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James' ploys by Rose_Red6
Chapter 5 : The Broken Broomstick
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 “Ha! Ha! Ha!” Laughed James as he and Lily were sweeping the halls (without Magic).

“Come off it, it wasn’t that great” Groaned Lily.

“I was so amazing!” he kept saying as he swept.

‘Why did I have to be paired off with him for detention?’ thought Lily.

After the group took Peter to the Infirmary to have his tail removed by the nurse, Remus suffered some sort of ‘attack’ and fainted, Lily, James and Sirius wanted to stay with him but the nurse wasn’t having it and sent the rest of the children back to detention. Unfortunately for Lily Sirius was called into Professor Dumbledore’s office leaving her alone with James.

Lily frowned. James had been speaking none stop on how he confronted Bellatrix and had stood up for Peter.

“I’m already getting a fan club! Want to be the President Lily?” he grinned as he pretended his Broom was able to fly as he rode it ‘He looks ridiculous!’ thought Lily. “When I’m the star of the quidditch team Lily I want you in the front of the stands and watch me.” He grinned at her.

“Potter you arrogant…Listen just stop goofing off and start cleaning you toe rag!”  Lily said.

As the two of them argued they were being watched by a boy in Slytherin clothes.

“I can’t approach her when that boy is hanging around her” sighed the boy as he sat down unseen,

“Oh Severus what have you gotten yourself into…”

So Severus waited for the right time, and imagined himself the hero he had always wanted to be for Lily.

He pictured himself standing up to James Potter and claiming all of Lily’s attention for himself.

“Who does he think he is?” growled Severus “I’ve been her friend longer! I should be the one getting into trouble with her”

Even though Severus knew he didn’t have the courage to get into trouble. “I’m pathetic he groaned”

“Evans you can’t tell me what to do!” yelled James. “I’m going to be great and you’re just going to miss out on it!” he finished his sentence by sticking out his tongue and storming off with a bucket.

Lily stared at him longingly, then shook her head and started sweeping.

“There better be water in that bucket when he comes back” murmured Lily “You hear me toe rag!” she turned to yell and was surprised to see Severus’ face.

“Oh…” said Lily tightening her grip on her broom. “Do you need something Snape?” she asked turning her back to him.

Her coldness struck him at the heart.

“Lily….I’m sorry you don’t know how hard it was for me to do it but I had to…” he said “I consider you my best friend and I don’t want to lose that…I was forced to say those things to you and I’m not proud of what I did but I had to make sure I was safe, nobody going to stand up to me here…”

Lily turned angrily…which didn’t surprise Severus “I would’ve! Sev what you did hurt me! You left me alone in a world unknown to me, you were the only connection I had…” Lily began to sob which surprised Severus “I thought you hated me for being what I am…Like…Like Tuney! It’s not fair for you to protect yourself and leave me out on the cold. I refuse to have a secret friendship”

Lily had never shown herself to be so weak, and after Severus got over the shock of seeing her cry he rushed over to hug her.

“No Lily no secret friendship I promise! I won’t leave you alone again” his voice was muffled because his mouth was pressed on her hair. He hugged her so tightly as if she would vanish if he let her go.

When suddenly!

They were drenched in water. “Cool it you two!” he said.

Lily looked up to see James grinning. Her sad eyes turned angry as she got up and picked up her broom and yelled “Potter you Toe rag!” and broke the broom on his head.



“I’m sorry about my cousin, Professor I’m sure she has an alibi so we can’t get her in trouble” said Sirius.

Professor Dumbledore smiled at the boy “Don’t think so much of it, I’m not allowing her to return to the grounds. She has no more business here, imagine her! A teacher” he scoffed.

Sirius’ eyes widened “Sir…?” he had never imagine Dumbledore to take such a tone.

“Oh I’m sorry, anyways I wanted to ask how you were coping with your sorting?”

“I’m alright” he said in a solemn tone “I’m happy here I just don’t know how my family is going to treat me now…not that I care” he smirk.

Dumbledore smiled “As long as you’re happy Mr. Black” Sirius cringed “I know you don’t like your last name but it’s a part of who you are”

“I know Sir…thank you”

“Now I do believe Miss Evans needs your help dealing with Mr. Potter” Sirius chuckled

“That’s a good way of telling me to get back to detention”

As Sirius was exiting the headmaster’s office he saw Remus looking incredibly pale entering the office.

“Remus! What are you doing here”

He was covered in sweat.

“The headmaster insisted he is brought to him” said a new voice.

Sirius glared at the tall pointy faced Lucius Malfoy who was not being gentle at all with the weak boy.

“I’ll take it from here” growled Sirius as he took Remus’ arm. “Be my guest” he said coldly.

When they reached the office Sirius looked at Dumbledore in disbelief “Thank you Mr. Black, now please leave Mr. Lupin and myself to speak”

Sirius knew better than to question the headmaster, after all he heard from him.

“When you’re done speaking I’ll be right outside to take him back to the infirmary”

“Thank you, now will you please?” said Dumbledore gesturing the exit.

When Sirius left, Dumbledore sat across from Remus who was covered in swear and a bruise on his forehead (Lucius wasn’t careful with him and actually pushed him).

“So Remus Lupin…” Remus shifted his eyes to look into Dumbledore’s.

“…I understand you’re a werewolf”

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