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The Path of Two Souls by superhealer
Chapter 15 : The Teacher
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Harry Potter was created by J.K. Rowling. She built this wonderful world for us. Hopefully she doesnt mind me using her characters.



Harry was struggling against his kidnapper. Harry had been grabbed when he stood up from the mud to confront Umbridge. Someone disapparated dragging him to his current location. Obviously the attacker had rendered him mute because the harder Harry tried to yell the more silent the room became. Suddenly Harry was grasped under his arms and forcefully thrown through the air and landed on something soft and cushiony.

“WOULD YOU PLEASE CALM DOWN” The attacker yelled at Harry.

“You are back in your home at Cathedral House.” The old man said more calmly.

Harry attempted to get up and come at the old guy again when he was suddenly bound by invisible wraps. Then the old man hit the floor with a staff once more and the yells coming out of Harry’s mouth were suddenly audible.

“am and what I am capable of” Harry completed the unspoken portion of his sentence.

“As a matter of fact young man, I know exactly who you are and I know better than you what your capable of” said the old man

Harry took a moment to size up his aggressor. The man was clearly as old as Albus was, probably older. Very long gray hair with steely gray eyes almost translucent. He wore a beautiful set of black and red robes that obviously were very expensive; the material seemed to shimmer without supporting light to cause the effect. He used a staff instead of a wand and it was jet black and very long, from Harry’s current position it seemed rather menacing. Upon closer inspection Harry noticed his face was jagged and weathered but his eyes seemed kind. Just then something clicked in Harry’s memory.

“Are you the gentleman from my parents wedding? The associate Albus Dumbledore wrote about?” Harry asked while forgetting about his binds.

The old man removed the tethers holding Harry and grabbed a seat across from him.

“One and the same my boy.” He said as he flipped Harry’s wand back to him.

“Give me a minute to catch my breath will you and then we can make introductions”

Clotille appeared when Harry called her. Harry requested some refreshments and maybe a quick bite to eat. The old man appeared tired and didn’t look like he had a proper meal in quite some time.

“Thanks for that, as Albus might have said my name is Julius and I am your teacher.”

“No, Albus never said your name and he said you are the watcher.” Harry replied

“Watcher, Teacher, Mage, all of these titles describes me. I am what I am boy now are you going to argue with everything I say?” Harry looked confused when Julius said this.

“To Albus and your parents my title was watcher. To most common folk I am known as a mage, to you I am to be addressed in the context of your teacher.” Julius explained and Harry was about to ask another question when the fireplace turned a bright green announcing an arriving person through the floo.

Amber emerged from the floo looking distracted.

“NAPARQUDU” Julius growled and snapped his staff to the ground and Amber fell to the floor.

Harry jumped to defend her. “What the hell was that” Harry demanded as he raised his wand in Julius’s direction.

Harry’s wand was quickly wrenched from his hand and sat softly on the sofa next to Julius.

“Please do not ever raise your wand at me in attack unless previously specified” Julius calmly said then continued “I merely put the young lady into a deep sleep”

“OK. What the hell kind of language was that.” Harry argued

“Ah, that was ancient Sumerian. It is the true language of power my friend” Julius explained as if this answered everything.

“Please take your seat; I am not here to teach today. It was you who forced me here to talk.” Julius gave Harry the opportunity to check on Amber and regain his seat.

“First off, you need to understand that I am your teacher. You will need to do as I say until I feel you are ready to be released from this contract. I will explain everything once I have your word that this is a private conversation.”

“I don’t even know who you are. I don’t know why you are here. You just attacked my girlfriend. You kidnap me and now I am supposed to just sit and listen while you spout some nonsense at me. Does that about sum it up? Just so we are clear.” Harry added sarcastically

“That seems about right to me. Of course if you don’t like that arrangement I could always leave!” Julius pointed out.

“That’s the best idea yet. Goodbye” Harry said

Julius seemed to dissolve away in front of Harry’s eyes just as Amber began to wake up on the floor.

“Oh My” Amber exclaimed “I must have tripped over the threshold on my way in” she finished as she wiped the dust from her clothes.

Amber sat on the couch while Harry went to grab a few drinks from the kitchen. He was almost back to the sitting room when a piece of parchment ‘popped’ into existence right next to his head.

‘Whether you agree to it or not, your contract is binding. For your sake do not betray my confidence. You will seek me out, I am sure of it.’ Harry read the sloping text, then crumbled the paper and threw it away. ‘Crazy old people, always giving me projects or wanting to rule my life’ Harry thought as he entered the sitting room.

The night was going great. Harry and Amber had gotten ready at Cathedral House and met Robert and Emily at a small neighborhood restaurant called Mothers. Of course the name of the place caused a bit of confusion at first.

