING!?!” Neville yelled.


The tigers saw Neville and began running after him. Neville pointed his wand at a nearby tree’s branches.




He flew and held on to the branch. As he situated himself on the branch, Neville looked across to the old man.


“Where are we?”


The old man shrugged as he held on to his white staff tightly.


“You tell me. This is all happening in your head.”



Oliver was running through the grass. He can see the large dark cloud miles away. Before he can take another step, he was hit in the face with a white staff. Holding his nose in pain, he looked up to find the old man smiling down at him.


Cursing under his breath, Oliver slowly got up to face the old man. They both sized each other up and stared into each other’s eyes…


And Oliver ran-




Within three steps, the old man whacked his staff at Oliver’s shin. Yelling in pain, Oliver clutched his shin.


“What the hell is your problem!?! I know Harry is here!! That’s his animagus flying around that volcano!!”


“You need to go the opposite way,” the old man replied.




“You’ll see,” the old man said with a twinkle in his eye.




Oliver turned to find Legolas and Aragorn running towards him. Oliver turned to find that the old man was gone.


“Did you guys see him,” Oliver yelled turning around.


“Who,” Aragorn asked perplexed.


“The old man,” Oliver replied rubbing his shins.


“You saw him too?” Legolas asked.


“Who the hell is this guy?” Aragorn asked, looking around.


“Someone who needs your help,” replied a voice.


Everyone jumped to find the old man leaning on his white staff.


“Who are you and why won’t you let me go to Harry,” Oliver yelled.


“Harry has to walk his own path. Mr. Longbottom will join us shortly. As for now, we need to begin walking. Our destination isn’t too far off,” the old man spoke as he began to walk.


“You never answered the first question. Who are you,” Legolas asked.


“You will find out in due time,” the old man replied.



Harry and his grandfather were now taking cover behind a large boulder as fire and brimstone came pelting down.


“I can only absorb so much,” Harry panted.


Jasper peaked over the boulder and ducked his head just in time before a blob hot lava hit.


“Harry, are you in some sort of trouble?”


“What are you talking about?” Harry asked in confusion.


“The only reason why WE are in a hostile environment is because YOU are in a hostile environment,” Jasper explained.


“But I’m not!! Unless the mansion is under attack!!” Harry yelled.


A river of lava began to inch closer to Harry and Jasper.




Jasper and Harry ran up a small hill. As more fire rained down on them, Harry used a shield charm to protect the both of them. They hid behind the hill.


“Besides the mansions of Dumbledore being forts, they cannot be under attack,” Jasper said panting.


“What are you talking about grandfather,” Harry asked.


“Dumbledore placed a powerful enchantment which makes the mansions move from location to location to prevent enemies from finding out its whereabouts. Didn’t you ever ask yourself why the mansion we are currently residing in doesn’t even have an address like Grimmauld Place,” Jasper explained.


Out of nowhere, Harry slipped, and began sliding towards the river of lava. He reached for his wand, to only find that it wasn’t there.






Jasper ran and slid. Harry’s feet touched the lava, and it began to pull him in. Jasper grabbed Harry, but the lava was too strong.


“Let go!!!” Harry cried.








Harry and Jasper were pulled under as they were carried away.


Harry opened his eyes, and quickly sat up in bed. He turned to Hermione(Cho) who was putting a syringe away.


“What happened?” Harry yelled.


“The venom was taking its toll on you!! I was so worried!!! I had to make the potion a little more stronger to keep you from going into a coma,” Cho said with tears streaming down her face.


“Hermione, are you telling me that everything that just happened was a dream,” Harry asked.



Cho cringed again at Harry calling her Hermione.


“Harry, you sounded like you were having a nightmare. I first thought it was because of You-Know-Who, but then I heard you yell your grandfather’s name,” Cho said shakily.


Harry combed his fingers through his wet hair.


“I need a shower.”


Harry went to the bathroom, stripped his clothes, and jumped into the shower.


He shook his head. Everything he went through with his grandfather felt so real. And what did he mean that Harry was in a hostile environment. He was spending quality time with Hermione. Was this dream real? All of his other dreams have always been real or were hints of the future. Should this dream be any different? He felt a gentle hand touch his back. He turned around to find Hermione with her beautifully curved naked body pulling him into her. She wrapped her arms around his neck as they kissed passionately.





Madame Pomfrey and Luna Lovegood screamed in fright as Jasper Potter yelled at the top of his lungs.


“MISTER POTTER!!!!” Pomfrey yelled.


“His name is Potter too?” Luna asked.


Jasper swung his legs over the bed, but the moment he stood, he fell to the floor. Pomfrey and Luna rushed to his side. Jasper was flailing like a fish in a barrel.




