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My Darling Princess by mary_ducks
Chapter 6 : Untitled
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I present to you without further ado the 6th installment of my darling princess in which the title doesnt come up yet-M




 Draco placed a simple glamour over himself and harry as they followed Blue (a random ministry owl) towards Hermione's secret vacation hideaway on the latest fire bolt, the fire bolt 3000. it was a magnificent broom capable of reaching speeds of 175 miles per hour, but it was much too dangerous to fly it at that speed so they were flying at the slow pace of 80 miles per hour and they were hating it. Draco ran his hand over the cool mahogany of the broom and shivers were sent down his spine as he remembered touching Hermione so tenderly just a few weeks ago. His heart ached to hold her close to him just once more, to hear her say that she loved him as much as he loved her.

“Why cant we fly any faster?” Draco whined to Harry as he lazily reached out to catch a passing butterfly in his palm. Opening his palm the blue butterfly crawled onto the center of his palm spread its wings and soaked in the sun.

“Because the ministry said we cant fly past 125 mph unless absolutely necessary, these brooms despite being incredibly fast are still very weak and the magic used to bring them to life wasn’t even magic it was a potion.” Harry recalled in the grumpy old voice of their boss, he too wished they could fly as fast as they wished. He stared at the butterfly that was still resting on Draco’s palm and wondered why it just didn’t fly away.

“Well this cant be right at all.” Draco stated as Blue began to descend towards a small suburban town with brightly colored houses, lawn gnomes and children playing in their front yards. Muggle children to be exact.

“Maybe she put some spell over the house...or whole town?” Harry said well it was more like a question, he knew Hermione was a powerful and great witch but he was trying to figure out her illusion here. Or if there was an illusion but what would Hermione the great be doing in a muggle town? Well that in and of itself was a very stupid question since Hermione was a muggle born.

“I’m not sure, wait is that her?” the blonde asked pointing to two figures running around the neighborhood who looked a little too old to be children. One of the figures happened to be around 5”4, with shiny honey brown hair, long legs and a bubbly laugh that was desirably infectious. The other was that of a blonde haired boy with a tan and a pretty good build, but he had hands that were just too big, almost like an awkward puppy whose paws were too big for its body but was still bloody adorable.

“Hm, it looks like her but who is that guy? I mean I’ve never seen him in my bloody life.” Harry replied as they dismounted their brooms, rather reluctantly though, as Blue swooped towards Hermione and dropped the letter before her.



Hermione rolled her eyes, of course the ministry would attempt to find her to help them solve all of their stupid little problems. Shoving the note into her jacket pocket, without bothering to read it, she lightly pushed Eric as he commented on how Hermione had always attracted owls that always gave her letters.

“Oh I’m just joking Hermione don’t get your frilly knickers in a twist!” Eric grinned shoving her back.

“I know and why do you always try to guess what my knickers look like? And guess what? I hate frills!” Hermione replied laughing as she pushed him into a tree.

“Uff!” Eric grunted as he knocked his forehead into a particularly rough part of the tree. “Oh great! Now I have a giant red door knob on my forehead! Mum will be furious with you!” he said putting his hands on his hips and adding a “MMMhhmm” at the end.

“Oh please your mum loves me more than she loves you, she would give me cookies for teaching you a good and proper lesson.” Hermione laughed knowing quite well that Mrs. Fielder hated her guts, she didn’t know why but she did, perhaps it was due to the fact that Hermione had grown up to be rich, successful, smart and beautiful. But that was not the case as much as Hermione wished it to be, she assumed it was because she broke Eric's sister's arm when they were ten and Emmy had said Hermione was a stupid bookworm with no life.

“I’m not sure if you knew but you're not the one who hit his head.” Eric teased pinching her cheek.

“Ugh! don’t do that!” Hermione growled poking him in his stomach and he let out a rather embarrassing high pitched squeal that sent Hermione into a five minute fit of laughter.

It was one of the fits of laughter where you're rolling on the ground, clutching onto your stomach, with big tears rolling joyfully out of your eyes as you let out huge bouts of laughter and ended up gasping for air.

“Done yet?” he asked slightly put off as she continued to gasp for air.

“Not-even----close.” Hermione gasped out as a small fit of girly giggles erupted from her lips. It was oddly enticing to Eric as he watched her laugh.

