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Scarlett by LadySarahMalfoy
Chapter 11 : Slug Club
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Slug Club



Chapter 10



Scarlett was having a nightmare, as she always did, but she refused to wake up, she needed sleep before the quidditch game next week. Horrifying images were flashing, Bellatrix torturing her as Draco stood by, battling herself to keep composure throughout her whole life, the lonely cold nights in the orphanage praying that there was someone in the world who wanted her. Then a she was surrounded by a white light, and Lily Evans came to view, this wasn’t the first time that Scarlett had seen her mother in a dream, but this was for sure the clearest image she had ever seen. “My sweet little girl” Lily smiled “Don’t turn away from destiny because you fear it, you’ve been ignoring it for far too long” Then she was gone. Scarlett woke up, just when the sun was peeking over the horizon. She slowly got up and dressed, she had nothing to do before Slughorn’s party that night. The lake had frozen so she couldn’t go rowing, her only options were: hang out with Harry and them, study, or help mark essays with Snape. All of these included avoiding Draco. “Don’t turn away from destiny because you fear it, you’ve been ignoring it for far too long” Scarlett sighed and went down to eat in the great hall.



She was all but alone in the great hall; the only other person’s ego though could take up the whole castle. “Morning Malfoy!” Scarlett called; Draco lifted his eyebrows with an amused expression.



“Morning Snape….. Wait I can’t call you that can I, Scarlett?” Scarlett shrugged and sat down across from him “Early riser?” he asked, she nodded.



“Difference though, I actually sleep” Scarlett took a bite out of a syrup covered waffle that had appeared in front of her.



Draco barked a laugh “How’d you know? You aren’t a stocker are you?”



Scarlett spurted laugher “And you’re not? You always seem to show up where I am.”



Draco smirked “I’m just a curious individual. And you’re someone with a lot of answers” They chuckled together “Why the sudden change of mind Scarlett?” She shrugged.



“I figured there was no point in denying that although I’m trying to sabotage you, which might end up getting you killed or the other way around, we could be friends. And of course a façade of friendship is always helpful.” Draco laughed nervously, picking through his plate.



“So this isn’t one of your plans to interrupt me is it?”



Scarlett shook her head. “No, you can tell when I’m trying to sabotage you, because I’ll end up threatening you” Scarlett laughed not noticing that her hair had changed its color but barely by a shade lighter.



She gasped and changes it back hoping Draco didn’t notice. “You’re hair just changed color” He clenched his teeth, obviously angry, Scarlett tried to look confused but quickly changed the subject. “I have to go, good to talk to you” She quickly got up from the table and ran out of the great hall and up to Snape’s office.









“Come to help me mark some first years explain what the dark arts are?” He asked as she walked into the door, he looked up from the essays, “Where’d you run from? Is there a problem?” Scarlett nodded and sat down across from him, she picked up an essay.



“Draco noticed that my hair changed color, and he remembers that ‘Sarah Strange’ could do that also. He’s not stupid, he’s gonna figure it out sooner or later.”



Snape nodded “Well let’s focus on more important matters at current. You’re going to Slughorn’s dinner tonight, yes?” She nodded, he continued “So you cannot let anyone know that Lily was you’re mother. We must make sure her image is pure and not tainted by two outcasts. You know to me and your mother you’re perfect but to the whole world, letting them know that you’re our child would not only make you an insignificant individual, but your mother a whore and I a monster,” Scarlett nodded again.



“My mother was a muggle, how’s that? I want nothing to taint you’re image, father” Snape nodded his approval and embraced his daughter



“You truly are the most amazing child, I could never have asked for a better child” Scarlett smiled slightly and buried her face in her father’s shoulder.



“You know, sometimes I wish that I didn’t have these gifts. I was looking at pictures of you and mom and I look like the two of you just as I am. And I could sure as hell do without this stupid seeing the future stuff.”



Snape laughed “You really have an opinion don’t you? You’re my daughter for sure!” They laughed together.



Then Draco Malfoy entered the room, “Am I interrupting something? I came to ask the head of my house about the quidditch match.” He stated, Scarlett stepped away from Snape and smiled.



“Sorry, I can’t stay Dad. I’ll come back as soon as I can” Scarlett exited the room. Snape sighed and took a seat behind his desk again, and sneered.



“Ask away Mr. Malfoy” Draco smirked and stepped forward “I’m withdrawing from the match tomorrow for reasons to do with my mission.” Snape nodded “Did you know that you’re daughter is trying to stop me from completing my mission? If I was in your position professor, I would keep a tighter hold on my daughter and her actions.”



