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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 24 : Happy Birthday Ollie
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 Chapter Twenty Four

I awoke the next morning to the pleasure of Jack and Hugo both jumping on my bed to wake me up, after pushing them both from my bed I suddenly realised why they had got me up at the crack of dawn. It was my birthday, correction, my seventeenth birthday which in wizard law meant I was now legally an adult and could do what I wanted, when I wanted to (except murder). I was pretty tired; Louis, Ben, Al, Dom, Leila & I only managed to get to bed at 2am and it was only 7.30 when I was woken and I’ve always been an eight hour sleep kind of guy

Soon enough what seemed like the whole house were packed into our dorm wishing me happy birthday, Lily stood in a corner looking embarrassed and uncomfortable and rightly so. Roxy and Fred bought me a book called “A guide to bewitching witches” which I assumed was some kind of joke present bought before I actually got a girlfriend, Al presented me with a new binder so I could keep my work together; not the most thrilling present in the world but probably the most useful one, Ben, Ryan and Hugo presented me with a framed picture of the four of us plus the girls on a beach last summer, Rebecca and Melissa both bought me a lot of sweets, Leila gave me what I originally thought was a colourful pebble but it actually turned out to be my birthstone and Rose gave me a kiss on the cheek and a new guitar pick. It was at that point I got my biggest, and best, shock of the day

I was presented with a brand new guitar, it seemed as if the whole house had coupled together and bought me it. My last one had been broken by Hugo and Ryan whilst they were drunk last year and I’d been wanting a new one ever since but I’d never got round to it. Feeling quite emotional I thanked (and hugged) everyone in the room who soon left leaving just Jack and I

“Here” he said handing me over a letter “It’s from mum”. I eagerly opened the letter and began scanning through it; we hadn’t been in touch since September as she’d been on holiday

Dear Oliver,

I hope this letter finds you well and happy 17th birthday Oliver, I’m so sorry I can’t be there but that’s what you get with boarding schools. They don’t seem too keen on parents sleeping in the dorms to be close to their children. Maybe it’s just me. I really hope this reaches you in time, the bloody owl’s had to fly from Paris and you know how fat it is.

Other than writing to wish my eldest a happy birthday I’m also writing to inform you that I won’t be home for Christmas this year. As you know I’ve been in Paris with my girlfriends for a few weeks and I’m heading back on Monday; however me and the girls have fallen completely in love with the hotel and kind of accidentally booked the same rooms for over the Christmas and New Year season. Very selfish of us, I know, but I reckon I’m damn entitled to as much R&R as I can get. Your grandparents will spend Xmas day with your father as I know it would be grossly unfair of me to expect you and your brother to cope on your own.

But don’t fear, I’ve been in contact with Molly & Arthur Weasley who are perfectly happy to have both you and Jack at theirs for Christmas. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time with all your friends and your always round there during the holidays anyway.

I’m proud of you darling, 17 years and you’ve never put a foot wrong and no one would have blamed you with all you’ve been through but you’re a credit, a real credit. I know I sound like a sentimental old cow but I just need you to know how much I love you. Even though your father and I were still at school when we had you, you were born in the second floor girls bathrooms after all, you were the best thing that could’ve happened to us.

All my love in the world,


P.S. Make sure Jack’s ok with Christmas. I’ll cancel in a heartbeat if he’s upset about it

All most in tears I put the letter down and pulled Jack into a strong hug, he wheezed and I let go of him aware I was likely suffocating him. He looked confused as I explained why we’d be spending Christmas with the Weasley’s but the second I explained that mum needed her rest he seemed to begrudgingly accept it and reached into a paper bag

“Jack, I told you not to get me anything” I said unwrapping what turned out to be a Wizards Chess set

“I know” said Jack “But I’ve only got one big brother and he’s the best so I thought I should; do you like it? Dad always used to play it with us when we were little. Do you remember?”

“Of course I remember” I said feeling quite chocked. For the third time in the day. Before 8am. I’m such a wimp “Jack this is amazing; you are the best little brother a guy could ask for” I said before pulling him into a headlock. We were laughing as Abi walked in and saw us; she grinned with amusement as I released Jack’s head, got up and kissed her

“Happy birthday boyfriend” she said kissing me again as we sat back down on the bed. Jack left to get ready for classes “And how does today find you?”

“I’m alright” I said “Bit tired; long night last night didn’t get off until two”

“Two?” exclaimed Abi “What on earth were you doing staying up until that hour on a school night Oliver; you’re gonna be half asleep all day”

“It’s my birthday I can do as I please” I said sticking my tongue out at her. She stuck hers back out at me and handed me her present. It was a scrapbook of all our pictures together; Abi loved taking pictures and took at least five of every date we went on.

“D’you like it” she asked sounding worried “It’s just I didn’t have much money, so the girls said that  I should do something from the heart and-“ I stopped her by kissing her, she kissed me back and soon enough we were kissing passionately on my bed. One thing led to another and let’s just say that only I could lose my virginity at 7.45am before classes for the day had even started. Hugo was gonna have a field day with this one


Isn’t Oliver just the sweetest?

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