“We should go to Mothers to eat” Robert offered and Emily quickly agreed.

“I really don’t want to go to you Mothers” Harry replied

“No not my mom’s Harry”

“Honestly I was hoping to go out to eat tonight, not some blokes’ mom’s house” Harry continued

“Harry, Mothers is a restaurant and besides my mother is a lovely woman.” Robert stated but only further confused the situation.

They continued to argue for a few more minutes until Amber stepped in and said “let’s shut up Harry and just follow them” obviously she caught on pretty quickly that place was truly a restaurant with an odd name.

Harry followed with the group and remained in a foul mood during the walk. He was tired of so called Mom’s, Dad’s, and crazy old bearded grandfather types. He damn sure didn’t want to spend an evening cooped up in some old ladies house eating a home cooked meal. He felt pretty foolish and the rest had a good laugh when they turned the corner onto Poydras St. and huge red neon letters spelled MOTHERS over the front of the building.

The food was amazing and Harry really liked hanging out with Robert. At school he was stuffy and difficult to talk to but out in the real world he was hilarious. Always had a joke ready to tell, or a funny story that related to the topic. He seemed very at ease with Emily. Emily was very soft spoken, she was a witch but she taught muggle English at Laveau. Harry had not had the opportunity to meet the muggle subject’s teachers yet. After they finished their meal Harry insisted on picking up the check, still feeling embarrassed by his earlier behavior. Nobody seemed to mind him paying penance and the group took off toward the bar talking loudly and having a great time.

“You should have seen the old man when Elijah told him an eighteen year old would be teaching. I thought I would need to call the magical ambulance or something.” Robert was in the middle of telling a very animated story about Professor Eriksson.

“So you really are only eighteen” Emily asked

“Yep” Harry replied

“I don’t want to ruin the mood or anything but it’s killing me not knowing.” Emily paused and Harry answered her question before it was asked

“Yes, all of it is true. Well probably all of it.”

“Amazing.” All three replied at once.

“How did you know what to do” Amber asked because she was just as curious and this was the first time the topic had been broached.

“I didn’t” came Harry’s reply

Robert could see Harry beginning to withdraw from the line of questioning so he was happy to see the line at the bar door.

“Good we are here, wait here and let me chat with the bouncer.” Robert stated as he trotted away

It was Emily and Ambers turn to feel foolish as they both apologized. Harry just brushed the need for an apology away.

“Being here and around other people causes me to forget about all of it. That’s a good thing, but it never hurts to remember as well.”

Soon enough they were seated at a table near the stage. The lead singer was dressed in a Scottish kilt and wore an American football jersey with shoulder pads. Robert explained that they were a cover band, and that meant they played music from other famous rock and roll bands mainly from the 70s and 80s. Harry really didn’t care; he thought it was huge fun. Every once in a while the singer would take a swig from a fifth of whiskey and then pass it down to the crowd, Harry took a couple of pulls off the bottle. They shared a bunch of laughs and a few drinks while the band took an intermission. Suddenly someone came up behind Harry and placed their hands over his eyes.

“Guess who” the blind folder said.

Harry turned and saw Drew standing there with a huge smile on his face. Unexpectedly Drew hugged Harry and turned to the rest of the group.

“Since cute English Harry refuses to introduce us. I am Drew and this is my boyfriend Douglas. We live around the corner from Harry” Drew announced

“Your boyfriend” Harry asked in puzzlement. Then total understanding dawned on his face as well as a stupid grin.

“Obviously my boyfriend is a bit dimmer than I expected. Nice to meet you I am Amber” She smiled and graciously shook hands with Drew.

Harry felt like he was the butt of many jokes that night and he made the best of it. Steve and the rest of Drew’s friends came over and hung out with them. They thought it was hilarious that Harry couldn’t put two and two together. Amber stepped in to defend Harry and explained he went to an extremely private school in England. This was his first time abroad as he only graduated a few months ago.

Amber drug Harry out to the dance floor against his will. He had never danced before unless you count the holiday ball a few years ago at Hogwarts. He figured out as long as he swayed with the crowd he minimized how stupid he looked. The females were going all out and dancing around, but most of the guys just stood there and kept rhythm with the beat. The band began to play a slower song with a loud steady drumming beat, which was almost hypnotic. Harry held Amber tight as she began to kiss slowly on his neck. The music and alcohol began to play an integral part in this dance. Ambers kissing became more passionate and finally Harry met her lips. Harry now understood what his friends had laughed about in the past. He had never wanted anything more than he wanted Amber right then. Her low cut dress showed beads of sweat slipping between her breasts. Their passionate kissing hit a crescendo with the music and caught both lovers breathless as they made eye contact. It was time to leave, they returned to the table to tell the others goodnight. To Harry’s dismay everyone decided it was time to call it a night and the left as a group, he hoped that the passion wouldn’t wane with the group in tow. Amber could tell he was struggling and reached for the back of his jeans. She pulled up close to his ear and whispered.