Draco sneered, Snape slammed his hand down onto the desk and stood up “And if I was in your position I wouldn’t question your professor’s way of handing things. Scarlett has been doing things on her own for most of her life, and she has turned out better than most others. And if she is trying to stop you from killing Dumbledore, it will prove your allegiance to the dark lord to keep her at bay. Dismissed” Snape sat down and waved a speechless Draco away.









“Hey Snape child!” Scarlett turned around to see Crabbe, Goyle and Blaise following her. They walked up to her so that they were about half a foot away from her. “I heard you’ve been causing our boy Draco some trouble.” Blaise sneered; Scarlett shrugged and beamed.
“I’ve been doing nothing he can’t handle. Another thing Zabini; you can’t call me Snape cause there’s a professor by the same name, who happens to be my father. You can’t call me by my first name because we aren’t friends, and I sure as hell am older than you so you can’t call me a child. I’m seventeen. So you can kiss my ass.” Scarlett pushed past Blaise, he caught her arm.



“Do you have any idea who you’re messing with?” Scarlett laughed.



“Yes I do, Zabini, now you can let me go and I’ll see you at Slughorn’s party so we can have a lovely chitchat then aright.”



Blaise didn’t let go, but tightened his grip. Scarlett rolled her eyes and swung her free arm towards his face. Her fist came in contact with his face right when Snape was coming around the corner beside Draco. The impact echoed through the hall as did Blaise’s cursing.



Draco turned to Snape “See!! Keep a better hold on your daughter, professor.” Draco pushed Blaise ahead of him and Crabbe and Goyle followed them. “



Scarlett” Snape started, she whipped around to face him, looking mortified.



“Dad, I had good reason! A very good reason to do that!”



Snape shook his head and sighed “Scarlett, I cannot keep putting the Slytherin students behind you. I love you Scarlett and you are the most important thing in this world to me, but should they complain to their Death-Eater parents who pass it on to the Dark Lord our mission is endangered. You’ve become more free-willed this year, what has happened?”



Scarlett shook her head and said “I don’t know!” Then she ran.









She kept running, and just before she couldn’t run anymore she ran right into a wall of solid muscle, and she tumbled forward into a pair of strong arms. When she looked up she saw amused grey eyes and a smirk looking back down at her. She was too tired to stand up on her own and he seemed perfectly content to remain supporting her weight, holding her around her waist and her hands gripping his upper arms. He chuckled and set her on her feet but neither of them made any move to let the other go.



She laughed nervously “I’m sensing that there’s some UST coming on here.” Draco made a face of confusion, Scarlett rolled her eyes, “It’s something along the lines of Unresolved sexual tension” Draco burst out laughing.



“What kind of muggle acronym is that? Looks like I have a better hold of you than your father does.” Draco chuckled and Scarlett shot him a dirty look.



“Hey, if I wasn’t in such a good mood I’d have to repeat what I did with Blaise.” Draco shook his head. Scarlett could hear her pulse increase substantially. She hoped that she wasn’t blushing. Oh fuck, this is UST, she cussed mentally.



Draco’s grey eyes searched her face with a look of confusion, then before she knew what was happening they both were leaning forward and closing their eyes. Then she felt the reminiscent feeling of his lips on hers. They were both hesitant, Scarlett pulled away.



“No.” Draco snarled and pulled her back, hungry for more. The kiss was passionate, like they had been denying this for too long and now the beast was coming out. Scarlett’s mind was screaming at her.



She pulled away quickly. “I shouldn’t have done that.” Draco kept holding her.



“Why not, Scarlett, why deny it? I know you want me almost as much as I want you.” Scarlett tensed.



“You’re mad if you think that I would ever have feelings towards one as self-centered, conceited, arrogant, egotistical, selfish and vulgar as you. I know that you feel for me Malfoy but, you cannot understand me, no matter how hard you try. So don’t.” Draco released Scarlett. She dashed out of sight.









Scarlett entered the great hall when there was still almost no one in it. She smiled and sat down across from Harry. “Hello little brother.” She whispered, Harry laughed.



“Hey big sister” he murmured back and continued to eat his food. “So we are hanging out to spend some family time here?” Scarlett asked. Harry nodded again still chewing, Scarlett rolled her eyes.



