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I hate that I love you by Harry and Ginny
Chapter 9 : Things take an unexpected turn
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Disclaimer: As said in all the previous chapters, I do not own anything related to the HP universe, except this fic though. Enjoy another chapter of ‘I hate that I love you’! ^_^



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Harry was incredulous at what he was seeing! How could Romilda do that to him?! He just kept wondering if he ever did something wrong!


“W-what are you doing here Romilda? And it’s with him Romilda!” Harry shouted furiously. He gave them some space for them to get dressed again and as soon as they exited to broom cupboard, Cormac attempted to leave but Harry grabbed him and shoved him against the wall.

“Oh no, you don’t! You aren’t leaving without explaining to me what were you doing with my girlfriend,” he also looked to Romilda, “and you Romilda? What do you have to say in your defence?” he asked angrily.



Romilda looked shocked at this situation, to say the least! This was definitely something she didn’t expect to face so soon! She needed to say something before McLaggen started talking about their precious plan. Harry was looking between the two of them with furious eyes and he still hadn’t let go of Cormac McLaggen!

Cormac was so scared of what Harry could do to him, with the mood that Harry was in, that he didn’t see Romilda mouthing something to him so he started talking about their plan, “a-alright Harry! S-she has been with me the whole time! S-she has been feeding you a love potion, so t-that’s why you’re her boyfriend! She had t-this idea so that one d-day you would marry her and m-maybe a few years later, she would leave you for me and she would take your money for us to use,” he said, afraid of Harry.

“No Cormac! It wasn’t all the money! It was only some of it!” she stated stupidly.


And it was only after what they had said and done that everything sunk in to all three of them, especially to Harry. He was even more furious after hearing Romilda’s words, which meant one thing. His relationship with her was a complete lie! But why did she do it and how did she convince him to be in a relationship, which he thought was true, with her?

“You bitch! You mean to tell me that our relationship was a lie? How long have you been planning this with him, tell me! And please, do tell me how did you convince me to be in a relationship with you since all you wanted was my money? What have I done to you Romilda?” he asked with his face red as if smoke was coming out of his ears.

Neither Cormac nor Romilda were speaking so Harry had to take drastic measures. He let go of Cormac temporarily and grabbed a scared Romilda to make her talk, since she wasn’t saying anything. Romilda was extremely scared of Harry right now. She had never seen him acting like this and she was now thinking if this plan that she and Cormac had between them was a good idea. At first, it looked that way but right now, well, she wasn’t so sure.

When Harry let Cormac to go to grab Romilda, Cormac could have run away, but he was frozen! This situation was out of control and neither he nor Romilda thought what they could do if this plan went wrong! He timidly tried to talk, “Potter?”

Harry turned his head and he saw that Cormac was going to tell him something, but he had his doubts on whether he would let him speak and if he did, would he believe his words? These two have been misleading him for quite a long time, from what it seemed in the broom cupboard. He only had time to look at Cormac, before he felt a spell hitting him and then, his world went black.



When Harry woke up, a few hours later, he felt like he had been hit with a brick or something heavy because his head was hurting and it felt like he was having huge headaches. He didn’t know where he was since he had his eyes closed, but from the smell, he recognized it as the Hospital Wing. What was he doing here? He could hear voices in the background but it was hard to understand them perfectly. Slowly he started opening his eyes to look at his surroundings and he tried to move a bit but sadly for him that was not possible. He groaned due to the pain he was in, and that brought everyone’s attention to him. His two best friends, Ron and Hermione, were there as long as Ginny and both Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall.

Hermione started, “How are you feeling Harry?”

“W-what happened, Hermione? Why am I here?” Harry asked weakly as he made an effort to open his eyes.

Hermione looked at Ron and saw that he looked conflicted; Ron had a worried look on his face and also he looked a bit angry at his best mate. He knew that Harry and Ginny weren’t on best terms at the time but he didn’t like seeing his little sister crying in his girlfriend’s arms and saying everything that had happened between her and Harry before she entered the common room crying her eyes out.

“Harry, what do you think that happened earlier? You don’t remember anything at all?”

Harry thought about Hermione’s question and decided to look at his surroundings. He saw the headmaster and Professor McGonagall talking with Ginny and Ron a little further away from the bed he was in and when he looked at his best mate, their eyes crossed and Harry stiffed for a bit when he saw Ron’s look. Harry remembered what had happened before he woke up in the Hospital Wing and he had a feeling that Ron’s expression was related to that. He now knew that Hermione (and especially Ginny) were both right about what they had told him about Romilda and his pride got in the way. He didn’t know what would happen next but something within told him that it would be something big.