Luna and Pomfrey grabbed Jasper and helped him back to his bed.


“Mr. Potter, you need to calm down. You are in the hospital wing of Phoenix Manor,” Madame Pomfrey said as she placed a cold towel on his forehead.


“I thought this was a bedroom,” Luna said as she looked around in confusion.


“Oh hush, Miss Lovegood. I still ask myself why I allowed you to be my assistant,” Pomfrey snapped.


“Because I want to be of some use to the League. I figured since a lot of people are going to be hurt, why not learn how to heal them properly,” Luna replied.


Luna inched her way to Jasper and whispered in his ear.


“It’s my secret ambition to become a healer. Isn’t that so interesting.”


Jasper looked at Luna as if she was released from the psychiatric ward of St. Mungo’s.


“Mr. Potter, I was told about your previous state. It’s been a long time since you have been in human form, so your body needs to adjust,” Madame Pomfrey said.


Jasper looked around the room and found  Neville, Oliver, Aragorn, and Legolas in beds.


“What happened to them,” Jasper asked.


“We don’t know. Luna ran the results with the Weasely twins and found that no one besides Ron and Hermione have been poisoned. It’s unclear why they are in this comatose state,” Pomfrey replied.


Ron and Ginny ran into the room.


“We heard shouting-”


At the sight of Jasper, Ginny screamed in delight and hugged him.


“Let him breathe, Ginny,” Ron said smiling.


“Ginny, can you get Hermione,” Jasper asked.


Ginny nodded and left. Ron looked at Luna who made eye contact with him. He turned red and turned to follow his sister. Before he turned the corner, he bumped into Ginny who was facing Hermione and Bobby. Ginny turned, and saw the look on Ron’s face.


“Seriously? You know that you’re in a relationship with Cho right,” Ginny said darkly.


“Apparently she thinks we are broken up because she thinks I shagged Hermione,” Ron mumbled turning scarlet at the thought of Luna.


“Once she comes back, just tell her what happened, and she will want to get back together with you,” Ginny said.


“That’s never gonna happen,” Bobby said as he looked at Hermione with fear.


“Why,” Ron and Ginny asked in unison.



“Because she will be dead,” Hermione replied darkly.


“Hermione, you need to think this through,” Bobby whispered.


“DON’T!!!”  Hermione screamed at him as if she was talking to her own little brother.



Ron and Ginny just noticed how Hermione looked as if she was going to take a life. Hermione took out the D.A. coin and pressed it before making her way to the Hospital Room. Ron and Ginny looked at Bobby for answers, but he walked passed them and they all followed Hermione.


Everyone was waiting in the Hospital Room when Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Bobby entered.


“Hermione, dear, what’s wrong,” Mrs. Weasely asked.


Hermione looked at Jasper.


“I’m happy that you are awake.”


“Thank you?” Jasper said hesitantly.


“Now tell me about your dream.”


“Hermione, it was just a-”


“Tell me now,” Hermione replied with a deadly whisper.


Jasper recounted what happened in his dream. When he was done, everyone looked between Jasper and Hermione.


“Can someone tell me what’s going on,” Bart asked with a roast beef sandwich in his mouth.


“Cho Chang is no longer a member of this league,” Hermione said flatly.


“Why,” Luna asked.


“I looked into Victor Krum’s memory. It was Cho who poisoned me and Ron,” Hermione said angrily.

Everyone’s jaws dropped.


“No,” Ron said.


“I don’t believe you. Krum has got it all wrong-”




Ron was staring at Hermione in disbelief.


“I-I don’t believe you,” Ron said angrily.


Mrs. Weasely walked over to Ron to hug him.


“Oh, sweetheart-”




“Why would I lie about this, Ronald? Give me one good reason why I would lie,” Hermione said choking up.


Ron stared at the ground and couldn’t think of anything.


“By the looks of Oliver’s surveillance cameras, I think Cho placed an Illusion Charm on Harry,” George said looking at Oliver’s laptop.


“Um…guys,” Luna interjected.


“Give us a second, Loon- I mean Luna. He was under the illusion that they were under attack at Queen Industries. I think Harry was also under the illusion that he was bitten and poisoned by Nagini,” Dean said.


“Guys…” Luna said again


“They could be anywhere,” A.C. said darkly.


“Not anywhere,” Sirius said.


“You guys…” Luna’s voice elevated.


Everyone looked at him.


“Jasper just said that Harry was sleeping in the mansion. He has to be in one of the Phoenix Manors,” Sirius explained.




“WHAT!?!?!” everyone yelled.


“Hermione’s gone,” Luna said dreamily.


Everyone looked around the room. Jasper sighed.


“She’s going after Cho.”

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