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The Choice by blandie
Chapter 1 : the anniversary party
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The back yard of Malfoy Manor was packed with witches and wizards- all here to celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of Draco and Hermione Malfoy. Albus Potter wound his way through the sea of guests to congratulate the couple. Walking up to the smiling couple, he shook Draco's hand. Albus had heard about what a bad person this man had been but after marrying Hermione he apparently changed all his old ways and was now quite a nice guy- he was even one of his dad's closest friends (and everyone knew how much Harry had hated Draco).


Turning to Hermione he gave her a big hug as well as a kiss on the cheek- she was his only aunt even if they weren't really related. Pulling away he saw a flash of very blonde hair in his peripheral vision. Turning, he breath got caught in his throat. Breezing by him was the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen. She had extremely long flowing blonde hair, pale skin and beautiful sparkling blue eyes. Walking forward as if in a dream Albus made his way to this angelic girl, asking her to dance with him. She accepted with a smile and they walked to the dance floor set up in the gardens of the manor.


Sliding into his arms she smiled up at him “Albus.... Do you not remember me?” she asked him teasingly.


Albus eyes grew wide in shock as he recognized the beauty currently in his arms, “Siobhan?!” he asked of her incrediously.


“Yes! I can't believe you don't remember me... It's only been what, ten years?” Siobhan giggled slightly, grinning at Albus.


“I still can't believe you went to Beauxbatton's when you were eight! What year are you in now?”


“Oh, I spent three years just staying at the school- my dad has a cousin who works as a professor there, I stayed with her because Dad wanted me to learn to speak French fluently before I started school there. Luckily this year my parents decided I should finish my last two years of schooling at Hogwarts- so I'll be with all of you!” Siobhan enthused.


Albus grinned “That's great! Is Scorpius coming from Durmstrang?”


Siobhan sighed “Yes, unforunately my twin is coming to Hogwarts as well- Oh well you win some you lose some”


Albus raised an eyebrow at her “I thought you and your brother were as thick as thieves?”


“Oh we are, I'm only pulling your leg” Siobhan replied.


After the dance finished Albus led them to a small table on the side of the large white tent set up. They spent the rest of the evening recounting child hood tales and catching up on the last ten years of both their lives.


After an hour or more of conversation James, Albus' older brother sauntered over to their table. “Siobhan, you look lovely. Would you care to dance?” James gracefully offered his hand to her. Apologizing to Albus for leaving, she then grabbed James' hand and walked with him onto the dance floor, laughing loudly as James swung her into a foxtrot.


Albus grabbed his uncle Ron's half drunk fire whiskey from the table beside him and downed it all in one quick motion, hacking a bit after as that was his first taste of alcohol. Glancing over the dance floor he saw his brother and Siobhan swinging around and laughing merrily. The song ended and James walked her back to the table, pulling out her chair for her and then saying goodbye, he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it softly whilst winking at her. He then swaggered over to his bestfriend of whom he hadn't seen in awhile- Scorpius Malfoy.


Albus soon struck up conversation with Siobhan again and they fell easily into conversation of making mud pies when they were four and accidentally jinxing Hermione's roses to be rainbow when they were both six.As the party dwindled to an end Harry and Ginny came to say hello to Siobhan, as well as tell Albus it was time to go home. After his parents had walked towards end of the garden to apparate, Albus leant forward and kissed Siobhan on the cheek. She smiled and hugged him, saying good-bye and then walking up towards her house, high heels in hand. Albus then followed his parents- apparating home by himself as the Ministry had changed the age of using magic to sixteen.



Siobhan hopped from stone to stone as she made her way up to the marble staircase leading into the manor. Smiling to herself, she thought over how her night had gone, it had been so lovely to see all of her childhood friends- she had never come home during the holidays, her parents had always come to visit her in France.


Finally entering her newly decorated room, Siobhan threw herself down on her bed. Looking around her room she smiled, it was exactly what she wanted- it had silvery blue wallpaper, dark wooden furniture and a very large walk in closet- she was really fond of fashion.


Thinking back on the night, two wizards kept entering her thoughts- two very handsome wizards, who just happened to be brothers. Albus was really sweet – his blue/green eyes, adorable smile and lanky form were really cute. James on the other hand was not so sweet- he was daring, with his smoldering green eyes and extremely toned body. Two brothers could not be more different, yet still were similiar.


A soft knock on her door roused her from her thoughts, walking over and opening the door she stood back to admit her brother. Being twins they looked remarkably alike- Scorious had the same light blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. He swaggered into the room and flopped down on her bed.


Siobhan soon fell beside him “Remeet anyone special?” she teased.


Scorpious turned to look at his twin “Yes, I did actually, Rose Weasely. She's beautiful, funny and smart, she's perfect.”


His sister smiled back at him “I only talked to her once tonight, but I remember she was always a really nice person when we were younger- she hasn't changed much then?”


“Not at all really, other than looks. She's really stunning, she's finally grown into her red hair.” Scorpious replied. The two siblings went over everyone they had met and remet throughout the evening- Scorpious going to his own room just before dawn.  



AN: This is my first next-gen story so we'll see how it goes! I'm currently also working on a dramione (bound to you) if you haven't seen it yet, give it a go! :) I have switched the relationships in this story as you will notice to the couple that I ship! :) Please give them a chance- you may love them as much as I do! However I did keep all the children's names the same! However there is an addition to the family...



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The Choice: the anniversary party


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