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Take My Hand and Tell Me You'd Take Me Anywhere by CaseyyRaee
Chapter 4 : Feeling Things Mentally, May I Add
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Disclaimer- I spent my weekend reorganizing my comic books, writing this, and defeating Imperial guards and trolls on my PlayStation2, not being The Queen of Writing

Al's Point of View

I looked up. Rose and Rae stood in front of our table, Rose smiling and Rae looking awkwardly behind her. Rose sat next to me, in leu of Scorpius, who obviously looked upset that she didn't choose a seat near him. Rae pulled up her sleeves and sat in the empty seat across from me.

She peered down at the table, tracing the swirls in the wood, nodding only slightly when Rose asked her if she wanted a butterbeer. I looked at her, her head tilted downward and her blonde hair fanning down in front of her head. Her fingernails had scratched red paint on them. She looked up and her blue eyes glanced down my face and then back down.

"So, what have you guys been up to?" Rose asked when Scorpius sat back down with the butterbeers.

I answered, "Just hanging around-"

Scorpius cut in. "Al had a date with Shelby Greengrass and then he ditched her halfway through and caught up with me."

Rose's mouth dropped. "Al! You can't just toy with a girl's feeling like that!"

Rae took a sip and wiped her mouth on her sleeve.

"In my defense, I didn't ask her out and she kept asking for me to buy her things!" I protected myself.

She scoffed. "Like you couldn't buy her butterbeer!"

"I had no problem with a butterbeer; it was the 50 galleon scarf she wanted that caused the tiff."

I heard a snort and quickly looked at Rae, who had sopped her drink onto the table and her shirt.

"Sorry," She apologized as Rose handed her napkins. "I-I just cant picture asking for that. It's just…and I thought Shelby was…you know, well off?"

Scorpius nodded. "Yeah, she is. My mother is friends with her mother."

"So, you just left her?"

I shook my head. "No, I told her I promised Scorp that I'd meet up with him and discuss his beater techniques since he was slacking off." I grinned. "And she said she needed to meet up with her friends at the robe shop. I mean, come on Rose, I'm not heartless." Rae looked up right at me and tilted her head a bit like she was questioning me.

Rose suddenly stood up. "Is that Professor Hardee? I need to ask about the essay he assigned yesterday."

Scorp stood up. "Oh yeah me too." Following her, he flashed a grin at me.

"Listen, about what I wrote. It was a stupid assumption. You were right, I don't know you and I had absolutely no right to write those things about you. I'm sorry." She looked up at me, one pale hand grasping her cup and one pushing her hair behind her ear.

"It's fine." I answered honestly. I guess she was less of a bitch than I assumed.

Her eyes floated to Rose and Scorpius. "He really likes her, doesn't he?"

"Yeah. When he first started talking about her, I thought it was just a crush but then, after he was rejected…he just kept trying." I took a gulp from my glass. "He gets kind of down about it sometimes, because she obviously doesn't return her feelings-"

"You're kidding? She's practically in love with him!"

I gave her a weird look. "What are you talking about? Every single time he performs even a small act of affection, she gets all hot and bothered."

"Which is a sure sign that she has feelings for him. If she didn't, she wouldn't make such a big deal about it. It just means that she isn't ready to admit it."

Rose was pushing his arm from around her shoulders and shooting him razor eyes.

"C'mon Rae, let's go."

"Hold on…" She dug into her jeans pocket and produced a single sickle before frowning and checking the other pockets.

"It's fine, I'll get it. Just don't ask me for a scarf."

"Deal." She smiled, a pretty smile that curled up a bit on the right like she was trying really hard not to, but couldn't resist. She followed Rose out the door.

"Oh hey Scorp, could I borrow…six sickles?"

Rae's Point of View

My heart hadn't slowed down since I spoke up and apologized for my writing. Even as we left the Three Broomsticks, it pounded in my chest. I breathed in the fall air and nodded when Rose explained that she needed to write an additional four inches to qualify for extra credit. I breathed out.

"You alright?" Rose inquired as we walked through the Entrance Hall.

I nodded. "Yeah, I'm finer than a..a, uh, tap dancing rhino. Just tired."

"You look like you need some rest. You better get back to your dorm for a nap.:

"I agree with the strength of a…know what? I'm too tired to come back with a witty retort. My humblest apologies and regards, but I dear, my dear Rose, that I must retire to my dormitory. Good day." I yawned and parted ways on the staircases.

I luckily caught a group of second years going into the common room and ducked inside with them. I sluggishly trumped to my bed and collapsed on the still-wrinkled sheets. I closed my eyes and still, with leaves on my shoes and probably strung in my hair so that I probably looked like some sort of African voodoo goddess, succumbed to sleep.

A mere forty-three rather short minutes later, I was nudged awake by royalty.

Literally. Montana Hosmer, who was rather popular and smart and boyfriend-worthy and normally pleasant nudged me with her arm and leaned against my bedpost as I looked up at her with a drool-covered mouth and sleep-covered eyes.

"Were you really with Rose Weasley today in Hogsmeade?"

I blinked and tried to wake up from this dream; this strange dream where Montana cared about my social life.


She knew my name? Huh. What an interesting development.

"Mmhmmmmghhghgg." I mumbled.


I answered 'yeah' back groggily.

"And you did sit with Al Potter and Scorpius Malfoy too?"

"Yeah." I yawned with my head halfway under my pillow.

She squealed a bit. "So it's true, then, that he didn't go through with his date with Shelby Gree-"

"Nah," I interrupted. Gosh, why doesn't she just check bathrooms instead of my bed for gossip? "He ditched her 'cause she was greedy. He didn't even wanna go out with her."

"Excellent, thanks so much!" She smiled, all teeth showing. Like tiger's teeth. Eek. "Wait," She turned back around. "You're not, like…you know, interested in him, are you?"

"No," I said automatically. "Wait, who?"

"Al. You know, Potter."

"Oh, no. No way."


Fo shiz up the spout yo! Like totally legit.


She squealed once more and her curly hair bounced along with her. "Thanks. You rock."

I heard her leave and I settled more into the blankets. I thought about her question.

"You did not feel anything when you looked into those damn green eyes. Seriously, you didn't."

That night, when I passed by Rose and Al studying in the library and I looked him in the eyes for a brief 'hey, hi' exchange, I ducked behind a bookshelf.

"Damn. I think I felt something."

Author's Note- So guys, hey. Rae's gotten herself a bit of a crush-ooooooooh! And um, I'm planning on skipping forward like a couple of weeks or a month in the story, so if you object to that, just inform me pleasantly! If there's anything you want me to include more of, tell me and I shall incorporate them in the next few chapters! For those of you who wanted more background info on Rae, you're gonna get it in the next chapter! Haha, so please review and follow and favorite and all that good jazz!

Also, I thought I'd let y'all know of my inspiration for this chapter. I've recently been told that the guy I like actually, totally, and legitimately likes me too!  Which is all that matters. Thanks for reading about my extremely happening social activities. ;)

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