He talked to Hermione and explained to her what he remembered and after he finished talking, he could see Hermione a bit shocked and with reason. Now that he was in the Hospital Wing, he thought about his actions and he thought that it was wrong of him to behave the way he did, bit in the heat of the moment he wasn’t thinking straight! He saw Hermione getting up and going to talk with the headmaster and Professor McGonagall as his best mate came to sit beside him. To be honest, Harry was a bit nervous about Ron right now, especially as he thought how he had acted towards his sister a few minutes ago and speaking of his sister, he briefly looked at her as she was leaving the Hospital Wing. Before she left, she and Harry exchanged some looks and although Harry wasn’t sure of it, he could have sworn that he saw Ginny in the verge of tears, struggling not to cry. She then left and Harry felt a bit of disappointment at her leaving? Why was that happening?

Harry heard the sound of someone clearing his throat and then he looked at the source of that sound. Ron, his best friend, was sitting where Hermione had been previously, looking at Harry in a way that made him uneasy and at that moment, he was feeling quite scared of what his best friend would do to him.

After a moment of silence between the two friends, Ron sighed deeply and asked the question, or rather, the questions, that Harry wasn’t ready to listen to but it was something he had to, “Why Harry? Did you really have to act the way you did? And why did you call my sister a liar Harry? I know that you two aren’t in the best terms right now Harry but really?! Was that necessary?” Ron asked as he restrained himself from shouting to Harry. No one and he meant no one could ever insult his little sister and get away with it, and that included his best mate.

Harry looked down because as he heard Ron’s voice, he could sense in his friend’s voice that he was holding himself back from yelling at him, and to be honest, he knew he deserved it.

“I know Ron and I’m sorry! I don’t know why I acted the way I did, I didn’t think!”

“That’s right Harry! You didn’t think! Hermione had to stun you before you did anything crazy, mate! You need to get a grip on yourself Harry!” Ron said to his best friend.

Harry sighed deeply before answering back, “I know that Ron, but it wasn’t your girlfriend that cheated on you and didn’t use you to get the money, was it? And now I know that I need to apologize to your sister and to Hermione as well. They tried to warn me, but I chose not to listen to them and I deserve it!”

Ron answered back, “No Harry! You didn’t deserve this! You don’t deserve what that bitch and that bastard did to you but still! And Hermione already told Professor Dumbledore and McGonagall what those two did and they will be punished,” Ron said in a more relaxed tone. Harry was glad at hearing this news from his friend because now Romilda Vane and Cormac McLaggen would get what they deserved.

Meanwhile, Harry and Ron saw Hermione coming their way after talking with the headmaster and their Head of House. Hermione sat at the end of Harry’s bed and looked at him as if she had something planned that couldn’t be revealed yet. Ron tried to look at his girlfriend to see if she would reveal anything or even if she would explain later when Harry would be resting, but Hermione revealed nothing. Ron knew Hermione and he knew that even if she didn’t reveal anything yet, something would happen soon and both he and Harry would know.

“Are you feeling better now Harry?” Hermione asked gently. Harry nodded and replied, “I’m feeling better much better now Hermione. When can I leave?” he asked as he was getting up to leave.

“Err… Harry, you’ll have to stay for the night. It was Madam Pomfrey who said it and Dumbledore agreed when she talked with him while you were unconscious,” stated a slightly nervous Hermione.

"What? Why? Why do I have to stay Hermione? And Ron told me that it was you who stunned me,” replied Harry, upset that he was told he would have to stay for the night in the Hospital Wing; hopefully he would be able to leave in the morning.

After hearing Harry’s words, Hermione looked down and apologized for what she had done, however Harry dismissed it because he knew it was something she had to do, so there wasn’t anything to apologize for. Soon, his two friends had to return to their common room and Harry thought he was alone, until he heard someone (or more than just one) clearing their throats. He saw the school headmaster and his Head of House and quickly looked down because now, he felt very ashamed of what he had done earlier and he expected to be told off but the only thing that Professor McGonagall did was so shake her head silently, as if to show how disappointed she was with the young student. Harry looked at the headmaster and all that he heard from him was that he wanted to talk to Harry the next day when he left the Hospital Wing.

Professor Dumbledore backed away and turned around so he could leave along Professor McGonagall. He looked one last time to Harry and said, “Oh and Harry, I like liquorish wands!” After that he left, leaving Harry to guess what type of conversation he would have the next day with the headmaster. After tossing around in his reserved bed, he finally let sleep come to him.