“Nothing’s gonna change what I’m gonna do to you” she finished with a sensuous kiss to his ear lobe.

The group was far more boisterous on the return trip. People could hear the crew cutting up blocks away. The flamboyant voice of Steve caused everyone to laugh. He was what the locals called a “Queen” and was proud of that title. They walked through the central business district or CBD and crossed Canal Street and into the French Quarter. Harry grew nervous because his new neighbors were walking with them and Cathedral House was before their house a few streets further up. Jackson Square was empty as usual given the late hour. The group entered the square and Drew started saying his group’s goodbyes. Harry looked toward the fenced in park area of the square. Something was stirring his alarms and he was trying to pin point the source.

He saw a homeless person sleeping on a park bench about twenty yards away. A small group of street performers were huddled over by the entrance to St. Louis Cathedral. Other than that nothing else of interest could be seen. Harry felt his internal alarms begin to screech at him just as Amber turned to warn him she felt ill intent from somewhere.

“DOWN EVERYONE DOWN!” Harry yelled as spells began flying from all directions.

Harry physically felt his detachment as his wand spun easily to block incoming spells. They appeared to be coming from everywhere. He sent stunning spells in return but was unable to find the casters. Time slowed as Harry searched for the attackers. Harry turned to find that Amber was defending and casting well, Robert had obviously found a good hiding place because he and Emily were nowhere to be seen. Time sped back up in time for Harry to see someone send a reducto spell that just missed him but exploded the ground just to his right. He rolled left but the dust had limited his vision.

“Dammit” Harry roared as he twirled his wand and gathered the dust in a swirling vortex that he sent towards the source of the spells. Harry realized it wasn’t just him and Amber fighting, he saw numerous blue colored spells fly past him towards the park and the screams told him they found their mark. He turned to find Drew smiling and flourishing his wand fervently. Then Harry saw Amber get hit by three simultaneous curses. Harry lost it, his detachment rose to a level he had never felt. It was like someone else was controlling him. His wand was a secondary weapon as Harry chanted spells in an ancient language. The spells were sizzling from his hands, and the environment itself became a weapon against his attackers. Lightning flew from the lamp posts striking the deatheaters. The statue of Andrew Jackson came to life and joined in the fight for Harry’s friends. That was when the pops of disapparation could be heard throughout the entire square.

Sirens could be heard coming in the distance and the homeless man was approaching Harry from behind. He had risen off the park bench as the first spell was cast and remained in the shadows watching Harry from the sidelines. Harry spun on the homeless man and noticed the staff in his hand.

“Hello Julius” Harry responded

Julius struck his staff to the ground and everyone disappeared from the squared. Harry blinked and once again he was standing in his sitting room at Cathedral House. He didn’t take the time to yell at Julius for doing that again. He saw Amber lying on the floor and rushed to her side. Drew came rushing over as well with Douglas in tow.

“Amber wake up” Harry yelled as he took the girl in his arms.

“Harry get help, I don’t know what hit her” Douglas replied

Harry looked at Douglas and then to Drew before quickly jumping toward his floo. He disappeared and within moments came rushing back with Madame Pomfrey and Minerva McGonagall right behind.

“I don’t know what hit her Poppy” Harry overheard Douglas say.

‘What the hell is going on, how does he know my school nurse? Why did Drew have a wand, where am I.’ Harry sat there shaking his head in his hands. Kreacher knew Harry was close to imploding. Kreacher realized that Harry was trying to process too much too quickly and it was driving him insane. Kreacher noticed blue sparks emanating off of Harry’s skin. He needed to act quickly so he apparated to get the only person Master Harry needed in this situation.

Moments later Hermione appeared in the sitting room holding Kreacher’s hand. Kreacher did not warn Hermione about what to expect. She woke up with the house elf standing on her stomach in her bed. All he said was Harry needs you Ms. and she allowed herself to be brought here. She quickly surveyed the room. Minerva was in a deep conversation with a very old man. There were a few well-dressed guys keeping to the corner of the room. Close to them but distant was a couple, they were holding each other and the woman was crying. On the couch Hermione could see a beautiful young woman lying very still while Poppy tended to her and two other well-dressed gentleman were assisting Poppy. Hermione turned and saw Harry bug eyed and what appeared to be glowing. He held his head in his hands and was shaking uncontrollably. This was not the first time she had seen Harry like this and knew what to do. Harry was on overload and needed to distance himself from the situation long enough to put a plan together. She ran over and grabbed Harry by the hands. She whispered something in his ear and then he allowed Hermione to draw him away from the crowd into the quiet of his office. After a moment Harry raised his head and smiled at seeing his old friend.

