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The guide through magical pregnancy by DancingMooncalf
Chapter 12 : How do you feel?
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 12 How do you feel?


As soon as the car stopped in front of their house James started to cry again. He continued to cry as they walked into their house.

“What is it, little boy. Why are you crying?” Hermione said, while rocking him gently. James looked at her, his eyes big.

“Mummah.” He sputtered and started to wail even harder.

“Mama is at the hospital James, she’ll be back soon. Don’t worry.” Hermione answered sweetly. “Are you hungry? Ron do we have something for James to eat?”

“I don’t know. What does he eat?” Ron replied.

“Just give him a biscuit or something.  I’ll make him some fruit.” Hermione placed the little boy back on the ground, where he started to walk around on his unsteady feet. He went silent after he had eaten his biscuit and started exploring the house.

Ron sat down on the couch with a big piece of Christmas pie, looking worried. Hermione walked in just when a pretty Barn Owl landed on the snow covered window sill.

“Isn’t that Harvey?” She asked while hurrying to the window to let him in. It was indeed Harry and Ginny’s owl Harvey. He had a letter in his beak. It had been scribbled on a torn piece of newspaper. Hermione took the note and read:


                Ron and Hermione,

                Ginny isn’t doing too well so I cannot leave her alone right now.
                Can you come and bring James to us. That would be very helpful.

                Love, Harry.


“What do you reckon is wrong with her?” Hermione whispered after reading the note and handing it to Ron. He looked just as worried as she felt.

“I have no idea, better go over there and ask them,” he answered.

So that’s what they did. Hermione put James in his jacket and then put on her own cloak.

“We’re going to mommie.” She told the little boy, who was looking bewildered at her, anxiety in his little brown eyes. He obviously felt the tension in the air.
“Come on,” she hoisted him up her hip. “Let’s go.” When they were about to leave the phone rang.

“Who could that be?” Hermione asked Ron. He shrugged and gave her the phone. Somehow he was still not comfortable with it.

“Hermione speaking.”’ 

“Hermione dear, it’s your mother. I thought you were going to come over this afternoon. Is everything alright?”

“Hey mom. Everything’s okay with me, but Ginny had to go to the hospital this morning. She was very ill. We had to babysit James for so long. It was all very hectic so we didn’t have time to call. I’m very sorry.”

“Ginny? She the youngest, isn’t she? Is everything okay with her?”

“We don’t know yet. We were just going over to see how she does. Can we come over tomorrow? We are really sorry for the inconvenience.”

“Oh, that’s all right dear. We’ll see you two tomorrow then. Take care of your friend first. It’s quite hard to be ill when you have a baby, I know. Bye bye.”

“Bye mom, thanks for understanding.”

“That was my mom.” Hermione said. “We can come tomorrow instead. Let’s go now, shall we.”  

When they came to the Potter Cottage the front door was unlocked. The living room was empty and so was the kitchen. Ron and Hermione hurried upstairs. Hermione had James still on her hip, his leg was hanging over her expanded belly. It was a right struggle to keep him on her hip now. He really wanted to get off. Upon entering the master bedroom he screamed real loud:
“Momma!” And started to cry.

“Come here Jamie. Mamma is here, don’t worry love.” Ginny whispered. She stretched her arms towards the little black haired boy. But Harry beat her to it. He scooped him up in his arms and snuggled him close, before placing him softly on the bed.

“How do you feel Ginny?” Hermione asked carefully. “You don’t look that green anymore.” That was true, the green was gone from her face, only around her nails was a little bit of it left. Instead the points of her hair and her brows had a slight touch of purple in them. Upon mentioning it Harry told her this was a side effect from the antidote.

“She has suffered a pariah poisoning. That’s something you can get from Garden Gnome bites. The healer told us this mostly happens to pregnant woman with a lot on their mind.  A baby to care for and another in the make is a downright magical drain. Your immune system drops dramatically. She has to rest for a few days and take the antidote. But it is not particularly good for the foetus to be this ill.” Harry looked very worried.

James had now found a perfect spot for him to lie, which was across his mother’s belly. Ginny stroked his black hairs, his little eyes closed and he was asleep. She smiled weakly at them, her eyelids drooped as well.

“I think I am going to join my little boy in a round of sleep.” She told them. “Don’t worry Harry, dear. I will be fine. I’m not going to touch any more gnomes till this pregnancy is over though, you’ll have to make the garden gnome free.” She laughed a little and then yawned. They left her to sleep a little.

Harry made them all a cup of tea. His was still a bit shaky from the day’s events.

“Don’t worry, mate. Ginny is a tough one.” Ron told him, but the worry was evident in his voice to. The fact that she had still been a little green around her nails was not soothing. Hermione stood her back against the stairs, looking at the two men worrying about their sister and wife. She smile and lay her hands against her belly. Suddenly she felt a little nudge against her hand. She let out a cry in surprise. She’d never before felt the little baby in her belly. Both Harry and Ron spun around looking worried. They saw Hermione with a look of pleasure and joy on her face and immediately relaxed.

“What’s happened, Hermione?” Ron asked her solemnly.

“It’s the baby, it moved. It kicked me.” Hermione whispered, her palms still pressed against her belly. “Oh there it is again, come feel it.” Ron hurried over to put his hands on her belly, where she had had her hands. The little baby kicked another time, making its father’s face beam with joy.

“She knows it’s her daddy.” Ron told her. Hermione looked at him in wonder, his insistence on the baby being a girl was quite cute, and nodded yes.

“I guess he does,” she told him with a smile.

Harry was standing aside, a little out of place. He made them both a cup of tea and then decided to bring one to Ginny in case she woke up feeling thirsty. When he got downstairs again Hermione and Ron were sitting on the couch with a mug of tea each. He joined them with a sigh.

“She’s asleep, that’s good. The healer told us she has to rest a lot.” He said  looking very tired himself.

“Maybe you should just go and take a little rest yourself. You look like you could use it.” Hermione told him firmly. “But if you have a little energy left I would write a letter to Teddy explaining things. He was a bit hurt to be left like this.” She added with a soft smile. 

  A/N: before I totally forget.... all characters belong to JK Rowling! And I want to use this little space to thank Mystique for the great beta reading!

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The guide through magical pregnancy: How do you feel?


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