“Harry, there’s no need to shove all that food in your mouth at once” Harry opened his mouth to show have chewed up pancakes. Scarlett chuckled “Use a reduction charm next time. Might spare you some time” Harry nodded and swallowed.



“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea….” When Harry was finished eating, he and Scarlett stood up and raced each other to the broom sheds.



“You’re no match for me little brother!!” She called backwards, she once again was winning the race, but Harry was hot on her heels. Harry dove forwards and took out Scarlett’s legs they ended up sprawled in the snow laughing their heads off. “Let’s go get our brooms” She punched him playfully in the arm before getting up. Harry stood up and brushed the snow off his legs.



“Scarlett?” Harry pursed his lips, contemplating what he would say next.



“Mhm?” Scarlett opened the door to the sheds and entered them. Harry followed her in.



“Is there something between you and Malfoy?” Scarlett jerked around causing the brooms on the same rack as hers and Harry’s to tumble down.



“What do you mean?” she asked innocently while she was levitating the brooms back in place.



“Judging by what just occurred my guess that there is. In the terms of a physical allure, attraction whatever” Harry crossed his arms still a teasing glint in his eyes. Scarlett sighed loudly and handed Harry his broom.



“While the Tri-Wizard tournament was on Draco and I sort of got together…. Remember the yule ball?” Harry nodded “Do you remember a girl in a white feathery dress dancing with Draco?” Harry nodded again “That was me” Harry’s jaw dropped “I sent him a lot of letters in fifth year, but Umbridge didn’t let him have them. I didn’t know that. I took this as us breaking up. Then I dropped out of school and went to Paris to study to become a Ballerina. That was a fail. Before I quit, I played the Swan Queen in Swan Lake. Draco saw, he said sorry and I shunned him. But then I did something back stage I shouldn’t have done… I over-used Liquid Luck causing me to be sick. Draco got to me before any serious effects could take charge. Then while I was recovering at Malfoy Manor he and I got back together. Just the day after, Auntie Bellatrix showed up.” Scarlett quickly made sure that she wouldn’t reveal everything “Bellatrix brought me to Voldemort. I was tortured by Bellatrix” Harry’s fists and jaw clenched, Scarlett continued “But I stabbed myself with a glass shard and while I was bleeding to death, I used a healing charm on myself. To everyone, I was dead; I started a new life with my dad. I erased almost everyone’s memories of me. But what I don’t understand is that, I’m just an insignificant Gryffindor to most of the Slytherins, but him. I shouldn’t be attracting his attention at but” Harry lifted his eyebrows “I am, and I want him to stay away from me because I sincerely hate him. He betrayed me to the man who killed my mother and would use me as a weapon” Scarlett wasn’t lying for once, Harry smirked and they exited the shed.









They had a long hard-working quidditch practice, Ron and Ginny eventually joined them. It was a brother and sister match. Although Ginny and Ron were still unaware on the fact that Harry and Scarlett were related. It ended up that Ginny and Ron were the victors, Ron had blocked almost all Scarlett’s shots and Harry had let in most of Ginny’s. They returned to the common room about 2 hours before the dinner party. Dean wanted to talk to Ginny so Hermione and Scarlett got ready together. After they both showered and used drying charms on their hair. Scarlett sat down in front of a vanity desk and Hermione straightened her hair. The other Gryffindor girls were off gossiping and shooting them dirty looks in the corner. “Scarlett?” Scarlett snapped out of a trance that would eventually lead to another future.



“Yeah Hermione?” Scarlett began to play with her hair that was already straightened.



“How come so many guys are into you” Scarlett chuckled, and continued twirling her hair between her fingers.



“I’m fresh meat, they don’t know me. I bet by this time next year” Scarlett paused, next year…. Images of Hogwarts burning plagued her mind. “Next year…. Next year, they’ll be bored by my presence.”



Hermione looked skeptical, but continued to do Scarlett’s hair. “Are you sure? Scarlett, we’re best friends, you’re always changing, and I don’t think anyone will ever be bored of you. But, hey if you say so.”



Hermione smiled and turned off the straightener. “Thanks Hermione. Time to go?” Scarlett stood up; Hermione took in what she was wearing. Scarlett was wearing a form fitting blue dress with small bands around her body; the dress went to above her knees and had a dark blue, thick stripe down the middle. “What is it Hermione?” Scarlett looked worried. Hermione shook her head and gestured to her.



“You dress to kill all the time don’t you?” She chuckled, Scarlett winked back.












