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Family Encounters by PrincessMalfoy
Chapter 9 : Wait what?
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 The next morning Rose had a brief second of complete bliss then everything hit her at once. All of last night’s events filled her mind and her eyes were filled with tears at the thought of how everything went so wrong and now that there was nothing for her to do about what happened. She sat up in her bed hoping to find Scorpius at the foot of her bed waiting to explain everything to her but no there was no sign of Scorpius or anyone else. She knew she had to go to class but one day to herself wouldn't cause anyone any harm so instead she decided to stay in her room. Dinky came to bring her breakfast and some sweets then she tried to clean Rose’s room but Rose just wanted for Dinky to leave so now she was alone in her room crying for everything that had happened. Around lunch she heard a knock on her door and her cousin’s voice from the other side of the door.


"Rose? Are you ok?" He paused waiting for her to let him in or at least answer but she didn't say anything she just remained quiet wishing for him to leave. "Rose please let me in so we can talk. Rose come on I'm sorry that I didn't tell you but put yourself in my position... Rose opens the door."


"Just leave Al I want to be alone."


"Rose but-"


"Leave please." She heard him sigh and listened as his footsteps carried him away from her door. Her eyes filled with tears once more because she knew Al was right if it was her in his position she would have done the same thing he did but right now she just wanted to cry every pain away. Not even a few minutes later she heard another knock on her door wondering who it could be this time. No one announced their presence they just kept knocking but Rose remained quiet waiting for whoever it was to speak.


"Rose?" It was Scorpius, her heart leaped in her chest but then she remembered that she didn't want to see him anymore. She clung tightly to his shirt and waited for what he would say next. “Al told me what happened last night... I never wanted you to find out like this... Al and Alex left Anthony hurting pretty bad I would have helped but he was still protected from me, I couldn't touch him yet they could.... Rose just ask me to leave her and I will I promise I will walk downstairs where she is waiting and tell her that I can't be with her. Just ask me to do it Rose and I will."


She couldn't let him do that as much as she wished to tell him to leave her she wouldn't tell him because if he really wanted to be with her he wouldn't have Vanessa waiting for him downstairs. "No, you shouldn't keep her waiting."




"Malfoy I waited for you all last night and not once did you show up. I waited from fourth to half of sixth year for you. Malfoy I'm done waiting for you, now leave don't keep her waiting too." It hit her like a pile of bricks she was in love with him and she realized it too late and now it was time for the both of them to move on although for Rose it might take a little longer since she just realized how she truly felt about him but she would move on.


"Really Rose? I've been in love with you since fourth year and I've been waiting for you to notice me!" His voice was getting louder now she could tell that he was getting angry. "I've been waiting for YOU! So don't act like I've hurt you! YOU don't know how much you have hurt me!" Rose broke out crying loudly now.


"Scorpius? Vanessa is waiting for you and I think you should be with her and leave Rose alone for now." Alex's voice was welcoming to her ears she hoped that Scorpius would leave.


"What? Alex! You know that-"


"Leave I need to talk to her." Alex interrupted Scorpius


"Fine! Good luck she didn't even want to talk to Al!" She could hear Scorpius storm away and the door slamming behind him, she stood up and went to open the door pulling Alex into her room and locking it again.


Alex looked at Rose standing there with tears flowing down her face and looking so broken, he couldn't stand seeing her like this so he closed the space between them her face burred in his chest her tears soaking his shirt but he didn't care. He picked her up and sat on the bed with her sitting on his lap holding her until she calmed down rubbing little circles on her back soothingly.


She pulled away and looked him in the eyes showing him a small smile for a second she almost kissed him but she knew it would be wrong because he had a girlfriend who would be the mother of his kid. She just kept looking at his eyes remembering the kiss she saw between Scorpius and Vanessa wishing to feel a kiss like that her mind was only filled with thoughts of Scorpius so whatever caused her to lean in and kiss Alex was unknown to her.


At first Alex was shocked that Rose was kissing him but he didn't know what overcame him and he kissed her back. Every rational thought slipped both off their minds at that moment Rose was now laying down on the bed pulling his face closer to her, he could feel the warmth of her body underneath him. She had one hand tangled in his hair and another exploring his chest, he had arm supporting him so that he wouldn't put all his weight on her the other creeping slowly under her shirt. Rose wrapped her legs around his waist and Alex put one arm underneath her bringing her closer to him.


"Wait Rose wait," Alex pulled away from her and looked into her beautiful eyes "Are you sure?"  She kissed him and he pulled away once more her eyes were now full of lust. "Rose I need you to say you are ok with this."


"Yeah I am." She said then pulled off her shirt then pulled his off too. Alex kissed her again and felt her little hand moving lower then he felt his pants being pulled off, he moved his hand to her bum and pull them closer he heard her gasp at the contact. She grabbed her wand and what little remained of clothes were now gone and they let themselves get lost in the passion of the moment.


They laid there on the bed only the sounds of them trying to steady their breathing filled the room, they looked at each other and began to laugh all awkwardness was gone and now it was just them laying there  laughing at what had just happened. Alex grabbed his wand that was now laying on the floor and a second later they were fully dressed once the laughter died out the looked at each other and smile making a silent agreement that this was never to be mentioned again.


"One time thing." Rose smiled


"Our dirty little secret. Now back to the real reason I came." Rose giggled and Alex rolled his eyes but kept going. "We need to talk about Scorpius."