“I’m not even going to ask what the frick is going on! Just tell me who you need to talk to first?” Hermione stated

“Tell Drew to come” Harry responded

Hermione returned with Drew after a few seconds. She led the dashing young man to a seat next to Harry and then conjured a comfortable chair for her to occupy. Drew sat there and stared at Harry for a few moments and then turned to Hermione and introduced himself.

“Andrew Molten, pleasure to meet you. I believe you are Harry’s friend Hermione.” Andrew stated and Hermione gestured he was correct.

“First thing, why didn’t you tell me” Harry asked

“Because you didn’t ask” Drew replied

“Did you know who I was when I met you earlier today?”

“Of course I knew, just as I knew Poppy and Minerva and who this young lady was. You see I am a graduate of Hogwarts Harry. I am about ten years older than you though.” Drew stated

“What about Steve and your other friends.”

“No nothing but muggles, but they are aware of what Douglas and I are. They are scared to death right now. Probably never saw anything like that in their lives. Come to think of it, I have never see anything like that. That was the most amazing magic; I didn’t even know that was possible.” Drew laughed

“Alright, did you see anything that might identify the people?” Harry asked

“No I saw everything slow down and felt my movements become sluggish while seeing you moving at full speed, pretty awesome piece of magic there. During that time I counted about twelve different casters but there might have been more. They were well hidden.” Drew explained

“Could you please send the old man in here” Harry requested of Drew and Drew knew that he was being dismissed, he left the room.

“So I gather you were attacked” Hermione asked


“The girl on the couch, is that the Amber you wrote about”


Hermione sat back as Julius entered the room with Minerva. Hermione would have to sit here and pick more information from their conversation.

Julius approached Harry and took a long reproachful look at him. The look made Hermione feel uncomfortable, she was not used to Harry receiving those types of looks from anyone.

“All of this is your fault boy” Julius accused

“Julius that is no way to start” Minerva chastised the old man

“Stuff it Minerva, he needs to know.” Julius grabbed the seat Drew had left and pulled it over so he could have direct eye contact with Harry.

“Are you in control of yourself now?” Julius asked Harry and Harry nodded

“Good. That little stunt almost cost that young lady her life” Julius said as he jabbed Harry in the chest with his finger.

“We were attacked you old fool” Harry defended

“So you just decided to slow time down without regard to your fellow fighters. Do you have any idea what kind of harm you that could have caused? Do you even know why you were attacked tonight?”

“Probably because I am Harry Potter, that’s usually a good enough excuse for those assholes!” Harry exclaimed

“Minerva could you please excuse Harry, Hermione, and I for a few minutes we have some sensitive issues to discuss. Also please send Kreacher in here. He seems to be a very apt little elf, I need to send him on a mission.” Julius asked and Minerva sent Kreacher straight inside.

“Harry I need you to send Kreacher to fetch Ron, he will know where to find him. After that go outside and excuse your guests that do not belong here, check on your girlfriend and come back ready for our conversation.” Julius demanded rather than requested.

Harry did exactly as he was told. Harry waved Steve over and thanked him for a great night. Drew had already gathered his remaining friends and told them to keep quiet about this whole ordeal. Steve hung around long enough to thank Harry for the protection and then abruptly gave him a hug before he left. Harry approached Robert and Emily and noticed they were unharmed and was thankful for that. Robert assured Harry he was completely hopeless in a duel and his only concern was Emily. Harry couldn’t fault the man for that, and assured Robert that he would be at school on Monday. Harry then came over and knelt beside the couch.

“Will she be ok Madam Pomfrey” Harry asked

“What kind of question is that? Of course she’ll be ok. I am taking care of her.” Poppy responded with feigned offense

“Seriously young man, this young lady will be fine. My work was easy thanks to one of my favorite students here.” Poppy gestured toward Douglas

“Least I could do Harry. Sorry for not telling you sooner who we were. Drew and I planned on surprising you with the news. So, Surprise” Douglas said with a smile.

“If you think she is ok there on the couch that’s fine. If you want to put her in bed, she can take the master bedroom on the third level. Clotille will assist with anything. I will be in a meeting with Julius for a little while.” Harry explained to those gathered around.

Harry turned when he heard Ron’s unmistakable voice through the office doors. He was screaming at Kreacher in a very loud tone. Harry just smiled and headed toward the doors totally unaware of how much his life was about to change.


I would really like to see some more reviews. It helps me write knowing people are enjoying the story, or hating it.


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