“Come on Hermione you know how mum hates it when were late.” Eric growled wishing she would stop laughing like she was because all he wanted to do was crawl on top of her and kiss her senseless. He licked his lips as she bit her lower lip looking up at him with an unknown expression on her rosy face.

“What? Why are you staring at me like that?” he asked feeling self conscious he never liked that studious look Hermione gave to people she was unsure of. He felt as if she were looking into the very depths of his soul and passing judgment on him.

“You, you have a little something?” she said still staring at him with an unwavering gaze.

“Where?” he asked rubbing his face not wanting to look like an idiot while around her.

“Help me up and I’ll take it off.” Hermione said sticking out her hands so he could haul her upwards.

“Alright, don’t want mother to see me all messy now do we?” he said laughing pulling her up to her feet and taking a fraction of a second too long to let go of her slender hands.

“SO what is this mystery object you cant your eyes off?” he asked staring at her lips greedily as she bit them once more. He wondered if she knew how crazy she was driving him with that one simple movement.

“Its, right here.” Hermione said placing her index finger on his heart, he looked down not catching her grin as she swiped her finger up and yelled, “Gotcha!” he laughed at his stupidity for falling for the most childish prank ever.

Reaching out a tan arm Eric grabbed her before she could get away and pulled her into him so that now, all that was separating them was their clothing and he was about ready to yank it off.

“Not fast Speedy Gonzalez.” he whispered into her ear and he could feel her shiver as his cool breath caressed her. He grinned at how just his voice and breath could affect her, now what about his kiss?




Draco watched pained as Hermione flirted and teased with the boy, well he wasn’t really a boy now was he, without a doubt he was a full grown man, but Draco preferred to think of himself as superior to him so he called him a boy. But what pained him most after he had seen them mere inches from each other was when “boy” had caught Hermione's hands in his and pulled her even closer to him.

He needed to stop that, that boy had his hands on his woman! HIS WOMAN! Stomping towards the two his fist clenched he was roughly pulled backwards and the menacing face of Harry James Potter blocked the view of his beloved.

“What the hell Harry! Let me kick that asshole's ass!” Draco cried trying to sidestep Harry but Harry still managed to stay ahead.

“Draco, must you remember that we are on a ministry appointed mission, we can not by any means let Hermione know that we are here.” Harry commanded pining him by the shoulders against a near by tree. The neighborhood was littered with the darn things.

Draco stayed silent ashamed and at a loss for words, but as he lifted his head to the heavens and the wind blow his hair into his eyes he saw the boy kiss Hermione.

His heart shattered into two, and then into a million pieces as Hermione intertwined her fingers into his hair and deepened the kiss. Falling onto his knees he stared as Hermione ripped his heart out and cut it up into a million small pieces and fed it to the boy.

Harry looked back to see the source of Draco’s anguish Hermione was locked in a passionate embrace with the sandy haired blonde boy and when she pulled away she was blushing and smiling like she had done the first time she had kissed Ron.

Harry turned to Draco who looked like for the first time in his life he was going to cry. Trying to block them from his view he stood in front of Draco hands on his hips.

“Get it together man, if you love her then you will leave her in peace and let her go on with her life.” he told him sternly.



Hermione laughed a little after Eric latched onto her arm after they had pulled apart from the kiss, a nagging tiny voice at the back of her mind screamed, “DRACO IS A BETTER KISSER! THERE weren’t ANY BUTTERFLIES IN YOUR STOMACH! THEY WERE FREAKING BIRDS!” Hermione pushed the thought to the back of her mind wondering why the hell she had thought of Draco and instead asked.

“Was that really necessary?”

“Did it get a point across?” Eric asked pulling them towards his mother's house.


“Ah the magic word above all.” he said in a satirical tone.

“No its avada kedavra.” Hermione replied clamping her hand over her mouth. Why in the world had she let that slip what type of idiot was she?

“What was that?” Eric asked confused.

“It was nothing just forget about it.” Hermione replied embarrassed at having letting it slip.

“Now that you say its nothing I want to know.”

“Its just, its just something me and my friends came up with at our boarding school during Halloween.” she quickly lied as a satisfied smirk crossed her lips.

“Oh really? What does it mean?” he asked intrigued by the odd word.

“None of your business.” she replied with a laugh glad she had adverted a potential crisis.

“Oh come on that isn’t nice.” Eric gave her a small pout which caused her to go into another fit of uncontrollable giggles.