Harry, Hermione and Scarlett were walking down the stairs to the Dungeon, where Slughorn’s office was. Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy were walking together. “Malfoy? I thought that you weren’t in the Slug Club, I think you should go mope in self-pity somewhere else.” Harry laughed, Draco sneered.



"At least I have the class to keep it to myself Potter” Draco spat, then looked over to Scarlett, he took in her appearance. “Looking good Scarlett” Draco winked, Blaise nodded in agreement, Scarlett rolled her eyes.



“Have nothing better to do? Run along Malfoy.” She raised her eyebrows at Draco.



“Actually I do, see you back at the common room Blaise” He brushed past Scarlett and slipped folded parchment into her neckline. Scarlett scoffed and told Harry and Hermione to go ahead. She pulled the slip out of the space between her breasts.



Meet me in the Room of Requirement at midnight tonight.



Scarlett slipped the paper back into her neckline and entered the office.









“So Cormac, do you see any of your Uncle Tiberius these days?” Slughorn was spooning through his dessert. Scarlett narrowed her eyes; you really shouldn’t be eating that… Scarlett was observing the other students around the table. Cormac, the stuffed-up pretty boy who had a thing for Hermione, answered Slughorn’s question.



“Yes, I’m meant to go hunting with him and the Minister for Magic over the holidays.” Scarlett rolled her eyes, Slughorn though seemed impressed.



“Well, be sure to give them both my best! And what about your uncle Belbey? For those of you that don’t know, Marcus’ uncle invented the wolfsbane potion. Is he working on anything new?”



Slughorn looked pointedly at Marcus, who kept shoving the dessert into his mouth. “I don’t know. He and my dad don’t get along. Probably cause my Dad says potions are rubbish.”



Slughorn raised an eyebrow, Marcus continued, mumbling. Scarlett was bored of this guy already. Then Slughorn turned to her.



“And Scarlett, tell us more about you! What secrets is the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher’s daughter keeping?”



Scarlett cleared her throat. “Nothing really, my mother died when I was very young. I went to Beauxbatons until Christmas last year then to Paris to study ballet for a few months.” Slughorn nodded and went on.



“And what about you Miss Granger, what exactly does your family do in the muggle world?”



Suddenly Scarlett wasn’t sitting at the table anymore; she gripped the sides of her chair and clenched her teeth. Harry saw her tense and touched her arm lightly, as if to say, I’m here, don’t worry. Scarlett smiled weakly at Harry and let the future take her over.






Scarlett saw herself following Draco into the room of requirement. It seemed as he was mad at her, but she was furious.



“Couldn’t keep a hold on your hormones Malfoy?” Scarlett spat.



“As I recall you kissed me back, Snape or should I say Strange?” He sneered, she was seething.



“How did you-?”



“You’ve told me that I can’t understand you before in the same context.” He paced around her. “Looks like you’re in hot water, Fire Girl.”



“Do you enjoy tormenting people?”



“Do you enjoy avoiding the subject?”



Scarlett snapped back into reality. Slughorn was shaking everyone’s hand as they left. Scarlett quickly gave her thanks to the Potions Master and ran to the room of requirement.









“Malfoy.” Scarlett entered the room, Draco turned to see her, his expression darkened as she walked to him.



“What are you doing here?” He asked lazily



“What does it look like? I’m looking for you of course.” She crossed her arms, “I’m just trying to make sure you’re not doing anything that could be potentially dangerous.”



“Ha, what could I do in this place?”



“You’re plotting.”



“Wrong, you’re the one that plotting.”



“How so?”



“You’re thinking of ways to sabotage me.”



Scarlett smiled, “Yes, I believe I am. Yet you are the one who is thinking about how next to catch me off guard. Am I correct?”



He smiled sickly back at her, “You know me too well” He stepped closer so that she would have to look up at him. She watched as he contemplated something, wishing she knew what was going through his head. He leaned down and kissed her again, she pulled back and staggered backwards.



Couldn’t keep a hold on your hormones Malfoy?” Scarlett spat.



“As I recall you kissed me back, Snape or should I say Strange?” He sneered, she was seething.



“How did you-?”



“You’ve told me that I can’t understand you before in the same context.” He paced around her. “Looks like you’re in hot water, Fire Girl.”



“Do you enjoy tormenting people?”



“Do you enjoy avoiding the subject?”



