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Rose and Thorn by MoaningTonks
Chapter 5 : The Hidden Door
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Rose was sitting in Transfiguration when she realized her veela powers could kick in at any time. She had done a little research on the topic, and she’d found some information that scared her. According to the book she’d read, veela were like cherubs. They caused love or lust wherever they went. Rose didn’t know who would be affected and how to shut it off. Her expression must have changed, because Albus reached over and squeezed her arm in reassurance. She gave him a grateful look.

After class, she pulled him aside. “If people start looking at me like they want… like they’re in love… will you tell me? I don’t know when this veela thing will start, but I’m not looking forward to it, and I want to know when I’ll need to disappear,” she begged. Albus laughed.

“I’ll let you know when you’re allure is too much to handle, but I don’t think you have to worry. Did you do any kind of search on what to expect? And you’re not going to want to hear this, but you should talk to Draco,” Al told her.

“I was thinking about trying to set up a meeting. I just think it’s going to be really awkward. He didn’t even know I was alive,” Rose said evenly.

“I think he’d want to meet you. If nothing else, he owes it to you to help you through this,” Al muttered. Rose smiled and walked away. Half way down the hall, she paused in front of where the door had been for the mysterious room. Almost immediatly, the door appeared. Al gasped.

“You see it too?” Rose demanded. Al nodded, but he seemed unable to speak. Rose walked forward and placed her hand on the knob, ready to walk into the room of requirement.

“What are you doing, Weasley?” Professor Flitwick called from across the hall. “Why have you stopped in the middle of the hall? To class with you!”

“But sir, there’s a door here! Can’t you see it?” Albus asked.

“Enough of your jokes, Potter. Your father knew when to stop, and it’s time you learned as well. Now on to class, both of you!” Flitwick ordered. Rose and Al slowly walked away.

“We have to come back. Tonight. I’ll borrow James’s cloak, and I’ll meet you in the common room at midnight,” Al hissed under his breath to Rose. She nodded and went into her medical class.


Late that night, Albus was waiting in the common room for Rose to come back down. He heard James and Teddy arguing from their room, and he knew that they had just discovered the missing cloak. He’d hear about it in the morning, he was sure. Violett Finnegan was asleep in the armchair closest to the fire, and she twitched in her sleep every once in a while. Sophie Longbottom had been the last to go upstairs for the night, and she’d just left Violett there in peace.

“Where are you?” Rose hissed from across the room.

“Over here. Come on, we need to get moving if we’re going to make it into that room,” Al replied happily. He watched Rose make her way over to him, holding her hands in front of her to make sure she could find him. As soon as her fingers brushed the material, she grabbed hold and jerked it over herself.

“Let’s go,” she giggled. They were just small enough to both fit in the cloak comfortably with nothing hanging out. Albus was slightly bigger than his father had been, and Rose was not small either. Both were a healthy size and weight, and both were very good looking. Most girls would have been jealous of Rose’s relationship with Al, if it weren’t for their relatives. But, Rose realized with a shock, they weren’t really related at all. What would happen now that they knew that?

“Albus, we should talk about my problem,” Rose stated calmly. Al shot her a look.

“What about it? It isn’t going to change the way I see you,” he told her, much to her disappointment.

“I know it won’t. That’s not what I meant. I mean the veela thing. I’m not human, Al!” Rose moaned. She couldn’t believe she was getting into this with Al, but she had noone else to talk to. “What happens when people find out?”

“Nothing is going to change who you are, Rosie,” Al assured her. “People will still see you the same way, and that’s a good thing. We’ll figure out how to fix the weird emotions you’ll be giving off, and then nothing will change. And don’t worry about Ron either. He’ll come around. You were his daughter for eleven years, and one announcement can’t change that.”

“One announcement did change that, Al,” Rose reminded him.

“Aren’t we looking for the room of requirement? Why are we talking about that?” Al replied. They continued on in silence.

“I’m sorry. I made you uncomfortable,” Rose muttered.

“Don’t appologize,” Al smiled.

“Look. It’s the door. we’re here,” Rose hissed, excited.

