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Lily and James-The Real Story by NikkiRadcliffe
Chapter 11 : Diagon Alley
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Author's Note: Hello to all my wonderful readers out there!!! Thank you so much for reading my story and I am so sorry for all the long waits. I am a Junior is college and this year has been seemingly stressful. As such i hope you enjoy this chapter and review!!! :)

Rushing through the crowds of Diagon Alley, Lily Evans couldn’t hide her excitement. With each step on the cobblestone pathway she felt her heart pounding. This was it, her 7th and final year at Hogwarts would be starting soon and know she was shopping for the last of her school supplies. Just the other day she had received her letter and there had been some tears at the thought of leaving Hogwarts, but today she felt a huge grin upon her face.

She had decided to go shopping alone this year, so that she could have time to herself while she pondered her last year. At first the Potters had argued, but she explained her side and promised to meet them at the Leaky Cauldron for dinner later that night.

Wandering around she saw many children run by her, caught conversations about beginning Hogwarts and saw the smiles on their parents’ faces. She smiled softly remembering how she had felt when she first came here. Floating candles, brooms and owls everywhere she remembered what it was like being overwhelmed by such sights. She had run around the shopping center, dragging her parents along as she looked into each and every window. It seemed impossible that she was now seventeen and was about to embark on her last year ever as a Hogwarts student.

Pulling out her school list she looked down at the supplies she would need. Nothing seemed too out of the order, there was the standard book and suggested items. Yet, what caught her eye was the added item listed on her list since she had made Head Girl. Each Head is to bring one item that signifies who they are, which shall be displayed in the Head’s Common Room. She had absolutely no idea what item she would bring, but her mission for the day was to find that one thing, making her mark at her school.

Her first stop of the day brought her into Flourish & Blotts which was full of other students looking to get their books for the upcoming term. Spotting a section reserved for 7th year students she made her way through the crowds. Several familiar faces met hers and she smiled before picking up the texts she would need for her studies. Looking at the titles she couldn’t believe that this was the last year she would get such texts, as the next years of her life would be full of auror training. Sure she might have some books to read, yet there was an element around the books she was required to get at Hogwarts. The texts at Hogwarts signified she was still learning how to grow, without being trust into the world.

Truth be told she was scared of her mind about leaving Hogwarts and having to face the world on her own. She had spent so much of her time relying on her parents and professors; relying on herself didn’t seem like a possibility. All too soon she was going to have to pay for everything on her own and be completely responsible for her own person. True, if she needed help she could ask her parents, but it was time for her to learn how to provide for herself. A thought that panicked her each and every time.

Where had the time gone? It seemed like just the other day she had been lying in bed when her parents called her down to the living room. Upon entering she remembered seeing a stern looking woman, wearing what seemed to her eleven year old mind completely ridiculous. Of course now she knew that McGonagall was just wearing dress robes, but at the time she never imagined wearing such an ensemble or that she would become so close to this woman. It was on this day she was told she was a witch, at first she had laughed, until she realized McGonnagal was serious. Sure Severus had told her as such in the park, but she had honestly believed he meant it figuratively, referring to the few unexplained “tricks” she was able to do. To hear that she was actually a witch, one who could do more than cause a flower to open and close, had been more than a shock. This one statement forever changed her world.

Now she was seventeen years old. Time had gone by in the blink of an eye.

Walking to the counter ready to pay for her books she looked around the store one last time, becoming aware of the fact she would never be back in there shopping for Hogwarts.

Stepping out of the bookstore she made her way toward her next destination, Madame Malkins. Truth be told she didn’t need new robes, yet the prospect of buying them had excited her for several years. Every year she went bounding through the store’s front doors, running her fingers over the various fabrics. This year she decided it was only right to treat herself to a couple of new sets of robes. Her parents had agreed, her mother telling her to get the ones that were of the best quality.

Entering the store she made her way over to the robes that were imported from France. Picking out two made to feel like cashmere she made sure they were her size. While she would have liked to stay in the store longer she knew that she had to run a tight schedule, so that she could meet the Potter family later on. Paying the 30 gallons for each robe, as Madame Malkin insisted in giving Lily a discount, she walked out of the store with a huge smile on her face. There was just something about new clothes that seemed to brighten any girl’s day.

            Looking at her list yet again Lily realized she had everything she truly needed. That was the one thing about the supply list each year. Each year the list got shorter and shorter, just like her time left at school. Yet, looking at the list she realized just how thankful she had the extra assignment for being a Head. Finding an item that signified herself was going to be a challenge, but it was her way to forever be marked in Hogwarts history.

            Wandering down the street Lily looked into the windows of several shops, hoping something would catch her eye. This seemed to be so much more of a challenge than she thought it would be. Sure there was an occasional item that seemed to spark some interest in her, yet when she looked closer there was not enough of her in the object. It seemed to be impossible to find that one perfect object that displayed all she had to offer.

            Suddenly a store caught her eye, one that she had never been in. It was a rather small shop full of antiques, a shop full of perfection. Upon entering, Lily felt her eyes go wide. How was it that she had never seen such a shop before? It reminded her of some of the small shops found in Muggle London, yet without the crowds. Unlike Primark, which seemed to have everything, this store was small and centralized to items that identified with one’s personality.

Something about the store seemed to call her, making her certain that she would find something that expressed who she was. She wanted everyone to know that she was more than one who excelled in schoolwork, that she had a different side to her unknown to most. Lily wanted everyone to notice that she was someone with passion in her soul, one who could forever change the world. She was so much more than the studious student; she was someone with a voice and who allowed inspiration to lead her.

Looking around she tried to find an item that she could see herself leaving at Hogwarts, something that said I am Lillian Marie Evans. Then she saw it. In one area of the store was a beautifully carved lily, made from various pieces of wood. It screamed her and not because of the fact it was a lily. Each different wood seemed to have a different story and composed together created one beautiful image. It was complex, just like her, but created one entity. Snatching the wooden lily, she made her way to the counter a smile beaming on her face. Paying the 13 gallons it was she made her way into the streets, ready to make her way to meeting the Potters. That’s when she saw them and a scream escaped from her throat.

James and his family had been making their way to the Leaky Cauldron when they had heard the scream. Fear paralyzed him as he realized whose voice that was; it was his beloved Lily. Erupting in a run he made his way toward the noise, ignoring the cry of his parents behind him.

He had to save her, even if it was the last thing he did.

Wand drawn he raced through the crowds running to escape one particular area of the shopping district. There he saw them. Dressed in black, with masks of skulls he knew immediately that they were Death Eaters. Through them he saw a figure on the ground, fighting for her life, his Lily.

His heart stopped as he saw the pain embedded deep within her eyes. It was an image that would forever be etched into his mind, one that he desperately wished to replace with ones of her smiling and carefree.

His first spell was a Stupefy. Sending it right at one of the apparent main Death Eaters he was able to distract some of the attention away from Lily for a second. Getting ready to send his next spell, he was surprised to see his parents around him, fighting the Death Eaters off along with fellow Aurors.

“James,” his father yelled. “James, grab Lily and apparte home. Now!!!”

James tore off toward Lily and did exactly as his father told him to, landing home in the living room. Holding Lily he noticed how shaken she was, how broken she looked. He held her like that for the rest of the night until his parents can home. Until he was able to guarantee she was safe he would always hold on to her.

AN: Thanks so much for reading! Please review!!! ~Nikki


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