“You want to know the reasons for my actions? Fine! I placed my trust in you and you shattered it and my heart. You stood by and let Bellatrix take me to the monster who murdered my mother and countless others! Then you just watched as I was interminably tortured! I trusted you, loved you even! And you knew that! Still you spat on that and threw it into the dirt and trod all over it. You think I’m the villain in this situation? Look in the fucking mirror! You need to take responsibility for your own actions! You’re planning to kill a man whose sole purpose is to protect people! You can go ahead and do it! But know that Dumbledore is standing between Voldemort and massacring countless beings and if you remove that blockage; their blood is on your hands! My blood will be on your hands, but for real this time. You try to blame all your sadness on me removing myself from your life so violently? I never left! I’ll always be here, as a reminder of your actions.” Draco looked down, almost feeling genuine guilt.



“Maybe I wouldn’t have gone through with my mission if you hadn’t left!” Draco pulled his wand out of his pocket.



“Putting the blame on my shoulders again?” Scarlett pulled hers.



“I’m just stating the truth. When I thought you died, I died. I was like an empty shell for weeks!”



“Do I care?” Scarlett challenged.



“No, you didn’t die. You were born. My Scarlett died and you took her place, a devil in my angel’s body sent to remind me of my actions and plague me.”



“You’re so melodramatic” Scarlett spat, but her heart was going so fast. He had called her his Angel!



“And you’re a smug bitch.” He threw a curse at her, which she countered easily. She sent a non-verbal spell in response, and his wand was knocked out of his hand. He looked down, as if he didn’t know what just happened.



“Auntie Bellatrix will have to teach you some tricks if you’re going to get anywhere in dueling.” Scarlett sniggered. Draco dove for his wand, grabbing it and dodging another hex in the process. Scarlett sent a firestorm just to keep him at bay while she went back to the common room but he used a flame freezing charm.



Draco clenched his teeth and waved his wand. “Flippendo!” Scarlett was knocked back onto the opposite wall. Scarlett was winded and pushed herself off the wall only to be hit by three other curses, one sending her backwards into the wall again, the next removing her wand from her hand and the third freezing her. He walked up to her and kicked her wand across the room. “Don’t you dare send a fire curse on me ever again.” If Scarlett could talk she would have retorted with the classic “Or what?” Draco could almost read her thoughts. He laughed and whispered a curse. “Imperio” Scarlett had already put up Protego so the spell didn’t hit her, but Draco didn’t know that. “I’m going to lay down some rules. One: you’re not going to try to stop me from doing my job. Two: you’re not going to insult me or retort to my comments. Three: You will do what I say, when I say it. You will follow these rules or I’ll kill you.” His eyes were cold and dark. Scarlett felt the curse being lifted off her. “Understood?” She nodded as she was in no position to argue. “Now leave, I don’t want to see your face until potions on Monday.” He pushed himself off the wall and turned. Scarlett exited the room as fast as she could then ran to her father’s office.






“Scarlett?” Snape looked up from his papers, then at his watch. “It’s nearly midnight! What are you doing out of the common room?” She took the seat across from him and covered her face.



“I’m in a bit of a disorder.” Scarlett brushed her hands to the back of her head.



“This couldn’t wait until morning?” Scarlett shook her head. “It’s the Malfoy boy isn’t it?” She nodded again.



“He’s put two and two together. He knows now that I’m Sarah Strange, but he despises me. We got into a duel.” Snape sighed, exasperated. “I know! I should have been more careful, I thought I could disarm him and send a message but he has the upper hand now. I put up a Protego just after he froze me but he didn’t notice and now I have to act like I’m under the Imperious Curse.”



Snape ticked, “You are in a bit of a situation.” He shook his head. “Your best bet is to act like you are until he has you do something that you cannot do then strike back. I trust you will know when that is.” Scarlett nodded. They both stood up, Snape came around the edge of the desk and embraced his daughter. “You need to be more cautious around him; he’s not as incompetent as you think. And we cannot risk him notifying the Dark Lord of your existence, or you’ll be used as a weapon and I’ll be killed.”



Scarlett winced. “Don’t talk like that Dad, I’ve got him all figured out. Now that he knows our past, he won’t turn me over to Voldemort, no matter how much he resents me. And that I’m faking being under the Imperious Curse I can sabotage him behind his back and he won’t suspect a thing.”


Author's Note: I've noticed that Scarlett's character is a bit all over the place, and as a reader I hate that but I will eventually get away from that as I become a better writer. Thank you for reading. Reveiws are appreciated. Flames are not.

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