Sure enough, the door to the room of requirement was right in front of them, this time with no teachers guarding it.

“Albus, this is it. Whatever is in here… it’s big,” Rose whispered. Albus nodded, reaching out to open the door. “Wait! I’m the only one who can open it, remember? We don’t know what will happen otherwise,” she added.

Rose reached out and grabbed the knob, turning it slightly in her hand. She pushed, but the door wouldn’t move that way, so she pulled on it. It swung outwards, but something caught the back of the cloak and yanked, causing the door to slam and the two Gryffindors to fall backwards out of the cloak.

“Albus Severus Potter! Why did you steal my cloak? What do you think Dad would say if he found out?” James demanded.

“I think he’d ask why I didn’t take it already. I mean, it’s been four months and this is the first time I’ve even tried,” Al spat.

“Do you know why? Because you suck at sneaking! I could hear you and Rose laughing all the way up in my dorm! Give it back, and let’s get back to the common room before you get caught,” James hissed.

“Oh, come on James. Come with us then. We’ve found the room of requirements, and we want to go in, but we can’t without the cloak!” Rose pleaded.

“The room was destroyed in the battle of Hogwarts. You’re crazy if you think it’s still there. And why are you out wondering at night when you can just check it out tomorrow during breakfast?” James demanded.

“Because Flitwick caught us today when we tried,” Rose whined.

“He thought we were pulling a prank,” Albus spat. James laughed.

“I would think the same thing! It’s not a secret that nobody can get in the room anymore. Fiend fire destroys everything it touches, and some deatheater filled the whole room with it in the last war. The magic of that room is long gone,” James explained. Rose shook her head.

“Hogwarts is alive with magic much more powerful than fienfire. Haven’t you read Hogwarts: A History?” Rose sighed. She sounded just like her mother.

“Only you and your mother would ever read that book,” James told her, rolling his eyes. “Dad said so himself. Now let’s go you two. We’re going back. Don’t forget, I’m a prefect; I’ll give you both detention.”

“Yeah, and then you’ll have to answer to mum,” Al muttered.

“What did you just say?” James asked, narrowing his eyes.

“Nothing, James,” Al said sweetly.

“That’s what I thought you said,” James laughed.


James left Al and Rose alone in the common room and went up to bed. He put his cloak into the trunk at the bottom of his bed, and curled up in bed. Teddy smirked in the dark.

“They had it, didn’t they?” he asked, amused.

“Yeah. Something about the room of requirements,” James scoffed.

“So Rose heard the prophecy. Nice,” Teddy laughed.

“What prophecy?” James asked.

“Talk to the house elves,” Teddy told him.


Dear Mr. Malfoy,

I am your daughter, Rose Cissa Weasley. Well, I was a Weasley. I suppose I’m not anymore. Would that make me a Granger or a Malfoy? I’m not sure. Anyways, my mother just confirmed that I’m your daughter about a week ago, and I haven’t had a chance to write until now. I’m so sorry that I didn’t know about you. I want to get to know you. You’re my father, however weird that is for us both, and I want you to be involved in my life.

You’ve said that I’m half veela? I was wondering what that will mean for me now. Will everything change? When should I expect to change? Is there anything I should know as far as veela are concerned? I’ve only ever known my Aunt Fleur, and she’s hardly ever around. Her daughter, Victoire, is much older than me, and she won’t talk to me.

I’m sorry that this is so random. I’d like to meet you sometime. My next Hogsmeade weekend is in two weeks. Maybe you’d want to meet there?



Dearest Rose,

I can’t believe I’ve found you at last. I’m sorry that Scorpius had to be the one to tell you. I’m sending something to McGonagall at once, and she’ll have you come to the manor here at once. We can talk safely here, and I hope you might consider making it your summer home.

Draco Malfoy


“Ms. Weasley, you’re aware that you’ll have to be there all weekend?” McGonagall asked Rose as she stood waiting to use the floo network.

“Yes, I’m aware. I’d very much like to meet him anyways. He can’t be that bad, and I want to know him. He is my father, after all,” Rose babbled.

