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Mundungus Fletcher by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : Mundungus Fletcher
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A/N: I wrote this for the wonderful moonyxluna's challenge, it's a little rushed (Sorry about that) but I hope you enjoy it, I enjoyed writing this one :D. I might come back and edit it at some point?


Mundungus wasn’t an ordinary boy.

People never stayed his friend or hang around him long enough, because of his eye for things that didn’t belong to him. His family would give him the nickname of 'Magpie', mainly due to the fact that he was very light fingered and liked to take things that didn't belong to him.

It had all started innocently enough, a friend of his had a toy that was better than his own, so when his friend wasn’t looking Mundungus had taken it. He had given it back as soon as his friend had cried to both of their mothers and Mundungus had been forced to relinquish the item back into its original owner’s possession. He had never forgotten the rush he had gotten from taking something, it made him feel powerful.

Since that moment he would take any opportunity that he could to take what wasn’t his, just so he could feel that rush again, things such as his mother’s finest silverware, his father’s best pipe, his sister’s shiny brooch. He was always found out and made to give the items back, but he didn’t care. He was always thinking of the next best thing he could get his hands on, he wasn’t doing it to hurt anyone or try to sell it on; he just liked the idea that he had that power over someone, a small power but a power none the less.

His ‘stealing’ had stopped as soon as he had gotten his acceptance letter for Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, after his mother had warned him that the headmaster would not tolerate such behaviour at the school. Mundungus was scared, he wanted to be like his big brother and sister, and he wanted to prove to the other pureblood families who looked down on his as they didn’t have as much money as the others. He wanted to become someone that people would look up to with admiration and possibly fear, he wanted to be better than his family, better than those around him.

As he was placed in Slytherin house, the same house that his brother and sister were also in, both being two years above him, he looked around at his fellow peers, eager for them to like him. He knew that he wouldn’t let himself take anything that didn't belong to him, tried to stop the temptation he felt to take whatever he could lay his hand on.

He had succeeded in this promise to himself to never touch something of his friends, and he had kept that promise for just over five years. Sure he would still get his kicks from stealing his brother or sister’s things, but they were his family, they had to love him no matter what. Surely its better that he takes from them, then from his friend’s right?

It was just as he was studying for his Potions exam that he would be due to take in the upcoming week, his OWLs were one of the most important tests of his school life and he wanted to get the best marks he could. He was sat with his best friend Grover Liptone and Grover’s girlfriend of almost seven months Michaela Howard, using the dark red feathered quill his sister was looking for earlier, when he’s live began to fall apart and he fell back into his old ways.

He hadn’t meant for it to happen, he didn’t even realise that he was doing it until it was too late, it was like his mind thought ‘I’ve had enough,’ and reverted back into its old ways. Grover had left the table, after spotting one of his friends, without so much as a word at them; Michaela had shot him a hurtful look as though it had pained her that he would leave.

Mundungus watched him leave before he moved from his seat, taking Grover’s empty one and placed a hand comfortingly on Michaela’s, offering her soothing words, telling her that she deserved someone better then Grover, helping plant the seeds of doubt in her head about their relationship.

He wiped the tears from her eyes with his thumb and gave her a small smile, a smile that told her that he would be there for her, that he was different than the others. Michaela responded by giving him a smile back before leaning towards him and hugging him, it was during this hug that he had kissed her lightly on the lips, he didn’t even mean to, it was like he couldn’t help himself.

Grover had of course seen, storming over to them with ire in his eyes, demanding to know what had happened. Michaela had responded by grabbing her things and fleeing from the library, Grover chased after her to get her to talk to him, but not before telling Mundungus that he was going to come back from him. Mundungus wasn’t scared, Grover wasn’t a fighter in any shape or form, it was one of the reasons him and Mundungus got along so well, or did.

As Mundungus thought about the kiss he had shared with Michaela he realised that he had been planning this for quite some time, it was like he knew on some level that he was going to be taking her from Grover. The late night talks he had made himself have with her in the common room, the making sure he was hanging back when they had class together so they could both walk out. The ‘innocently’ bumping into each other in the library, helping her out in subjects she found tough, telling Grover to hang around with his friends instead of Michaela then making sure he was around to  over her comforting advice.

Mundungus ran a hand over his face as he realised that he was stupid for trying to hide who he really was, stupid to think that he had beaten this trait of his. He couldn’t stop, it was always there right on the edge and he knew it would have been a matter of time before he snapped and started taking again.

Mundungus Fletcher has always and would always be a thief.

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Mundungus Fletcher: Mundungus Fletcher


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