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Two Different Worlds by AshleyElizabethxXx
Chapter 3 : Bumping Into Things
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Adorable CI by Charme. @TDA

            A hot breeze blew on my face as I sat on the beach. Looking out into the waves I couldn’t help, but smile, smile at the boy who was slowly approaching me. I glanced down shyly.

           “Hello.” The sweet, husky voice came from the boy who was now standing in front of me. “I don’t mean to interrupt you from your sunbathing, but I couldn’t help to notice that you had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”

          I squeaked slightly and began to reply when I felt the hot breeze pick up. Soon enough I could hardly see because the over dry wind was blowing my hair into my hair into my face. Why was it so windy?

          My eyes snapped open, my dream of finally meeting my true prince once again, only a dream. But not only was that bad enough, but by opening my eyes I was brought face to face with my brother.

         “AHHH!” I screamed and scrambled to back up, and away from Tony. “Give me a heart attack, why don’t you!?” Tony doubled over laughing at how scared I had been. “Did it ever occur to you to wake a sleeping person properly?! Not by breathing heavily and getting up into their face!”

        “Now where would be the fun in that?” He laughed and headed for the door. As he got to the door he turned around, “Oh, by the way, you’ve got 15 minutes before we leave for Kings Cross.” And slammed my door shut behind him.

       15 MINUTES!? Panic struck, I hopped out of my bed and stumbled to get the clean clothes that I hadn’t packed already in my trunk. Quickly changing I made a bee line out of my bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom. Smack. A dull pain formed on my forehead as I collided with the bathroom door. “God damn it.” I muttered and rattled the handle. “TONY! GET OUT OF THE BLOODY BATHROOM!” I yelled at the door.

       “Easy there, sis don’t go getting your wand in a knot.” He replied nonchalantly as he opened the door. I huffed at him and made my way to the sink to brush my teeth.

       Not even a minute after I had finished my duties in the bathroom my parents began to harp on me to get a move on or we’d be late and miss the Hogwarts Express. Which I’d like to note to you now that the train leaves at 11 0’clock sharp, it’s only a quarter after 9, but it’s always best if you don’t argue with my parents.


       “Natalia!” I looked over my shoulder to see who had called my name. We’d just arrived onto the busy platform, “Natalia!” This time I was able to put a face to the voice and saw my friend Rose Weasley waving at me. I Smiled and waved back, but continued to walk since she was occupied by her family. I made my way to the train and quickly said goodbye to my father and clambered up the few steps into the corridor.

        Glancing up and down the crowded passage way I turned right and went to find my friends whom usually don’t settle in the compartments. After traveling down to the end of the Hogwarts Express I found the people I had been looking for. I heaved my things to the racks above and slid onto the booth. Two of my friends were already fast asleep, which left me with Katherine who was as hyper as always.

       “’Ello Talia!” She cheered.

       “Morning Kath.” I replied politely, smiling at her. “Rose is riding with her family I presume?”

       “Yep, just like always.” I nodded in agreement, then glanced at the two sleeping figured next to me. “Michelle was asleep when I got here.” Katherine told me looking at the girl next to her.

       “What about Rachel?” I inquired.

       “Hardly made it on the train, she was so tired.” She said with a giggle.

       “You sure she was tired and not just slipped another potion?” I asked, half not kidding. Past events have proven my joke to be a true statement.

       “No, no she slept over my house last night. There has been no unwanted substances’ going into her before the train this year.” She reassured me.

        I let out a laugh that was more of blowing air out of my nose, then an actual laugh.


        After the whistle had blown and the train began to move, Katherine and I had decided to wake up the sleeping beauties and go get on our robes so we wouldn’t have to deal with it later when the bathrooms were crowded with students trying to do the same.

         Trailing behind my friends we made our way down the now emptying corridor of the train. I had been laughing at something Rachel had told me when I felt my shoulder collide with someone else. I turned around as fast as I could to apologize when I saw who I had hit. Bullocks. My eyes widened, and I shrank back.

         “Sorry.” I managed to squeak out before hurrying my friends away from the uncomfortable glare of the other girl.

         “Natalia! Do you not realized who you just bumped into!?” Michelle whispered over to me.

         “Don’t remind me.”

         “You’re lucky she didn’t beat the shit out of you!” Katherine piped up.

         “Okay, I’m confused who was that?” Rachel said a little too loudly. We all turned to her and shooshed her. “Sorry, but who was that?”

         “THE TRIO YOU DIMWAT! THE FREAKIN’ KILLER SLYTHERINS!” Michelle yelled in a whisper. Rachel’s mouth gaped, then admitted that she hadn’t even taken notice that I had bumped into someone.

         “Did you at least get a glance at the boys?” Rachel giggled, which led to Katherine smacking her upside the head. “Ow! What? You can’t walk past those boys without lingering, and you all know it!” There were a few sighs and muttered agrees as we proceeded down the hallway to change.

         The rest of our ride to the castle was uneventful, other than Chris Finnigan who has proven to take after his father and set a 3rd year boy’s jacket on fire. Being a Perfect this year I had to take it into my hands and settle the manner and make sure he was okay. For the rest of the ride though I just sat back and caught up with my three friends. I just couldn’t wait to get back to Hogwarts.

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Two Different Worlds: Bumping Into Things


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