“He’s promised to look after your needs. His wife, Astoria, is very kind. If you need anything at all, she has agreed to provide it with no questions asked. Your mother has asked that I give you this emergency port-key. It will take you to the burrow if activated. She assures me you know the secret word?” McGonagall added.

“Yes ma’am. Thank you. Will you tell Albus and James that I’m alright? I didn’t get to tell them where I’m going,” Rose replied.

“Of course. Off you go then,” McGonagall smiled. Rose stepped into the fire and shouted “MALFOY MANOR!”

The first things she noticed was all of the white. The walls and floors were polished white, and they shone in the candle’s fire. A woman stood by the fire, watching for her arrival. She stepped forward immediatly and took the bags from Rose.

“I’m Astoria Malfoy. Welcome to Malfoy Manor. Draco is waiting for you in the study, which is just down the hall. He has asked that I show you the way,” the woman said quietly.

“I’m Rose. I’d love to meet him,” Rose replied in a whisper. Astoria nodded and led the way out of the room that they’d been in.

“This is the study,” Astoria indicated a room on the right. “He’s ready for you.”

Rose pushed the door open and walked in fearlessly. Draco Malfoy was standing beside a small desk, his white-blonde hair gleaming in the light cast by the fire.

“You must be my daughter. I’m Draco Malfoy. Welcome to my home,” he stated calmly. He looked cold, as though he wanted to be anywhere but there with Rose.

“I’m Rose. I’m so happy to finally meet you,” Rose said quietly, looking at the floor. She sighed. This would be a long weekend.

Rose had been led to a room on the third floor that she was told she could call her own from then on. An owl was waiting on her bed, and it had a letter ready for her to read.


I knew you were going to do this. I’m here if you need me; Xavier knows how to find me. Send a letter with him or just use floo to contact me. I’ll wait for your reply to make sure you’re okay. You know what to do, I’m sure. And Rose, be careful. Dad told me that Malfoy saved his life once. It was the only good thing he did in the entire war. After the war, he disappeared. He only resurfaced when Scorpius was born, and that was because Astoria wanted to move into the manor with him. They weren’t even married until last year. Mum reckons he wants to corrupt you, but I think he honestly wants to know you. If he treats you badly, get yourself back here. I promise I won’t let anyone hurt you when you’re safe with me.


Rose smiled at the letter and hugged it close to her heart. Al always had known how to cheer her up. She pulled a piece of parchment from her bag and wrote a quick reply explaining that she was alright and being treated fine. She sent the letter with her own owl, who’d followed her to the manor that morning.

“Rose, dear, dinner will be ready in ten minutes. Draco sent me up to let you know you should probably change,” Astoria said from the doorway.

“Change? What should I wear?” Rose asked, confused.

“Oh, honey. You can borrow something of mine. I have a lavender dress that would look beautiful with your complexion. I’ll have the house-elf bring it up for you. Draco just likes dressing up, and the only time he really can is at dinner. I humor him,” Astoria expained.

“Thank you for the dress. I didn’t realize he’d want me to bring things like that,” Rose whispered. She looked down. She wondered if everything she did would be a disappointment to her father.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. You’re only just meeting him for the first time. He likes nice things is all,” Astoria smiled.

When Astoria had left, Rose quickly changed into the dress and put on some make-up. She wanted to look nice for her father, and she thought that maybe it would be good to practice at school for if she decided to spend the summer with him.


Down in the dining area, Draco was waiting with Astoria for his daughter to arrive.

“Did you give her the dress?” he asked impatiently.

“Yes darling. She has the dress, and she’ll wear it. She was very thrilled with the Potter boy’s letter, as well,” Astoria replied.

“I knew that she would. It’s always the same. When my father was in school, James Potter was the important one. For me, it was Harry. Now, it’s Albus. All girls want to be friends with the Potter boys. It’ll always be that way. If I want her on my side, we need to convince Albus that it’s in her best interest,” Draco replied.

“I don’t think that’s exactly how it works, sweety. I was never fond of Potter, and I knew few people who were,” Astoria smirked.

“I don’t think you realize something important; Rose has been a part of the Potter/Weasley family her whole life. She values their opinions, and even if she only sees him as family… the allure is great,” Draco argued.