“Y-y-you look like a fish!” she laughed pursing her lips like a fish and placing her hands on either side of her face and wiggling her fingers.



“Oh Eric you're finally home!” Mrs. Fielder cried once her son and his new girlfriend walked through the front door. “Aren’t you just a doll! Eric has told me so much about you except you name.” she said slyly, if she were a wizard she would be the queen of slytherins. No not queen more like Voldemort’s wife that he divorced because she was too controlling.

“Oh its Rebecca Potter, nice to meet you.” she said sticking out her hand to shake Mrs. Fielders hand not quite sure why she had changed her name.

“Rebecca such a pretty name you look so much prettier than that Hermione Granger that was one girl I completely hated, her family especially her grandparents were so peculiar.” Mrs. Fielders said completely oblivious to who she was talking to.

Hermione stiffened but gave a charming smile to the old aging lady. But inside she was fuming with pride and anger she was one more nasty comment away from exploding as of this moment she was a ticking time bomb. Tick. Tick. Tick..

“Oh really? I actually had the chance to meet Mrs. Granger she seems to be such a kind elderly lady.” Hermione said sweetly as Eric leaned closer to her and whispered.

“What are you playing at?”

“Hush, its rude to whisper.” she replied with a smirk that vaguely reminded her of Draco, smiling she remembered waking up wrapped up in his warm arms. Shaking her head she pushed the memory back and listened to Mrs. Fielder.

“...just horrible people two miscarriages, three of the kids were always getting hurt, they were all just so peculiar.” she continued to speak badly upon the Grangers when she looked over to “Rebecca” and noticed that she was glaring daggers at her.

“Are you alright?” she asked confused.

No I am not alright you just insulted my whole freaking family you old hag! Go dig a hole and jump in it! Better yet go and jump off the astronomy tower and see if you survive that you old- “No, but I honestly think its time for me to go home.” Hermione said in a strained voice.

“But you just got here.” mother and son complained at the same time.

“Well, I honestly don’t take it kindly when my family members are insulted so rudely.” Hermione replied coldly.

“Wh-what you you're related to the Grangers? But you are nothing like them!” Mrs Fielders exclaimed her wiry gray hair bouncing.

“Yes and if you must know I’m the dreadful Hermione Granger.” She said turning on her heel and flying out of the house. She looked back once to see if Eric was running after her but he wasn’t, with tears pricking her eyes she ran down the block to her Gran's house feeling horrible.



He watched as she crossed the street, now was the perfect time to attack. Putting his monstrous truck in drive Gaston stomped on the accelerator and was so close to hitting his mark when she disappeared from the middle of the street. Continuing to barrel down the street he did a sharp left turn hoping to catch a glimpse of her mangled body, but she was nowhere to be found.

Growling he merged onto a nearby freeway looking for the exit to the city dump where he was hiding his monstrosity of a car. He replayed the events in his mind but he could not see when she had disappeared he began mumbling atrocities under his breath.

Kill the pure one! Kill it! She shall be your downfall if you do not succeed!” Vladimir whispered from the shadows. Gaston kneeled to the area where the voice spoke from and listened to the words of his all powerful master. “She still does not know you hunt her, kill her before she kills you like she killed your wife.”



Hermione was suspended in air and all she could think of was, “I’m glad I decided to wear jeans.” refusing to scream she waited for the levicorpsus spell, or at least she believed it was the levicorpsus spell since she couldn’t move her right leg, to wear off but it didn’t, she was going to panic soon if she wasn’t let down. Just as she was about to let out an ear splitting wail the spell was severed and she was sent falling to the ground, had it not been for her auror training she would have broken every bone in her body, flipping in the air she managed to get in a crouching position just as her feet touched the ground and rolled before the impact of her fall could seriously damage her. Without wasting another second she stood up and focused deeply.

Closing her eyes she mentally followed the magical residue left in the air, tracing it back towards the wand the spell had been shot out from. Turning to her left she saw a trail of a glittery substance floating in a trail to a tree where a figure placed a disillusionment charm over themselves. Looking at the spot where the figure had been hiding Hermione kissed the tips of her fingers and sent it towards her savior before yelling out a quick thank you to her rescuer.


“Your welcome.”




So how was that? Im not that satisfied with it, but eh and I know that its turning out a little cliche-ish with the whole Draco rememberance in Hermione but Hellooo its called a Dramione for a reason :) haha well hoped you enjoyed -Mary

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