 Her smile fell a little but nodded agreeing to talk about him. "I don't know I mean I didn't really realized how I felt about him until I saw him kissing her then it just hit me that I might just be in love with Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy!"


"You know he really loves you too?"


"I know but if he wanted to be with me he wouldn't have had HER waiting downstairs for him!" He couldn't disagree with that but after years of waiting for Rose maybe Scorpius should give someone else a change.


"Rose maybe you both should just move on because if you wait for him you'll get hurt and the same goes for him. Just give someone else a chance there is many guys out there who would love to treat you like a queen you just need to let them of course give it a few weeks before getting into a new relationship." He smiled and checked his watch, stood up and offered his hand to Rose. "Come on lets go eat it's already dinner time, they will be wondering where we are at and we wouldn't want them making up stories."


She took his hand but asked him to wait outside the door so she could change.  After he left she grabbed some denim shorts, black leggings, her favorite black motorcycle boots, and a lose sweater that showed her shoulders. Her hair was in lose curls and her eyes were outlined in black eyeliner making them stand out, her lips were plump and hint of red lipstick, finally she painted her nails black to finish her look. Once she stepped out of the room Alex was speechless he couldn't believe that just moments ago this sexy girl- no, woman- who also happened to be his best friend, was being taken in every way by him.  He felt his ego increase in size and he knew if anyone found out he would be considered a hero by every male in the world but he was a gentleman and he had a promise to keep and he would be damned if he ever told anyone. 


"Rose you do know we are just going to the great hall for dinner right?" Asked Alex


"Well yes and no after that I'm going to hang out with Al in Hogsmeade, but also I want to show Scorpius and Anthony what they lost." She smiled and walked ahead of him. He chuckled and started walking with her they talked but his mind was on Isabella. No matter what he had done with Rose, Isabella was the one for him and he was glad that Rose agreed to this being a one-time thing only.


Vanessa was funny, smart, sarcastic, sweet, and overall everything Scorpius could ever want and he found that he felt happy for the first time in a long time. He hadn't thought about Rose since lunch time and he couldn't believe how easy it was to move on. Al was sitting with them along with Isabella the three off them were waiting for Alex to show up, both he and Al wanted to know what Rose had told Alex, and Isabella just wanted to see Alex for the simple reason of missing him. He was talking with Al when he heard Vanessa and Isabella gasp along with a few others; He looked around and saw that some blokes were even standing to look at the beautiful red head that had just walked in laughing with Alex. A few blokes just stared and others wolf whistled but the red head just ignored them and kept walking towards where they were sitting. As they got closer Scorpius realized that it was Rose, his heart leaped and he felt like kicking himself for not begging her to be with him but he knew it was too late now.


"Hello you guys and Malfoy." She took a seat in the middle of Alex and Al smiled at Vanessa then turned to talk to Al. "Hey Al I just wanted to let you know that I forgive you and thanks to the both of you for teaching that jerk a lesson I should have listened to the two of you. I'm sorry." Al hugged his favorite cousin glad that things were better. "Oh and lets go get so drinks in Hogsmeade we need to catch up!" Al agreed it wasn't the first time that the two of them would leave school to get some drinks and go to a party in the Hogs Head as a start to a great weekend.


Scorpius was looking at Vanessa but he wasn't listening to her, he was busy listening to Rose talk with Al. He was so distracted that he barely heard his name being called out.


"Earth to Hyperion?  Oh and here I thought you hated your middle name." It was his cousin Blaise Zabini JR. He was what most girls considered strikingly handsome and the bloke knew it. His smile melted every girl on the spot and believes it that he used it to his advantage. Most girls called him mysterious but truth was he usually just kept to himself, but he was a great guy and had a reputation for treating girl’s right. "You never did let me introduce myself to this gorgeous woman." He flashed a smile at Rose who smiled back a small hint of pink on her cheeks.


"My name is Blaise Zabini Jr, my dad told me about you he said you were beautiful but I can see that is an understatement." He laughed as if remembering something. "He also said that if I came home announcing you as my girl I would make him proud. Seems to think you can make a good man out of me, what do you think?"


Rose laughed remembering Mr. Zabini telling her the same thing as well back when they met. "Well just like I told your dad very few blokes can deal a feisty Gryffindor like me and I'm not sure a Slytherin could handle me." She finished with a smirk.


He smiled his famous smile but Rose seem immune to it so he knew she would be worth it a girl like her would make him the happiest bloke in the world and he wanted to give her everything she could ever want. "Well lucky for you this Slytherin can and isn't afraid of a challenge. I'll be seeing you around Weasley." He held grabbed her hand kissed it, winked at her then stood up leave not bothering saying goodbye to anyone else except Al and Alex.


Al and Alex just gave her a big smile that she took as them approving of him, Isabella and Vanessa started going on about how lucky she was to have Zabini interested in her, she looked at Scorpius their eyes meeting for a second hurt flashing through both of their eyes but they quickly looked away. 


Both of their hearts broke that night but both of them were set on forgetting the feelings for each other.

Well thank you for reading this far I promise to have the chapter up soon! Also don't worry Alex and Rose are far from being related! 

One more thing does anyone know the name of a story on here I forgot who wrote it but it's a Dramione. Hermione thinks that Ron is dead so she goes live with Draco then it turns out Ron is actually alive but I'm sure he ends up falling for Pansy... last thing I remember reading was them being at a party and she had to pick between Ron and Draco. ( I think Scorps mom is a bad guy in the story) 

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