When morning came over, Harry was given the okay by the school nurse that he could leave the Hospital Wing and so he left. As he left, he remembered Dumbledore’s request from the previous night and for moments he considered not going to talk with Professor Dumbledore in his office, but he knew that he couldn’t avoid it so he walked to the headmaster’s office slowly, thinking about what would Dumbledore say or what punishment would he had for him as he thought again about his behaviour from last night.

As he arrived to the gargoyle that showed the entry to Professor Dumbledore’s office, he sighed and quickly mumbled the password that Dumbledore had given him last night before leaving the Hospital Wing (liquorish wands) and went inside as soon as the gargoyle moved and right before Harry had any time to knock on the door, he heard Professor Dumbledore’s voice from inside, saying he could come in and once he did, he saw the person that he didn’t expect to be there.

“Ah Harry! Please come and sit here next to Miss Weasley,” the headmaster spoke.

Harry did as Dumbledore asked but avoided looking at Ginny because he was feeling bad about the previous night; both she and Hermione tried to warn him about Romilda but he choose not to listen to them and he also called Ginny a liar. He was feeling bad about it as soon as he looked at her both before he found Romilda and Cormac going at it and before Ginny left the Hospital Wing, because he saw her eyes and they showed sadness, even though she tried to cover that up.

“So Harry, how are you?” Dumbledore asked.

Harry was slightly surprised at the headmaster’s question. He was hoping that Dumbledore would ask what had he been thinking when he acted the way he did, but to be honest, Harry knew that the headmaster always like to surprise everyone.

“Err… I’m good sir; you?” Harry asked, still wondering what did Dumbledore want that involved having Ginny in the same room and as close as they were and he sensed that Dumbledore knew that this made Harry a bit nervous, even if he didn’t show it.

Dumbledore smiled at Harry and to put both he and Ginny out of their miseries, he replied, “I’m marvellous, thank you Harry! Now I’m sure you and Miss Weasley are wondering why I summoned you at this time of the day,” he said as he saw both of them nodding once, “well, yesterday your friends Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley have spoken to me about what happened last night and I think it’s time that something must be done for you both to resolve these issues between you two and so I’ve come up with something and you need to do exactly what I’m about to say. In December, I’ll give you two a magical tent with some supplies and you’re going to spend the entire month alone and-“

Both Harry and Ginny started speaking at the same time, complaining about the quidditch practises and the games and most important, Christmas Day at the Burrow and preparing for NEWT’s. Dumbledore resisted the urge to smile at these two agreeing on something and quickly soothed them by saying that they would be able to spend Christmas Day at the Burrow and as if to read Harry’s mind, he also said that should the food end or if they needed clothes for those cold days that they had his permission to go to the magical village near the place where they would stay with the tent but they couldn’t apparate to Hogsmeade.

Dumbledore saw Ginny’s look and so he asked her what was on her mind. Her reply was, “but sir, what about our friends? Will they be able to visit us?” she asked wondering if she would have to stand being for a whole month alone with Harry.

“I’m sure they will be able to visit you both Miss Weasley, however those visits won’t be frequent I’m afraid, for the purpose of this.”

Neither of the two occupants showed how they were feeling but they were all sharing one thought which was, this will be something very interesting to see.

A/N: *dodges thrown objects* okay guys I know I have no excuse for taking this long. I know that you want me to update faster and I promise that I’m trying my best, but the last few weeks, when I wanted to keep writing more for this new chapter, I dislocated my right shoulder again (ouch) so I spent most of my time in bed all day watching TV (it can be interesting but quickly becomes boring), but now here it is! What do you guys think about it? Harry finally found out about how Romilda and Cormac have been together the whole time and how they poisoned him with the love potion and Dumbledore has given the punishment that was mentioned in the summary!

By the way, I was wondering if you guys are finding this fic interesting enough or rushed since in this chapter Dumbledore is giving the punishment… I know that I don’t update often but any advice on making this fic even better is welcome!

Also, I’m planning to write a dramione trilogy starting with a one-shot from Draco’s POV. It’s slightly AU since the first one-shot is on Half-Blood Prince but it ignores some things of it and it will be called ‘All by myself’. I hope you guys will like it when I post it and I’m going to try my best to have the next chapter of this fic ready soon, although I don’t have many ideas now! *blushes* anyway, thanks guys for reading another chapter of this fic! It makes my day when I read your reviews and like I said, I’ll try my best to update even faster the next time! Stay tuned! ^_^

edit feb 2013: I just wanted to let you guys know that I accidentaly spilled Ice Tea over my laptop so until I get a new one, it will take me longer to write more chapters but I'm not giving up on my fics! just will take a bit longer... and I wanted to say that I'm still working on the next chapter and I hope to finish it soon so I can send it to the queue so you guys can read it! ^_^


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