“I don’t know. I think this girl can judge things by herself. She’s more inteligent than Scorpius,” Astoria laughed. Draco scowled.

“This is the daughter of Hermione Granger, the insufferable know-it-all. Of course she’s more inteligent than Scorpius. I would expect nothing less than the best of her age,” Draco snapped.

“I doubt she’s the best. Not right now, anyways. She’s had a lot on her plate, with this whole family catastrophe that you cooked up for her. Poor girl, she doesn’t even realize her destiny,” Astoria sighed.

“Well, to have a destiny, you have to survive. She’ll single-handedly decide the fate of the entire world by the time she’s seventeen, and we have to get her ready for that,” Draco replied heavily.


Rose was finally ready to go down the stairs when she heard Draco and Astoria talking. Single-handedly decide the fate of the world? What were they talking about? She shook her head and decided she’d misheard.

“Hello again,” she said brightly. Draco Malfoy smiled up at her as though she were the greatest thing in the world.

“Hello child! I’m sorry for the frosty welcome I gave earlier. I’ve been so preoccupied with work that I haven’t had time to focus on much else. I look forward to getting to know my only daughter,” Draco told her.

“Sit down, please,” Astoria smiled. She gestured the seat across from Draco. “We were just ready to begin. I’m sure you must have many questions, probably a lot of them involving your veela side.”

“Um. Well, yes. I… When will the veela traits begin?” Rose asked.

“For me, they began when I entered my second year of Hogwarts. My father’s started when he was thirteen, and his mother at fourteen. If this is the pattern, yours could start at any time,” Draco told her.

“Oh my gosh. And how can I mask them? I don’t want to be noticed like that. At least, not yet,” Rose said.

“Well, there’s a potion that I take that hides most of the effects. It helps me get along at work without too much notice, and it helped me through school as well. The thing you need to watch for is your singing. If you sing in front of people, your voice works like a siren’s. It’s a powerful type of magic, and it is irreversible. There is not a potion or spell to diminish your voice,” Draco stated.

“A siren? But I can’t sing. My voice sounds terrible,” Rose laughed.

“You can laugh, but I’m not kidding. I made the mistake of singing in front of my friend, and I haven’t been able to talk to her since. Pansy Parkinson begged me to sing for her as a joke, but then she woudn’t leave me alone after I did. It’s almost as strong as real love,” Draco cautioned.

“Okay. Thank you for warning me. Is there anything else I should know?” Rose asked.

“Yes. Also like Sirens, Veela mate for life. You form a bond with your soulmate at your first kiss. After that, doing anything with anyone else could kill you or your bonded. When your power kicks in, you’ll start to notice a strange attraction to one specific person. They’ll feel it too, no matter what kind of potion you take. You’ll be drawn together, and things will progress from there. With Astoria and I, we knew what was happening right away, and that made it less painful. Also, I should warn you that your transformation will be painful, and you won’t be able to hide your hair afterwards. One of the main marks of the veela is the pale silver hair. Like me, you will be forced to show what you are,” Draco told her.

“He makes it sound awful. I can tell you from a girl’s perspective that it isn’t awful at all. In fact, the bonding was very pleasant for both of us. It’s a lot more than just physical,” Astoria added.

“So I should look forward to it?” Rose asked.

“No. But don’t fret over it either,” Draco replied.


The rest of the weekend went much the same. They discussed things that had been missed. They got to know each other very well. Sunday afternoon came, and Rose decided to visit her mother. She used the portkey in front of Draco and Astoria so that they’d know where she went, and she was gone.

“Rose! Honey, are you okay?” Hermione demanded.

“Mum, I’m great! I’m so happy! My father isn’t horrible at all. I learned a lot this weekend. I just came to tell you that I’m okay. And I think I might spend the summer with him and Astoria at the manor, if it’s okay,” Rose replied.

“Well… I’ll think about it. And Ron is coming back home tomorrow! So we’ll talk about it with him too,” Hermione muttered.

Rose went back to Hogwarts in complete bliss, not expecting what would happen the very next day.

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